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Awesome Riding

Review №1

I got my motorcycle license from awesome riding last week. Absolutely love them. Shawn (instructor) was friendly and cheerful . They teach you in a safe environment. Punctuality is essential if you wanna get your certificate from them, be there on time. On the field practice and exam took two days, tailored with classroom training. I’ll be going back there to get my license renewed too.

Review №2

Instructor Shawn is a great guy. He made the class fun. As a first time rider I learned a lot in a short time and was able to get my license updated right after class. Now its time to ride. Thanks to Shawn at Awesome Riding.

Review №3

Great school to get knowledgeable on motorcycles. I can’t wait to be on the road soon.Sean was a great teachers and made the class fun and interested.

Review №4

Shawn was literally THE BEST instructor! Took the time to help each person in our group learn the skill. He puts our safety first! He had an amazing teaching style and makes the class fun! I was really nervous about learning but Shawn made there was no reason to be. He broke down every part of the learning process and made sure we practiced. Amazing class overall! Thanks Shawn!

Review №5

Well I must say, I learned a lot and glad I took the class, Shawn was very good and patient, Ive already told several church members and neighbors.

Review №6

Shawn and Mark were amazing instructors on the riding course. Class room class instructed by Mark was very smooth, quick and fun.

Review №7

Shawn my instructor was fantastic and funny. I learned a lot and got my license. Would recommend to anyone

Review №8

Just finished taking my riding class and it was an excellent experience. Instructor was very professional and lighthearted. He kept it an enjoyable experience. Top notch class and organization.

Review №9

5 stars to Awesome Riding. Such a great experience in this class. The instructor made the class a truly fun experience. Thanks Shawn. From Suzanne AKA Tiger.

Review №10

Excellent riding class in the West Oaks Mall parking lot. Would highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn to ride motorcycles or even for those who want to find tune their skills. Shawn was very patient and took the time to explain things better if one of us was having trouble with an exercise.

Review №11

Shawn was an awesome instructor. It was my first time riding and he made it where I understood so I could pass.

Review №12

Class was amazing!! Shawn was our instructor and was very knowledgeable and cool. Made learning and riding for the first fun. I would recommend everyone!!

Review №13

This course was fun and and very educational. The instructor was funny and informative. Love this class

Review №14

Shawn was our riding instructor for this course. He was amazing very informative and patient with us. I learned a lot about motorcycle safety and couldn’t be happier (:

Review №15

Great experience with instructor Shawn, on May 20 and 21 class. Class was excellent and great atmosphere and driving range..Peter H.

Review №16

Awesome coach, I had a lot of fun and learned all I needed to ride a motorcycle. Thank you so much Shawn

Review №17

My dad, husband, and I all took lessons here at Awesome Riding. The instructor, David, deserves five stars as he was great! We were thrilled with him. Unfortunately I needed to reschedule and/or cancel my son’s lesson. I sent four emails over a months time to change and/or cancel his lessons and was told by the instructor in person on three separate days that he talked to the owner and we would be reimbursed. I never received any response from the owner via email (to any of my four emails). It has been three months and still no response from the owner and no money was ever reimbursed. This is extremely unprofessional which is why I am rating Awesome Riding two stars and will definitely not recommend this company to friends.

Review №18

Took this class to get my license, and my instructor Shawn was amazing and great and teaching step my step !!, thank you for being a good instructor and making it fun !! Would definitely recommend!!

Review №19

Dave is fun, great sense of humor. Really keeps a relaxed atmosphere. I woul recommend his class to everyone.

Review №20

Great course instructor. Highly recommend the course.

Review №21

Wonderful experience! Learned a lot about keeping me safe out on the road. David is a pleasure to deal with. No pressure. Highly recommended.

Review №22

David is great! This place is awesome. READ the requirements before you come! Great class. Would highly recomend!!

