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Rolands Driving School

Review №1

I enjoyed Roland’s driving school! I forgot that I had my driving test this week and he was able to book me 2 classes right before my test and you guys I passed! I would definitely recommend his school his team was very patient and reliable!

Review №2

I had an amazing experience with Rolands Driving School. Roland himself was my instructor. He is the best driving instructor I have come across. He never once lost his cool and gave me instructions very patiently. I didnt even have to worry about scheduling my driving test, they did it for me! I passed on the first try:) I highly recommend them.

Review №3

Rolands Driving School has helped me very much in learning how to drive responsibly and safely. I was taught by Roland himself and he is always on time and easy to comprehend with. With the help of my instructor, I was able to pass my behind the wheel driving test on my first try. He made sure that I had all the driving skills required to pass before he actually took me to my test. I would recommend this school to anyone trying to learn how to operate a motor vehicle and eventually obtain their drivers license.

Review №4

Roland is a great instructor. While considering safety as the main concern, he helped me gain confidence in driving from class #1. Having pretty much no previous experience driving, I took a few classes with him, and passed the behind-the-wheel test on my first try. Hes very patient... plus, hes fun to talk to! I called him because a good friend recommended him, and now I recommend his services to everyone.Thank you, Roland.

Review №5

The driving experience I had was immeasurably valuable. Far from being mediocre, Roland was able to teach me everything I needed to know for the behind-the-wheel driving test and taught me in a way that stuck with me. As well as being an excellent instructor, he also was very encouraging throughout the learning process and was able to calmly take control of the situation, which made me feel more comfortable about my driving abilities. His sense of humor also makes time fly instead of having it lengthened. Definitely an experience worth every penny.

Review №6

I contacted Rowland not knowing what to expect, and from the very first lesson, he made me feel very comfortable with driving. I did the 5 hours lesson plus the driving test for 270 and got my license on the first try! He has a good sense of humor and is a great instructor. I liked how he gave me very helpful tips on how to become a better driver. It was a great experience learning from him!

Review №7

It was a great experience having Roland teach me to drive for life and not just to pass the road test. He gave me practical and simple advice that took me from struggling to confident, in a matter of hours. Needless to say, I passed the test but I learned valuable lessons that I will never forget!It also helps that he is funny and he instantly makes you feel comfortable. Very nice instructor with great rates. I will recommend him to anyone!

Review №8

If there were a way to give this driving school more then a 3 out of 3 I would. Consider this school an easy 10 our of 3. Roland is polite, easy to understand, works easily with behind the wheel nervousness, and doesnt stop with the wonderful service. He made sure I passed the driving test with all the needed skills, gave me some pointers on buying my first car, and even called back a week later to check up.Top notch service, and a top notch school

Review №9

I had an amazing experience learning how to drive with Roland and his knowledgable staff. By far the most amazing learning experience I have had. With the help of my driving instructor Lina, I got my license from the first shot. I recommend Rolands Driving School. They are #1!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Review №10

It was a great experience to have Roland teach me how to drive. Not only did he help me pass the test, he also made sure that I actually knew what I was doing. He has a great sense of humor and creates a fun and comfortable learning environment. My mom took lessons from him as well and I recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor! :)

Review №11

Roland is the man! Hes patient, calm, funny and very dedicated to helping you become the best driver you can be. While youre driving he will point out everything you need to know and make sure you realize your mistakes and help you fix them. I passed my driving test on the first try! It was an excellent experience!

Review №12

Ive called around several driving schools to get the price on complete package, the one that you pay flat fee till you pass your DMV driving exam. Ive called more then five driving schools and the only one with the complete package for adults was Rolands driving school. Roland is a very good and educated guy. He thought me a lot about driving safety, rules on the road. I love his funny attitude he has. Try him out you wont regret.

Review №13

This driving school is definitely the best! I have no any driving experience prior to taking their lessons and I cant believe they were able to help me get a license with the time frame I had. I learned how to drive and got my license in just 8 lessons. (2 hours/day, everyday) and oh my god, LINA is AMAZING! She was my driving instructor for most of my lessons and she is genuine, very helpful and so funny! Shes also very encouraging and down to earth! She made sure I was ready before my test the next day. Roland, the owner of the driving school, was the one who took me to my driving test and made sure I knew everything before taking it. He made sure I was relaxed and focused -- which made me pass my driving test! And may I add, it was my very first driving test! What you pay for this school is definitely worth it (:

Review №14

Roland is an amazing driving instructor. He knows exactly what to do to make you pass the test the first go. He can show you the ins and the outs about driving and make you feel extremely comfortable with the car in six hours! I highly recommend Roland to anyone who wants to pass the driving test with ease and on the first go.

Review №15

Roland is such an amazing instructor and hes very patient and funny. I enjoyed every class and because of how amazing he is as an instructor, I passed my behind the wheel test the first time without any errors! Thank you so much Roland!! :)

Review №16

Roland is a great instructor. he provides excellent service and takes the time to actually help you out. the way he teaches is excellent. He prepares you to be able to pass the driving test with one try. Anyone looking for a driving instructor Roland is the one to contact.

Review №17

Going into it I was confident from having some practice driving with a friend, but Roland quickly demonstrated that he knew more about the DMV Examination and about the subtleties of the road better than anyone.Hes very patient, very clear, and teaches you through example and analogy in a way that every instructor should. I had a great time. Excellent sums it up.

