TITLE Boxing Club Hallandale Beach
1720 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009, United States
TITLE Boxing Club Hallandale Beach

Review №1

Great atmosphere! I truly recommend to everyone. Teachers are so knowledgeable and helpful. Such an incredible place where you can enjoy every minute of it. Well-deserved 5 stars.

Review №2

This place is GREAT! David at the front desk was super nice and welcoming especially helping me wrap my hands since it was my first time at a boxing gym. Trainer Israel had an amazing class and when I felt like I was getting lost and confused he was quick to come over and guide me along. Facility is super clean, not to mention HUGE! I cannot wait to keep going back!

Review №3

Awesome trainers, love the energy. They were intense and will work you out to the max. If you have fitness goals to meet the fastest, this is the best place to be. You can learn techniques in boxing and at the same time have the most fun, high intensity and explosive workout. Try Israel, Patrick and Franny!The staff are friendly especially Baylee, Pat and Dave. I’ve heard they have new management. They did a very good job. It’s the best place to be part for your health goals and fitness journey.

Review №4

Deserve negative stars they took money from me and never returned it. I called for months. This place and all the other locations are scams.

Review №5

TITLE Boxing Club makes you feel like you can conquer anything after you finish a boxing or kickboxing class. This location has a ring which makes you feel awesome during your personal training sessions. They give variety with offering boot camps, cross training and also have free weights and other equipment for you to utilize on your own time.The staff and management are always accommodating and friendly. The price is also affordable for what they are teaching you and what they have to offer at this location. They are open 7 days a week to maximize your workouts.If you havent checked Hallandale TITLE Boxing Club out yet you are missing out!!

Review №6

As a visitor from Iowa I always love checking out other Title locations. I felt like I was just another one of their members when I came inside. The staff was very nice and friendly. The members were equally as engaging! I really enjoyed popping in for a class there and will definitely be doing so again. If you are a local I would highly encourage you to join, the change in management seemed to fix a lot of the issues that I’ve read on here. The classes and energy there is 🔥🔥

Review №7

The Title Boxing club of Hallandale is amazing! This was my first experience working out at a gym ever . The staff has made it very comfortable and inviting. The trainers are all very knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoy the sessions and leave feeling like the workout pushed me to the max! I highly recommend the program to anyone who is interested.

Review №8

The following is a reflection of my first Title Boxing experience:I arrived at their facility at 8:10 am to attend the 8:30 am class with Flash (kickboxing). The staff, including the GM, were very accommodating and welcoming as I wrapped up my hands and waited for the class to begin.The 60-minute class consisted of a 15-minute warm up, eight 3 minute rounds, and finished off with a 15-minute core. Of course the class focused on fitness, but Flash, the trainer, also helped me work on combinations and form.It is obvious that the classes and trainers at Title Boxing help you build core, stamina, speed, and strength. Therefore, I plan on cancelling my current gym membership and dedicate my time to Title Boxing.Keep in mind, the cost of the membership is actually priced competitively compared to other kickboxing/boxing memberships. Im highly satisfied, and I plan on being a long-time member!

Review №9

I appreciate the owners reply to my other review. Glad to hear a new management has taken over, and I wish you can turn the tide. However, as you mentioned, mistakes were made, leaving lots of people upset and deceived by Title Boxing Corp. But its the actions, not the words, which will perhaps bring back some (but not all) the trust. By the way, could you please clarify if the new management applies to the rest of the franchises as well? I mention this because the fraudulent billing rcomplaints come from locations all over Florida and nationwide, which leaves me to believe the problem is from company headquarters. So I dont see how you can resolve a nationwide problem under the same corporate management who originally created this mess. Also, you are asking to email all billing and other issues. That is precisely what the previous management asked as well, but emails were never replied and the issues never resolved. Im not going to tell you how to run a business, however I can categorically say, this business deceived me and many other customers. Its very easy to create a reputation but very hard to change it. I wish you the best of luck

Review №10

Let me start by saying wow, Im impressed with the professionalism under the new ownership. You see I had an issue that remained unresolved for quite some time under the previous ownership. Once the business switched hands the new owner quickly contacted me to reconcile the issue. Her main concern is to make things right and to offer a welcoming environment for all patrons.Very thank you to KATIE C. for have been very kind and from the beginning focus on the solution. I just upset that I don’t leave anymore there otherwise I’ll sign again my membership!!

Review №11

Finally closed for good. Finally because of all the harm this business did to members. Fraudulent billing, non existent customer service, and the worst management Ive encountered at a gym. I feel sorry for those people whove lost money. The writing was on the wall for this shabby place.

Review №12

Make no mistake this place will give you the workout of your life. But for your mind and nerves, not your body, because once you sign in, getting rid of them is an uphill battle which will envy any Wall Street shark. Under new management, maybe, but also under the same dark shadow of the same bad corporation which has ripped off hundreds of customers. BEWARE, dont give them your credit card !!!

