Hit Force Athletics competitive cheer and tumbling
4501 Stauffer Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508, United States
Hit Force Athletics competitive cheer and tumbling

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A year ago I would have given this gym a four or five star review but this season they have gone downhill substantially. I dont know if they grew too big too fast or exactly what caused this but communication has been Dreadful details are always last-minute and consistently incorrect and safety has been a major concern by multiple parents met with standoffish coaches and comments like dont tell us how to run our gym. At the time this review was written there are three concussions broken collarbones strained shoulders broken ribs and multiple other minor injuries in this gym. When questioned about the injuries we were told its a dangerous sport kids get hurt dont tell us how to run our gym and then our daughter was pulled aside and told if your parents dont stop pushing we are going to have to remove you from our gym. Multiple families have pulled their children from the program including us. While they were very good once upon a time I would highly advise caution starting up with them currently.

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This is my first season cheering at Hit Force and it’s has been an amazing experience. I’m so glad that I joined Hit force because I’ve fixed bad habits, made new friends, worked hard, and become a stronger athlete.

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My daughter joined Hit Force last season. She needed a change and to be challenged. Wow — did she get that. She absolutely loves All Star Cheer and her new cheer family. Maddie brings first hand knowledge on cheering and gymnastics while Ryan is an amazing coach. I absolutely trust them with my child. If you aren’t ready for the commitment of a travel team there are partial year teams and other options available. I highly recommend checking it out.

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I cheered with Hit Force during the first season. My tumbling, stunting, and overall performance skills improved dramatically! I am still connected to Hit Force friends and family. They definitely push athletes to be the best they can be.

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My daughter cheered with the facility season 2. The coaching staff helped her grow as a person mentally and physically! They were always very professional and organized. This gym is definitely going to be famous!

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Amazing gym! Amazing coaches! Our daughter LOVES Hit Force and so do we!! Highly recommend if you are looking for a competitive cheer experience!!!

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Owner Maddie is great!!! The whole facility is clean, organized, well thought out, and their instructors are very knowledgeable!!! 10/10 would definitely recommend!!!

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We love our cheer gym and coaches!!

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The coaches offer one on one time with every athlete. They system is fare and everyone has an equal Chance of getting a spot on a team also depending on the skills.

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My daughter is 6 and was really looking forward to join cheer for the first time. At first things were okay. The cheer owners were always kind of unorganized and all over the place, but we made it work. One thing that always bothered me was, they never made a point to speak to the parents. They never came out the gym and they never updated parents (or atleast me) on the progress of my child. We made it to cheer practice every weekend and eventually they started to have competitions. As a whole, their performance is mediocre. The kids know the stunts and routine, but my opinion is that they really need some refining and fine tuning. Anywho, we finished out the first season and I wanted to look for other cheer companies to join, but my daughter had built a bond w/ teammates and her coach, so I let her stay at HitForce for a second season. As the mother, I should have listened to my first mind. Once again, the second season started off ok. The company increased pricing not only for services but their cheer outfits were outrageously priced. We paid $110 for shoes, $55 for a warm up and their cheer comp uniform was $215. Expensive, right? Instead of sitting back and going with the confusing flow of things, I began to approach my daughter’s coach more and more. Everything was ok until I started to voice my opinions on how myself and a lot of the moms had some concerns. This was the start of the end. Not only was the coach defensive, she very evasive and in my opinion very snarky. I walked away feeling somewhat annoyed and dismissed, but happy that I had atleast let her know how all of us parents had been feeling for awhile now. The next week the cheerleaders had a showcase. I work on weekends and this showcase fell on a Saturday, so my husband had to step in. Poor guy lol. Nevertheless my husband could not find the right cheer bow, so he approached a cheer leader who in return approached my daughter’s cheer coach. I get it, these cheer events are stressful, but her response is why I decided that HitForce was not for us. The coach said to a teenage cheer leader that she was sick of us. Sick of us acting like she doesn’t do anything for us. In my mind, I’m thinking you’re paid for your services, what is it that you do for us beyond that? I won’t go on to the words we had through text, they were respectful, but our opinions were respectfully different. I feel like I was brave enough to step up and speak out on how a lot of the moms and I had discussed feeling and it wasn’t taken constructively. HitForce wasn’t the place for us! And I never got my money back for $110 shoes that I paid for and never received. Beware.

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Great place for competitive cheer.

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