Review №23

Awesome riding is truly, AWESOME RIDING!!! There are two guys named David and Mike, they’re both great people with comedic personalities and characteristics. They’ll make you laugh and smile and make sure you really understand the basis of motorcycle riding. Everyone in my class passed, and most of the class had very little riding experience. In the two days that we had class, one day was in class for about 5-6 hours and the rest was outside, getting the hang of basic riding skills. The next day was full range activities and our test! (There is also a written test of 25 multiple choice questions so pay attention to class!) If you have to take this safety course or want to, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND TAKE THEM!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!! I had a lot of fun and cannot wait to get my license!

Review №24

Provides loads of useful information for you to use and utilize as you begin your journey riding motorcycles. Awesome riding also provides advanced courses for people who already own a bike and looking to improve there skills even further. Mike was awesome and kept the class entertaining while informative. I had been riding dirt bikes for 2 years and decided to get my riding endorsement so I could get my motorcycle license. This basic course also allows you (if over 21) to bypass the motorcycle helmet law for Texas motorcycle riders.

Review №25

The trainers were knowledgeable and understanding of newbie riders, and are great advocates for ladies wanting to learn! Will be coming back for part 2!

Review №26

Wow didnt even let me finish my question on the phones. Rudest place Ive ever called, I guess they must have enough business to blow people off like that. Good luck, looks like these guys manners need help.

Review №27

Talked to a guy in the phone to ask questions and guy was complete jerk and made it pretty obvious he had no interests in helping me schedule or take a class. Definetly going somewhere else.

Review №28

Took the BRC2 class here with my brother and we had a blast! David did a fantastic job as an instructor and mentor from the beginning to the end of the course. He really took care of us. As an experienced rider, I learned a lot about myself - both strengths and weaknesses that I will use to continue to improve myself and be safe on the roads. Highly recommended! Thank you for everything!

Review №29

Great first time experience! Regardless of experience, If you want to get into motorcycle, these guys will help you acquire the foundation which you have to build on after the course and throughout your riding years. I had no experience whatsoever and I feel so much comfortable about my skills and what I need to improve on. Definitely recommend these guys, Mike and David are both great. First Meetup is behind the theater on the range and class is inside the mall. Good luck!

Review №30

Beginner course with instructor Mike.First impressions:Really cool dude. You show up to a parking lot on day 1 and he does over some basics. You get a helmet and choose a bike.We did some basic manuevers and were riding by the 4th one. It was hot as hell out there. Mike had a cooler with cold water and cups, and a nother cooler with ice water that you could dip a rag into and soothe your skin with. It was very nice.Basically youd do a exercise or two and then take a 10 min break. Some people complained about it, but I really liked them. Especially with how fatigued I was at the end of the day. Would have been worse without them.We then Finished riding around 12:30pm and then took a 1 hour break and then went to the classroom for a couple hours. That was the end of day 1.Day 2Only riding today, some faster speed stuff and practice on Sunday we already learned. Then did a skills test. Not very hard. Just pay attention when he teaches you things. Then we went inside (around noon) and we filled a survey and got our certificates.That was just a general explanation of the course.Mike did an AWESOME job explaining things and not us. I stalled maybe 50 times and each time he was cool or would give me some advice.The course itself was AWESOME.If you are interested in getting your license or need to learn how to ride, definitely give them a call!

Review №31

Good experience. David, the instructor is easy to deal with and straight forward.

Review №32

Definitely Awesome! I had no experience on a motorcycle, but I was willing to learn. David, our instructor was great. First day we did a little class work, got to know each other, a real chill environment. Then we went over some course work, studying road errors and things everybody should learn, not just motorcyclist. Then we took 1 hour for lunch and when we returned we mounted up. Motorcycles and helmets are available to practice with, just remember to bring proper riding gear or you wont be riding. Boots over the ankle, long sleeve denim pants, long sleeve jacket or shirt, full fingered gloves and sunglasses if you dont have a helmet with a visor. From there on we milked into the riding part. We got a good feel for the bike, and started on basic riding turns and stops. The next day was early morning riding and then the test and I was finished. A two day course and your on the road, if you want to ride, this is your opportunity, stop waiting and sign up. This class was definitely awesome, just remember to listen and obey your instructor, square your handle bars to avoid a tip over, wear proper attire and to show up on time. Entrance is located over by the Edwards Theatre, inside West Oaks Mall. Goodluck.

