Zenith Prep Academy
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Review №1

Zenith Prep Academy has been a great experience so far, and I am optimistic that it will continue to be so in the future as well. Our daughter joined their program in eighth grade, and our counselor has been outstanding in guiding her. He carefully plans the short-term and long- term goals and motivates her to achieve them. As a result, she has been consistently progressing in her academics and extracurricular activities. This has helped her feel more prepared and confident about her high school journey. Additionally, our counselor is always there to answer any questions or concerns our family may have, and as a parent, this has been of tremendous help. Having expert advice and planning is certainly beneficial and valuable to prepare your child for high school/college. My sincere thanks to our counselor and the Zenith team.

Review №2

My child began working with Zenith Prep Academy in freshmen year of high school, and they have been a great help in providing resources for academic interests, internships/summer programs, and especially the college application process. Throughout high school, the Zenith Prep team provided my child with countless resources for pursuing academic-related programs/internships which helped develop their interests and experiences. Particularly throughout the college application process, they have been able to answer our numerous questions, as well as provide consistent feedback on essays, extracurricular activities lists, etc. Overall, the team at Zenith Prep Academy has helped guide my family throughout both high school and especially through the college application process, which we are grateful for

Review №3

My son took a Web Development class from Zenith Academy during the summer of 2021 before he started to 7th grade. We were hesitant with the online course but it worked so well and my son developed a very good foundation. This year he is taking a computer science class at his school. It goes like a breeze for him since he already learned a lot about HTML/CSS/Javascript at web development class with Zenith Academy. The teaching instructor was excellent and Kevin Hong was incredibly helpful. He identified my sons strengths and weaknesses and helped him to work on them. It was excellent teamwork! My son cant wait to start Software Development class with Zenith Academy and improve himself through the field he wants to focus on.

Review №4

My daughter worked with William and his team at Zenith prep academy for 2.5 years. They have been great partners and guides in her high-school journey and college application process. They provided expert guidance in course selection, summer and other extracurricular activities, and the college applications. We had monthly meetings where William and team checked on progress per plan, and presented the steps to get prepared for the summer or next year. They provided very clear instructions, plans with schedule, various options for extracurriculars and summer, to build on their areas of interest and strengths. They also did regular email follow-ups with the student and parent to keep us on track.My daughter decided to attend Case Western Reserve University in the fall. She was also accepted at UCSD, UCSB, UCD, and a few other great schools. Our family is very grateful to William and team for making this possible for our daughter. Even though she was a good student academically, we would certainly not have been able to navigate the college application prep to this level of success without William and team’s expert guidance. Enrolling her in the right extracurriculars gave her not only excellent academic experience in line with her area of interest, but also an edge in the college application process. In addition, they provided wonderful coaching to my daughter on study and work habits that are important for the long run, how to prepare beyond the college application process, how to seek recommendation letters, etc. William was a great coach for my daughter as well as a trusted friend that I could reach out to at any time. William and team’s expert and timely guidance reduced the stress of the college application process significantly for our family, and made our daughter’s college application very successful. Highly recommend them!

Review №5

Scheduling error was made on my side and Kevin was quick to resolve the issue which I really appreciate. I also appreciate your passion to help our kids prepare for the biggest challenge of their lives.

Review №6

My son had the counselor from Zenith since he was 10th grade. It started with a long session in which the counselor asked tons of questions and discussed everything from school work, extra curriculum to personal interests. Then they met once a few weeks to check in and discuss based on the progress in the past weeks and plan for next steps, etc.These conversations were very useful to sort out his busy schedule, and establish the mindsets (for all of us) to always focus on the most important things. It helped him setting up short term goals and also re-emphasizing the long term goals. I observed my son started taking academic work more seriously and improved significantly on his self-discipline and time management. To teenage boys, its hard for parents to convince them of things sometimes. Im glad that the Zenith counselor played a role in influencing my son towards a healthy learning habit which will be beneficial in the long run.In my sons senior year, the Zenith team worked closely with him to provide support throughout the college application process. My son landed in his dream school. Were very happy with the guidance the Zenith team provided and hard work they have done along the road.