Review №13

The place is not worth the kind of money theyre asking for a membership. And while they make it look very easy to get out of a contract, in reality it can be your worst nightmare. Dont fall for any online coupons or free trial classes. Do not give them your personal information telephone number or credit card number.

Review №14

Double billing after sign in, and then billing past contract cancellation (after proper 30 day notice). The problem was temporarily corrected but still waiting for refund. If this isnt enough, they have now attempted to debit my card AGAIN but my bank blocked them. Unbelievable, they have no shame.

Review №15

I have had the most rewarding experience at this location. The energy level is addictive and inspiring. The staffs are motivating and amazing. They challenge you, to be the best of you.

Review №16

When they first opened I was hesitant to join. Then a few months ago I signed, a decision I honestly regret. Any doubts I previously had about this gym were confirmed within days. It is a wearisome place and definitely not worth the outrageous monthly fee. So, I gave 30 day written notice. And then things hit the fan...charges to my credit card went on for three more months. Several phone calls, including one visit to the establishment did nothing to resolve their mistake which was costing me money. They gave me no other option but to report fraud and cancel my credit card. I tried in vain to contact Title Boxing headquarters in Kansas, but nobody ever answered the phone much less replied to my emails. If headquarters is acting this way, I cannot even imagine how the franchises can effectively handle customer service issues. MY RECOMMENDATION: under no circumstance join this or any other Title Boxinge location if it comes to submitting your credit card number or bank account information. You will be opening yourself to fraud by these filibusters. Youve been warned.

Review №17

Great Workout. I love this place and what a great atmosphere. The Trainers are wonderful and very kind and friendly.

Review №18

This place is terrible. They just randomly closed one day without warning. I was signed up for a year and paid for first and last month. When they closed, a number was provided to get info. I left several messages which were never returned. I wasn’t able to get a refund. Corporate is trash because they are not willing to help the customers.It’s disgraceful that owners of these clubs steal people’s money!!! I just want someone to call me back to get a refund!

Review №19

Very nice environment and great professionals! I do recommend it for your health, and stress control. They offer many program options.

Review №20

Been a Hallandale resident for over 20 years. Although it may seem big, we are a small community and kind of know each other especially in the business field. I was looking for a good gym to keep my high intensity exercise routine up-to-date, having quit the only local gym in the area. I joined, stayed for less than 2 months and I finally came to the conclusion its not worth it based on the very limited amenities they offer vs the high monthly membership fee. And like many others, preventing them from charging me after termination of the contract was a very rough and uncomfortable ordeal which isnt over yet. It is hard to imagine a business being run so shabby and fraudulent, but this is how titleboxing treats its customers come on the proof is not only Statewide but all over the country with hundreds of people sharing similar cases.

Review №21

Shameful, money gouging corporation. Non existent customer service, fraudulent billing, incapable of honoring a written notice of membership cancellation. This chain has duped lots of good customers, I cant believe theyre still in business.PLEASE read the reviews and do some online research on Title Boxing before attempting to join. Dont fall for any groupon or any other discount coupons, they will blatantly lie in order to make people sign. A disgrace.

Review №22

The number of complaints about unauthorized CC charges are shocking, and raise a big red flag. Its not worth signing up and paying outrageous monthly fees for a mediocre establishment, and then fall victim to fraudulent charges long after contract cancellation. Something is very wrong with this franchise and IMO it needs to be investigated to the fullest extent. Dont believe the 5 star reviews, theyre as fake as a politicians promise, fabricated to make people believe this is a great place, when in reality its a poorly managed dump. Dont walk, run far away.

Review №23

Monthly fees are too expensive for what the gym offers in return. For equal money or less, a full scale gym delivers more amenities and diverse classes to suit everyone needs. CAUTION, membership cancellation can be a big problem, because even giving them 30 day notice by filing the proper paperwork, they will keep charging your C Card unscrupulously.They did it with me and two of my friends. Shameless and deceitful business practice.

Review №24

The motto of the fitness industry has been, you must shock your body if you want it to react. This place will deliver shocking results, but for your mind, because once you hand them your credit card, youre in for the worst nightmare ever. How a business has the audacity to continue charging when a written cancellation notice was acknowledged and signed by a representative, is stunning. I went through hell trying to get rid of them, even filing complaints with FDBPR and FTC. Be VERY careful with these people because they will take you for a very expensive ride.

Review №25

Dont expect long term relationship with this franchise. First, its a matter of time before you get bored of the same kickboxing cardio routine, day after day. Remember, they have nothing else to offer. As soon as I realized I had made a wrong decision, cancelling my membership was a nightmare. Although I was entitled to do it with a 30-day notice, this didnt mean anything when they started billing me month after month after the contract expired. Numerous phone call to this establishment and its headquarters in Kansas did absolutely nothing, so they gave me no other option but to file a fraudulent charges report to my bank. Now, six months later finally my bank ruled in my favor and the money was credited back to me. This however hasnt stopped their collections agency called CLR Solutions to send me emails and harass me with unwanted phone calls, fraudulently claiming past due membership fees. Pathetic. Be aware and prevent yourself from having nightmares by staying far away from this place. I am convinced many of the 5 star reviews here come from their front desk laptop, because there isnt one person I spoke to who has something positive to say about this place. There are way better gyms nearby way cheaper where you will get a wide variety of workouts that this awful place will never deliver.

