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NControl Driving School

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If you get the right teachers it can be a very good experience but unfortunately we got some instructors that think that berating the driver is the best way to teach. I am very disappointed with this company. We had different instructors for every lesson. Instead of coaching the student the instructor made comments like looks like someone hasnt been practicing! or you obviously havent been taught how to parallel park!. He passed her anyway so it makes me wonder if they have the integrity they say they do.

Review №2

I was referred to N Control by a friend and I am so glad for it! Choosing to get the service and support from the programs available have become invaluable to the training my daughter needed and quite simply we needed to give her a well rounded course of driving instruction. The initial setup, ongoing communication, instruction from all the instructors, and the materials provided were enormously helpful to her and us. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience we’ve had working with N Control. I also want to give a huge thank you to Angie and Sharon. Top to bottom...wonderful people and wonderful program. I strongly and highly recommend N Control.

Review №3

When our daughter started this course, she was tentative at best. We were a little concerned with how little confidence she had behind the wheel with her mother and I teaching her. After the first lesson, she had gained a little confidence, so we decided to see the lessons through. She made progress, however the day my daughter became a confident driver is easy to pinpoint: the skid car made all the difference. That day was focused on the what if driving situations. She practiced - in a full sized truck I may add - how to avoid losing control of a vehicle in an emergency. Before, I would say confidence level 4. After, she was completely comfortable that she could maintain control in an emergency. Level ten. Thanks NControl. Great job. Worth the extra money? Absolutely. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to not just learn driving, but to learn how to control a vehicle in an emergency. Oh, and for disclaimer: I dont work for, or gain any monetary value from this or any review. Just an honest customer review.

Review №4

HIGHLY recommend! They were recommended to me by another friend and student of theirs who also spoke highly of them. Their service was FANTASTIC and their instructions were knowledgeable, patient beyond belief and great instructors. They were always on time and did exactly what they said.At first I wasnt going to do the additional hours and skid school, but Im glad that I changed my mind. The confidence that the skid school gave my daughter was priceless. Learning to truly see how they can control their car and all the things that in can do is worth the extra time and money.

Review №5

The scheduling staff is awesome! Very customer focused. Ben and Bud were great to work with.Enjoyed working with everyone.

Review №6

Love, love, love NControl. My son had his lesson with Steve seven years ago and he is a defensive driver so far, no accident. Thank God! I recommended NControl to a friend of mine for her 16 years old son. Rob (name has been changed to protect the innocent) has never been behind the wheels, he was very apprehensive at first. Poor Steve, he saw his life pass before his eyes when Rob took over the wheels. Thank goodness for dual brakes, Steve was NControl the whole time! Fast forward, eight weeks later, Rob passed Training Completing Certificate (TCC.) He is on his way to obtain his driving permit with confident. Thank you, Steve and NControl team for your excellent service and care to all the new drivers. Highly recommend NControl, its worth the money and peace of mind.

Review №7

Really good teaching methods and curriculum. Their Car Control course is what sealed the deal for using them. That session provided invaluable instruction and practical driving experience for my 15 yo daughter. Definitely recommend this course for any new driver.

Review №8

This company is a scam. Save your money and find a better option! I posted an honest review on Yelp and within hours there was a 5 star review which makes me wonder the authenticity of all the 5 star reviews. There is no middle grounds here. According to their website they are a 5 star company. They will sell you a great overpriced program and then will not deliver. Buyer beware and the BBB does not have any reviews posted for this company, however, I suspect by tomorrow that will change and magically 5 star reviews will appear. In the end, my son is the only one who loses here.

Review №9

What I love about this driving school is that they come to your house and pick up your student for most lessons. This is a huge time saver for parents. Also, the email and phone communication are excellent! The instructors were very professional and always called ahead to tell you when they would be arriving. My daughter mostly seemed pleased with the instruction she received, and we immediately noted improvement in her driving. However, she did mention that the parking instruction was confusing to her.

Review №10

Vincent is an amazing instructor! Will definitely continue courses with him. Vincent is very informative about the rules of the road, which makes you feel at ease.

Review №11

I love it whenever I come here to visit. The staff is very friendly and they always make me feel welcome. As a former Police Officer I recommend NControl for any student or new driver....👍

Review №12

My daughter started driving with absolutely NO CONFIDENCE! She came out this driving school driving like a PRO! Cant say enough good things about the instructors. They work with your schedule and is definitely worth the money! I dont worry about her on the road by herself anymore!

Review №13

WORST CAB COMPANY EVER.So, I called them for a cab ride to the airport, and they tell me that they cant take me after 5:00pm, AND they wouldnt pick me up at my place.I was told that I had to get my own ride there! Can you believe it?! Even worse than that, when we got to the car, the taxi driver insisted that I had to drive myself!It was absolutely insane! Not only that, the driver kept telling me what to do the whole time!!! Check your blindspot., Slow down., Dont run the red light., Pull over for that cop. Blah blah blah blah blah...When we finally arrived, the driver had the nerve to charge me 200 Bucks. 200 Freaking Bucks!5 Star rating though, because the driver let me play my mix-tape.

Review №14

N Control was great! They helped my daughter immensely! I highly recommend them and will use them again when my other daughter is old enough to drive.

Review №15

Lets face it, most of us arent good drivers (I AM though). And even less of us are good teachers, especially when it comes to teaching our kids. So having someone else teach your child to drive is a great idea! Give them the basics, then let N Control do the rest (and undo the wrong info you taught them). Make sure you do the skid car. There is no other way to teach your child how to recover from a blowout, ice, or hydroplaning. It may seem expensive up front, but having them not hit cars while parking, or recover from a blowout without wrecking the car or dying will make it worth every penny.

Review №16

Buyer beware! Most of the reviews posted on-line are not accurate. This company is a scam and will not address your concerns. They are overpriced and the amount of time on the road does not allow your child to effectively become a good driver. Please be advised that you will have to work additional time with your child which completely defeats the purpose of hiring a so called qualified school to conduct the training. Save your money and if you are considering this school beware you will not be satisfied. The cost of the program is $895 with minimal driving time. Its a shame that this company is allowed to continue running this business model.

Review №17

N Control Driving School and its staff (Monica, Steve and Warren) are phenomenal! My 16-year-old son just completed 6 hours of driving instruction and the Car Control Clinic; both aptly prepared him for getting his drivers license and gave me the confidence that he can handle himself behind the wheel of a car in a responsible manner.My standards are high, and this business exemplified ultimate professionalism, and the highest quality in a driving school program. N Control also allows a parent to ride along on the initial driving lesson which helped me learn how to teach my son to drive (not as easy as I thought), remain consistent with what his instructors Warren and Steve taught him, and parallel park (which I really appreciate since my parallel parking skills arent the strongest). They also allow parents to observe their Car Control Clinic, which was informative. At the end of each driving session, my son was given detailed written and verbal feedback on his driving skills, which was helpful to him and to me because it showed us his strengths and areas that needed further practice.I would highly recommend this driving school to any parent of a teen or anyone needing driving instruction.Thank you N Control for your quality service!

Review №18

This is by far the best place for teenagers to learn to drive. The people here are the best and always very helpful.

Review №19

Great people! The best place driving school for your teenagers.

Review №20

Best driving school in the Valley. We now feel safer with our daughter behind the wheel.

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