International Leadership of Texas, Keller K-8
2301 Heritage Trace Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177, United States
International Leadership of Texas, Keller K-8

Review №1

Having to stay at academy 4:30 5:30 i liked it better how it was 4 years ago whwn you could turn youre work anytime of the day and it used 3:45 5:00 eagle should be shorter

Review №2

Drive past this everyday. Never any children or faculty outside during school zone hours.

Review №3

As a student in ILT I think its a good school. great teachers, I think the food needs to be a little bit better, Great activities.

Review №4

The teachers here are pretty nice. The homeworks here.. its average amount, still good. This school is different from other schools is the character traits, learning spanish cultures and spanish language also the chinese culture and the own language.

Review №5

This school is ok, its acutally not that bad. The teachers are nice and everything. But there are some teachers that are mean, not pointing fingers... Anyways i want to say that everything here is nice, the food is a bit weird, but despite that the school is fine. THey have electives like band and art and theatre. But everything is blocked, so Ima give it 3 stars. peace!

Review №6

This school is pretty decent, its middle school so theres less strict people. their food is also getting better, so i reccomend this school ig (edited)

Review №7

My children have gone to keller ILT since the first year the school opened. I am proud to say my senior is graduating this year. He has been at ILT since 8th grade. He is fluent in both Spanish and Chinese. My second grader is in her 3rd year. My kindergartner is beginning this year. I just started a beginning adult Spanish class for fun and to practice with my children.This school is a big happy family. It is not as easy as some other schools. The school day is longer and there is homework. I am ok with the harder work. It prepares them for college and real life. I am happy my children are learning valuable leadership skills. The kids are taught from a young age to lift people up instead of putting others down. When I come in contact with special needs kids at ILT I see other kids encouraging instead of bullying. Last year during an assembly at ILT keller high school an autistic teen who I usually see with noise canceling headphones stood up unexpectedly and spoke to the entire crowd. He spoke about how important is is to push through lifes difficulties. This is what happens when you make leadership a priority. There was not a dry eye in the place. Apply to this school if you are looking for a well rounded education for your children.Stacy Pena Huynh - mom of 4

Review №8

I was one of the og people at this school and I really liked it when I was younger. As the years went by, they got new staff in some grades. Some were better than others. However, I can say that Ive had ups and downs when I was there. The fine arts and athletic programs are great. However, you dont want to tick them off because sometimes if you get a warning, the teachers do not heed to their word sometimes and they automatically give you a detention for no reason. They also have the laptops locked down quite a lot. They have mostly every gaming site blocked and YouTube is blocked as well. Like the only things they allow you to get on are things that are related to school.

Review №9

WAY to much homework. They expect to much from us and the food here isnt even very good.

Review №10

Never thought I would be writing a review for this school but here we go; To be completely honest with you this school is pretty meh at best; a lot of the five star reviews talk about how were getting a more difficult education such as doing 8th grade work in 7th grade, which dont get me wrong is nice; it gives us a little bit of an edge on other schools but thats about it. The school has this horrible system called eagle academy where students are forced to stay in the school for an extra hour if an assignment is missing or has scored a failing grade, even if you complete the assignment you are forced to stay there until its time to be dismissed. Ive learned a good amount of spanish but chinese is a different story; in my eight YEARS of being in this school I can only say my name, age, and a couple other of words and I honestly do pay attention. The teachers are pretty bad as well they dump loads of homework on you and whip out random tests all the time, I dont mind homework but it begins to be a problem when Im not allowed to have some time to myself or start losing sleep. The teachers are always complaining about grading which is just pitiful; this school is like a hit movie script executed by a bunch of amateurs in the movie industry, I believe this school could truly be great but as of now I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL; do not be tricked by the random nonsense theyre spotting; things like teaching you how to speak fluent spanish and chinese are lies, doing work from grades above you, really nice and flexible teachers, and of course the cheap cost of attending there. I honestly dont mind everything being blocked but now some informational sites are also being blocked; I sympathize with the people who say that people who get all the work done deserve to have some freedom on their computers. The only reason why Im still in this school is because Ive been here for eight long years; Ive made some great friends and a lot of them have left the school, this school has given me some great memories but only on the social aspect of life.ATTENTION PARENTS-When signing up for this school keep in mind that the only thing youre giving your children are; ungodly amounts of homework(which can harm their childhood), very little freedom and choice of how they want to live and learn, severe and unnecessary punishments for dumb reasons, and a bad experience overall. If you read this PLEASE reconsider going here its not a good idea because at the moment its not a good school for social and academic reasons.To all the friends Ive made at ILT thank you, you all have made this school bearable and fun at times, it doesnt matter if youve left or if youre still here; just know that Im glad to have met you.P.S congrats on escaping this nightmare fuelled prison school

