111 Driving School
4231 Cook Rd, Houston, TX 77072, United States
111 Driving School

Review β„–1

If you plan on getting your license, you should definitely come here. Instructor and staff are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Ms.Martha and Ms. Iris for everything!! 10/10 would recommend!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

Review β„–2

First I Found This Site On Google, Clicked On The Website & Found That Is Was Very Easy To Read & Navigate. Gave Them A Call πŸ“ž They Was Very Friendly Very Professional Answered All My Questions I Had Even If I Called More Than Once. Once I Got There The Driving Instructor Was Very Thorough About Her Course & Very Informative. I Would Recommend This Place A Thousand Time

Review β„–3

I will not be torturing anymore of my children to test at DPS. Mrs Iris, and Mercedes we very professional, and friendly. They made us feel comfortable with the process. We will be returning.

Review β„–4

Ms. Iris was very patient and understanding with my driving and felt very at ease! Super friendly environment and youll leave with so much safety knowledge and be super confident in driving with the tips given!

Review β„–5

Great place! I did my DMV written exam in the morning and I was able to do the road test right away. Instructor was very friendly, polite and professional. She also gave me a few life-tips about tickets, so it was great!

Review β„–6

This place has a great teacher who goes above and beyond.

Review β„–7

What an amazing instructors! I wished I knew of this place sooner. Great service and amazing instructors. Definitely recommend 111 Driving School 100%. They are professional and SO helpful.

Review β„–8

Iris and Martha were brilliant driving instructors, very patient and relaxed. Lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. Instructors helped me to pass my test first time and have made me a really confident driver. I highly recommend this driving company!

Review β„–9

Great instructors. Very patient and flexible. Made it easy for me to relax behind the wheel and gain some confidence.

Review β„–10

I loved the experience. Super friendly teachers would definitely recommend with future drivers

Review β„–11

Was able to pass my road test in a heart beat.

Review β„–12

I just took my DL road test and my instructor Was Very educational and lovely! 😊

Review β„–13

Loved this place, extremely patient and provided great service and a clean car. 100% recommend

Review β„–14

I’m so thankful for this driving school they took so much stress off of me

Review β„–15

I came in to take my road test and the instructor was absolutely sweet and understanding. You can genuinely tell that she cares for you and is very knowledgeable and experienced. Youll genuinely learn here because she explains it so simply and patiently.

Review β„–16

I was very nervous, walking in for the road test. the friendly instructor helped me feel at ease during the test and provided great tips for improvement. Would highly recommend! 😊

Review β„–17

Very good school for people trying to learn how to drive. My kids go here and they come teach me something new everyday. I am very impressed from the knowledge they are getting from great instructors. I recommend this school 100%.

Review β„–18

Iris is an amazing instructor, i was terrified of taking my test however she was so calm and reassuring. Amazing customer service, fast and easy. Love it here dont go anywhere else.

Review β„–19

I had one of the most professional experience. Vanessa and Iris are amazing. Thank you for helping with my drivers license.

Review β„–20

Excellent service. Worth your time and money. Would recommend to friends and family.

Review β„–21

The online classes were more flexible for my schedule and driving is awesome here!

Review β„–22

Wonderful experience and even better people! Iris was very knowledgeable and helpful, would 100% use their services again!

Review β„–23

Very fast in responding back. I really enjoyed my classes. The instructors are very good. Great place!

Review β„–24

I walked in this place knowing nothing. The staff and the instructors really fed me with the knowledge that will take me a long way in driving. I like the teaching methods of the instructors. I signed up for teen course and I learned a lot. Will sign up my sister next year for the teen course.

Review β„–25

I was here couple of days ago. Instructors are great. Very beneficial. Very transparent.

Review β„–26

Just wow. I came in feeling over the top nervous, but I was reassured that I would be fine. Best Service! Love the place and staff.

Review β„–27

Very helpful and reasonable

Review β„–28

Great environment, learned a lot, they have really good teachers and Ms. Hunt is an excellent teacher and Ms, Clarke is a really good driving instructor. She makes sure you feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel. 10/10 recommend πŸ‘

Review β„–29

Great school! good permit class! Prices are fair as well.

Review β„–30

This is the best driving school to go and my instructor Miss Clark is a very good teacher and a down to earth woman. I love my experience and time with her. Love you maam

Review β„–31

Great prices great instructor and nice employees....

Review β„–32

Just purely amazing! Comforted me and helped me in every way through my first time driving a car and the staff and quality of lessons were just purely spectacular! Will definitely be going again and telling all of my friends!

Review β„–33

Great staff. The driving instructor, Mrs. Iris is very friendly and patient. If you don’t do something right, she explain what you did wrong in a friendly way that makes you feel like she wants you to learn.

Review β„–34

We had a great experience with them. Their cars are so smooth and comfortable, their instructors are excellent teachers and very nice too. I highly recommend this school for anybody looking for a place to have good driving lessons.

Review β„–35

Love this driving school and its fun and entertaining atmosphere. The instructor is very knowledgeable and professional and as well as the rest of the staff. I would recommend this place to everyone I know.

Review β„–36

You will genuinely learn everything from cars, the road and instructions by great teachers who care about what they teach. Its a comfortable environment to learn and I have had a great time learning here. I recommend this to those who have been searching for a good driving school.

