Klein ISD Tom Ricker South Transportation Center
14131 TX-249, Houston, TX 77086, United States
Klein ISD Tom Ricker South Transportation Center

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The driver of bus number 128 however I believe there was a sign in the window today saying 139 however today on sept 10 whoever was driving that bus lacks common courtesy. As leaving klein forest it’s apparent I was already at the stop sign waiting to leave instead of allowing me to go she pulled her bus in almost hit the front of my explorer and continued to come. Not only was she coming in regardless of where my truck was positioned at the stop sign she forced her way in causing me to have to reverse my explorer which was unsafe with other cars behind me all while giving me a dirty look. If any dirty looks should have be given it should have been me because she had the audacity to turn in when there was no room for her to make that turn without me having to move and back up as I had to. This seems to be a problem with these drivers at klein forest they feel they own the road and have no patience. I tell you what though klein ISD south transportation center would have not liked to have had to buy me a new vehicle if she would have hit me as she almost did. Not only that but a supervisor would have had to been called out, points on her for having an accident and so forth. Being a bus driver in previous years I was floored at this drivers driving courtesy. What would have hurt to allow me to turn out considering I had already been at the stop sign. It wasn’t like I was approaching and in motion I was waiting and had been waiting. Courtesy is what it’s about

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Today l receive influenza shot, lm ok

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I work here😊

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This is a divison of Klein Independent School Bus transportation department.

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Passing bye the area always busy place to drive at too.

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Enjoy my working here

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Great place to work

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Great place

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Nice facility

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Very good attention to the receptionist and the notary! Excellent 💯

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  • Address:14131 TX-249, Houston, TX 77086, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 832-249-4599
  • School bus service
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