Review №11

I really want my kids to stay here but learning Chinese is a joke. My oldest came in 4th grade having to learn Spanish and Chinese Spanish I can help in because Im afro latina but chinese? Learning 4th grade level math, English science whatever in Chinese?! Is complete unnecessary stress. The teacher is speaking in Chinese spouting out words, playing videos etc... this language is better taught one on one. COVID expose a lot for us, I dont think my sons will be returning next year its just not fair for him to feel this discouraged and its unfair that the parent has to learn the language just to even help and check the work! I need a tutor which will cost me, just to help my son?I rather pay a tutor to teach my son on our own time and put him at another school.IL please reanalyze your chinese and Spanish curriculum.

Review №12

I ame loving this place it is so nice i think its relly nice i love it

Review №13

If your child wants to feel safe and like there voice is heard DO NOT go to this school. It is more like a prison than a school, one day when the kids were on their way to lunch the assistant principal yelled saying “this school is a place of business it’s not for fun, if you want to have fun go to six flags” I don’t know about you but I’d want to feel like I could have fun learning instead of growing up to hate it. Learning Spanish is good but every other middle school offers that. The students don’t have enough interest in learning chinese and the students who do are never able to learn it because of the disruptive kids who use that class as a free period. There are a few great teachers but many seem as if they just don’t care, if a student doesn’t turn in work on time the teacher can send them to “Eagle Academy” and they are forced to stay an hour after school to finish the work, the only way for the parent to get the out is to have early dismissal or you have to pick them up and hour late. Overall I would never recommend going to this school, public schools offer basically the same things with more freedom and kids are allowed to have fun while learning.

Review №14

Poor communication between staff (teachers, admin, and principals) make it extremely difficult to help the children adjust to a new curriculum.Despite several emails and attempts to reach the teachers and counselors, I had to call and wait on hold so that I could speak to the principal in regards to my childs 504 paperwork, which had not been reviewed in over a year.At one point, a teacher was placed on suspension and then released from employment. My student was in that particular teachers class. Several rumors were circulating regarding the incident, as is typical for such things, but the school never sent a notice to the parents and never informed parents of the resolution. The only reason I am even privy to non-gossip information is because I personally spoke to the superintendent after the school refused to answer my questions.The staff is quick to hold the students accountable and I think that is great. However, the staff also needs to be held accountable. They have a duty to our students as well. Teachers do not post grades in a timely manner which makes it hard for parents to have an accurate account of their childs progress. I often disciplined my child for work that showed to be missing on the parent portal only to find out that it was actually turned in but the teacher was behind on updating the grades. When I asked for a more accurate way to track progress, I was always referred to the same parent portal that was often inaccurate.My children were at this school for 2 years before I transferred them back to public school. They no longer fuss about having to go to school in the mornings and are overall much happier children now.

Review №15

We have to wear uniforms and it is like wearing the same thing every day! No dessert! We can’t talk in the cafeteria! But the food isn’t bad and I am getting good grades but I still might not be at this school next year

Review №16

The school is a good one, it teaches you many different languages, as in Spanish, and Chinese. It could use a little work, but I have been going here for 7 - almost 8 years now.

Review №17

The school is OK better then most the food is um.. it food. but when the teaches give you a project they portable think you have no homework but you have tow other project math homework and all is due in the next two to 3 days ........ and Chromebook are cheap. WARMING THE REST IS NOT A REVIEW..... potato and Chinese do not go together and fortnight is bad and i can write in English but when the word come to mind i some time skip a word and what happen is bad English

Review №18

The school is good we learn 2 languages Chinese and Spanish. They treat us with lots of discipline and hold us accountable.

Review №19

Our boys, have just completed 1st and kinder. Upon completion they can read and write in Spanish, and they can say phrases, and count to one hundred in Spanish English and Mandarin Chinese. They can also add and subtract double digit numbers count and add money, and the oldest has begun to multiply. As a pastor I also love the morale values they develop in the schools culture. Overall we love the school.