Review №7

My son enjoyed both the HTML/CSS/Javascript and the Mini-MBA courses. The instructors are highly competent at their subject matters and the courses are worth the tuition price that you pay for. Be prepared to go through a fast-paced but very worthwhile experience! You can be assured that your child gets the concepts clear and can apply them in practical scenario.

Review №8

My son took the mini-MBA class online. It was an immersive and eye-opening experience for him since he is going into 9th Grade and had not encountered anything like a business plan or business case before. My son identified that he has a business bent of mind and enjoyed the process and analysis. The teacher was patient, clear, and knowledgeable, answering all my sons probing questions and appreciating his effort so that he is motivated. In summary, I think this is a fantastic class where kids are exposed to business case reviews and get the tools needed to perform such reviews in the future, which opens up internship opportunities in the future.

Review №9

My son just took a software development course from Zenith during 2021 summer as he is coming to 9th grade. He told me that he really likes the course; in fact, after the course he becomes more motivated in coding that he is exploring more in other online coding classes. The teacher is very knowledgeable and my son learned a lot from each of the class sessions and looked forward to the next class session during the course. I was hesitated at first with the online/virtual course, but it turns out surprisingly very good and convenient especially during the pandemic. In fact, during the course, we needed to take an unexpected trip to Houston for 3 weeks and having 3 people in a hotel room with remote working and learning were a bit challenge, but we did it with a breeze. Thanks to the flexibility on virtual class and excellent teacher! On top of that, Zenith was also accommodating on early class sessions since my son’s school started earlier than others’ so that my son can finish the course before his school started. Thanks so much to Zenith team!!

Review №10

My son loved the mini MBA program hosted by Zenith. The part he enjoyed the most were the sessions every week involving solving real life business problems. As a parent, I felt Zenith exuberates high degree of professionalism in conducting themselves and presenting their offerings. I plan to continue looking for more programs for my son in future and rate them very high!

Review №11

Both my daughters joined the Zenith Prep Academy during their sophomore year in high school. The team paid great attention to details, they would get to know each of them specifically and gave custom suggestions regarding school, summer interns, extracurricular activities, etc. The counselors were super helpful, generally saved us tremendous time during the college application process. Without them we would be totally lost in the application process. The team provided great resources whether it is summer internship, competitions, class to take during summer, etc. Overall, the team have been essential to where we are now.

Review №12

My daughter signed up for the Zenith college consulting program and the quality of guidance we received from William Chung and the Zenith team was excellent. Any questions we had, any time of the day, they would respond promptly. They played a huge role in helping my daughter get into UC Berkeley ie. shifting her college app strategy from applying computer science to music and positioning her profile/background as a strong musician, but also one that has a great potential in the business/tech field. Thank you Zenith!

Review №13

My son has worked with Zenith for college counseling since 10th grade and he is going to UCB this year. In the past 2.5 years, our counselor William has fostered a great mentoring relationship with my son and gave him many good advice on class selection, EC, summer camp application, community contribution programs and college application. We can not imagine all these without his help since communication with a strong-minded teenager is quite challenging. William has been being a great coach and a trusted friend for both parents and my son. He truly cared about the students wellbeing, understood our needs and offered his timely support and encouragement.Weve heard a lot of stories from friends about factory-like or disappearing college counselors. We feel fortunate to have William and his Zenith team who is professional, dedicated, and highly responsible. We will give the highest recommendation for their college counseling service!

Review №14

I highly recommend Zeniths college counseling! Wish I could give more than 5 stars but that is the max.My son took Zeniths college counseling starting in 10th grade. Zeniths college counseling staff was extremely polite, professional, responsive, and provided spot-on accurate advice to him. They were always available to answer questions whether in the evenings or weekends. And they simplified the terribly complicated admission process.As a result, he was able to navigate the complex admission process, summer applications, and extracurricular activities to focus on. He was able to secure admission to many colleges including UCs. Thank you Zenith!

