Lucas Driving School
907 Albany Ave # 2, Hartford, CT 06112, United States
Lucas Driving School

Review №1

I did my road test July 16 2021 at Enfield DMV on my first try I pass thank you Lucas Driving School . I must say I would Definitely Recommend this driving School the day before my road test Lucas took me in the test areas for me to get Familiarize with the areas for the road test and it helps a lot .the young lady that took me on this day to DMV thank you for your kind words .

Review №2

Lucas is super nice. I took the 8 hour class with him and I can actually say I learned a few things.I did a 1 hour driving lesson with him where he taught me how to reverse park, k-turn etc.....and it helps because I did that on my road test at DMV in Wethersfield. I also got to use his car for testing and I passed 🥳 .

Review №3

To start with they took a 15 min driving session to see how I drive and based on that they gave me an estimate of the number of classes I may need. Lucas to is very patient and he helped me learn the various things I had to be vigilant about. I also had one session with Sofia. Her teaching method is a bit different. She is very detail oriented.I would surely recommend Topas to anyone who is looking for a driving school.

Review №4

I did my driving test last week Friday and I pass🎉. Thanks to Lucas driving school. Couple days before your test they bring you to the dmv you choose for your test and have you driving around, so you get familiar with the surroundings and it helps!!!!!

Review №5

Best experience good people .

Review №6

Soon to be starting my driving classes. All of my family and friends have went here and they told me the schools pretty good. Looking forward to meeting the teachers and instructors . From what Im hearing 5 stars 😊

Review №7

The instructor is very nice . It’s a good program if you need to get in and out with the proper pages !

Review №8

I sincerely do not recommend this school. I have no idea how they have such good reviews or even a business. The driving instructors are totally unprofessional (among other things) and you learn do not anything except that you have just wasted your money!

Review №9

Great instructor I took 2 driving lessons on the road with him, also took the multiple choice test/ went and did the driving test after and ace it in flying colors.

Review №10

Took two driving lessons with them and you basically drive to the next person whos scheduled for the next lesson. And I didn’t pass my road test Bc I learned nothing from them I eventually taught myself with the help of my Bf and PASSED ON MY OWN. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Review №11

Did all my classes & test here for my License. Instructor is very detailed & understanding. Definitely recommend!

Review №12

Really great people they are helpful, and respectful ❤️❤️

Review №13

This school Lucas driving Hartford Connecticut doooooonottttt spend your money at this place the owner has no interest in anything he just wants to collect he is the laziest teacher i have ever seen in all my life. Do notttttt spend ur Money here u are better off not learning how to drive . Worsssssssstttttt school worsstttttttttttt. All u do is read for the drug and alcohol class. Which cost a fortune and for the driving he is just teaching how to drive and it cost another fortune. If u havent won the lottery do not go to this school. He is to take me to the DMV for my road test and said for me to drive there I would have to pay I think 80 if Im not mistaken to drive there with his Car so I said I would let him drive so I dont have to pay he said I would have to take a taxi to get there even if Im going to do the road test with his car. This man doesnt care about anything but his pocket

Review №14

Ive had my License for 5 years now thanks to this location.The service i recieved was excellent!!! lucas was very helpful and patient!! i would recommend anyone looking for a good driving school to go to Lucas Diving school you will be happy with your results!!

Review №15

Lucass Driving House is disgusting and unprofessional. I went there with my brother to take the 8 hour driving safety course at 1:00. He wasnt even there and we were told to come back 2 hours later or reschedule. Not worth a dime.

Review №16

Extremely rude people! Will never go to that place again and would never recommend it to anyone.

Review №17

Prepares you well! Highly recommend

Review №18

Went there for my 8 hour classes and driving I learned how to park and drive in one day you cant judge a book buy its cover and thats what I did when I seen the building but amazing place to teach you everything u need to learn

Review №19

Worse management ever, its like he pulls things out of thin air. My husband did the class there for almost $200 and had to pay and extra $30 to get a copy. Beyond annoyed, he is rude and unfair. MF

Review №20

- this the WORST experience of my life & a waste of my money that CANT be refunded smh . all we doing is reading, he not teaching anything . hes on his phone & watching tv while the secretary play games on the computer . should have took my money elsewhere !!!

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