Review №26

Had a great experience. Front desk was extremely friendly and the class was very hard! I would recommend it.

Review №27

On May 25 I filed 30 day cancellation notice with official proof of acknowledge given to me. Last debit payment was going to be June 30. Ok, no big deal. Then, in July and August same thing. 3 times I went back to find out why I was still being charged. They promised to take care, but never did. I finally went to my bank and opened a fraud case against Title Boxing. I won the case and bank issued me a new cc. Now, 7 months after my contract was officially cancelled Im still receiving e mails from CLR Solutions, a collection agency representing Title Boxing. I am very concerned they may fraudulently report me to the credit bureaus. Joining this awful gym has been a terrible mistake. Theres fraud written all over this company.

Review №28

My son loved the youth classes offered. However, they sent an email advising Effective TODAY CLOSED TODAY. My son is soooooo upset. No notice. No warning. Unreal.

Review №29

I used to love this place. When they started they used to have great instructors ... that’s why I got my subscription but with time most of the good instructors left. The music some times is terrible that gives you headache. Instead of having good time for the money I pay, lately I receive lame classes.

Review №30

Since the very first day they opened, I knew tis place was going to be a big flop. Poor management, misleading employees, non existent customer service, massive billing fraud, instructors with little or no real boxing experience, all of these plus more, paved the way to an irrevocable derailment.

Review №31

Think twice before joining this gym!! Worst customer service ever imaginable, yawning classes, and utterly expensive. Although they say you can quit anytime by giving 30 day written notice, in reality its BS because they WILL continue billing your card. Youll even get threatening e mails and persistent calls from a lady representing CLR solutions, their billing company. The issues with billing are stunning, involving way too many upset members. Watch out !

Review №32

Whatever you do, stay clear off this or any other Title Boxing location. The reviews paint the picture just like it is. Ive been in the industry long enough to realize at first hand this is another price gouging fitness trend aimed to shred a few pounds off your wallet instead of your body. I witnessed the workouts, which are no different than any other cardio routine available elsewhere. There is no mention of HIT exercises, so elemental to achieve real results. Most of the instructors come from different fitness backgrounds, cross trained to do boxing moves, but thats it. A real boxing MMA individual will never lower him/herself and get paid pocket change to teach this nonsense. Its obvious. Most, if not all people who join these places want to lose weight, not to learn how to kick box. Better results can be achieved using common sense and without blowing this kind of money.

Review №33

If you decide to be a member, take this advice which will save you lots if $$$ and aggravation:Pay cash. Dont give them a credit card, SS, D.L. SS number or DOB. Cash only or walk away. Once you hand over your credit card, and provide the rest of the information, its nearly impossible to get rid of them. Fraudulent billing. Even your credit may be affected.This location has new owner and manager, but billing is still done through the same third party (CLR Solutions) who has been fraudulently charging members.The workouts can and will get tedious. Same routine day after day. They have nothing else but punching bags. This is why theres so much turnover.They will attempt to sell you additional stuff like straps and boxing gloves.Expensive gym with a bad reputation.

Review №34

3 gyms within a 2 block radius. One is a full scale health club, next to it a ladies gym featuring mostly yoga and aerobics, and now Title, which is based around boxing-kicking movements.I decided to take a trial class, which I appreciate the gesture, but didnt like the monotonous routine. Its my opinion, which Im entitled to. But what really bothered me, was the pushy attitude of the salesperson who immediately after the class approached me with the contract papers ready to sign, when I never said I was going to do it on my first visit. I understand, just like any business, they need to get customers, but many of the reviews make a lot of sense when it is mentioned this gym is not for everyone, and needs to feature other options than just kickboxing, to attract more members.

Review №35

I wanted to check it out but the reviews are frightening. Did more online research, and was perplexed at the complaints, so I wont even consider a membership here. Do a thorough research before giving your money to this or any other business.

Review №36

Despite the negative reviews I decided to give it a shot and take a trial class. The workout didnt really impressed me, music is extremely loud and there isnt any interaction with the instructor (impossible under this noise level), something I consider very important, especially when someone takes these classes for the first time. The class itself didnt last too long, at least the cardio aspect, and overall I did not feel that I should be spending over $150 a month to do the same routine day after day. They were very pushy for me to sign, but I stood my ground.