Review №15

Will and his team were very helpful throughout the couple of years that we were with them. Not having attended undergraduate college in the US, both of us were quite apprehensive and clueless about the overall process. Our son latched on to his academic area of interest half-way through the high school. Will and his team tirelessly worked with our son by showing him avenues to get deeper knowledge in his area of interest and explore the field in various ways. They provided excellent guidance for him to pursue it further. Thanks to their guidance and close partnership with our son, as well as invaluable help throughout the application process, he got acceptances from highly ranked universities such as UC Berkeley, pre-admit to Ross School of Business at Umich, and many more. We are proud to be Cal Parents and are thankful to Will and his team for everything they have done for our son.

Review №16

My 12-year-old son loved the Programming - Web development and Programming - Software development classes by Zenith prep.We took 1:1 class for Web development and instructor taught the concepts very nicely. The exercises after the class were very helpful to strengthen the foundation.We opted for group class in summer for Software development. The class was very interactive and the concepts were explained with good examples. The practice exercises helped my son to think logically and solve the problems on his own and address any gaps in understanding in class reviews.At the end of the programming courses, my son has developed very good foundation and lot of interest in programming.Being software professionals ourselves, me and my husband really liked the way the course content was laid out to cover the concepts in a way kids can understand and learn without getting overwhelmed. We highly recommend the computer programming classes from Zenith prep for 6th graders to high schoolers. The content and interactive sessions, practice exercises differentiate the course from other online courses.

Review №17

My son took two courses at Zenith - Web Development and Software Development. These courses are not just about learning computer language, but more about applying those skills in developing real life applications. At the of the course enterprise quality applications were built. This whole process has helped in improving problem solving skill.Instructors at Zenith are very knowledgeable and true professionals, understand how to pace the program still keep students motivated. Highly recommended!!!

Review №18

For us as parents, this was the actual first college admission experience in the US, and we didnt want to take any risk for our daughters college admission. We really wanted to have a guide that would help us get the best fit for my daughter and make us aware of the college admission process as parents. Although it is ideal to have a counselor right at the beginning of high school, in our case, we got the counselor for our daughter much later, around the end of 10th grade. Despite all these challenges, Zenith steered us in the right direction in achieving our daughters goals. Zenith explained to us the driving force behind any admission process like Defense, Offence, and the diversity in the profile.Most importantly, the strategy of getting a fine balance between the defense and offense was one of the critical success factors. Our daughter was able to get some result-oriented guidance on how to improve SAT/ACT and GPA and, more importantly, what APs could be more effective from a college admission perspective. As a result, our daughter was able to get her dream school (Cal- University of Berkeley). We are pleased to say that our daughter got not only Cal (UC Berkeley) but a lot of other reputed universities, including the University of Washington, UIUC Urbana & Champaign, University of Michigan, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UCSD, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, Northeastern, Stevens, LMU, Penn State and few more. I would highly recommend other parents to consider Zenith for college counseling.

Review №19

My son (age 15) took the Zenith Web Development class and really enjoyed it. He had no software experience but came out with the ability to build a full functioning website (even learning completely online thru Covid). He has always been against any type of tech class but ended up really happy he had taken this one. The instructor was great at teaching the kids the building blocks and then having them use the blocks to create their final design. Would totally recommend this class!

Review №20

Looked into classes for my middle schooler. They have a great sales pitch, but for this Ivey League grad mom, its hollow. The website was non-responsive and they gave excuses. There were typos and spelling errors on the website before I told them and they corrected them. And when I asked for output samples for the programming course to see what their students had completed in the past, at first they said they would send them to me. But then I had to track them down several days later when I hadnt received anything. They stated they couldnt send student work samples and that it violated student privacy. They directed me to the single sample on their website which was shallow in terms of programming. Theyre asking parents to pay upwards of $2K for a course. Dig a little and do a little more research. These folks had several other startups and I believe they are in startup mode. Any reputable business would have good communication and a robust website with customer service and plenty of samples of student work to show for if they had really been in business as long as they have said they had. I did try again to get samples of the programming classes from them. No response. Parents be wary. This is a Facebook startup. They need to just be honest and set their pricing and programming accordingly.

Review №21

My daughter attended the summer course for SAT prep and found it very helpful. The class were taught online and at a good pace. There was sufficient details including how to approach the questions. They also provide regular summary and analysis of student progress.

