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McGuire Driving Academy LTD

Review №1

I waited for around a year and a half to get in to do my in-cars. I understand that COVID has made the waitlist long, but I thought that once I was in, I would be completing my in-cars quickly. It took me another 4 months to complete my in-cars. The instructors are rude and unhelpful and made me cry on multiple occasions due to how rude they were. When I asked for help with merging, the instructor said you got it without even looking up from their phone. If youre going to wait for your in-cars, wait someplace thats worth your money; and if theyre going to make you wait a year and a half, make sure the wait is worth it.

Review №2

Signed up in June and still havent been able to sign up for one in car.... they said wed get in in Sept and now they said not until October...

Review №3

Just to let everyone know, mcguire and schwartz are owned by the same company.

Review №4

Signed son up for their driving academy, tge In-class learning. We have driven to class twice now and both times there has been a note on the door that the class has been canceled. No communication to us either by phone/text/email. The note is handcwritten without a date on it. Have no idea if this note is current or not. I have called 3 times now and No phone calls returned.

Review №5

We paid for the driving part for our grandson for his birthday in July, 2020 it is now Februray 2021 and when they call they only give you 15 mins to get there. We told them we are 30 to 45 mins away and with no prior warning how can anyone get there. Still hasnt taken the course

Review №6

Do not waste your time here. Instructors are rude and do not teach well at all.

Review №7

Poor Communication all around, however they are actually very polite when/if you can get ahold of someone. My son FINALLY completed the classes (which was an ordeal in itself) but now has waited almost two months & still isnt scheduled for his in cars. I called/left messages several times over a span of two weeks, the mailbox was almost always full. I end up getting a call back about a week later just to tell me they were booked two months out & they would call me back when they had openings. I have called 3 or 4 times this week & left messages....and still nothing. They seem to be incredibly understaffed which is likely the reason for poor communication.

Review №8

Absolutely not a good place to go. I started classes in February and still have not done a single in-car. And at this point, have left multiple voicemails and called at least 12 times to no return. Would not recommend to anyone unless you want it to take a full year to get your license!

Review №9

My experience with this driving school has been absolutely horrid. First of all it is so hard to try to get ahold of anyone over the phone, I understand when there is class they can’t answer but there was a time when I called them from the parking lot and I saw instructors sitting inside (with no class going on mind you), and they totally ignored the call. The classes were fine, we didn’t have much of a problem there but the incars is what set me off completely. George was an absolutely amazing instructor and my daughter loved him, but one incar she had a woman named Mary. After her incar she got back into my car and as a parent would I asked her how it went and she started sobbing and having a panic attack because this woman was stressing her out and yelling at her so much during the drive. They rescheduled almost every single one of her incars, pushing our waiting time back even further. I am so glad to be done with all of this mess, please think about other choices before you settle with McGuire.

Review №10

I understand Covid has made things difficult. However, it has been months since I paid in full for my sons driving school. No drive time has been scheduled and its always the same excuse we are on so so page on the waitlist. They never return your just have to keep calling until you get an answer. Very unprofessional.

Review №11

Find another place to take your kid if you can or you will be waiting months to get scheduled for in-car driving. They are short staffed and let the driving instructors just decide they don’t want to work for a month at a time without hiring reliable replacements to meet the needs of the customers that pay $300+ in advance. Find someone that knows how to run a business.

Review №12

My daughter just finished her classes at McGuire and really enjoyed the instructor Dora. Ashley was very helpful with scheduling her in-car training. Thank you McGuire for putting my mind at ease when the time comes for my daughter to be on the road all by herself!

Review №13

Do not send your child here! They are in responsive and lose records then try to recharge you.