Review №20

This is the type of school you really like or you dont. Guess by my rating which way I feel.

Review №21

We have been part of ILT for the past 4 years. We were at the NRH campus, but we moved and are so happy here at this new location. Our experience here has been nothing short of amazing with this school. Yes, some days are harder for my daughters, but thats life and theyve gained so much from academics, discipline, languages, etc., Dont let the previous childrens reviews scare you because its far from true. We absolutely love ILT and proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

Review №22

We were lucky enough to get our two children into the school mid-last year. The first operational year had some tweaking to be done. However, the quality of education and the professionalism of the faculty and staff was phenomenal. Cant wait to start the 2015-2016 school year, it already seems more promising than last year. Having been an active military family for many years, we experienced multiple private, parochial, and public schools. I can definitely say that as a public charter school, ILT Texas-Keller is top-notch.

Review №23

The teachers and administration hold students accountable for doing their homework and behaving appropriately. They absolutely do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. The curriculum is rigorous, but benefits the children in the long run. Other parents giving low ratings due to uniform requirements is a little ridiculous - you know the schools dress code expectations when you enroll your student. If you dont like/agree with it, youve got other options, such as the mediocre public schools.

Review №24

The school has done very little to handle the traffic that they cause. Parents zoom through the adjoining neighborhood at reckless speeds. I truly believe the most dangerous driver on the road is a parent of a child at this ILTexas. Ive seen better and more cautious drivers at 2am when the bars close. Building is pretty, and I hope provides a good education. Its leadership is not leading by example.

Review №25

People are so rude when it comes to reviews because honestly it’s ok. You see, people are over exaggerating and just being horrible. This school has a better education than most schools. In seventh grade math we are learning eighth grade math sometimes which means that we are getting more prepared for college. In fact most kids who have written bad reviews probably will not go to college because they have the worst grammar ever. In all I believe that the only reason this school has harsh punishments is because people are just being stupid and immature.

Review №26

The school sets us kids at such a high level,we are still kids! I feel like the change in uniform is very unnecessary. They give out to much homework,they get our days we should get our nights. Not to mention the Free dress days,really five dollars to wear what we want for 8 hours,lower the prices!

Review №27

Ok....Ive only gone to this school for a year and its horrible. They give way to much homework and all the teachers do is complain about having to grade it. The amount of homework is excessive!! They give us homework for almost every class...on a good day, and they have many many teachers who go about teaching in very wrong ways. There teachers dont have great experience and they give way to many lunch detentions. OMG LUNCH DETENTIONS!! Most, if not all, the teachers have obvious favorites and never give lunch detentions to the favorites. Also the principles need to hire someone to help run the front desk because they loose everything theyre given! People are given lunch detentions for having a small black Nike symbols on white socks, and for not having a lanyard. I think lanyards are stupid because if the teachers cant remember our names then we shouldnt be punished for it by not having them. They also give homework academy way to often and then make you stay for almost another hour after school if you dont do one problem on your homework, and then you have to go home and do the other stack of homework you got that day. All and all this school stinks and I highly recommend public school.

Review №28

Dont go here, this place is like jail, actually it is horrible than jail, so dont go here (FYI i didnt go to jail)

Review №29

I truly wish that this school didnt exist. As a student ive been to both a public school and this school. Most teachers are far too severe and some dont even know what theyre teaching. I think this school should burn. Nice food though 5 Stars.

Review №30

When my kids first started they did pretty good. Then my son started to really struggle. By 4th grade he was falling behind. I reached out to the teachers, requested conferences, calls, anything. I only heard back from 1 of his 6 teachers. She informed me that she moved her son because he was struggling. The main issue is they dont have the resources to help children that need additional classroom assistance.If your child struggles, reconsider sending them to this school. I have another child that excells in school and she did fine.

Review №31

Just excellent! Ive been extremely pleased. The expectations are far and above those we had at the regular middle school where they seemed to teach to the low/average so my daughter hated school and was bored. At ILT she has really come into her own.