Review №22

We have been taking college counseling from Zenith Prep for my current ninth grader and so far our experience has been very positive. I know we have couple more years to be admitted in the college of our choice but we are already seeing the benefit so here I am with the review.We started early. end of seventh grade. Since overall charges are same whether you start in eighth grade, freshman or later, it suited us very well that we could start earlier without incurring extra charges.Starting early, gave my child a chance to get acclimated with the idea of college, explore their passion by trying out the activities recommended by Zenith Prep. We took WebDev classes offered by Zenith Prep and it catapulted my childs understanding how front end side of software works. They have many more classes to help a student traverse the software and business pathways.We are immigrant parents and totally clueless about the different options available in high school. With Zenith as our partner, we parents dont have to worry about anything. William from Zenith has been proactively suggesting the high school pathways that my child should be taking to stay ahead of the curve. This is all keeping in mind their passion, so my child is happily walking on the path, with full enthusiasm. Whenever there is a roadblock, Zenith team works with us to ensure we are back on track again. I dont think we parents could have done it ourselves, especially with teen hormones raging when they stop listening to parent suggestions.The monthly meetings, regular emails, texts, slack messages keep student, parent and zenith connected and on top of things. Today, my child is out of their shyness and reaches out to William for any of their questions. High school counselors have best intentions but cant handle catering to so many students. Also, they dont know your child the way Zenith Prep would know.When we started, we were not sure how the journey will go. But we were already struggling not knowing a lot of things which other parents of older kids knew. So, we decided to look for options. And we saw immediate benefits, getting information timely from Zenith, many times without us looking for it. But, as time passed, I am constantly amazed by their knowledge in this area. We have taken many routes and in each route, Zenith has linked us with the right tutors, right programs, internships. They are very knowledgeable and have good networking, which eventually helps our family.They are also very flexible, unlike some other college counseling service providers my family/friends have experience with. Not at all money minded. You can feel they have your childs best interest in mind. It is apparent when your child reaches a milestone or win something, they are happier than the parents :-) and celebrates like it is their own win. They are in this journey with you with their 100%.If you are looking for college counselling and are looking for a provider, try Zenith.- happy parent.

Review №23

We are very happy with Zenith Prep Academy. My kids loved the Zenith programming class. They proactively worked on their homework in advance of the next class, and could not wait for the next class. Unlike prior programming classes they took, which were superficial and overly theoretical, the Zenith class actually taught them how to build something tangible, bolstering their conference and excitement about CS. The TAs are excellent and helpful too. I work in software, and can see how the curriculum has been crafted and iterated upon several times to have maximum learning impact. Thank you Zenith!

Review №24

My son took Web Development and Software Development classes offered by Zenith Prep Academy, and I am sure that it is worth every penny! It was not the first coding class we tried, and my son is naturally interested in this topic but Zenith Academy classes not only lighted his interest several times more but brought him on a completely different level. He was ready to fly on his own. He built his website and started working on his own projects learning more and more AFTER all classes ended. I have never seen him waiting for every next class so badly, and he really was sad when classes stopped. We even suggested to build next class, for example, for Java programming. We would take it without hesitation!

Review №25

My son enjoyed the one-on-one Software Development class. The curriculum was carefully designed to teach him the fundamentals, get him the logic thinking behind the coding, analyze the mistakes he made and provided good coding practice along the course. He also got the personal attention and feedback in the private on-line class. At the end of the class, he was proud of himself that he not only learned a new computer language but also built a website that he had never thought he could.

Review №26

My daughter had always been curious about business and law. Enrolling her in the mini-MBA class was one of the best decisions Ive made. The material was well structured and provided a comprehensive view of the business world. Personally we are super impressed with William Chungs knowledge in college admissions. William has been very helpful and proactive in terms of guiding us in the right direction. Thank you!!!

Review №27

My daughter has been with Zenith since 8th grade and is now a rising sophomore. Zenith has constantly encouraged the best from her and is consistent in providing helpful resources to build up her resumes and skills outside of a classroom. My daughter participated in Zenith’s Web Development online course in April, and although she was hesitant at first, she is now confident in her abilities to code from scratch and looks forward in doing so.Rebecca K.

