International Leadership of Texas, Garland K-8
3301 N Shiloh Rd, Garland, TX 75044, United States
International Leadership of Texas, Garland K-8

Review №1

This school is decent lowkey soft and idk what bradleys talking but the food is a 0%

Review №2

This school is great.All the teachers are kind and they teach us well.But one thing I dont like is Eagle Academy,but overall is a great school.

Review №3

I whent to this school for 8 years and i can say that it isnt worth the effort after the grade of 4th after that it just goes to hell in a handbasket because the teachers just use cookie cutter slides and dont try

Review №4

We love ILT! Were a founding family... Been there since day 1. Theyre a phenomenal group of teachers & staff. My son told me that kids are posting bad reviews here bc they dont like school in general. Shame on them! You kids dont know how blessed you are to have the opportunity to attend such an amazing school & get an education like this.

Review №5

My daughter is in 2nd grade & so far so good. She loves her teachers and she is so advanced in Spanish and English than I would have ever imagined.

Review №6

Ive been at this school for eight years, and in my opinion, its a bit mediocre. The majority of the teachers Ive had have lessons that solely consist of videos and online assignments, even when we were in person. I think this shows the lack of effort on their parts, and not on the students. Obviously, there are a few exceptions (shoutout to Ms. Sigler and Mr. Del Castillo for actually teaching us). Additionally, the middle schoolers need more space. We have an average of 150 kids per grade, and you are shoving three grades into two hallways, which the students constantly alternate between, causing general chaos and mayhem. Along with the recess-to-lunch situation, this creates a pretty unsafe environment for the kids. However, this school has taught me the basics of Spanish and Chinese, and tried its best to encourage social participation and student extracurriculars (we need more of those too), so kudos to that.

Review №7

Gg ez no re gg ez no re get good easy no rematches your stuck

Review №8

As a student myself,This school is good this is my first year and i already got a bunch of friends.The staff are cool.The lunch is good(100%),also i really like the other students,They are really chill.The teachers are really nice.My favorite is mr.simon he is chill,cool and fun to have as a teacher.

Review №9

I only like it because if I wouldnt of came here I woulnt of meant some good friends! but the school in general, I dont really like it because the teachers kinda ask for too much from students. And they are sometimes very rude, like they will scream at you, or take their anger out with you. Or they call you out infront of everyone. (DISCLAIMER this is just my opinion, from my experience at this school.)

Review №10

Need better supplies and better bigger gym and bigger school because it so crowded with kids from kinder through eight grade

Review №11

Please dont come here. The only reason this school is special is the fact that it teaches three languages. I have been here for five years and I cant speak any except english.

Review №12

Ive been at this school ever since it opened and I like that its improved over the years. Ive made some great friends but theres been personal problems for me at this school. I am not coming back next year. I guess I have a love-hate relationship with it.

Review №13

This school is amazing. As a parent who sometimes volunteers I have to say it is very good. I have met all of my childs teachers and I am very pleased. The way that the teachers are interacting with the students on a day-to-day basis fascinates me. The school allows the children to be taught self discipline, good behavior, as well as academic growth. I appreciate what my child has accomplished while at this school.

Review №14

Cute but not my

Review №15

Best school they have comunication they explain everything we have fun.i Recomend this school alot the food here is great they also serve breakfast!

Review №16

The more i see these reviews the more i realize how i should value an education and common sense

Review №17

I have been going to this school for 6 years and the food is bad the teachers are rude and i get bullied i do not recommend this school

Review №18

This school is really funny, and I could say worse but I want to be chill about it, since I would homeless without this school.

Review №19

My daughter was never left anywhere without me. Her first day of school started off very rough, but with the help of counselors and the principal they got her through the first day. Now everyday she is super happy to go to school. She says her teacher Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Delasantos is her best friends. Hearing this everyday makes me feel great. Also I love the communication through the app Bloomz. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this school.

Review №20

You have to be a perfect kid for them to care, otherwise they could care less. Truly hope this school does better for the sake of our kiddos....

Review №21

My children have been at the school since they opened and I have always known that they are getting a great education.

Review №22

This school is just a no dont come.

Review №23

Its okay. I guess?

Review №24

I dont really like this school dont come

Review №25

I would give this school 0 stars if I could. This school is racist against Black Students. My 5 year old came home and told me that the Principal of the school told him that no blacks were allowed. I reported her to the school district and I never heard anything back from them. I went to the school to withdraw my son and was arrested. I didnt speak to anyone but the front desk lady that processed the paperwork. I was hauled off and told to never come to the school again. I didnt get any type of documentation for why I was arrested the police officer that came gave me some bs excuse as to why he was there to arrest me.I want all black parents to be very careful with sending their children to this school to be under their care for 8 hours a day.

