BJU Dining Common
University Cir, Greenville, SC 29614, United States
BJU Dining Common

Review №1

The food was very very good we had wonderful fellowship with those round the table. Thank the Lord the dining common. We dont know where wed be without it.

Review №2

Food is good. Great variety and lots of drink options. Plenty of space.

Review №3

Good food along with plenty to drink. Best thing they serve here are the cookies! For a hungry college student, there aint nothing better.

Review №4

Excellent! Very nice look to it, u get in get seated and eat, in and out, lots of doors on the front so few worries about crowding, overall a very good experience

Review №5

(This review is written with slight tongue-in-cheek)I havent spent an enormous amount of time in the DC but the pizza is good and the ice cream varieties are interesting and apparently some people think that youre supposed to go in the out and out the in at the dish return...The only problem with the food is that it is good enough to cause me to overeat and I believe that is a personal problem on my part.It has been rumored that the tiles outside of the Dining Common are the most reflective material in the known Universe... so be careful on sunny days.

Review №6

Great Food.

Review №7

If you like eating food with no flavor and feeling sick after you eat a meal the dining common is the place for you. If you like maggots and worms in your broccoli, you should try out the DC sometime. My personal favorite was when I went to make a waffle for breakfast and as I am dispensing the waffle mixture, 4 black bugs come crawling out of the machine. Yummy right? Another favorite of the students at BJU is the occasional cockroach in your milk and the random hairs in your salad. If you like your beef still mooing or your chicken still clucking, try out some of the meats at the dining common. The raw chicken is just fantastic high recommend it.

Review №8

The food is good. Its just very hard to eat healthy there.

Review №9

Its just not good

Review №10

I got chicken feathers in my food once

Review №11

Great good

Review №12

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3.1 Rating
  • Address:University Cir, Greenville, SC 29614, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 864-242-5100
  • School lunch center
  • Cafeteria
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–7PM
  • Thursday:7AM–7PM
  • Friday:7AM–7PM
  • Saturday:8:30–9:30AM
  • Sunday:7:30–9:30AM
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