Sacred Heart Academy Driver Education
47 Cathedral Ave, Hempstead, NY 11550, United States
Sacred Heart Academy Driver Education

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Highly recommend SHA, faculty and all staff truly care about the students. The educational opportunities are unmatched and the level of communication within the academic community is impressive. Both students and parents are kept informed and updated throughout the school year about pertinent issues.

Review №2

Hi this is jackson fincher I am shocked at how good this school is

Review №3

Dont bother with this school. Some of the administration is absolutely disgraceful and if I had the chance earlier I would have never allowed my daughter, whom is a junior, to come here. You can get better education sending your daughter to a local public school than here. The environment is drug free but the administration does nothing when a child is bullied when it is brought to their attention like they say they do. A school shooter threat was made and nobody was aware. Nobody knew. New admitting students werent told and local schools werent told. The school is so set on their reputation they dont care about the students safety. I have nothing good to say about this school. $10,000+ for absolute hell.If this review is removed we know why. Itll prove my point the only thing this school cares about is their reputation and can, quite frankly, at this point, be classified as a scam.

Review №4

I dont have the words to describe how much we love SHA. Im not sure what these negative reviews are all about. Great curriculum, great teachers, and great administration.

Review №5

Great school for all girls to learn and make great friends who will last forever. People think girls will be rude to each other but there is little to no drama at this school. All the teachers love their job and will learn everyones name the first week of school. Everyone is there to learn and enjoy their four years of high school. The most exciting part of Sacred Heart is Red and Gold. It is a in school competition.

Review №6

Sacred Heart Academy equips young women with the intelligence and confidence they need to enter college and the professional world as stand-outs. The faculty members all genuinely care about the students and work above and beyond to ensure that everyone excels.

Review №7

The teachers genuinely care about the students and their grades. Although you might have to take the first step to really get to know them well, once you have that connection, you are golden. Most of my teachers are also very knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. On a rare occasion where they are unable to answer a question, they either look up the answer you and get back to you with an explanation and examples. They are there before and after school and are also available during study halls during the day. This is a great school to attend and I couldnt imagine enrolling in a school anywhere else and have the same amount of motivation, success, knowledge that I have today.

Review №8

Attending Sacred Heart Academy is a great 4-year experience that will prepare you for your future! the schools administration is rooting for you and works with you to produce your best work :) the teachers are great and willing to help you on your time, while the food and diversity may be poor, the schools welcoming aura and students will make you love itthere is a place for everyone and there are extracurricular activities for all. come to SHA!

Review №9

This “Catholic” school motto represents itself with “heart” “compassion” and “commitment”. Let me tell you none of these terms represent this school. The administration is heartless, they are fake and pretend to “care” for your daughters well being, but what they are most concerned about is their reputation in order to literally scam hard working parents out of their money for a average education.This school tried to hide a threat of school shooting that was threatened by one of their students on a bathroom wall and kept it secret. The students were left to walk the halls alone and go into rooms unattended just a day after the threat. The student that wrote the threat was never identified. I assume they will find a scapegoat because that would be their MO, or the student will be protected somehow because of connections.Be VERY careful before spending the $10,000 a year to send your daughter here! Read reviews. The administration will make up their own rules and not abide by their own handbook if your daughter has any academic issue. I’ve seen first hand girls requested to be withdrawn in the middle of a school year and patents bullied by administration to withdraw their child or face a permanent mark on their transcripts. It is no wonder why this school does not defend the girls that get bullied although there is supposedly a zero tolerance for bullying. It’s because the administration are bullies themselves. If your child is bullied expect your child to be blamed and requested to withdraw. That is how they deal with the victims that are bullied. The blame the one bullied.New student parents beware and be sure of what you are getting your child into. Do your research!UPDATE: on Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead Long Island. Three girls a senior, a junior and a freshman were busted for selling drugs to other students. Apparently this had been going on for quite some time. The younger girl was questioned and apparently was high at the time of questioning by the blind administration. It’s unfortunate that the oldest girl because of her age was charged with a felony and has ruined her college acceptance. It’s very sad. There is a very bad element of girls that are registered at sacred heart academy in Hempstead New York. The come from public school areas that the schools are low rated. Sacred Heart Academy will gladly take their money though! The entrance exams are just a hoax. The CHSEES EXAMS are just another money maker at $60 a pop. Don’t waste your money parents. Nothing different going on in this school than any other public school! Even worse really!

Review №10

Waste of tuition. Send your child elsewhere.

Review №11

Sacred my first

Review №12

So much money for no education

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