Review №18

Roland is the best. Hes an extremely knowledgeable instructor and funny too. With just 3 lessons, he helped me pass the driving test on the first time. Highly recommend him.

Review №19

Im not a review person, but if its about driving lessons I cant sit back... Roland had lessons with all of my family members. And all of them including me were happy to have him teach us. I highly recommend him to anyone I know.

Review №20

I passed my behind the wheel exam yesterday. I have Roland as my instructor he was very nice and gentle, excellent teacher, he made me drive comfortably, the car is so smooth, I have a very nice experienced He build up my confidence because Im so scared at first he even told me with my performance with him as my instructor I can pass the test like a toy, that made me strong and calm to go through my test. And hes right I made it...I highly recommend Roland Driving School if you want the best experience....

Review №21

Roland is an absolutely amazing driving teacher. He really cares about what you need to improve on and will make sure you have everything down before your drivers test. Ive had other driving teachers before and none of them were as caring and professional as Roland. Couldnt have passed without him; I recommend this school 100%!

Review №22

I recently paid for my daughter to get driving lessons with Roland. He was very polite with the whole process and the price was good. My daughter can be a bit nervous and can get pretty scared when it comes to driving. Id recommend him to any others in need of driving lessons. Thanks.

Review №23

Drive safely and responsibly would be the mantra of Rolands Driving School, but the most valuable lesson I learned was road courtesy! Quite frankly, civility is often overlooked, ignored and neglected. The good-natured, fit to be seen, brotherly and gentle Nick Tsaturyan was my driving instructor. He was more than ideal. Competent, skillful, conversant, all bases covered, ear to the ground kind of a driving coach. He is firm but never cocky, direct but respectful, reserved but not indifferent. His driving strategies and insights are definitive safety tools. I passed the behind the wheel test with the proper guidance of my mentor.Well done Nick!!!

Review №24

Roland is one funny dude and great instructor. The lessons were informative, he corrected my mistakes when ever they were made, never got mad. The prices are great too, i highly recommend Rolands Driving School to anybody in need of driving lessons.

Review №25

Roland himself was my instructor and I found him to be somewhat unpleasant and stressful to learn from. Though experienced, Rolands thick accent made instructions difficult to understand, and on top of that speaks quickly and in METAPHORS instead of simply giving instruction in a straightforward, digestible manner. Despite his soft or calm voice he was rather pushy and unaccommodating. I hope in the future he can cut down the unnecessarily complicated figures of speech, slow down, and consider how it is unhelpful to tell a student that it is suicidal to make a small mistake.As a side note, Roland was slow to respond to my initial queries for driving lessons and arrived late to our lesson, causing the 2 hour session to be shortened to 1. I understand that the DMV can be a slow and unpredictable beast, but even so it is unprofessional.

Review №26

Lina was the best! Very calm and very knowledgable. I passed my exam from the first try. I recommend Rolands Driving School to everyone.

Review №27

I am not a review person at all,but after having lessons with ROLAND I could not help it.I never seen that patient, intelligent and social personality like him what so ever.IF you are a new student i really recommend you to have at list two hours with him. Thank you Roland,you have been the greatest teacher i have ever had.Thank you again.

Review №28

Roland driving school is awesome. If you have instructor like Roland you will never fail your test. I was scared that i will fail again and that was my 3rd time but roland believes in me. In just 2 classes i passed the test. He is sweet and friendly and same time teaches you what is necessary. Dont go to any school just go to roland driving school.😍

Review №29

Roland really helps you learn how to drive for yourself and for the license test. Passed my license test with no difficulties at all.

Review №30

Roland driving school realy helped me on my driving skills..roland its self was my first instruct,the staff are cool and friendly..karen was my instructor who took me to dmv for behind d wheel text and i pass it.. she build my confident on how to b a great driver.....i ll defently recommend this...

Review №31

Roland is the best driving instructor ever. He helps you with the things that you feel uncomfortable with while you drive. 5/5

Review №32

Awasome driving instructor like karen....i loved it. Thanks Roland and karen. From Rajni

Review №33

First off, I have not written a single review in my entire life till now, It is because I certainly believe that I feel the need to do it on this one. I am not the type of person who can just trust someone in a wink so when I went for Rolands it was no difference at first. But tell you what as I sat next to him on a driver seat on my first lesson with my skepticism running through my blood, slowly I notice that this guy (Roland) was something. He easily built the connection between me ani driving in a very smooth way. His calm approach of pointing out the dos and donts made me feel as if Im driving all my life. I got so comfortable holding the wheel and felt confident. Trust me, I know what Im talking about. I have tried 3 other driving schools out there and He is by far the best of best you can get, and the car itself was brand new. Yes, I know his pricing is a lil bit on a higher side but with the quality of lesson youll get its actually a bang for your buck.Roland has the passion on what he does which makes him so good at it. I felt cared of by my instructor for the first time. He had established rapport that made me trust him that I can pass and be a good driver.He will only teach you the precise action you have to take on the road no more no less. He makes sure that he instilled it in your thought by making repetition on a maneuver you did wrong. He would throw in some jokes here and there when he feels me getting tense . And last, alongside with all the positive what I like the most is the fact that he encouraged me to go on by letting me know I am doing good when I do so. So If ever you read this Roland, Thank you !! I hope you continue to help others by imparting what you know best. Just please be more on

Review №34

Thanks to you, I passed at once. It was very helpful.I could pass the test just onetime ~ !! It was really helpul. Thanks so much

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