Review №14

Just called to ask about the school. I read several reviews about people being dissatisfied that they were pushed off on the behind the wheel portion. I spoke with the owner to get a feel for how quickly they would be able to schedule behind the wheel and mentioned the reviews. He said they had to let some people go and it was a few months ago which is why they have the reviews. I asked hypothetically if my child completed the course, how quickly would we be able to get an appointment, he looked at his calendar and asked when we wanted to schedule it. I told him that we werent ready and I just wanted an idea of what could be done (I wanted to be sure I wasnt getting a tap dance before paying the money). He seemed confused by this. I was getting ready to commit and asked him what the fee was for the course - he said he thought we were enrolled. I responded that we were calling around to see what would work best. He told me to get back to him after I call around and hung up on me - without telling me what it would cost. What a jerk. Not the only school in town and definitely helped me make the decision to go to Schwartz! If you are looking for professionalism and customer service from McGuire, forget it!

Review №15

I would not take your teen here. We need one more class to finish her in class before her test. I cant get one person to answer a phone, a email or a voice message. Its ridiculous. Wish I would of read the reviews first.

Review №16

I first want to start by saying they are so hard to get ahold of. Leave message takes weeks to get a call back. Second thing due to unforeseen issues My daughter was only able to attend one class. Tried to explain the circumstances in hopes we could get our money back or even some of it. Instead I was basically told the money had already gone in their account and her husband had been sick so they can’t do refunds. Wasn’t a very professional way to handle things.

Review №17

This is a great school owners really care about putting knowledgeable & aware drivers on the road. I went to Schwartz Driving Academy back in 13 and I didnt learn anything goofed off most of the time with classmates owners didnt care teachers didnt care. I see bad reviews on here for parents who wanted to have those kids get a licensed asap putting new young ill experience drivers on the road is why we have the highest death rate in motor vehicle crashes, homicide etc dont rush to learn something important. Overall great school up to date on laws, and nice people intelligent folks.

Review №18

The classroom portion went fine, but the in car scheduling seems very disorganized. Perhaps the they should consider a computer software for scheduling instead of the system they currently use. There was a constant changing of dates and times and attempting to get in touch with anyone to confirm is near impossible.

Review №19

I was able to schedule my in cars for 2 weeks after the call - very easy scheduling. Leona made the drive very interesting and I learned a lot from her. I would absolutely recommend McGuire and Leona to other teenagers looking to do their in cars

Review №20

The school was amazing and Leona is so nice n sweet, and a very organized and detailed driving instructor. I learned so much especially while driving with her.The only few side problems i ran into were with the in class schooling which she doesnt even teach. I wish the in class portion touched up a little more on the small details that you NEED to know while driving like left turns on red. How to tell a 4 way stop. What Xing meant at a railroad crossing. Ect. Which to note, i end up learning all that stuff while driving with leona. Shes amazing. Would definitely reccomend.

Review №21

Very disrespectful to bikers on the road. Was riding my bicycle through the neighborhood and had them blare their horn. Though they had ample space to pass. In addition, they were going much faster then the posted speed limit of 25 mph. Not someone i want to teach my kids.

Review №22

Some issues with scheduling and communication. Owner is going to contact me tomorrow, will review again based on outcome. Not pleased with service so far.

Review №23

Very bad experience! Cancellation all the time! Rude to my daughter! Please don’t take your kids there !! I would drive to Hilliard instead if I knew how bad this place is! I am so glad this is over now!

Review №24

Very disorganized. If you call no one knows whats going on. Had to tell 3 employees I paid in full before I could schedule driving portion. Scheduled day my son wasnt picked up. No one in office to answer phone. Instructor showed up next day. Turns out our scheduled day was correct but was put in wrong folder.

Review №25

Honestly the staff is really nice and if i had to be honest leona is the best. I would come here again if I could

Review №26

This place stole 300.00 from my daughter a college student! She paid up front and when the lesson did not work out the husband promised to return the money paid and they never did. Be careful it’s a scam !!! Now my daughter is afraid to drive because of this experience!

Review №27

When I signed my daughter up with these people, they assured me she would be able to complete her in class & in cars with a few weeks. She completed her in class sessions within about 10 days, but now is being totally put off regarding scheduling her in cars. Looks like its going to be A FEW MONTHS before that happens. Herma was more than happy to tout the fact that the state gives the school SIX MONTHS to string people along! Theyll tell you whatever you want to hear to get your registration fees, then the story changes. WISH NEGATIVE STARTS WERE AN OPTION!!!

