Basches Martial Arts
6041 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, United States
Basches Martial Arts

Review №1

My son Mason And I both Train at Basches. The Dojo is very clean and a safe environment for everyone. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the Sensei is firm but kind with all his students. I could not ask for a better role model for my kids. If you are looking for a great school this is the place to be!!

Review №2

My daughter is taking classes at Basches and I cant believe the difference its made in her in just one summer. Shes gained confidence, discipline, and some muscles too. Im so happy we found you guys!

Review №3

I cannot say enough good things about Basche’s Martial Arts! My kids came to Basche’s about six months ago after having to completely start their lives over in a different state, and we have found such amazing community in this place. My daughter who struggles with anxiety told our doctor that “martial arts helps my anxiety a lot.” I have seen my kids grow in physical and mental strength, as well as in confidence and self discipline. Sensei is strict with the kids, which they need to learn discipline, but he also has a kind and generous heart. Miss Mary is a fantastic instructor and has been a wonderful support. Mr. David & Miss Katy do a phenomenal job teaching as well. I like the diversity of instructors that my kids have on a weekly basis. Finally, Miss Amber at the front desk is always kind and willing to help in any way she can. Needless to say, we love Basche’s!

Review №4

My son Lionidas is perhaps one of the youngest students that Sensei has, at 4 years old he LOVES going to class. The whole team is fantastic with Lio, they are supportive, positive and competent. Ive been getting some ducks in a row before I become a student myself but because of how well they treat my son and make sure he actually learns he will be able to help me out when I get started.

Review №5

My Child has been a student at Basches for nearly 3 months. In that time she has gained self confidence and is learning self control, something she has struggled with for the last year. In short, the discipline required for training at this dojo has poured over into her everyday activities in a very positive way. We look forward to our other children taking an interest in martial arts and enrolling at Basches.

Review №6

I decided to try karate just as a hobby to lose weight, a time for stress relief, to be better at my job. Im a security professional. Any way I was anxious as an Other karate places used me as a pawn a white belt/Wit no experience sparring a black belt. Anyway Basche is great. They gave me confidence I had fun and learned aLot. Day 1 doing combos TIA. I give Basche 10 stars. Great for beginners. And kids the trainers are great. No intimidation they want to help everyone succeed. Im so glad I found this place give them a call. I did. This was the most fun Ive had in a long time . Im telling all my friends. You can do whatever you put your mind too. Your never too old to try something new

Review №7

Since starting Karate at Basches our son has been more disciplined and focused. His manners and politeness are noticed by others! So glad we decided on this activity for him. It has done wonders!!

Review №8

An awesome place to train for children and adults. My 2 sons and I are all current students. My oldest son my goal was for him to better his focus, self-control, and to learn respect. For me and my youngest attending classes has help with our confidence. They are not just teaching self-defense here but helping build strong character traits. Sensei Basche has such a passion for teaching martial arts and seeing his students’ progress.

Review №9

Extremely friendly dojo, family friendly staff. My daughter has learned such respect and focus in her short time there. My son, who will start there in the summer, already learned respect and self control by simply watching his sister. We couldnt be happier here.

Review №10

I have been at Basches Martial Arts for 3 years and still going strong!! I love this place sooooooooo much! It is very positive and everyone is very respectful! I love leading the majority of the classes and learning new techniques as I progress towards my black belt. Sensei is the best teacher in the whole city and he will make sure that your child will get the best quality of training. Its quality not quantity. Karate has helped me with my social skills, physical and mental health, respect, and so much more! Now when I walk outside, I know have the confidence that if someone attacks me, I will be ready to defend myself. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! They deserve it! I would recommend this place to everyone and anyone!! God bless you!! -meatball :)

Review №11

Have had the pleasure of dealing with this business on so many different levels. Steve has always went above and beyond. Hes a REAL motivator not only in his kraft but on all levels - emotional, spiritual and physical. Hes touched and blessed my family (and so many others) and feel very blessed to have him in our life !

Review №12

My two boys has been attending this Martial art the past six months. I see positive differences in both kids .there social skills, disciplines,respecte confidence are strong..this is a great place .my kids love coming and taking class and have learned discipline

Review №13

I have known Steve for many years. He is excellent as a business owner and has provided a great service to our community. So to see someone bash his business bash him with a poor review and to get their friends to do it also is pretty lowlife over him trying to discipline someones son. Isnt that one of the main reason people sign up for martial arts? Steve is a strong Christian, will do anything for anyone and always walks his talk. I certainly hope that a lawsuit against these people is in the works, especially since he has video proof as trying to ruin ones reputation is illegal. Please look at all the older 5 star reviews before making any decisions.