Review №28

We found Zenith from Facebook ads. I was looking for a good college prep counseling center that takes care of the process end to end. I couldnt find any in the bay area. Most of them were helping with writing essays and the prep for SAT and other tests. But no other place owned the entire process. We found that only Zenith does this. My son is in 7th grade and after a few meetings, Zenith figured out his interests and started working with him on a plan. His interest is in computer science and he(and I+my wife) wants to get into the top 10 colleges for computer science. so he has been recommended to take a web design course this summer. He knew nothing about web-design before this class, one can imagine what a 7th grader would know in web designing. He took 15 classes and after these classes, he can do professional-grade websites now. The class also taught him to organize his code, critical problem-solving skills, etc. He is now ready to participate in hackathons and already registered for his first hackathon. College application is a long journey and starting early is important. We are confident now that we are in good hands with my sons college prep.

Review №29

Zenith Prep Academy is a very professional yet student interest led counseling centre. I was very impressed with their approach which combines best practices with helping a student excel in their area of interest. The counselors are very well informed and are prompt to respond to any questions we have. The whole effort of the team is encouraging the student to work hard and develop successful practices which will lay a foundation for future success.My son took their Web Development Class online and is very happy with his experience. He was very motivated to work hard in the class. The IAs in the class were very good to work with. I especially loved the detailed feedback after the class, which focuses not only on the technical part but also on the work ethics and tips for a building successful work habits. He is now looking forward to the Software Development class.

Review №30

Interacted heavily with Kevin Hong, William Chung, and Samuel Fung over the course of the last 3 months. Amazing caliber of hard-working professionals! The team works tirelessly, into late nights and weekends, accommodating their client parents’ schedules and students’ needs. Very impressed with how the team’s divided and succeeded in their roles, their quick assessment of my child’s strengths and areas of opportunities, laying out different learning options, with a recommended “actionable” target plan. In a mere 2 months, also very happy with my child’s project achievements, having attended Zenith’s Web Development intensive bootcamp. Nonetheless, their excellent teaching instructor, interactive teacher/student sessions, and most of all, “results-oriented” project deliverables (with tremendously-useful feedback) helped reinforce and solidify an effective working approach to my child’s pre-college development needs. Also looking forward to the next Zenith Software bootcamp, to continually build on this momentum and positive trajectory! Thank you Zenith!

Review №31

My children love Zenith. My daughter is a Sophomore now. She joined back when she was in 8th grade. She enjoys the different programs that Zenith offers. As parents, we like that Zenith helps her explore career choices such as business, technology, and medical fields. We like the service so much, that our 7th grader son is now also enrolled in the program. We highly recommend Zenith.

Review №32

Awesome mini MBA program. Very impressive. Great prep for college. Thanks Kevin Hong

Review №33

As someone who has personally taken courses at Zenith Prep Academy, I can definitively say that its been one of the best experiences of my life. I have never seen a course so well-designed and well-executed like the ones offered at Zenith. Whether its the instructors or the material itself, there is something about these courses that makes the student want to keep learning.I took the web development and mini-MBA courses at Zenith and I was expecting to just learn the basics; however, our instructor taught us much more than I had expected. Not only did we master the basics, we dove into the deeper nuances of programming as well.The best part about attending Zenith is that your instructors truly care. The class size is relatively small, so if there is something that is confusing to understand, help is readily available. Not only do your instructors care, but they are also super passionate. Believe me, youre not in a room with someone just reading a script or speaking in monotone. The instructors love what they teach and they are just as excited as you when they come to class.If youre looking for a course that teaches you more than just the cookie-cutter basics found in a textbook, then Zenith Prep Academy is the place for you.

Review №34

My son, who was 8th grader, took Software Development and mini-MBA and he loved both classes. The content was designed appropriately to his age and presented in a way of challenging but not overwhelming. Not only did he grasp the concept in these areas, he also gained confidence and sense of accomplishment. I would recommend the class to the kids who have curiosity to explore outside of curriculum at regular school.

Review №35

Most of the time we are lost in too many things -Kids with their homework and age old way of teaching method and parents in earning and managing their profession . Kids are left with googling or screen time or something, Zenith rightly places and bridges these gaps by their conversations, talks in schools and colleges, providing classes and tools to keep up fit. Good Job!