Review №32

This school is cool but dont take it it will ruin your chances to get into a good college heres why its a advanced school so you are taking all preap classes which are harder and on top of that each teacher has to give you at least 3 grades a week and you have 6 teachers that give you assignments so that adds up to 18 grades a week that are hard and on top they need 2 test grades a 6 weeks so more work and studying and all of this is harder than normal so you end up getting worse grades than you normaly would on top of that we have 2 hour longer school days so your kids will have no time to do anything only on the weekday and they can hold you at the school if you dont do your homework and on top of that the school is sexist and they treat girls better than boys with treats. kids cant take this much in and have to learn 2 languages with all this work and no time to socialize after school! its not okay with all this we have to wear uniforms that are very uncomfterble and the school lunch i very unhealthy and not good for you. once you go to highschool its so much worse and you can only wear pants that make you over heat since they leave the kids out side and dont let them inside while the are burning to death. they also take money from people by doing fund raisers for the shcool but nothing changes exept that the staff get better pay its insane! dont go to this school unless you are able to deal with all of this.

Review №33

Okay good school for the most part. They block the littlest things ever, they blocked even there own website pictures, there school lunch is super nasty the cheese we once found mold,the milk made my friend sick and some of it is spoiled and warm.the teachers are make boys and girls separate in the gym and in cafe it causes fights physical fights, in the cafe they make them sit boy girl boy girl. I got a lunch detention for checking grades. Dress code is outrages no belt, no lynyrd, you get in trouble. Lunch detention is bad. so teachers dont teach and mad at us for failing grades.This school needs money, at a social theyll make us pay 5 FOR A SPLICE OF PIZZA AND CARROTS. When i can pay $5 on a large pizza at little caesars. They treat us like prisoners. NO FREEDOM. You cant even talk at lunch now cant play card games. NO FREEDOM

Review №34

Best thing about this school was.... leaving it and going back to the public school we came from! Met several families (including one just yesterday) that had horrible experiences as well and cant imagine how sorry we would be today if we didnt leave when we did.

Review №35

Nothing special and very stressful. They make kids wear a certain type of sock. They violate the freedom of expression in every way

Review №36

Is their a -5 star option and if you gave it 5 stars then you need to rethink that.

Review №37

This school is terrible...Literally everyone that goes here hates it, the teachers are really rude. One day I was out of dress code and 3 of my female teachers were pointing at me and talking about me.The 8th grade math teacher is always mad about something, its like if you breathe she gets triggered. Shes always catching an attitude if you ask her a question.The way the driveline is setup in the morning is absolutely terrible, It takes about 20 minutes to get to the red side. Then the teacher tells you-youre late and after 3 tardys you get a lunch detention; After it took 20-25 minutes for me to get to the actual school building and walk to my class.Lastly,ILT is just not it, sorry sisbut rethink your decision for your childs safetyThink about the children

Review №38

The school is getting better, however its still a horrible functioning school. Some teachers/adults here are rude and the lunch here is probable worse than prison food.

Review №39

Okay good school for the most part. They block the littlest things ever, they blocked even there own website pictures, there school lunch is super nasty the cheese we once found mold,the milk made my friend sick and some of it is spoiled and warm.the teachers are make boys and girls separate in the gym and in cafe it causes fights physical fights, in the cafe they make them sit boy girl boy girl. I got a lunch detention for checking grades. Dress code is outrages no belt, no lynard, you get in trouble. Lunch detention is bad. so teachers dont teach and mad at us for failing grades.This school m=needs money, at a social theyll make us pay 5 FOR A SPLICE OF PIZZA AND CARROTS.

Review №40

Many parents may be attracted to this school because of the opportunity to learn Spanish and Chinese. I fell into this trap too. I went to this school from 5th to 7th grade and realized that the chance to learn these languages was not worth it. When I switched to a public school in 8th grade, I realized what a terrible school I had been going to. Most public school start teaching languages in 8th grade, and more than just Spanish and Chinese. Additionally, I have learned far more of the language with under half a year at my public school, then three years here.

Review №41

Mr mongelli makes poop jokes 🤢

Review №42

Prison just prison wait prisoners are treated better it is a war field pure dod do forget al thoose people who rate 5 stars they just like extra work and bad teacher they want to be munipulaited do not choose this scchool no matter what.

Review №43

Its ok ig

Review №44

My daughter attends ILT Keller and we love it. For those interested, this is a fantastic institution of LEARNING. Listening to one of the children who get online and talk trash because they have to do homework is ridiculous. If youre interested in a good school with a structured learning environment and teachers who actually care about seeing their students reach their potential, ILT is for you and your children. If youre more interested in a blow off public education and fashion contests, you should look elsewhere. I wish more people were interested in learning and less interested in useless pop culture. They teach their students to be geared for success on a world stage at ILT, not to be happy being average or below and content.