Review №14

Steve Basche is very dedicated to Martial Arts. He is constantly training himself and putting himself in the position of being a student in a new martial art for him. This gives him perspective on what its like to train in some martial art that he has not mastered. Super dedicated to his craft.

Review №15

Wasnt sure what to expect bringing my 5 year old daughter to join karate. After just one visit my daughter and her father and I were very impressed. Not only do they practice self defense and when and where to use it. They work on self confidence and what they are grateful for. My daughter is excited to go to every class and always has a good time. The staff are all friendly and great with the kids.

Review №16

Recently the owner of this establishment was made aware that I didnt like an incident that occurred with my child. Instead of acting like an adult he chose to get in my face and try to make me feel threatened. This isnt a safe environment for kids if the adults running it cant get a handle on their emotions. How can a man teach control.if he has none.

Review №17

This place is amazing and it just amazes me on how these little ones respect and listen so well to their teacher

Review №18

This has truly been an amazing experience for my son and I !! They are so courteous and excepting at Baschs Martial Arts! We had to go for a whole year membership because I couldnt even imagine my son not being involved in the family they have there. Having him there has me more confident with his safety and awareness in the world, he is more attentive and respectful since joining, and he is always energized and excited for class. What a great Martial Arts studio through and through! They even have an amazing scheduler to be sure you can speak with the sensei if needed on your own availability and wonderful Secretary staff with great communication too!Id say they are 10 STAR worthy !!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №19

Such a blessing for my extremely hyper 4 year old! He tells everyone I cant believe Im actually in karate!!! They really do bring out the best in him and are so positive in teaching them self discipline and respect! Love it!

Review №20

This dojo teaches value and real life defense. The instructors here take pride in the quality of technique they teach here. In class we all lift one another up i felt most welcome from my first class and have come to absolutely love it at this dojo. I would recommend to anyone!

Review №21

This amazing business is built on peace, love, and success. Sensei Basche is an overall wonderful instructor who teaches self control, focus, the fundamentals of life, and perseverance. He teaches with passion and a goal oriented attitude. He gives positive reinforcement through being a fantastic leader and mentor. He has been given the tools by God to build self esteem within a person. This is an amazing, amazing, place!

Review №22

Basche’s Dojo is a mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually positive location where all the teachers, especially Sensei Basche, daily strives to improve all of lives, in every conceivable aspect. He is an excellent leader and a wonderful person. Signing up in 2020 was a turning point in my life, and it was the best thing I did last year. You should sign up too!

Review №23

After reading several of these negative comments aimed towards Basche’s and Sensei himself, and as a proud parent of a son who has been a member of this dojo for several years I feel like I need to clarify some of the comments made. First off these comments are coming from one angry parent and people he’s associated with who’s children have never attended Basche’s. I was actually present during this “incident” between the 2 boys sparring. Sensei absolutely did not get in any of the parents face’s and he absolutely reinforced self control. The parent however involved in this incident repeatedly cursed and made the environment of the dojo very uncomfortable. For Sensei to have stood there and listened to this person trash his dojo takes an insane amount of self control that I’m not so sure I would have been able to do myself. Sensei respects the kids he teaches and wants nothing but the best for them. I highly recommend and will continue to support Sensei and his staff at Basche’s.

Review №24

Several months one of my granddaughters attended the summer camp at Basche’s Martial arts. Neveah my granddaughter enjoyed it and felt very compatible with the staff who are very professional at what they do. Basche’s has given her a strong self esteem, encouragement to thrive into whatever she desires to do in life. Neveah has had a blessing with her teachers. She takes private lessons with sensi and she has grown so much more in the role of being more focused and development growth she has made amazing stepping stones such respect, discipline and self control.Months later my Granddaughter Angelique has come to live with grandpa and my self. We knew she had a lot of Mental illness and took on the challenge to care for her. With the support from Sensi the owner of Basche’s he knew just what she needed. A quick glimpse of Angelique she slow at developing motor skills. She has a skill of a five year old.We have signed her up with classes and is attending regularly. Sensi has a real Challenge with someone who is 18 years old in an adult class, with mental illness and delayed development ability to keep up with the class. Sensi has the patience of an angel. He has never placed any kind of judgement on her Or anyone for that matter. Angelique is gaining self confidence and feeling like she is no different.Sensi recently sent a real nice note to Angelique who was so excited to get a piece of mail. The note was full of encouraging words. I know in my heart that Sensi is blessed in many ways to do what he loves doing. He cares for all his students equally with compassion and understanding.

Review №25

Love this place! So glad that I got my daughter involved when she turned 4. She is now 7.5 and has loved the experience. What started of as daddy not wanting to worry as much in high school has turned into invaluable life lessons and a physical/mental/emotionally uplifting environment where my daughter is thriving. She is now 3 belts away from her black belt and in the Masters Class where She is beginning training for MMA! Sensei pushes each kid to their individual limits to overcome obstacles both in and out of classes. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to help their children grow in multiple facets of their life especially if discipline problems are present as this is front and center in his teachings! I hope you consider this as it will be a life changing experience for your child.

