Dollar Tree
152 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021, United States
Dollar Tree

Review №1

I spent almost $ 100 dollars on this dollar tree, but when I went to ask the manager on duty if I could use the bathroom later, the manager said NO! It is for employees only. Even when I explained that I had medical conditions.Unfortunately I am not going back to the dollar tree or any other. The employees are very rude and they also make fun of me.

Review №2

Best DT in NYC Ive found so far. 2 whole aisle for crafts/fall. But the shelves were a mess so I had to hunt and search in the shelves. Staff friendly.

Review №3

This place has many ups and downs for one the place is always a bit messy and lacking something (Usually something I need) but it also is a life saver when you need a quick and dirty alternative to a lot of stuff (one of the best buys is eggs) also bruh why are there so many fancy cars in this dollar tree parking lot

Review №4

They have good items but unfortunately there was a rude cashier young lady with very a very nasty attitude. I went there at around 3pm on 07/12/21. I dont think i will be coming back.

Review №5

Great spot to have in town. Decent selection of items. $1 balloons are the best. Not good service though. Paid parking not ideal but plenty of spots in the back lot which is nice.

Review №6

Great location, big wide shop, fully stocked and organized with all the Dollar Tree variations. The stuff were also very friendly and useful.There is a big parking lot at the back which is also a great thing.

Review №7

Since the covid19 start, me and my kids are basically trap at home. Dollar Tree is a life saver for me. I could just use very low budget to get lots of materials to come out with fun activities for my kids to keep them busy. You would be surprise to find lots of awesome stuffs here with just $1!

Review №8

They Need more cashiers. It takes forever to get out. I gave 5 stars because the young male cashier was outstanding.

Review №9

The cashier was rude a tall skinny white boy. I was in the store around 5:30 on Sunday January 24th. He asked the customers on line a head of me if they wanted a bag. When he got to me he didnt ask me if I needed a bag. I pressed the button on the key pad for my receipt and he just threw it in my aluminum pan that I purchased. I said thank you and he didnt say a word. As I was leaving I heard him asking the customer behind if they wanted a bag. He was very rude. Not sure if I will come back there again he made feel like an outcast.

Review №10

Went in to grab like 15 of the same thing and was having some trouble holding everything meanwhile the kid in front of me ran off to do whatever and normally I would be stressed but Stephen was extremely nice grabbed my attention assured me that it wouldnt take long and kept me in some good conversation as we waited. Very professional and friendly. Thanks!

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Review №12

The service was great also the sales person was very good

Review №13

Nice dolla tree. Unlike the ones inda hood.

Review №14

Great selection. No carts were available!!

Review №15

This is the worst store, the person with the ponytail should retire to Granada and talk on the phone in Grenada, he probably can’t find a better low because he has no class

Review №16

1st time in this location.Large selection.1 complaint, over loaded candy isle but, poor and too small choice of cookies,crackers.Had to leave,too crowded think 1/2 grammer school all in this $1.00 store.and impossible social distance. DISCOVERED NO OTHER COMPETITION FOR MANY MILES. GREAT OPORTUNITY.

Review №17

The cashier, Ms. Jocelyn is super nice, providing excellent service. She wentextra mile in her service today to help me get a balloon off the high ceiling for my daughter. Thanks!

Review №18

Love going to this one in Great Neck. The store has better quality of things than some other ones

Review №19

Very nice people who work here.Excellent selection of products.True dollar store where everything is actually $1.

Review №20

The staff and management are terrible. They’re clearly not trained, and just nasty overall. Though, there is one particular young man who always works there. He is absolutely amazing.

Review №21

Will be back to shop next week.

Review №22

Disappointed with the quality of this store. I know it’s a dollar tree, but can they at least maintain a little quality? Such as cleaning everything up.

Review №23

Clean organized store.

Review №24

Dollar Tree rocks. This store is neat and the staff here are helpful. Some things are a super good deal, like toothpaste but watch out for smaller portions and electronics. Other than that 5 five stars.

Review №25

Very unprofessional staff short looking female gave me an attitude when I asked her for help a guy with ponytail on the phone while taking care of the customer at the cash register I had to get my own receipt because he was so busy on his phone

Review №26

This store has everything you need for $1. This store was open and helpful throughout the Covid shut down.