Review №37

As many reviews point out, its a matter of time (short term) before the prevalent monotony of this place wins over the most enthusiastic brain, and that little bug called common sense says enough of this, and time to look for another gym. Yeap, turnover is quite high, and so is the monthly fee. BTW, good luck stopping the monthly debit from your cc on subsequent months following contract cancellation. Staff, duty manager and owner dont give a damn, so calls and claims are completely ignored. My advice: dark skies in this hood, so stay clear and avoid getting drenched.

Review №38

I dont see any point on spending nearly $150 a month just to punch and kick bags, because its all they have to offer. This is not a martial arts school nor a gym. Sorry but if the franchise wants people to sign, it needs to be more creative and offer other alternatives, such as a good boot camp class taught by a professional, and not by aerobics instructors turned into overnight drill sergeants. Diversity brings more customers, while monotony drives them away very quickly. And nothing personal. but Flash McL. is actually a paid instructor here, so his review should be considered as advertising, rather than a true statement from a customer (or prospect).

Review №39

I cancelled this membership with a note from my doctor. I was assured that this would suffice to cancel and that I would no longer be charged. I was charged two additional months after having done so. After reaching out to a manager, I was told that I would be REIMBURSED for these charges, and that never happened. Deceptive practices... and it seems from some of the reviews that Im not the only victim. If you are a member for life...whether you attend or not.

Review №40

I had to try it before making up my mind. Thanks but no thanks. Too much for not too much. With so many people like myself dumping Premier in search of better aerobic classes and instructors, this place can toss away the bags and transform itself into a kick-butt aerobic studio featuring multiple activities and real instructors. A ton of members will join. But as a kickboxing only gym it is very limited. As one reviewer wrote, its not Brickell or South Beach, it is Hallandale, quite different so to speak.

Review №41

I was a little nervous to go because Im not a boxer but the staff was amazing and took me in and helped me! Plus the atmosphere is great, everyone is so friendly! Very clean, always smells great!

Review №42

It was a huge mistake joining. I didnt waste any time and cancelled my credit card just in case. I would never recommend T. Boxing

Review №43

Worst place ever. First, its very expensive, plus they make you buy the straps and push it to spend even more on gloves. Classes are short, 20 minutes of real cardio, followed by basic stretching. The instructor talks over a microphone and loud music and you hardly see him hidden between punching bags, much less he can see you or supervise your movements and correcting if youre not doing it right. They will make you go through hell when trying to get out of a contract. They will keep charging, even after contract is properly cancelled. They literally rob you.

Review №44

Had a good experience with the team at TITLE, Flash was is a great structor and they had many membership options. When I moved I canceled the membership no problem.

Review №45

At the end of my first week I already knew this place wasnt going to cut it for me. The monthly fees are excessive for what it delivers, and in my opinion the quality of classes and some instructors leave a lot to be desired. Same thing day after day is dull, and no longer a motivation. This said, so came time to say enough, and end the contract. As many, I also went through a nightmare, having to report fraudulent charges on my card which went on and on, months after I left. A deception of a gym and awful administration.

Review №46

Im not surprised to see so many negative reviews. I was a member for a brief period, only to realize I was wasting my money. The classes and instructors didnt convince me. Since I wasnt tied up with a yearly membership, I did all the necessary procedure by filling out the paperwork to cancel my membership. They told me everything was okay but my credit card was still charged 3 months after cancelling. Repetitive visits to the establishment and a few unsuccessful telephone calls to headquarters did nothing. I finally reported fraud, and to my dismay today I still get emails from a collection agency claiming I still owe them monthly membership fees. This entire chain is a scam and theyre out there to get your money.

Review №47

Great trainers and manager. Definitely worth checking out if you want a good workout.

Review №48

The first signs of trouble began exactly one month after joining. Upon checking my credit card statement I noticed they had overcharged me $29. Next day I go and ask the guy at the front desk, why they overcharged me. He apologized and said the next month the difference was going to be credited back into my account and the issue to be corrected. Of course, it never happened and the following month, again $29 more. This time I took the matter into my own hands, and automatically reported the card lost, gave them 30 day notice and cancelled my membership. These people dont give a s***t, and theyve proven it.

Review №49

Under no circumstance provide these people with your credit card number or bank account information. If considering joining, pay cash or turn around and leave. Like many reviewers, I went through hell in order to stop them from billing me after I terminated my contract. Be careful before committing.

Review №50

I almost joined a year ago, but they wanted over $300 to sign on a per month basis, plus the gloves and straps, making it very expensive for a mere boxing gym. That kind of money buys a yearly membership at any LA Fitness with way more amenities. In addition, I did not trust the front desk staff who were very pushy to sell me the membership. Now my brother in law, a former Title Gym member gets taken for a ride with fraudulent charges on his card. I read the reviews from this and other locations nationwide, and its shocking. I would never give my business to these people, NEVER. What there doing is FRAUD.

Review №51

Pat was a very active instructor and I had a wonderful workout. Great pace and a tremendous variety of exercises!