Review №28

This School is operated by the nicest and professional people you would ever want to meet. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DRIVING SCHOOL!!Thank you

Review №29

My daughter loved the teaching staff, she came home with great stories that kept it fun but educational for the kids. Its hard to get this generation to actually listen but they did. I have been telling her basically the same messages she heard there, but for some she seems ti be the teacher in the car!😊 I was hesitant when I saw some of the reviews above. I am glad we chose Grovecitys McGuire Acadamy. Maybe there is a different location that is struggling or they also listen to reviews and have made great improvements! Either way...5 stars!!!!

Review №30

I had the worst experience when I used them for my sons driving. The women who was supposed to take my son out for his first in cars called me during the day and asked me if she could come get him sooner. I explained to her that he was in school and the earliest would probably be around 3:30 she got very upset and said I need to get him sooner I have something to do. I told her Im sorry but hes as school. She then hangs up and I did not hear anything else from her. My son gets picked up then by some man. He tells me that this man told him this is not what he usually does but he was very nice. Needless to say the next visit they were to pick him up from school as he stood out there they did not show up so he walked home. I get a phone call that we were being charged a fee because supposedly they were there to pick him up and he did not come out. I told them that this was ridiculous and Im not paying this fee. I then begin to tell her what had happened previously and they tell me she had to take her child to the hospital. I let them know this was Im sure not the case because she had call me trying to pick him up sooner and I never got a phone call things were going to change. After I calm down and pay this ridiculous ns fee. This not only happens again and I have my husband take my son over to the office to have them take him they cut the driving short. They tell me that that he has to make his first one up because the guy who took him did not know where he was to take him. Needless to say I was VERY disappointed in this driving academy. I will not take my other son here unless they do some serious changing.

Review №31

I am beyond disappointed with this school. I had a foster child and was unaware she was going to be moving so I paid a deposit for her to start in classes with this school. She was moved before this could happen. I paid a $180.00 deposit and the owner has told me 10 or more times she needs to look into this and call me back. Two weeks later and I am still waiting on a refund. This child DID not and WILL not be attending classes. I have called over 10 times for the owner to say I need to check this matter and call you back, again two weeks later and no refund :(

Review №32

Made a bad decision and chose McGuire over Schwartz based on the proximity to my house. I really wish I could tell you that my daughter had a good experience here but I cant. Honestly, it was awful. To start with, the owner, Herma, called both my cell phone and my daughters EVERY SINGLE DAY to remind us about class that evening. Even after I told her that we were aware of the schedule and it was unnecessary to call, she still called and I eventually just had to block the number. Scheduling in cars was a huge hassle and it took months to finish them. The whole process was very unorganized and honestly, very unprofessional. One of the driving instructors was on their cell phone for 1/2 of a session and my daughter finished feeling like she didnt really learn anything. We got the certificate but I dont feel like we got our moneys worth. In retrospect I shouldve stuck with Schwartz.

Review №33

My daughter took some classes with dora and some with herma and told me how cruel and rude herma was. She was very disrespectful to my child. I highly recommend trying to get classes with Dora because she is much nicer and a better teacher.

Review №34

Great place to have kids take drivers ed.

Review №35

Karen I agree. If you want it to take 6 months to get your drivers training I would look somewhere else. They are very misleading and will tell you anything to get your money. I would not recommend this place

Review №36

The male driving instructor is rude they have lady instructor is very nice

Review №37

I asked for a refund Herma McGuire avoided me gave me the run around called three times and she has not responded and left for the day I will be taking legal action there was no contact or anything stating I could not have a refund I would finding another driver school because this one plays to many games and I have the receipt Of transactions I tried to let her make it right she has not she would rather avoid me

Review №38

Best driving school ever!

Review №39

Just went in to do scheduleing and they closed 20 minutes early, very unprofessional.

Review №40

Awful and untrusting driving instructors.Would NOT trust them with my children.

Review №41

They are clueless about roadlaws

Review №42

The teachers here tell the kids anyone who rides a cota bus is disgusting and homeless and if you ride it you are too

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