Review №26

Basches Martial Arts has done so much for my daughter. She has been going for 2 1/2 years now. Aside from learning amazing techniques & skills, her strength, determination & attitude has become so much better since starting classes here. Sensei Basche is a wonderful instructor who pushes each individual child to become the very best version of themselves.I could write a novel on this school & the people who instruct here, but I hope you take the time to experience it for yourself!

Review №27

Do not and I repeat do not enroll your child to this studio. The “sensei” believes it’s okay to threaten children in order to motivate them. Not only does he belittle the kids, but also the parents. That’s not the type of adult I want teaching my kids. Very unprofessional and have poor moral values.

Review №28

My nephew will no longer be taking classes here. The Sensei uses negativity and bullying behavior to motivate his students. There is no excuse for his behavior with and in front of the children in his class.

Review №29

Have never been more disappointed in a business than i am at this place. Truly sad. The owner thinks basic human decency and respect means youre babying children, and standing up for them means youre disrespecting him. Other parents might be ok with their kids being treated like that but im not. And Ill make sure to tell everyone i know not to take their kids to this place.

Review №30

Hes a bully plain and simple. Do not use this dojo. Many other places in Fort wayne to go to. He only cares about money.

Review №31

Sensei Basche is a class act. I highly recommend this martial arts school. Best in Fort Wayne!

Review №32

This is one of the best places I’ve seen, many karates dont do these things. I am a student here and I enjoyed mostly every lesson. If you need a karate dojo that doesn’t judge this is the best place for your child!🎋👍🏻

Review №33

I know I have written a review already, but I have more to add. This has been a rough year, in September I tore my rotator cuff. The care that Sensei showed to make sure I came to class, but also making sure I didn’t push too far to re-injure myself. The whole school is a family, we care and watch out for one another. That truly comes from our leadership from Sensei, from instructors, from leaders. It is the Basche family. I love that I will continue to grow as a martial artist with this family. Are we pushed hard, absolutely, but that is to make sure we are the best we can be. I couldn’t be happier here, you should join me!

Review №34

My son has been attending Basche’s for ~2 yrs now. He loves it every time he goes to his class, and talks about new techniques that sensei had taught them. He is growing with respect to himself, and to others, and he loves God. When we go out to eat in the restaurant, I received compliments from the servers how respectful he is towards them. He is excelling in school. He received the High Honors in the first quarter in their school this year. He is a wonderful and loving son. His younger brother loves and adores him because he shows how he cares and love his younger brother. These are just few of the positive things the developed/gained throughout the years that Sensei had taught him. Sensei’s teaching may perceived offensive to others but for me, I find it helping my son to become a better person, to be ready to tackle the obstacles he will face in this current world we have, and to be goal oriented to have a better future.He is in brown belt now, working towards black belt. With the self defense he learned, learning, and will learn from Sensei, I am confident that my son can defend himself if he has to. He understands when to use karate, and when not. Thats important!I highly recommend Basche!

Review №35

Cant say enough good things about Basches. Great teacher and better person. Very professional person.

Review №36

I am very impressed with the instruction I have witnessed at Basches.Steve Basche and his staff seem to genuinely care for the students and the struggles they face in the world. His goal is to equip them mentally and physically to be prepared for lifes challenges. Its not just about learning martial arts, its about understanding yourself, being confident, and becoming the best whole person you can be. Its fun, the kids were all captivated and involved, and seemed to be having a great time.I would highly recommend them.

Review №37

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The environment is very positive and clean! The price is great, especially for all the positive benefits that come with taking class. My son LOVES coming here!!

Review №38

I highly do not recommend this place the instructor is disrespectful and ignorant. I wouldnt recommend anyone to bring their child to this kind of environment that he has set.

Review №39

Bullies the students. Talks disrespectfully of the parents for different worries they express to him about the class, teaching, etc.

Review №40

Uses violence and threats to motivate his students lacks respect for parents would not recommend to anyone whos thinking of enrolling their kids the sensei is rude and hostile to his students....

Review №41

My 4-year-old son just started here and he absolutely loves the high energy of the classes. Hes learning fast just by being immersed in a class of his peers who have already been at it for a while. I also love that there is an older student who models great form, and the students are required to show respect from the get-go.

Review №42

Ive worked with Sensei Steve over a year now and he is extremely passionate about his school and his students. He is not just another business owner or instructor, he cares and wants everyone to succeed.

Review №43

Absolutely loved Basche’s! From the beginning, they were effective, efficient, and respectful. My son had a great time and learned amazing values. We are so thankful we found this wonderful school. It has been a blessing and we foresee being a student for many years to come.