Review №52

SHADY BILLING PRACTICE. I quit in writing by filling out the 30 day notice form. They kept billing me for 4 more months until I had no other option but cancel my credit card in order to stop the unauthorized charges. Soon afterwards I was contacted by a collections company. Now Im concerned my credit is going to be affected . Googled some other Title locations in South Florida, and BINGO, dozens of similar complaints from deceived customers. Theres no doubt the problem with the franchise is way bigger than just at one location, and by continuing with this shady practice, theyre only brewing what could likely be a massive legal mess.

Review №53

I made a terrible mistake joining this place. Should have done my due diligence prior. It is xactly how the reviews describe it, a complete disaster as far as management goes. I could not stop them from charging my credit card every month, after cancelling my membership. No phone calls or e mails responded, very shabby and unprofessional. I dont see how this place is still open, theyve upset way too many customers. Please, please do your research before doing business with this or any other place

Review №54

This septic tank closed months ago, they ripped off so many customers, and some people still dare giving it a 5 star review. Please !!

Review №55

Permanently closed. Irresponsible, careless owner/management, credit card fraud, excessively priced membership, limited options and amenities, questionable trainers. A recipe for failure.

Review №56

Not more and not less than an overated, overpriced, glorified aerobic workout, having no relation whatsoever with real boxing instruction. Ive practiced the sport on a professional level, and this is a joke including the instructors. They have a ring in the back, which is real action, just to impress (who ?). They should use that space to put a nice weight room, this way they could sign up more members, of course dropping the prices too. So, if you believe in Santa, and want to blow money on a worthless gym, get the sled ready because these reindeers will take you for a VERY expensive ride. But those with common sense, wont touch this place with a ten foot pole.

Review №57

Just 15 minutes into my trial class I figured out its a waste of money, and lots of it. Same cardio kickboxing Ive seen at chain gyms everywhere else. The instructors are no different either, crosstrained like the rest. He never bothered checking if I was doing the movements correctly. They push me to join, but Im glad I refused.

Review №58

Honestly, I was quite disapointed when I ckecked it out. Only kickboxing, semi private studio classes. The place is full of punching bags, very small weight area, and no other aerobics.For years, local residents have been crying for another full scale gym, since Premier is the only one in the area, and it really sucks.Title gym has missed a golden opportunity here, and with membership prices not so competitive, time will tell... Evidently management hasnt done a good job when it comes to hands on local market research, because this is not what the neighborhood wants.A word to management: You still have time to turn things around. If you want members, give them variety. How long can you keep customers by only offering the same kickboxing classes day after day? People get bored of the same thing, and end up going somewhere else. Unless or course, the intention is to grab the almost $300 required to sign up and then watch people leave. Not my cookie cutter, but honestly, I wish them good luck.

Review №59

FRAUDULENT BILLING PRACTICE, BEWARE ! I gave them 30 days notice to cancel my membership. Went personally and filled out the appropriate paperwork and got their signature that they were going to cancel my membership and stop charging my card in 30 days. Two months later and theyre still charging me $163 x month. I just called my bank to cancel my Credit Card because who knows how far these people are going to go. What theyre doing is illegal, and based on some reviews, other members also fell victims of this fraudulent practice. A disgrace.

Review №60

OUT OF BUSINESS. Massive fraud to members, never honoring a contract cancellation, even when properly filed. Corporate headquarters is a disgrace, with the term ripoff as their motto. This dump should have been closed a long time ago.

Review №61

Id like to ask the following questions to the real owner of this franchise, expecting a straightforward answer, rather than generic replies aimed at kindergarten IQs.1) This is NOT my real name, therefore dont waste time trying to find me on your records. Start by introducing yourself with full and last name as the owner of this place before asking others to do it.2) I am a former member, who fell victim to billing fraud from Title Boxing. It took me many months to have my bank rule on my favor and stop the Title Boxing charging my card after my contract was cancelled. Even today, I still get emails from CLR Solutions claiming past due membership fees. I had no choice but to block their phone calls and now I had blocked their email address as well.3) This and many nationwide franchises have self inflicted a bad reputation, precisely for fraudulent charges. They have also inflicted lots of aggravation and financial problems to members who did nothing wrong to deserve such shady business practice.4) Ive read many of your recent replies to similar complaints, and its lamentable, and scary at the same time. Theres no direct answer to whether this franchise is under new OWNERSHIP. New management means new puppets, but same master, and same show.Theres a reply saying the billing problems are currently being fixed...wait a minute, being fixed or fixed? Big difference there.5) Last but not least, the damage being done by this business and billing partner company CLR S. is nothing but a clear picture this is the same wolf attempting to wear a sheeps costume.Never in my wildest, most incoherent dreams I will come near this or any TB facility. Its a disgraceful business.

Review №62

It started ok, but soon after, everything took a nose dive. Average instructors, average classes. Then, the serious issues with unauthorized charges. They did it to me too, 4 months billing my credit card after I cancelled. Of course, they never took care of the problem so I have to report fraud and cancelled the card as well. Worst, shameless management ever.

