Harmony School of Innovation
2250 Firewheel Pkwy, Garland, TX 75040, United States
Harmony School of Innovation

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The advanced education offerings from AP, dual credit, and dual enrollment are vast and every expanding as the student body grows. STEM endorsed with a variety of specialized pathways tailor a students education and one-to-one technology allows for varied learning experience. If the most egregious complaint from the student body is dress code, that is because our students are safe, mostly respectful, and a step above the average high school populations in the city (they just dont like tucking in their uniform).

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Our experience at Harmony School of Innovation – Garland has been a good experience. The faculty and staff are kind and caring. This is a school that wants to educate children. Did you know that they have a 100% graduate college acceptance? What area schools can say that? Not only do students get accepted to college(s), they are prepared. Harmony School of Innovation does have rules, but they aren’t extraordinary difficult to follow. The rules help instill the teaching environment and provide protection for our students.

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My all kids are student of Harmony. It is very safe environment. STEM is the main focus in there. Dedicated staff.

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It is an excellent school. They care their students. If you are looking for sports activity, sorry it is not the place. It is mostly for science field I guess

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To be very honest i go to the school and i have a hard time alot there are only like 4 good teachers and the rest of them dont even speak or understand english they have thick accents so its hard to understand them and when you ask them what they say this is their response YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTENING!! its not that we dont listen it just we cant understand i have been at this school for so long and it honestly suck and im sorry for the people that are reading this because harmony is not the school for your kids they will get bullied or harassed and it will just tare them down it feels like jail here i really wish you parents and other people would understand but you dont because you only see the outside you arent on the inside they have bad food mostly carboard and they dont serve new stuff just old and nasty once we found a rat in the cafeteria so they ordered pizza that was the best day but now its back to jail food i REALLY wish others could understand the struggle we go through but you DONT so dont rate or say the school is good if you dont go here

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They are very involved with students and their families. They help when they are needed and are very nice.

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Finally a school that actually cares for my child.Our family decided in the middle of the 7th grade school year to allow our son to join HSI. HSI is truly a blessing. When my son is sick no less than 3 teachers call to make sure he is okay. All of the teachers know his name, they know who we are the parents. They care about our son and they care about our family as a whole. My son is making straight As across the board. The staff, teachers, and the administration all know his name. art of HSI.Tracie Gibbs

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Alumni here!One of the best schools in Garland

Review №9

I don not want coach to read my reviews!!!

Review №10

. This school has more rules than the constitution.

Review №11

Please do not read my reviews.

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