Sheldon ISD Transportation and Maintenance Center
13011 Garrett Rd, Houston, TX 77044, United States
Sheldon ISD Transportation and Maintenance Center

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Was great the personal really help me getting my grandson on the transportation

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Filled out paper work for both of my kids the same day ! And I only had one bus transportation set up for my son. Ive been calling everyday since and a week and one day later I have to go back in to fill out another form because its lost. Im a single mom Im so mad my daughters had to walk home today! and recieved a email from School not to long ago, friday, of a suspicious van trying to call a girl into a van! So annoying we cant even do it online.

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Horrible! No one answers the phone! I cant get an answer out of them for my daughters bus. 1st day of summer school and they have the nerve to tell me i missed the bus when we waited over an hour before ever getting anyone to answer the phone. We get up at 4. Bus was to be here at 640. Never showed up for my child or the child across the street. But the man who answered my call this morning was so carelessly saying it was my fault. He lied saying we werent out there and didnt like being called a liar back about the bus not showing up.

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Nobody answers the phone when you call and I have left several messages for a call back so I can know what time is bus pick up and drop off for my daughter and nobody calls back..very unprofessional. We were standing at the bus stop for over an hour since we didnt know what time to be there.

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The 2 years that we have been in sheldon isd we have been blessed to have some very nice and caring bus drivers and assistants. One lady that has been helping seat students on my sons bus the past 2 years has been wonderful. She knows each student and their personalities. We are so blessed to have her. Our new bus driver that we have had for a few months now has been so nice and is always on alert to make sure the kids are getting off safely and safe for students and parents to cross the street. Bus #133 is awesome.

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The buses often run late, the staff is somewhat rude in person, and there are bus substitutions everyday. It seems like my kids are always on a substitute bus. The best thing they every did was implement the use of the HereComesTheBusApp. When we first moved to this school district my kids waited almost 4 days before they were allowed to ride the bus because they were not in the system yet...they werent even given a bus number because they werent in the system. It was more than an inconvenience because I was forced to be late to work and take off work on the days they werent able to ride the bus

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Im looking for job and the people in the reception was nice and friendly.

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Was easy to get my kids signed up they started catching the bus that same the day. Nice bus driver/customer service

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Very nice staff

Review №10

They are rude and they loose alot of paper work there is always something with them... plus some of the bus drivers are rude also...

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The best in school transportation

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They ok not nothing to brag about.

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My place of work

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Very unprofessional people there. They cant keep drivers. I was going there to see what bus my child was going to be riding and I overheard drivers coming out of the lounge saying that they where sick of that place and it is unorganized and they were looking for other jobs. GET IT TOGETHER Sheldon transportation

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They never answer the phones and when they do they keep you on hold forever!

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Some bus driver are rude

Review №17

Good school district

Review №18

Kind, friendly staff..🙂

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Clean areas

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Very bad service, I asked for help in Spanish very rude the person who answered me, said that there are no people speaking Spanish, that we are in amEric and English is spoken, that is discrimination

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The information takes time to give it.

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  • Address:13011 Garrett Rd, Houston, TX 77044, United States
  • Phone:+1 281-727-1400
  • School bus service
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