Review №36

As a person who had no prior knowledge in programming, I had no idea how Zeniths web development class would be. Ive always imagined programming as something extremely complex and a craft that only math geniuses could do. However, after taking this class, my perspective on programming has changed quite a bit. The instructors at Zenith teach thoroughly and simply dont take the easy way out. They make sure each student receives a powerful learning experience and explain each concept to its fullest. Another great plus is the class size. As it is not very large, your question can be answered quickly and you receive a detailed explanation. The instructors also explain how programming can be applied to the real world and the various opportunities that come with it. Zenith has taught me a lot more than a prep-book ever could and they know how to teach students in the best ways possible.

Review №37

Our son is very interested in computer science and technology. He has taken some coding classes and cyber security classes during previous summers and has always been disappointed.He really liked this class. He was excited for it each and every day. He felt challenged and engaged. He even brought his computer on vacation and made sure he was ready for class while we were away.

Review №38

My son took the Web Development class and it was an awesome experience for him. The virtual class was better than in person class as there was TA alignment throughout the session who watched over my sons progress every class. My son had to miss a few classes and he was provided with a full recording of the class to make up!Overall Frank is a wonderful instructor. My son has developed a keen interest in coding and would be taking up more coding classes with Zenith Prep Academy. They are very student focussed and show they care for the students learning and progress.Kevin was always there to help and promptly addressed all my questions!I would say that they go beyond their call of duty to help their students and coach them on a one to one basis, even though its a group class. The TAs are wonderful.I am glad I invested in their program!

Review №39

My son took the mini MBA class with Zenith Prep Academy. He learned to research and create financial models on case studies. The class is highly recommended for kids interested in learning business basics and performing business cost analysis. The class size being small helped the instructor focus individually on each student

Review №40

The Academy is a place that supports kids of all abilities and motivates them to do well.The program gives the students projects with real world experiences so it has meaning and not just another class..

Review №41

My daughter had always been curious about coding, but didn’t know where to start. Enrolling her into the web development class was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Programming is the future, and learning how to code is essential. Not only does she have a head start compared to her peers, she’s become more confident and motivated to do well in school. The classes thoroughly go over the material, and are small in size so each student gets the individual attention they need. My daughter not only knows HTML,CSS, and JS but now has also asked to enroll in the software development class, the second part to the series. She’s excited to start class again next Monday- and I can’t wait to see her grow even more. Like others have pointed out, I highly recommend enrolling your child into a class and see where it takes them.

Review №42

My son John (11th grader) took the Software development class with Zenith Prep and he really enjoyed it. Before attending this class, he had no idea how programming or software worked. During this course, with great guidance from the instructor, he learned a great deal about coding and software development. Now John is applying the programming skill he learned from the class to his AI research project. I highly appreciate Zenith Prep especially William Chung worked very hard to give John all the advantages possible and give him a really unique learning opportunity.

Review №43

We have worked with the Zenith team for the past 5 years in their college consulting program. This month our daughter found out that she was accepted into her 3 favorite schools: Princeton, Yale, and UPenn, so we are very excited as parents. We worked with both Will and Frank, and they have been very supportive, responsive, creative, and most importantly competent throughout the entire process. We sought out their help while my daughter was in the 7th grade because we were concerned about her getting into a good college. My husband and I live in the Palo Alto area where there is a lot of competition. To compound the issue both my husband and I attended Stanford, but were advised by numerous sources that there was no longer real legacy preference to rely on. Throughout the years we have grown to consider Will and Frank as part of our family and our daughter has always very much looked forward to sessions with them. I really wish the best for this team as they have impacted our family in such a positive, meaningful, and beautiful way. They helped my daughter achieve her dream and shape her into a responsible, mature young lady.

Review №44

I extremely disliked the class, my instructor was rude and did not answer many questions. The courses instructors were the worst! I would not recommend this place at all. I was very unsatisfied, but I didnt do their 100% Money Back Guarantee and $100 on Top, it was probably fake, and I didnt want to lose face. I hated this coding camp, never going again.

