Checo Driving School, LLC
85 River St, Haverhill, MA 01832, United States
Review №1

Glad I found this school! I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They’re professionals, the instructors are understanding, Flexible and patient with great personality. They don’t over see the ability’s they have to teach you. They taught me well.

Review №2

This is a great school for driving. They taught me well. I think I’m well prepared for my road test! I’m greatful for this experience.

Review №3

Exceptional! Great value for you buck. Driving schools can be quite expensive almost totaling to over a grand but with Checo Driving School, LLC I spent less than 350 with all my lessons and driving exam fee. They offer a great package of 30 hours of class with the lessons less than 700 dollars. Great experienced instructors who know what they are doing. Plus all the instructors speak English and Spanish. My instructor Abel was very friendly and knowledgeable about driving. He genuinely cared about me and teaching me how to drive.Area to improve on:More communication with future clients like picking up the phones (the company phone) and scheduling lessons and dates in advanceAdvocate for yourself and say something for yourself. They have a lot of clients and can often forget you. We are all humans.Recommend for anyone. All ages from 15 to 90.

Review №4

I absolutely loved this school! My instructor was patient with me and taught me well, she tackled all my concerns and helped me how to parallel park like a pro lol she was awesome! And they also managed to get me a road test super quick, and I passed!! I would def recommend them.

Review №5

Definitely would recommend easy going and professional, the instructors are understanding and flexible. Anabel is for sure one for the books she will be a forever mentor very beautiful personality dont over see the ability she has to teach I was once someone who thought drivers Ed wasn’t necessary ohh did she change my views

Review №6

I really love the school, they are really professional and really nice and patient,they were always there when I needed, I am so happy I found Them.

Review №7

Really Good, Definitely Recommend, Got My License In Such A Short Time And Anabel Was Really Helpful Thru Out The Lessons I Honestly Recommend

Review №8

They gave me great driving lessons and I passed my road test on the first try.

Review №9

Great Driving school Highly recommended!!! My son took driving clases with them and everything went super smooth. He passed in December in his first try. Highly recommended as they treat you like family to ensure your child’s success on the road!!!

Review №10

If I could give them a 0 I would. Checos driving school is a very unprofessional school. They don’t finish your lessons. They don’t pick up your calls. They don’t answer emails. They don’t reach out to you at all. I’ve been trying to get in contact with them for the last I would say 5 months. I’ve tried phone calls, emails, I even tried texting a personal phone number and still nothing back. Overall they’re lack of communication and professionalism is a -0. Highly do not recommend.

Review №11

Great company to Trust with Driving school and a great process for road test. My sister had a quick appt classes in December January she had her license.

Review №12

WOW!!! What a great experience i signed my daughter and son up for a class in December and they’re all set also they have there road test for beginning of march!!! Im so happy i love it here GO CHECO WOO!!

Review №13

God awful driving school. Scamming at its finest ladies and gentlemen

Review №14

Very good school, help you a lot to improve, the best without a doubt

Review №15

I would put zero stars if I could do not believe these false five star reviews, they are trying to boost the income for them. They will steal your money and not complete your lessons or give you a completion form then avoid all of your calls and if you show up in person they will say no one is available to speak with you at the time. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRAP. CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SCHOOL.

Review №16

I don’t recommend this driving school. Poor communication and very unprofessional. After you pay them they don’t respond to you. I have been in drivers ed for a year now and still no license.

Review №17

A lot of my friends and family we’re going through the driving school process from different schools throughout the north shore area none of them have had as much trouble as I have had in getting their license. Checo is extremely unprofessional in completing driving lessons and in the classroom. For the classroom portion of my drivers education I spent 8-hours a day for five days in a row just jotting down notes for a test that wasn’t graded. And when it came time for me to take my driving lessons (which was supposed to be directly after completing the in class portion) I received nothing but radio silence from checo for the next six months. Over these months I called checo on a regular basis to attempt to make contact after seemingly accidentally answering my call I was able to schedule my first driving lesson. After repeating this process I was able to get 5 out of the 6 required lessons and was once again met with radio silence. After a while I was able to schedule a road test on my own. I arrived at the rmv only to find checo helping what seemed to be a much older demograhphic in completing there driving test. I urge anybody who is looking for a functional driving school experience to look elsewhere as you will lose your money and not receive your license should you attend checo driving school

Review №18

The worse experience ever 😪 very unprofessional they took for ever to contact them after I paid in full and they over charge me they had to give back money they are the worse .

Review №19

Highly recommend

Review №20

The best of the best I recommend it 1000 * 1000

Review №21

The best, honestly each of its members have a professionalism to teach.They are friendly, empathetic and willing to do their best in each class. God bless you a lot !!! / The best, honestly each of its members have a professionalism to teach.They are friendly, empathetic and willing to do their best in each class. God bless you very much !!!

Review №22

The best solve quickly and help you ♥ ️🙌🏼

Review №23

Very good school they explain everything in detail without a doubt the best driving school

Review №24

With the best drivers and the best attention I loved the experience with Czech driving

Review №25

They are very irresponsible. I was taking class with them and suddenly now they dont take calls and nobody answers me. Where I was paying my money and I have an exam appointment very soon.

Review №26

He is the best at his job because I do it with passion, more than a job I would say a vocation. Thank you for your patience and love for what you do. God bless you greatly

Review №27

🙏 I feel very grateful, blessings, I recommend 🙏

Review №28

The best school 🙏👌😘

Review №29

Professional and very good communication.

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