Review №27

Very poor customer service! The guy at the register with the pony tail was on his phone the whole time. I thought only in the hood they act like that. He fits in the hood he is in the wrong part of town

Review №28

Very great store

Review №29

I was originally glad a dollar store opened in my area. I have class issues and had a rough time adjusting to the thought of shipping at a discount store, but there stuff is pretty good. I never had shelf issues, and the staff is super cool. Thumbs up.

Review №30

Best Dollat tree clean and organizrd

Review №31

The female manager on staff during a few visits is very impolite and dont know how to speak to customers she should go and learn about customer service, after all the store needs customers.

Review №32

Return policy is horrific. If you have a receipt and return many items, you “must”buy the equal number of items “in that moment.” Only a store credit is allowed. Even then, they will not let a couple of days pass to figure out what kind of item you want as a store credit like every other store in the U.S. Buyers beware. Is that even legal? Further, the staff and managers only care about stocking items, not your concerns, if you have one.

Review №33

This is an actual, literal, dollar store where every item is sold for a dollar. Merchandise changes frequently. Parking in the back is ample (metered parking lot). They sell (& fill) helium balloons, as well as cards, party supplies, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, school/office supplies, bread, eggs, crackers, snacks, kitchen utensils and more.

Review №34

I have visited this Dollar Tree multiple times hoping that my experience would improve. The inventory in the store is nice but the way in which the management treats the employees and the checkout efficiency is poor. I highly recommend the Dollar Tree in Floral Park.

Review №35

Trashed empty shelves, boxes ripped and unpacked with useless merchandise spilling out. Products you need are usually out of stock or limited in options or quantity. Have to pay to park to shop. Cant take the cart to the car to unload, not good for disabled, elderly or people with children that depend on the purpose of a cart. Tried several times to give this place a chance since it opened. Waste. They should be ashamed of themselves for wasting good retail space and the communitys time. Could be so great. Just another sad example of why nothing sticks in Great Neck. No one cares.

Review №36

One of the staff members were raising their voice and pressuring a special needs child and insulting them because they couldnt count fast enough for her. On top of that you can tell the staff is over worked and underpaid. Theres usually only one register open, a few times I went there wasnt a register open at all. However, what bothers me the most is the staff member who basically bullied the little special needs boy. He had to only be 10! Every encounter I have with the female staff is overly sarcastic and rude.

Review №37

This is the worst Dollar Tree location I’ve ever seen. Enployees are rude, the shelves are half empty, the checkout lines take forever. You will have better luck going to pretty much any other Dollar Tree store in America, this location leaves a bad impression on an otherwise great chain of stores.

Review №38

Bad customer support, low on stock

Review №39

Very clean and organized comparing with others.

Review №40

Best Dollar tree in great neck. There is another mentionable dollar store across the street from best market supermarket in great neck but that dollar store is $1 and up.

Review №41

They are so rude there. They lost my money and the guy started screaming at me!! I didn’t expect from this place. The customer service was not good at all. It’s so rude the way the talk. IM NEVER STEPPING FOOT IN THERE AGAIN!

Review №42

It certainly brings some interesting selection of goods to great neck. But the shelf management and consistency of the goods need some improvement.

Review №43

Love the parking lot very convenient in a nice location. Nice man on register #1 Sunday afternoon was telling people to be safe in the rain nice shopping experience.

Review №44

The store was nice and organized

Review №45

Very limited number of product. But some spectacular buys.Like:Scotties tissue (160 count)Mr plumber drain cleanerBleachAmoinaGarbage bags, linersKitchen utenclesEverything is ONE DOLLAR.

Review №46

They had a decent selection. Employees are very nice

Review №47

Bigger than other Dollar trees.

Review №48

Love this place. Always walk out with things I dont need. Lol

Review №49

They are always understaffed and on top of that they constantly leave their phone off the hook so that no one can call in. So rude, and so not helpful. Not appreciated whatsover.

Review №50

The store policy that is listed here they did not honor it. I wanted to return unopened packages of mints that I had bought for a church event that I did not need and they told me I couldnt. I had the receipt also.