Review №26

ILTexas is the worst, I dont understand why the teachers are so rude to the students, like im kinda done. Even though our motto is treat others the way we want to be treated, I think the school needs to rethink that because what Im thinking is treat others the way they treat you. If you aint gonna treat me like a student and put the blame on me I dont see the point into respecting rude adults. Treat others the way they treat you!

Review №27

Our experience as been great. Our 6th year and our kids are doing great in all subjects. They have responded well to this format and have bonded with their teachers and classmates. They are also doing well with the tri lingual approach. Love this era of tech that keeps us plugged in with everything we need to know.

Review №28

Could be better you know.... 😑 and I feel that the staff didn’t give efforts to their students and job . They act so uptight and think that their better just because they work in the front desk...

Review №29

Be very careful when you choose this school . The Middle school counselor is not not adequate for this school . ( Mr Parra ) . Ms Walker needs to teach elementary . At this school you must be a voice for your student otherwise your student will fall through the cracks.Good Luck

Review №30

Over the six years my child has attended here I can confidently say the cons outweigh the pros. Do not take the prior reviews lightly. I used to just deal with concerns because I felt the curriculum was worth it. However, it is not .If your child is interested in music/choir, dance, drama etc. be prepared to pay for any and all extra curriculum. The classes are overcrowded and bullying is very common .But with too many kids per teacher many things go unaddressed. The prior comment about poor communication is sadly accurate. For some reason in the six years this school has been in existence we have gone through three principals and the teachers come and go just as quickly. I once believed, new school will take a few years to set a solid foundation .I was wrong you can never perfect anything if people and things are always changing . On a lighter note the children are not allowed to make a sound during lunch .I get they have a short time to eat and the overcrowding doesnt help that but the school literally has these lunchroom and driveline monitors that scream and yell non stop for either speaking or stepping in the grass. Such a prominent school should know that this poor behavior from an adult can have negative affects on children. Aside from what they claim, the students are not their main focus. It has such potential yet falls short .

Review №31

Been going there for a few years and it is really fun...except all of the homework especially now in 5th grade

Review №32

Avoid at all cost .

Review №33

If I could put zero stars I would! We have lived in three states and this school is the worst educational system I have encountered. The staff has a huge ego like they are an elite Harvard, when they really are the Walmart of schools. I agree with another reviewer about it being a prison! Actually, No... I disagree... prisoners have more rights, eat better, and are treated more fairly than these kids are. The teachers have frequent power trips and are constantly punishing for really trivial things. The children arent even allowed to talk during lunch and they lose recess almost every day. They engage in harsh physical punishment in the form of forced exercise (to the point that my kids came home with aches and pains) for simple things like talking in class or not finishing an assignment. My kids have come home crying because the teachers told them they were the worst class they have ever had! They have been called useless and disorganized. Dont send your kids here!! They will be emotionally scarred and stressed out!

Review №34

Worst school ever. My younger brother goes to this school and I have never hated a school so much to want to give them 0 stars. I am a teacher myself and the things that I came home to about my brothers day is horrible. This school seriously needs to reevaluate their form of punishment because to make a child feel horrible about themselves is unacceptable. My brother is a really great student with either advanced or advanced high in all his exams and a straight A student. Has never had a teacher say a single bad thing about him to out of nowhere get harsh punishments is ridiculous...super disappointed in this school, we expected so much more for it...

Review №35

This is a Prison... i call it International Prison Of Texas because of how nasty the school food is and it seems like a prison the teachers are racist they are always sending emails home giving detentions and its the same student every time. and when another student did the same thing the one who got in trouble did they dont get punished they are just ignored. You need to wear your gym clothes because if u dont then u will get in trouble and aka u will be sent to hell F this School

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Review №37

I have never encountered a group of administrative staff more incompetent and stubborn as the imbeciles that run this campus.If your child varies from their perfect child ideology by even a micrometer they are met with willful discrimination and judgement no matter how well they perform.From a lack of communication to down right mentally abusive tactics this school is a seething cess pool of assumed elitism.As an example: after pulling my child from their campus it took over a month and filing a theft report for them to release the violin I was paying for to me.If you have any other options, you owe it to your child to put them somewhere else.With children being bullied by the staff to parents being told to their face that they are idiots its a wonder this school has survived as long as it has.Save yourself the hassle and put your kid into another school.

Review №38

They dont really care if you have asthmaI had a asthma attack and none of the pe teachers care

Review №39

I had the worst experience ever! I have a 6 month old baby, whos diaper needed to be changed. I asked the school director, if there was a changing room and or changin tables in the restroom and he replied with we have private rooms for staff members that are available he escorted me to a single restroom and pointed to a small table in there that had a flower pot on it, basically a small decoration table they had in there. I had to change my baby on a 16x27 consedering the fact my baby is 24 long! It was very uncomfortable for my baby. I had to change him on a hard wooded table. This school is not a non profit organization so Im sure this school can invest in changing tables or private rooms.

