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Next Actor Studio

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San and Trisha gave me everything when it came to opportunities! I love them with all my heart, and they will put you in every position to succeed. But like Trisha and San day, it’s not about making money, being famous, or thinking your the best. That’s not what acting is. Never was never will. It’s art, I will always consider being at Next Actor the best times of my life. You learn how to act yes, but you learn what goes into it. Such as, long hours, sacrificing time with friends and relationships, but most of all you learn who you are. Trisha Ray is the best teacher I have ever had in anything even over my business Proffesor’s whilst getting my Fonance degree. San Banarge is one of the most beautiful souls and cares about you if you care enlighten about the process. The best thing about them and their studio is that, they will NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. Unless you give up!You want to learn the right way, it’s. It going to LA or New York all the time. Finding the right team and leaders such as them is all you will ever need. Same example can be said about anything, if you want it for the wrong reasons you won’t make it or be happy. If you want to be a comedian your joy, motivation, and excitement should come from making people laugh. That’s it.But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, because they teach you so well and you fall in love with them and the entire process. I’m so grateful they put me in their movies and they are Always my family. You can do it! Trust Trisha and Trust San. I do. Thank you guys for everything. I miss you and love you! Sean Zamir

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Have been at this studio since January of 2007 and it has opened my eyes as an actor to say the least. I have had the opportunity to work with all of the teachers here and it has been phenomenal. I have never been able to see or understand a script or character like I am being taught now and the best part is I am still learning and digging deeper every single class. I absolutely love the honesty and style this studio provides. I am so grateful and so appreciative for you all !!

Review №3

Great creative spot for beginners. Supportive and talented tutor, wonderful atmosphere and vibrant fellow students. Included story structure, use of imagery and writing prompts. The exercises were fun and there was no pressure to complete things or get things right. Thoroughly enjoyable and a great stress relief from day today life. “Init”.

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Very good quality acting school. Cant beat the price for what you get into return. Will be hard pressed to find anything better this side of L. A.

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I am in Finance but also interested in film, so I took creative writing and filmmaking classes, I must say it was great. San is a very knowledgeable teacher and taught me a lot about film history along with watching a lot of Bergman, Kurosawa, Fellini etc also in-depth look into cinematography and editing with examples and scene study. Trisha taught me creative writing very astutely. I was so impressed, I ended up co-producing a film with them. Worth it. Now I put my son there. Keep learning, my mantra.

Review №6

Next Actor Studio is Where To Become a Actor in Commercials Tv Shows And Movies. That is What The Place is About Filming🎥📹💿

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The workshops with Trisha Ray, San B,Danny and other teachers at Next Actor Studio are focused on capturing the moment you’re offering as an actor, and running it through the eyes of acting coaches and fellow actors. Unlike most acting schools in Htown, Next Actor Studio focuses on the practical aspect of acting by showing you how your character looks on the screen, by offering you that hands-on experience with the relationship between you and your character, with other actors, and with the camera. Everyone of us thinks we can pull out a certain character, but the decision is not ours to make. It is the camera that decides if your energy is the right one, if your lines flow or if your body posture is natural. The workshops benefit from the technology Next Actor Studio has, and every one of them feels like a real shooting. With every one of them I grew more as an actor than at any other time in my life. Just seeing what I’m doing, understanding the pluses and minuses helped me hold on to my character longer, more coherently so that the director and the editor have a lot of material to work with. All in all this is a great environment in which friendships are built and characters are crafted. This works! I am a working writer, Director and an actor today. Thanks Next Actor.

Review №8

Great place to start your acting career, weather you are professional actor or a starter, a business guy or an energy executive its no denying that an acting class is only going to help your confidence, public speaking and your overall communication skill. I took several classes here and needless to say I have seen enormous improvement in my confidence. I recommend the improv, voice and the method acting classes.Great spot!! KEEP LEARNING.P.S I also got cast in their film with ERIC ROBERTS and RICK FOX. I have recently acted in a Hollywood movie and got an agent.

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Top notch acting classes, very informative teachers and interactive, helpful classmates. I made some amazing lifelong friends. They also produce films. Thank you Next Actor for casting me opposite Eric Roberts and Kamala Lopez in your film #6Rounds of Chloe. Legit.

Review №10

Love this class with San, Trisha, Jenny, Jacob. I came in with zero experience and have learned a lot just from a handful of classes. All the exercises are done in front of a camera and the class, really helpful for film and tv experience. You get to watch yourself at the end of class which is really important for me. The classes are full of students of all eclectic backgrounds which I really appreciate and you never feel intimidated. Highly recommend!

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I took classes here in 2004 when I wanted to do something fun other than being an engineer for an oil & gas company and I must say it was a lot of fun. I did all the acting classes and then also did filmmaking and editing classes. it was taught by very learned and informative working actors & directors.I also did many independent films, recently I did a gig for NEXT ACTOR with ERIC ROBERTS. I had so much fun I put my son & Husband in their classes. lots of fun, great knowledge, fantastic hobby to have for young kids! For me its side a gig but my kids are serious about motion picture art. Great place to start.

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I took classes at NextActor to hone my public speaking skills, as an American entrepreneur that’s very important and I must say it was extremely helpful to me. I used the Stanislavsky method to get into characters which is now I use for public speaking also took a filmmaking class which was taught with authority. Now I am also a working actor whenever I can. I strongly recommend this place.I also put my kids to this class as it will only help them build self confidence. No harm in taking some acting classes.I recommend Next Actor to all you guys.Great journey as an actor.

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I took classes here when I was a kid, my mom introduced me to acting as I was a very shy kid. The classes helped me enormously it did build my confidence. I remember doing commercial of coke and snicker bar. I also got into some films and did many school plays but most of all it boosted my spirit which I think helped me in communicating with people. As an adult I came back again, I must say it is well worth it. Classes are interactive and open to constructive criticism. Scene study class and character breakdown are my favorites. If you are doing it for public speaking or taking a shot at acting it’s well worth it. MrSan, Jacob, MsTrisha, Mr Danny, Ms Vivian and Ms Jenny are all great teachers. Now I am going to college in Massachusetts but every time I am back home in Texas I go take a class at “Next Actor”. I highly recommend this place, greatest spot in my hometown. Keep up the good work. #Houstonstrong

Review №14

Great classes, wonderful atmosphere. Inspirational

Review №15

Met with the owner and she was very informative and inspired me to join the classes to become better at my craft. I recommend Next Actor for those who are starting off and need guidance as a upcoming actor or actress.

Review №16

Great production company doing a great job they are stellar in producing film. This place is the real deal Bolly wood and Hollywood in Houston. You wont be disappointed.

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I wanna become a marvel actor and I need a acting school so my acting can get more better

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This a scam dont go or waste your money 💵

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Im auditioning for nickelodeon some day but first i need an acting school and i think that this will work.

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I want to join but i dont have away there and the money

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Im going to go here this summer

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I want to join

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