Review №45

Im so glad my daughter had the opportunity to start her kindergarten year and continue at ILT thus far. I talk to my other friends with kids and and the curriculum is leagues above other surrounding schools. My family, friends, and I am so impressed at how much further advanced in all subjects she is compared with children her age and even older. The first year had some issues with communication, but those have since been resolved. I feel like I am kept very informed, not only by the teachers, but by the different departments, principal, and even the district. I would love to move to SW Fort Worth bc its closer for both my husband and my job; however, I dont want to pull her out of such a wonderful school. I am so very excited about her education and the fact she will be tri-lingual upon graduation. This school is setting her up for enormous success in life and forces parents to be active in their childs education, another bonus in my opinion. I dont regret my decision to have her attend this school, would highly recommend attending if accepted, and feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful establishment. I wish these schools were available when I was attending K-12.

Review №46

Im in every way thankful for this school, and despite hateful comments of parents and I have to say Im sorry their kids are being raised by parents who dont understand structure, respect policies, and wont respect others, your experience with the school maybe was not what you expected but it doesnt mean the school is bad. Go back to public school and have fun but dont talk bad about the hard work of the teachers. My kids need structure and I found it here, I want my kids to be raised with values and I found it here, my kids need to be challenged and pushed and I found it here. ILT is raising a new generation of kids preparing them for life, they dont get away with the bad habits from other schools, my son told me of one kid who was expelled because of very bad habits from public high school, Im glad that happened. Bad apples can ruin the good ones. I love the school, every teacher who has put up with mean parents and controlling parents, Im beyond grateful. there is no perfect school, if you want your child to be educated according to your opinion homeschool is always an option.

Review №47

I mean, its a decent school. The food isnt that good but overall the atmosphere is nice and the classrooms are clean and you learn stuff

Review №48

ILT is the definition of Cancer and Cringe. Somebody else will come up with a paragraph describing all that is wrong with this Corrupt school. All the other people i talk to about this school say the same thing, In Fact, calling this school horrible is an UNDERSTATEMENT, maybe words cant put how much i hate International Leadership of Canc- i mean texas, so dont risk working or taking your children here i am 95% sure you will regret it.

Review №49

One time I was late by like, 30 secs, and the gym teacher just gave me a lunch detention. Also there is this one teacher that always gives everyone detentions. One time, she gave like 3 detentions to someone who misspelled something. Seriously.

Review №50

It suck alot my mom said i went its a good school it has worm in thier school lunches

Review №51

I am a student here at ILT and i love it, we have so many nice teachers,the school always stays in contact and the language teaching is very good.I prefer this school!!!!

Review №52

My brother and sister are thriving here. A really good school.

Review №53

My children have thrived and learned well the past 3 years and we look forward to another amazing year. My husband and I both think highly of the school: from the district leaders vision to the teachers, staff, and administrators at the school level. I am not naive, and do see where ideals and promises from opening year do not come to fruition. I also notice all the nitty gritty annoyances like traffic, bad cafeteria food, teachers or staff not responding to emails, but this is the largest and fastest growing charter school district in Texas. ILT is much more academically rigorous than public school, and teachers have an equally intense teaching, grading and lesson planning schedule. Would you rather teachers be answering parent emails or teaching your child?The end result is students are kept busy learning which means they acquire valuable life skills and minimize idle time for gossip, social drama, and worse yet bullying.I read a few of the lowest ratings on this site and recognize they were from middle school preteens that left ILT. Please note many were poorly punctuated and prevalent with spelling and grammar errors. If you are a parent reading my review, consider what you would like your child, our next generation of leaders, to be...the ones that cannot compose paragraphs with complete sentences? I hate to preach a dose of reality to young people: you have to put work hard (no pain, no gain), i.e. study and do homework, be accountable and be respectful to get anywhere in life. Why be average when you can be exceptional?

