The Varnett School Southwest
5025 S Willow Dr, Houston, TX 77035, United States
The Varnett School Southwest

Review №1

My son attended Varnett for 3 years and gained a great foundation for his future education. Varnett is a good school and the teachers and staff are very helpful, involved and passionate about education and the students. Varnett is striving to get the students to excel in all aspects. I truly believe that if they stay on the path they are currently on, they will reach all of their goals! The teachers and staff are definitely on board to getting the students where they need to be.

Review №2

The Varnett School staff has been a great help to students. This is my first year with Varnett and I must say that here, I have experienced many wonderful and challenging moments. I see the progress it has made and is continuing to make. I look forward to the new and exciting plans for next year!

Review №3

I have one son whose been at this school for the past 6 years, and another son whose been here just 3 years. Their cool. Theyve made some changes. They have new board members. Their not perfect but they continue to improve every year since my sons have been there. I do believe they are definitely a great starter school for sure.

Review №4

I am very upset with this school they have failed to educate my daughter with her modifications that he was supposed to have gotten. It is now the end of the year my child is not making it because modifications hasnt been done. Then about the resource room if I had known about that earlier I would have asked of now its the end of the school year yall want to wait to pull her out the class smh. So basically yall havent been doing yall job. Its OK she wont be returning next year.

Review №5

This is the second time my son has attended. We have are towards the end of the first semester and I can say it serves better than the ISD schools without having to pay a costly tuition to get your child a better education. As all schools and just like the students they have their good seeds and bad apples. The one compliant I have is the transportation piece because they enroll all these kids from all parts of the Houston area but have limited busing(even though it worked out in my favor).

Review №6

This is the first year my daughter has been at Varnette and I must say the things she has learning is simply amazing. From the drop off line, to the kitchen, front desk, and her teachers is nothing but AMAZING!!!

Review №7

I wouldnt send my dog to this school!!I have 2 kids that attend now my lil sis and brother also attended always had nice things to say, as of now I will never recommend this school to anyone.My kindergartner was put in a closet by her teacher Ms.Charles in place of punishment for talking,when I went up there I was assured that it would be handled but when my child came home that day she said Ms.Charles threatened her so I go back up there the same day and it was like pulling teeth to get her out of the womans class!My 3rd grader comes home complaining the he did not get to eat lunch because other kids were talking,so a teacher on duty made throw their trays away and go stand on the wall! When I told them of this incident was told the children threw the trays away before they had eaten on their own?? To go stand on a wall?Dont put your kids through this mental torture.

Review №8

Nice staff and teachers. Mr. Arps the principal is caring and professional. Ms. Thorn & Ms. Aradondo have been helpful administrative assistants when I have had questions about schedules and testing days. Nurse Allen cares well for the kids and knows them by name.Very clean and safe learning environment where kids are loved and taken care of.Ms. Carloss & Ms. Brownell love the kids like their own babies!

Review №9

Never in all of my years of living have I seen a school so full of unprofessionals!! Two out of 30 teachers are actually TA Certified & the rest of them just show up to get a check!! The Principal Mr. Arps is so full of himself that he cant get his head out of his ass long enough to even act like he knows how to run a school. Varnett Southwest needs to be closed down because the only thing that is suffering is our children!! Education should be the #1 priority POINT BLANK PERIOD!! Needless to say that my child will NOT BE RETURNING NEXT YEAR!!

Review №10

Pitiful no sympathy for students that have problems no suggestions or counseling. This school is a joke not pleased at all. Would not recommend this school to friends family or enemies

Review №11

Hello,i am sotonte wokoma,and varnett staff are a pain and they do nothing about me getting bullied by a fat racist named peyton just because we were african american. thats the reason why.i want you to tell that fat woman to stop.but no. she kept doing it.

Review №12

I love my school i have after school tutoios and they help me

Review №13

Sorry ass school they have no sympathy towards kids racis teachers i would never recomend this school 2 no one this was my kids first year attending there and they have changed teacher 3 times already

Review №14

This school is very unorganized and do not have any patience with the students, my child will not be attending this school year at all.

Review №15

This is my school

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Review №17

Varnett east I like teachers their dealings with parents and students

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