Review №33

I took the class this weekend and had a great time. The instructor Mike kept it interesting and added a little humor to make everyone feelcomfortable. Ive been riding off and on pretty much my entire life but decided to take the basic course instead of opting for the one day. I feel like I really benefited from the extra instruction and overall program. I honestly didnt expect to have this much fun working on a mandatory class for a license. Id recommend Awesome Riding to anyone thats interested in getting a motorcycle license or wanting to learn how to ride.

Review №34

David and Mike humor making the process less painful than it is. Although I didnt pass the first time around, I would definitely coming back here again to take the class. Just beware, youre going to be in the sun for a while so make sure you bring water. They do offer water as well. Overall, great class for beginner and experienced riders. Would recommend to anybody.

Review №35

The instructor was rude and sarcastic, he even took the time to belittle another rider. It would be wise to go with another company.

Review №36

Awesome riding is really awesome.

Review №37

Recently took the advanced riding class for the license waiver. David was an awesome instructor. Class wasnt too full (it was me and 2 other people) and we started at 8 and ended around 3. Amazing. Would highly recommend

Review №38

David is very helpful and makes the experience very enjoyable.

Review №39

Mike was awesome! He was very helpful, caring, and knowledgeable! I would recommend this course for everyone of all skill levels. This course was great for those who have never rode a bike before yet engaging for those who are experienced.

Review №40

This course is for getting a lisence not teaching new riders, I still attended despite the fact that I have never ride a motorcycle in my life, but the instructors make it easy so after 2 days I was riding like I had always been on a bike and became second nature to driving a car. I would recommend this as a good place to take the course.

Review №41

I had so much fun taking the rider course class with these guys. The instructor was so awesome ( David ). If your looking to take the riders course for the endorsement or even to just practice to learn how to ride better then I would definitely pick these guys.

Review №42

Im on my journey to live the dream of becoming a Motorcyclist and I did a damn good job finding this place by coincidence as I drove down HwY 6@Westhiemer. I came for the Basic Riders Course and was humbled. The feeling was exhilarating, easy and non intimidating. My instructors, David and Mike, energy and humor were second only to their professionalism and commitment to teaching as well as keeping us safe! They gave exercises that simulated real life scenarios and emphasized the skills essential to staying alive! I learned so much, laughed too hard, and now have walked away with a positive perspective on riding, to which I will carry with me forever! Come try these guys out and test your skills, you might be surprised!

Review №43

Great instructors take they take . Their time step to step. during the safety course 5 Stars on explanation of safety and web site. - Male, Age 50, Aug 2018

Review №44

Signed up for wrong class. Instructor was rude and talked bad about his competitors. Wouldn’t refund and provided no service. They are a rip off. And talking bad about other companies, definitely don’t do business with them.

Review №45

I was expecting a tedious and painful experience but it was actually pretty fun and informative. We had no absolute beginners in our class so we got through the simple stuff and focused on the important concepts and skills. Dont forget to complete the online course before you arrive.

Review №46

I loved this place, Mike was a fun and professional instructor, and the course taught me so much, definitely recommend this place to everyone

Review №47

This was an incredibly great experience. I went into it expecting a strict and unfun class, but David was awesome and made it a blast. Highly recommend

Review №48

Very nice place and everything goes by fast.

Review №49

Awesome experience during the course with themGreat service and very professional instructorOverall very happy .

Review №50

Very informative, educational and fun. David is a great instructor. Thanks !

Review №51

Their name says it all. Instructors are great.

Review №52

He is great instructor.

Review №53

Great facilities and a super experience led by top drawer instructor. I would definitely recommend.

Review №54

Had the owners live on my mail route!! Not only great MR teachers,but very nice people.

Review №55

I just got done with the class. Mike was awesome and was very informative.

Review №56

Great class really patient with ya and no rush, I really enjoyed riding their bikes

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