Review №54

This school is prison in a nutshell. I went to this school in 5th, 6th, and half of 7th grade. Ever since I first stepped foot in that school i hated it. They would give you WAY too much homework in one night. I would have at least one thing in every subject every night. The lunch is COMPLETE TRASH. I NEVER once at lunch there. If you didnt bring lunch from home, well you aint eating today. Its not even cooked fresh. It comes in plastic containers. If you want your child to be HAPPY, KEEP THEM IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. The teachers dont do anything about bullying. Except maybe a lunch detention. Oh dont get me started on lunch detention. Really? Lunch detention for a black Nike symbol on a white sock? The teachers are rude for no reason. And learning Mandarin is a waste. All it will help you with is bragging rights. Which that wont even get you anywhere. I highly suggest going to public schools. Trust me parents, your kid(s) wont be able to have a social life. I never had time for myself. It was homework, homework, homework. 24/7. And Free dress day nope not free. $5 to wear what you want for 8 hours. All the students called it Fee dress day. One of the teachers called me and my friend worthless cause we werent in the band class. Even if it was a joke, thats EXTREMELY uncalled for. And lastly Homework academy. If you didnt finish your homework you stay after school for 45 minutes. This was MAJOR INCONVENIENCE. Since we got homework in basically every class, you would have to stay after school a lot. And if you had sports, church, or other activities, you might be late. I am SO much happier at public school. Ever since i left my friends parents have considered taking out there kid(s).Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I AM SO HAPPY I LEFT!! If google had negative stars as an option, i would use them. #ILTexposed #nottheonlyonetoescape #prisonisbetter

Review №55

I was held accountable with a lunch detention for changing my backround on my school computer and then for not getting a journal sighned i was yelled at and got an after school detention and not even the teachers follow the rules here they abuse their power and do not recommened

Review №56

Not even going to explain all the details all i will say this school is a Big piece of cancer, It makes PRISON look like a luxury i want to kill myself just by looking at it. HIGHLY recommend going to public school

Review №57

This school is so good im gonna cry (god forgive my sins) ive had so many experiences in this school the teachers love you (my goodness) you can easily get good grades (ha!) and they dont give lunch detentions for the most absolute absurd reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FOOD IS NOT TERRIBLE (im ready to leave now) and theyve got the best problem solving problems in the world ( gg) and the FUND dress days ISNT THAT EXPENSIVE!!(seriously 5 bucks just to wear what you want) AND THE UNIFORMS ARENT EXPENSIVE EITHER seriously just 35 bucks for a blazer :D ( he he they should get a bulldozer and destroy the building just so people can feel better) This school needs a lot of work ive been a student for 2 years nothings changed so if thereye gonna make some changes they better do it soon!

Review №58

This school is ok but they block to many sites and cafe food is bad and unhealthy my friend sidartth dose not go here and gave it a one star rating

Review №59

Many would rather request to be transferred to alcatraz 1/10 Cancerous rules and unnecessary strict hypocritical discipline (happy mrs. mastropaolo is gone, gives the inmates somewhat hope)

Review №60

This is a uniquely good school. Thank for the excellent service.

Review №61

Great learning experience and love the teachers.

Review №62

This school SERIOUSLY sucks. I entirely suggest you go to ILT Garland or back to public school. Its a waste of time.

Review №63

It has a horrible teaching system and puts you a whole year behind prAP in public schools

Review №64

My kids get a lot of homework, get to wear uniforms, and plan for awesome field trips.

Review №65

Appears to be a great school.

Review №66

Education is really good but cafateria food is not good (i like pizza but everyday is not good).

Review №67


Review №68

I have subbed here since last year and this is one of my FAVORITE places to sub!!!!!!!!! Also,all my kids go to this school and the high school.

Review №69

This school is trash you get nothing BUT hw cancer #picklerickout

Review №70

Bruh people really be starving themselves here

Review №71

This school is terrible it makes me want to die and DOOT DOOT

Review №72

I called chief and he said this aint it,and it really isnt

Review №73

It is garbage

Review №74

I do not like it here dont send kids here the food

Review №75

I wouldnt recommend the school is very hard and strict it is like u cant even move or you will get in trouble

Review №76

Ughhh...i hope i get out of this school soon and go to fossil ridge

Review №77

Poor level of education. All teachers are new with no experience.

Review №78

This school is the reason why they havent cured cancer yet

Review №79

Well there are bots and yea

Review №80

I go to that school but garland one

Review №81

Why cant you put 0 stars?!

Review №82

This school is communist and a dictatorship combined

Review №83


Review №84

The School is ok

Review №85

This school sucks.

Review №86

They are mean

Review №87

Garbage :/

Review №88


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