Review №63

Decieving billing! I cancelled after 2 months, not worth it. Some people may like it, but most dont want to ditch $168 a month for this. And based on my own witness account this place seems to be on the edge of a cliff, so dont make long-term commitment plans. The 1star rating is due to their predatory billing practice which is a disgrace. My biggest mistake was giving them my credit card number. I deeply regret it. It took me lots of phone calls to the gym which by the way went answered, and two trips to my bank before I could finally put a stop to these drafts, which went on for months after my membership was cancelled. Lame business practice. I dont know if theyre doing it on purpose but the facts point that way.

Review №64

The reviews cannot be more accurate: this company grabs your money and doesnt let go. While cancelling a contract may look simple on paper, in reality its a cosmic trek to hell. They wil continue drafting your account every month, disregarding the cancellation agreement. The number of state and nationwide victims from this fraudulent business tactic is very high. All warning bells are ringing, and cannot be ignored. I wonder how much gas theyve got left in the tank because I wouldnt be surprised if these complaints reach higher scales. Please do not commit to giving this company your credit card or bank account number. If you do, it will be your worst nightmare.

Review №65

Worst customer service, worst management. I wonder what they do all day with that laptop because my e mails were never answered. This place is on a freefall, they just dont care. Give them your credit card and youre on their bbq grill. Attempted to cancel, gave then written notice and it was like talking to a wall. They continued charging me. Filed a dispute with my bank, and won the case. Even now, a collections company keeps calling me on their behalf to collect past due membership fees. Its unreal. I dont see any Reply from the Owner to similar complaints, which puts in evidence their lack of customer service and shabby business practice. Stay clear off this train wreck.

Review №66

I loved going here with my friends and the classes were great. the only thing is that yesterday they just randomly closed and didn’t inform anyone before!

Review №67

Give them a chance, you wont be disappointed. New management has totally turned it around & is working with all the issues you read, great service & amazing classes!

Review №68

I take this opportunity to publicly ask the owner the following question:Why does a former member has to call or go in person to the gym and resolve a case of fraudulent credit card charges which should have taken care by your staff at the time of cancellation? In fact it should never happen to begin with. A member who already terminated a contract no longer wants to deal with this gym. The problem sir, is within your company, something you need to take care of, not a member or former one. Your position regarding this alarming situation not only is very unprofessional, but quite disgraceful and puts in question the Integrity of your business. I am taking my case to the fullest extent, including ging a full complain to Title Boxing hadquarters and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Review №69

Big mistake. I got tired of lousy Premier, and switched here just to try something new. As expected, less than 3 weeks into the same punching/kicking routine it got boring. They dont offer anything else like boot camp or diverse aerobic classes...just the same.To me its not worth paying $150 plus x month for nothing. The staff however is very nice and friendly.

Review №70

Awful management, or perhaps I should say poorly managed on purpose, because thats the impression they portray. Zero customer service oriented, xcept when they want to sign up a new member. The problems with billing are as alarming and shocking as the reviews, and as a former member, I urge you to think twice before handing them over your credit card.

Review №71

This club is awesome! Ive heard they had new management. You need to check it out. I normally read reviews and I noticed some worst one but I gave it a shot still. It was the most awesome workout I ever have. The price is very reasonable, the staff are friendly especially Baylee and Patrick. The workout is the best!!! No way you can get the most awesome workout from other gyms. The format is incredible, it pushes you hard to workout more and not just your technique but your whole body. Trainers like Franny and Pat, 100% youll get the best workout of your day.I noticed some reviews on cancellations. I think they are very reasonable. In fact, the manager Baylee, when she explained to me, it is really a friendly agreement. It make sense if you know what you are signing for they have generous options available to cancel. But why would I when I know the workout is awesome.I noticed they have kids class too which is really cute. If you have kids, check it out. They all come out energized and happy.Awesome place to meet your fitness goals. Highly recommended!!!

Review №72

My experience at Title Boxing was negative. After the second week of the same workout routine, I was jawning and ready to try something different.This is where the storm began. Immediately after class I wanted to cancel but my ID tag was not enough for the duty manager Flash, who told me to bring the contract to review it. And so I did, and they made me sign an official 30 day notice of cancellation. I was going to be billed for another month, ok no problem. However, they continued charging my credit card every month, regardless. I had moved out and couldnt go in person to find out what was going on. All my phone calls plus emails were never answered, much less the problem taken care. And I was never able to speak to a live person at the main office in Kansas. So I went to my bank with all documented history and filed a case for fraudulent charges. Finally, 5 months after my cancellation took effect, I was able to stop this company. I can honestly say, the entire corporation is a mendacious business. They sell franchise locations to third party owners, but utilize the same centralized billing system and company (CLR Solutions) that has over billed and deceived hundreds of customers. Do yourself a favor, stay clear off this company, and dont let them lie to you with Alice in wonderland promises.