Review №40

My daughter has been going to this school since the day it open . 3 years. Shes a honor student and I plan on keeping her at this school. Most places charge for this type of education but my daughter was bless to attend this school for free. The curriculum is incredible . My daughters lesson is half English and half Spanish with Chinese 2hrs a week . The projects and reading the students have to do is great . THey did have some organization problems regarding car-line .Its a problem the first 2 weeks of school every year . They have issues like any other school . I love the environment .

Review №41

Great school, great students, great staff and teachers! Im glad to be a part of this great public charter school

Review №42

This Public Charter School (K-8) performs statistically the same as a Traditional Public School (TPS) in the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) perhaps slightly better than one with the same demographics.PRO: Its main focus is the 3 language immersion program (English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish). If your goal is for your child to be fluent in Spanish and potentially in Chinese, well, this is the way to go.As a Public School (Lottery Enrollment) you will get all kind of students, no different than a TPS, so if you want your kids to have cherry picked friends, then go the Private School route, but they will miss the experience of growing in a diverse environment.CON: The after school programs are not as diverse and some you have to pay compared to a TPS.CON: They probably need to do more to retain experienced Teachers. That said, TPS nearby have the same problem. As some of the best Teachers move to the more affluent ISDs like Allen, McKinney or Frisco.The school is relatively new still, so as the students that started from Kindergarten move up (Currently 4th grade), you should see a more true picture of the school performanceUPDATE: Dec 2020 - I have to say the way this school has dealt with the pandemic and the online learning has been outstanding considering the challenges of the times.

Review №43

Ok first thing. There was a kid who threatened someone with a BB gun. Kids got bullied and some teachers didnt really care. And what a terrible job they did with building! There are 3 gas stations near by with a nursing home across it. It takes 30 minutes to drop off a child! 30 damn minutes wasted while other schools are 1-10 minutes! The cafeteria food tastes horrible. No dessert either! I tried the foods and they taste horrible! The teachers are bad at disciplining kids. They make the whole class suffer because of the infamous ones. Some of the teachers are just picked out of nowhere. One looked like she just wanted the money to retire. The middle schoolers bully the little kids by telling them lies. The playground was built after 2 years.. and the baseball field is small also the track people run on is just a sidewalk on a basin! Rabbits also lived in the basin and the kids killed them! Many are expelled! Took them 4 years to build a separate cafeteria and the gym is 70% of the whole school! They are forcing kids to do long exercise with their arms during recess if some are loud in lunch. They didnt build a room for choir or theater. The teachers fight a lot. Kids hurt kids trying to make it into an accident and get away with it. This first ILT should be taken down! Also the substitutes are mostly stay home moms. One of them offended a child which at home they are having problems! The bilingual teachers are great! But the students arent controlled and the Chinese teachers arent told that the students here in America are idiots.( some anyways) the Chinese teachers just give up and go on their phone. The people who work on the top keep switching. The meetings are unorganized and this school scams. They stole the color run and forced people to buy non expensive things at a much expensive price! The color run invades into the neighborhoods and vandalizes backyards! THIS SCHOOL SHOULD BE REMOVED AND SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH SOME RESTURANT

Review №44

Alright brothers lets talk about this school.This school very wack and the food very wack too point blank period

Review №45

This school can turn your child from yay to nay in a single day. 1/5 dabs would give zero but

Review №46

Worst school ever trust me worst school wouldn’t recommend it not even to my worst enemy

Review №47

Lunch are poison, Racist, TEACHERS are racist, bias, and not fair, have to do arms circles, even get expelled for walking around in LUNCH, and got DETENTION for not wearing their retardedly expensive uniform.

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Review №49

It is the best place ever u can imagine

Review №50

The school principal told my son that no black children were allowed at her school, he was 5. My son outperformed his peers by far and was punished by his teachers and administration.Do not send your children here, despite this school being free. It is filled with stuck-up, racist individuals that should have spent a little more and sent their children to private school.

Review №51

I have Two granddaughters that attend. The first year was difficult but has, improved, however, wish that the ole teachers would stay.

Review №52

This is a baddddddddddddd school

Review №53

Could be better

Review №54

I feel sorry for the kids that go here fancy stuff its so dumb i might go there but if i do im breaking multiple rules

Review №55

No good it is bab

Review №56

Treat kids badly. Very racist

Review №57

Been there for 4 years and love it!

Review №58

I loveee this school

Review №59

I wonder what they do.

Review №60

School is ok but only 3 out of 5 dabs

Review №61

Really unorganized

Review №62

Lol this school sucks shut it down and racist

Review №63

They are bad to my friend who is in chinese

Review №64

Kinda mid

Review №65

Excellent school ILTEXAS

Review №66

The worst school i sent my kids here and they come talk to me in bad language and literally i am their father

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Review №68

I am in iltexas

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Review №70

I mean, uh, this school is wack.

Review №71

Its ok

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Review №73

Excellent school!

Review №74

Im going there

Review №75

Bad school

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Review №77

A very blessed school. I eat it

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