Central Rock Gym
1451 Concord St, Framingham, MA 01701, United States
Central Rock Gym

Review №1

One of my favorite CRGs. Seemed to have a fun amount of V3-5!

Review №2

I am a member of the Worcester branch. Went to the Framingham gym twice and have not been disappointed. Fun routes. Friendly staff.

Review №3

I LOVE CRG FRAMINGHAM!! I was introduced to this gym about two months ago by my friend, and now I am hooked and go almost every day. The clean facilities, friendly staff, and great walls with a wide range of problem difficulty keep me coming back as often as I do. I was able to progress from a VB to a V5 in about three short months. My schools student run rock climbing club comes every other week and they have been super welcoming to our newly started club.

Review №4

Great climbing gym for bouldering. They have aerobic machines and a weight room as well. Very nice and always clean! Got my membership here and I can visit any of the CRG network gyms, which is super convenient because there are a dozen scattered throughout the greater Boston area. Friendly staff and new routes set every week keep me coming back for more! Now if only I could get better at climbing!

Review №5

Excellent gym with something for everybody. Climbing routes vary from beginner to advanced. Constantly changing routes so there is always something new. Great atmosphere from the staff and other members. People are always welcoming and willing to help if needed. Staff are amazing! Very clean also.

Review №6

A really fun place to go and relax while working out. The climbs here change every week so things are always kept fresh. The staff here is also super friendly.

Review №7

Love this gym! The setting is amazing, and everyone is so nice.

Review №8

Great community, great route setting. Awesome gym if you live or work in the area, but well worth the drive even if you dont. The problems are really fun and inventive, feel Ive greatly improved my climbing visiting here.

Review №9

Amazing bouldering gym. The gym is super new and the staff are some of the friendliest people Ive ever met. The walls are reset frequently and there is a really nice community but its never too packed like some of the other gyms.

Review №10

I have had a membership at central rock gym for the past few months and going there has been a highlight of my week since day one. I didn’t even acknowledge how much I loved to climb until I started, it truly is a blast and an excellent workout for all kinds of people. After having some health issues over the last couple of months I unfortunately have not been able to go to the gym. When I called to postpone my membership it was handled in an excellent fashion that really helped me feel like a valued member of this gym. I am so grateful for the support given by Harry and am excited to get going rock climbing again here in the future when I’m all healed up. Five stars indeed! Thank you for excellent service.

Review №11

Wonderful atmosphere and mix of people. As a climber who was primarily used to climbing on ropes, I only started coming to Framingham due to its convenient location (I live less than a few miles away). I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Theres good routes with a nice variety and frequent resets. The staff is generally helpful and the manager is a great resource of information and frequently offers helpful climbing tips. Probably the best part of this gym is its atmosphere. Though its usually busy in the evenings on any given weekday, it never feels crowded. Best of all, everyone always seems friendly and eager to help newer climbers figure out a problem.

Review №12

Life long dream to get into rock climbing but never close enough to a gym. Joined here as soon as it opened. Staff are super welcoming and made me feel comfortable as a newbie. Great crowd of regulars that offer help and advice to newer climbers as well. Thanks for helping me achieve my dream!

Review №13

I have been going to this gym for 3 months now and I love it. the People are nice and the Yoga classes are the best and almost every day at 6:30 so it is a perfect time for me. It is also open late if you are a night owl.

Review №14

Central rock gym is great! They have routes for all levels and switch them up each week. The staff is super friendly. Highly recommend!

Review №15

One of the best bouldering gyms around! Super clean and nice facilities, and I love the setting here. One of my favorite Central Rock locations! A must go.

Review №16

A great bouldering gym! Staff are very friendly, they switch up the routes about once a week. Great clean facilities and cool community

Review №17

Great place to bring friends never done climbing before, and also lots of problems for all level climbers. Great staff and very organized gym.

Review №18

Friendly, helpful staff, and a very relaxed environment.

Review №19

Central Rock Gym has been very welcoming to me. I go to Framingham location and it is a very tight knit community of climbers that welcome everyone. Great place to exercise and push yourself with support from others!!!

Review №20

Really great route setting here. The problems are challenging, yet approachability for all skill levels. Ill definitely be coming to this location more.

Review №21

This CRG Framingham location is perfectly located off the Pike, and they make the most of the cramped space that they have. The aisles between the walls are a bit narrow, but overall there is a good variety of routes and top rope/bouldering available.

Review №22

Kind staff and average facilities. Unfortunately their subscription plans force you to pay two months of usage. If you are travelling or visiting your family in the region forget about it, Central Rock Gym is not for you.Moreover, in terms of Covid-19 safety the space can be pretty crowded and no windows or doors were open to let the air circulate.

Review №23

Quite a nice, new gym. Facilities, walls, and holds were all nice. The thing that stood out to me the most is that the quality of route setting is really high. Only thing Id like to see improved is more problems, but maybe they just reset the walls idk.

Review №24

Best bouldering setup amongst the Central Rock gyms I have visited (Worcester, Watertown, and Framingham). Bear in mind they only offer bouldering. The gym setup seems pretty legit too with 3 power racks and several extra olympic barbells.

Review №25

CRG Framingham is my jam. I started my climbing journey over 6 months ago and this was the perfect place to start. Super clean facilities, great routes (good variety for beginners to advanced climbers), really helpful & friendly staff, and an awesome community of climbers all there to help you SEND. Plenty of cardio and resistance training equipment and yoga classes too. They have a nice rec room with table tennis and lounge space. This place is more low key than other climbing gyms Ive been to (in a good way). Plus, the membership here is a steal! (Access to all of CRG locations) Come climb!

Review №26

Crg Framingham is a really greatand beginner friendly gym with only boulders. The problems are fun, staffs are friendly. I brought some of my friends who are new to climbing here and they all liked it. The grading might be easier than other crgs(Boston, Hadley, Cambridge, Randolph, Watertown, Warwick) I’ve been to but that boost my confidence so why not.

Review №27

Clean, bright, brand new Rock Worx walls with interesting and varied geometry throughout. Great place for bouldering. Grades are definitely easier than at CRG Worcester.

Review №28

Great setting, wish it couldve been bigger. Down-climb holds would have been nice.

Review №29

New gym, interesting walls and climbs but the ratings are a bit inflated. Great for new climbers

Review №30

Super friendly, comfortable, and welcoming to noobies!

Review №31

Awesome bouldering gym. Never crowded, friendly staff, and really good problems.

Review №32

Walls change regularly and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful! A great place to climb.

Review №33

Nice smaller rock gym with lots of walls. No top rope available.

Review №34

Awesome gym, great environment. Too expensive.

Review №35

Great deal for the money with a gym and bouldering.

Review №36

Bouldering only; interesting routes.

Review №37

Great facility, not quite as many newbie climbs as Im used to but still had a great time.

Review №38

Great place to climb and exercise

Review №39

The place to go if you want to climb a marathon.

Review №40

Best climbing gym in the area. Clean facilities and friendly staff!!!!

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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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