Review №51

Shelves always empty. Looks like black Friday every time I go there. Dont waste your time.

Review №52

Relatively neat and organized.

Review №53

Shelves are always empty. It was great when it first opened, but now its a waste of time. Dont waste your gas to get here.

Review №54

This Dollar Tree in Great Neck is a MESS! Very disorganized. Always has Hiring signs up, but everytime I go in there, there is only 1 cashier. The lines are ridiculous.

Review №55

Well-organized, extensive collection of only $1 items

Review №56

Shelves need to be restocked/ more organized but its a dollar store, what more can you ask for...

Review №57

Although I love this store. I do not recomend dollar tree in the Great Neck location. The customer service is awful and although the restroom should be available, they have a false out of order sign to avoid extra work for the stuff and is only used for certain people. Hallways are messy and people who work there are rude.

Review №58

Always bargains here

Review №59

New management means.. Store is now clean, organized, shelves full... Big difference from the past...

Review №60

Rude management. Aisles were cluttered and disorganized. Complained about job. Came up and yelled saying he watched me and my friend for 5 minutes saying we were misplacing everything. But I misplaced one thing. Also said if we misplaced one more thing we would be thrown out. After yelling at us he announced over the loudspeaker for the security camera to record for the aisle we just walked in.

Review №61

This store is a wreck! They always have Now Hiring sings up, but they never hire anyone. There is merchandise on palettes that need to be put on the shelves, and barely any merchandise on the shelves. Hopefully my review will change this problem a little. #SORRYNOTSORRYDOLLARTREE

Review №62

Nice place with things only for a dollar!

Review №63

Worst store. Things are out of stock for weeks, manager stands around waiting for late cashier while literally 25 people are on line and can’t even help bag.

Review №64

My favorite local store!

Review №65

This store looks like it is going out of business. The shelf are half empty and everything is thrown all over the place. Very messy not the way I like to shop.

Review №66

Employees are rude. They literally sound like they already get annoyed once they tell you to stop running around.

Review №67

Nice dealing with this type of store

Review №68

Great items at lowest price around.

Review №69

Poor service and dumpy store

Review №70

Clean & always stocked. Meter parking only.

Review №71

Was goof when it opened but the management does not maintain the store well. Not a lot of new inventory. Shelves are often empty not stocked. Unopened boxes all over. Messy.

Review №72

Use to have more choices and help

Review №73

Always stocked

Review №74

Buy stuff for known rate not the from sales people,

Review №75

Very big selection of items for only a dollar

Review №76

Messy shelves! Terrible service!

Review №77

Nice store something for everyone

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Review №79

Basically you get what you pay for

Review №80

Has a wide variety of things for 1$It has phone cases electronics food clothing and even more!

Review №81

Typical 1 dollar selling, you can find Melanie things but not as many as u would want

Review №82

They have so many things here, Ill go in to buy 1 item and end up leaving with 20

Review №83

Its reasonable and nice

Review №84

Staff is great!

Review №85

Extremely messy and most of the shelves are empty.

Review №86

Clean and well stocked

Review №87

Overall you cant beat a dollar but come prepared to be underwhelmed with low and missing stock you leave with the huh feeling.

Review №88

Perfect fun spot

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Review №90

It was chablis

Review №91

The inventory in the store is low. A lot of times pars of the store is empty of merchandise. This Dollar Tree doesnt accept corporate check even though every other Dollar Tree accept checks.

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Review №93

Awesome place

Review №94

Good price

Review №95

Rude workers💩

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Review №97

Great deals !!!

Review №98

The products are good the place is always clean and tidy but the tellers are rude and lousy they are 2, They treat customers badly 2 I dont know her name but she is a white woman she is the worst cashier all the time with a bad temper and he answers wrongly if a client asks something (give the same service that they like to be given to you), it almost always happens in the afternoon shift and the other is a boy, he doesnt even know how to count, sometimes he charges extra 2 times the same product. The next time I go back to the store I will put your name here.

Review №99

It is good! In fact, if there is nothing needed, this is superfluous!

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  • Phone:+1 516-209-5174
  • School supply store
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  • In-store pickup:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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