Review №73

Thanks to Google reviews, and some research of my own, I concluded its not a good idea to join this gym. The complaints are perplexing, leaving no doubt becoming a member is more of a liability than any sort of benefit.

Review №74

I love working out there. The trainers are always there to help you and motivate you to do your best

Review №75

I am a former customer, and also a victim of fraudulent charges by this franchise. It took me considerable time and headaches to fix this issue perpetrated by TBC. And while this location may be under new management, the damage is done, while the main cash hungry corporation is the same, still using CLRS as the partner company for billing. Together, they both generate all this deceptive practice many of us have endured. So, would you get on a bus with the same driver who previously drove it off a cliff? No thanks. I joined CFP9 across the street which runs circles around this gym. Better workout, better people, better everything.

Review №76

Intentionally difficult to cancel membership. Dishonest busines. Possibly the worst customer service Ive ever endured. Weak workout. Dont join this or any other Title gym. I dont know how this company still manages to be over water.

Review №77

Decided to give it a shot for nearly a month, after doing my own research, including going through the reviews, and talking to a couple of friends who also tried this new fitness trend. I concluded that, just like crossfit, its not a long term relationship for the average individual, who BTW, is the core of any business. The majority gets bored (not tired) very easily after doing exactly the same routine of kicking and punching bags day after day. And it doesnt come cheap. At an initiation cost of almost $300, and $150 /month, it isnt precisely a bargain. There are no weights, and no other options to take, and youre stuck with punching bags. Remember, this is Hallandale, where the demographic fitness needs are not the same as lets say Brickell or South Miami. So, my point of view is they get your $300, go punch and kick until you get sick and tired of putting on the boxing gloves, you stop going, and then start looking for another gym. They already got your $$$$$ and remember, its automatic debit every month from your bank account or CC. Ive seen this movie many times. Draw your own conclusions.

Review №78

TBC in Hallandale is amazing!! Who doesnt love a great workout by skilled trainers and treated by great staff and management. I couldnt have asked for a better experience and know that when I visit again, Baylee and the entire staff will be ready to kick my a** and make sure I am well taken care of!

Review №79

I guess it depends on perspective – I have nothing but good things to say. And that is true for both the old management and the new. I find the instructors engaging and the classes challenging. I am not a gym person and not looking to become a professional boxer (although my uppercut has gotten dangerous!) I needed an innovative way to get some cardio in and let some aggression out. This place is perfect for me.I have never attempted to cancel my subscription, but when I had a billing request, it was handled swiftly and with care.It is certainly possible the collections company may have overstepped, that is not uncommon for that industry (that’s what they do, collect), but based on my own experience, I believe the staff at the Hallandale Beach location when they say they will do everything in their power to make it right.My advice is try it…and form your own opinion.

Review №80

Within two weeks after signing up I knew this wasnt going to cut it. Same thing every day, not the kind of instructors or classes I thought it would be. High turnover, no brainer. But thats not the end, it took me 5 months to stop the charges on my credit card even with proof of contract termination. A disgrace of a corporation so to speak. Think twice before joining this place, I wouldnt touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Review №81

World class Elite trainers. . Very clean and organized ! Plus Everyone has their own bag

Review №82

Unauthorized charges, beware !For as long as TBC and CLR Solutions continue their partnership, the fraudulent charges will continue. This issue isnt going to be fixed from one franchise location, its a headquarters problem.

Review №83

This particular franchise has all indications that is very poorly run. First, they missed a great opportunity by not offering additional amenities and classes to attract a large number of locals. The high monthly membership plus sign up fee havent helped too much either, discouraging even more potential members. I tried it for about three weeks, and indeed it is what most of the reviews tell. tedious and boring after doing the unchanged kicking and punching routine. Also, I did go through exactly the same billing headaches when it came to cancellation. And just because nobody ever care to resolve their own mistake, I give this place my negative vote.

Review №84

FRAUDULENT CHARGES, BEWARE !An official contract cancellation signed by a staff member was not enough to stop this franchise from debiting my card for nearly 5 months after my membership ended. From what I read this is common practice for this business and also at several other locations in Florida and nationwide. I dont know if this is a system glitch ora pre meditated tactic, but either way, it is considered fraud. Do not provide these people with credit card or bank account information. If you do, it will be a nightmare to get rid of them.

Review №85

A FEW WORDS OF ADVICE ON THIS PLACE:Dont commit and pay ahead a full year membership.Dont give them your cc number. Pay cash, otherwise walk away from any deal they may offer.Dont buy any gloves, wraps or any accessories you can get online for less than half the price.This boat seems to be taking on water real fast, and it shows. When they first opened everything was great including the instructors classes, but now its not even a shadow, and the turnover is very high. Based on my own experience and reviews, billing is deceiving, forcing menbers to either cancel their c card or file a dispute for fraudulent charges. They are very nice and friendly when you show up for the first time inquiring about the place and membership, but they turn into a wolf immediately after you give them your money. Good luck trying to cancel your membership and avoid being charged months later.