Review β„–37

Wonderful place all services helpful and thanks very much for every thing!

Review β„–38

I went here and it was definitely really good. The teacher was amazing and very kind. She was great at teaching and was very patient. Everything went smoothly regarding licenses and permits. I would definitely recommend this school.

Review β„–39

I wasnt feeling safe on streets, not confident for my self, and especially with my kids in car. But this school is great! Thanks to them, I can drive now where ever I want to with my kids and feeling confident. Great driving teachers, great communication! And THANK YOU!!!

Review β„–40

It was a wonderful experience. I had a good time learning how to drive. The instructor was very patient with me even though I was saying sorry every time I made a mistake. I recommend this driving school to everyone. Passed my driving test and I am now driving thank you.

Review β„–41

I have a very tight schedule and they work with you and try to help you out as much as they can. VERY FRIENDLY and an AWESOME INSTRUCTOR. Glad to have gone here instead of the other schools.

Review β„–42

I went in today and signed up my son for Teen Driving Ed Course. They have fall specials going on. They are offering a very low rate compared to other Driving Schools. I am very grateful that I enrolled my son in this Driving School. I highly recommend this Driving School.

Review β„–43

Great experience! These guys went above and beyond helping me. I am from out of town and they helped me a lot. Highly recommended especially for international Students

Review β„–44

I want to give this school as many stars as I can. This school is very convenient for us. My 3 sons and a daughter are attending here. They always have something good to say about the school. Moreover, they teach me something new everyday. I am glad I found out about this school. I will enroll my 14 year old as well in couple of months.

Review β„–45

The best driving school in the town.

Review β„–46

Nice people and a great instructor.They have nice cars for you to drive and are very patient with you, so long as you dont put them in danger, they are honest and nice people.

Review β„–47

This is the best place to be at. Extremely professional. I walked in and enrolled my son right away for the teen course. 111 Driving School is the most reasonable and affordable Driving School in Texas. Dont miss out their special offers. The owner is fascinating. He understands everyones needs and cooperates with you. Hats off to you guys. Keep up the great work.

Review β„–48

Very skillful instructors and great staff. Effectively taught me driving and ensured I’m a safe and confident driver. Definitely recommend this school to everyone. I am really amazed by their services.

Review β„–49

This is a perfect school for anyone. Very accommodating, Facility is clean and the staff is friendly. Instructors are very helpful and they answer all the questions you may have.

Review β„–50

OMMG!!!!!! Best place ever. Went in today and signed up for my classes. Extremely reasonable. Should give it a try.Gorgeous place people. I want you all to go in there and try it out at least once. You will not regret. So excited!!!

Review β„–51

Such a great school and very nice teachers. Easy to learn and lots of fun ! The teacher was very funny and chill. And the students I’ve met been very nice too!

Review β„–52

I like this school very much. I speak English less but the teacher make sure I understand all the things she teach. I go and ask question if i no understand. i happy i go to this school to learn drive.

Review β„–53

Good learning experience with the instructors. When we ask questions the instructors take their time to explain the material throughly. Highly recommend it

Review β„–54

Honestly, I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot from here and Im happy that I took this class instead of waiting. Im one step closer to getting my car keys and I really do have to thank these people for doing such a great job.

Review β„–55

Best school you could honestly go to, Respectful and very responsible. It was a pleasure and you learn really quick. The instructors are super friendly and very patient!

Review β„–56

The staff is very friendly and courteous. Instructors are very knowledgeable and review everything with you. Very supportive and help you to succeed. Highly recommend.

Review β„–57

I like this driving school the way they teach the videos they show and everything if you are looking for a place for you or your kids this is the place to learn. They deserve more than 5 stars.

Review β„–58

Excellent driving instructors! Very reasonable in price!! Highly recommend it. friendly staff.

Review β„–59

Very gud. completed everything in less than a month. Thank you so much school.

Review β„–60

Ms. Clark is best driving teacher Ever Hands down πŸ’―

Review β„–61

They work with your schedule.This driving school was also fantastic for my wallet. I recommend everyone to attend here.

Review β„–62

I was so impressed with their professional teaching and instructions. Whether it is office staff or instruction you will feel a great satisfaction and relief as well as I really enjoyed here they are honest I got my driving license they are really helpful and I want to advice everyone to come here

Review β„–63

Going here was the best decision I couldve made, I learned so much in class Omar was an amazing teacher and the driving instructor Ms. Clark is so patient and makes sure youre in a safe and comfortable learning environment behind the wheel, the school is lucky to have her.

Review β„–64

They were great and helped clear up all confusion and it was easy to pass the tests as well as the classes.

Review β„–65

Great staff & the instructors teach very well . I recommend this driving school .

Review β„–66

Best school in Texas. Great location, very flexible, best atmosphere, low prices but great quality.

Review β„–67

Great learning experience definitely recommend going here.

Review β„–68

Affordable and great learning experience.

Review β„–69

Great class took one day and they do them on Saturdays so you dont have to miss work i went back then next to take my test and passed it.

Review β„–70

Great learning experience.

Review β„–71

Very good teacher they attended us immediately to take the road test ... super recommended πŸ‘πŸ»

Review β„–72

This is a very nice place to study. The instructors are very patient and understanding. I recommend this school to members of the community.

Review β„–73

Very bad and My son goes there very bad services and instructors not good

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