Review №45

My son, 14 years old, took the Mini MBA 1 program last spring at this Academy and a Web Development (Front End) class this summer. Best investment of our time and resources we have been able to gift him so far! I wish we knew about this place before, when our daughter was his age. College choices and possibilities would probably be much wider for her...These are some of the challenges we have been facing before discovering this program and the transformation we observed:Our son has been a talented and creative fun child, whos enthusiasm about exploring possibilities has been steadily going down the more time he has been spending in a public school, doing homework and studying for good grades...It got to the point that when he was interested (or when we were on top of his responsibilities), he would get straight As- usually just towards the end of the school year, and when not interested or monitored constantly, he would get Cs and even Ds... Always getting distracted, forgetful and bored...After only one class at Zenith, he got inspired not only about researching new possibilities, solving real problems but also, he got excited about life in general. He even started working out in the gym ( his own initiative!) and moving up in Kung Fu . As were not a chore anymore but a natural byproduct of his newly found enthusiasm and confidence. His work was done still in school and we have been able to have very lively and mature conversations at home, including conversations about his business :-)At the age of 14, my son has an understanding of business that many business owners like myself can be jealous of. He also became very good in negotiation and quite impressive at understating human psychology ( may it be a warning to you if you dont want your kids become confident and powerful)He talks about Mr. Frank Song as the coolest guy and a mentor :-) This aspect is what I value the most about our experience with this place. We appreciate Mr. Songs generosity immensely. There arent many people who will take time to listen to a teen as an equal, and help bring the best out of them in all situations... This is priceless to me. All of the people Mr. Song brings to inspire and teach at the Academy are high quality, educated, successful young people who are still able to connect with the teens but have a wealth of real life academic and business experiences, to help the teens dream and grow big.I am very excited where my teen is heading. Thank you Zenith Academy!Klara F., Lafayette

Review №46

My son will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall for business and we are very happy that he got in. working with William was a great experience for our son and our family. he was very helpful with the entire college application process and was great at guiding and helping our son through high school. my son learned a lot from him for business and life and we hope he will take what he learned and use it to do well when he goes to UC Berkeley.

Review №47

I was very impressed with the instructors - they were easily the most professional and knowledgeable I’ve met. Unlike other places I’ve been too, I was not rushed or pushed into anything. They were really invested in doing the most for my family and I, and I could tell because of the time that they were willing to put in. Now that I’ve had a bit more experience with the program, I’d like to leave a short review:I think what really sets this place apart is definitely the curriculum. As someone who learned to code too late (for my own liking) - I find it remarkable that they are able to take students from beginner to intermediate within 3.5 months. Furthermore, the students are constantly practicing what they learned so they can build the final project at the end of the class: the enterprise grade website.When I was first showed the website- I couldn’t believe it. But to my surprise, after opening his text editor, my cousin was able to explain to me each page of the function and what it was used for. Even after that, we were able to actually hold a lengthy conversion about all that he learned, and he was excited to tell me the next couple projects he’s looking forward to working on.

Review №48

Pardon me if I misuse any tech jargons or terms. My work focuses on the business aspects of operations so I only understand in programming in general terms.My son started with Zenith at 12 years old. Though he is very smart, he lacked the proper motivation to guide him to become all that he is capable of. Traditional programs bored him leaving him unchallenged, but Zenith Prep was the answer to identifying his strengths and allowing him to blossom.Fast forwarding over a year later, he has grasped and combined programming languages such as SQL, PHP, CSC, and HTML in a MySQL database. Just today, he was taught Java-script and has started to incorporate J-script into his arsenal of programming language toolbox. To be able to distinguish and separate the proper use of each language is a defeat on its own. My son does not utilize any drag and drop shorts cuts but writes the codes himself. I am proud he has shown such dedication to learning and utilizing so many languages and hope he can share his knowledge through various volunteer venues in the future.Not only is programming a basic skill to know but our children’s future will be immersed in programming-related life on every business and personal level. My wish for my children is experience not only programming but grasp business understanding so they have the option and knowledge to best choose their career path in the future. Only through hands-on experience and exposure provided by Zenith would I feel that I have done my duty to guide my children to gain the opportunity to “learn” what their passion is about themselves.

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