Review №86

Love the classes! They are fun and effective. Great staff!

Review №87

Very shady billing practice, which seems to have spread to most, if not all franchise locations. DO NOT give them your credit card. Very high turnover. Membership cancellation may look ok at first, but they will continue billing your card. Even if you file a fraud case and the bank rules on your favor, they will wait a couple of months and then attempt to charge the card again.Trust these people like you would trust a politicians speech.

Review №88

Disgraceful business, now closed. From the begining I had a bad feeling about them, and I wasnt wrong.This place ripped off way too many customers.

Review №89

FRAUDULENT BUSINESS! BEWARE. After endless attempts to terminate a membership, this company is as dishonest as the stereotype of gym people They did NOT file my cancellation properly, after many messages gone unnoticed I kept getting billed. My only solution was a credit card dispute since NO ONE IN THE COMPANY cared about the grief since they were not going to profit from my membership moving forward. Just read similar reviews on this issue. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GYM!

Review №90

Most unprofessional, unethical, and deceiving gym chain enterprise I ever dealt with. Period. As most reviews describe, they kept debiting my credit card without my concent, months after I cancelled. I filed a fraud case. Disgraceful.

Review №91

TITLE BOXING HALLANDALE HAS THE BEST TRAINERS / FIGHTERS IN THE SOUTH FLORIDA AREA. You can box for 15 years orMore and Keep learning while getting better strOnger quicker more agile more accurate & efficient with your punches . I speak from experience . TITLE BOXING will bring the best fighters out of the wood work and give them jobs and they will give those worldClass fitness skills to the public but in a safe controlled fitness group setting . Its brilliant .

Review №92

It was a big mistake joining this awful place. Things were ok at first, but soon I found myself yawning, bored of the same routine. My contract entitled me for a cancellation with 30 day notice. Thats what I did but like many other upset customers, the billing continued for months and I could not stop it. Had to report fraud on my cc. This place is a shame and I dont know where they get the good reviews from. Stay away.

Review №93

Even though I canceled my membership with 30 days notice and as per contract agreement guidelines, the charges continued for 3 more months. Phone calls and claims were ignored, so I had no choice but to report fraud. It is absolutely inconceivable what theyre doing to people. Very bad business practice.

Review №94

Deceptive business, BEWARE. They kept keep charging my card after I cancelled the contract. They say it will be fixed, and its BS. This company has p***ed a LOT of people and it shows. Be prepared to go through hell if you give them your credit card !!

Review №95

Ive devoted more time trying to stop them from making unauthorized charges to my card, than working out at this terrible place. Once you sign a contract youre done. Beware of this franchise and their predatory billing practice. Save yourself some money, and lots of migraines by AVOIDING Title Boxing.

Review №96

If youve been the victim of fraudulent/unauthorized charges to your credit/debit card by this company, I urge you to file a complaint with FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Google it, go to the official website, and follow the instructions.The billing issues with Title Boxing Corp. have reached gargantuan proportions, with dozens of complaints in Florida, and hundreds nationwide. The more people report this shady company to the FTC, the more likely they will investigate

Review №97

This place has deception written all over it. All you see is punching bags and more punching bags. The back features a boxing ring which is just for decoration or to impress (who?). High member and instructor turnover, its no wonder why so many negative reviews. It has the worst customer service imaginable, and while cancelling the membership is an easy administrative task, truth of the matter is they will just ignore it and deliverately continue billing your credit card. Even if you file fraud and the bank rules in your favor, just two months later they will attempt to withdraw again and again. The best thing is NEVER give them your CC and if you make that mistake, cancel it immediately and request a new one. This is the most fraudulent place Ive done business with. Im surprised they havent been shut down for fraud.

Review №98

Non existent customer service. They are a money grabber. Dont waste your money in this place, not worth it.

Review №99

Great place for workout, the facilities are great and clean, the staff always friendly and ready to help you and the trainers are the bestI tried and I really like this place

Review №100

I am another victim of fraudulent credit card charges perpetrated by Title Boxing and its billing company CLR Solutions aka Transworld Systems. Even after my membership was officially cancelled this billing company kept charging my credit card. Worse, they also sent me emails notifying of payment default to Title Boxing. CLR disguise their telephone number and practice caller ID spoofing, which automatically puts them in serious violation of federal law. I reported fraud to my bank. Now Im concerned they may fraudulently report me to the credit bureaus. It is unbelievable this company is still in business, continuing to deceive people, and nobody has done anything to stop this fraud. Dont walk, run far away from this or any Title Boxing franchise.

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  • Address:1720 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009, United States
  • Boxing gym
  • Kickboxing school
  • Muay Thai boxing gym
  • Personal trainer
  • Self defense school
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:9:30AM–1PM
  • Thursday:9:30AM–1PM
  • Friday:8AM–9PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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