Review №44

The owner trashed my senseis dojo he said strike first strike hard no mercy and made my kid cry

Review №45

My daughter and I had a great time. Definitely a good place for you and your family to learn some things, and challenge yourself to grow. The first lesson will leave you feeling focused and energised. The lessons are hands on and everyone participates and is involved with every demonstration. Good place to gain confidence in yourself and learn discipline, focus and skills to help keep you and your loved ones safe. We are both excited to come back again next week!

Review №46

The is a wonderful dojo. Sensei Basche and the black belts like Mary that assist him are very encouraging. They not only address martial arts skills but character and discipline. I would highly recommend Basches Marital Arts to everyone!!

Review №47

I really recommend Basches Martial Arts if you are looking into getting in karate. My son was able to attend the classes free for one week before we signed him up. We instantly felt welcomed when we walked in the door. After just the 3 classes my son went to so far, he is already more respectful towards people and he has more confidence in himself. I totally recommend it! :)

Review №48

This place its great for all the ages!!! Kids can learn so much and have fun at the same time, Teachers are awesome and stuff is really caring and friendly . My daughter enjoys her classes !!!

Review №49

Warm, welcoming, inviting environment. I have never taken any type of martial arts class before and I felt very comfortable and welcomed. Everyone is very encouraging and helps you persevere and do your best. I had a very good experience.

Review №50

My son just enrolled at Basche’s. I was immediately impressed during our trial classes by the respect the other students displayed toward each other, all the guests, and the instructor. The Sensei is firm but kind to the students during their lessons. It was amazing watching all the students respond to the teachings in such a disciplined way. I believe all the instructors and student helpers do a great job and take pride in their work. I am very excited to watch my son grow physically and mentally. I wish I signed him up sooner!

Review №51

I checked out a few MA places before I settled on this one. The sensei here has a passion for teaching and gives instruction in a way that helps you not just learn proper form but practical methods that you could use in a real self-defense situation. If he can see you are improving quickly you accelerate through belts. The teacher here also has created a culture of positive reinforcement, respect, and setting a good example/becoming a force for good both internally and externally.

Review №52

I am very encouraged and excited for my family to be a part of Basches Martial Arts. We are enjoying classes! Everyone weve met is kind, and I have peace when Im in the facility. Ive known other martial arts instructors and owners and have felt like a paycheck or goal incentive. Here, we are a student, child, adult, with potential and are encouraged to achieve our best self. Mr. Basche and Mr. David are patient, skilled teachers. Everyone has introduced themselves, not only to my child, but to me as well. Its a very welcoming environment. We are looking forward to our future here!

Review №53

Ive known Steve, the owner, for at least two years before I began my classes. He was always positive, patient, and professional in business settings. I have always heard great things about his Martial Arts School so I started classes last week. I was nervous at first and all the students and instructor were understanding and put me at ease. It is amazing the amount of helpful information and practical self-defense knowledge Ive picked up in a short time. I highly encourage you take join us and improve your life in many aspects here at Basches Martial Arts!

Review №54

I have only been to two classes thus far, but am thoroughly enjoying the time I spend there and eagerly look forward to the next class. Sensei is not only well versed in the martial arts, he is also a kind and fun individual to be around. I am attending the program because 1) I want to be in better physical shape. 2) I want to know I am in control of any situation. 3) I want to be more confident and well-rounded in my mind, spirit, and body. And 4) I like keeping secrets and I like having them. It sounds funny, but I feel better about myself when people dont truly know who I am or what I have accomplished.I cant wait to see how far I get in the next year. I will be updating my review then.

Review №55

Been training here for a little over a month and I love it. All of The instructors I’ve worked with seem to know what they’re doing and the basics are always taught no matter how far ahead you are. sensei is always there As a teacher and a life coach and will help you anyway he can.I always know that no matter what I’m going through I can come here to relieve stress and leave a little bit better of a person.

Review №56

My son has been attending for 2 months, myself for 2 lessons and the staff has been outstanding. They do wonders with the children in their classes and wonders with me (I have Multiple Sclerosis) and it is a welcoming atmosphere to all that attend. If you’re looking for Martial Arts training in Fort Wayne, look no further.

Review №57

Love the atmosphere there and the way Sensei teaches his younger students is great. I believe my daughter will learn a lot!

Review №58

Our son loves karate nights! We could not be happier that we found Basches for him. He is becoming more focused and his self-control is improving with every class. This is a very clean environment and has the very respectful and understanding instructors. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Review №59

Owners a bully when he dont get his way

Review №60

This is truly the best place around. The teaching is incredible. We have two people in my family that attend and it has changed their lives. I would recommend this place and teaching to anyone!

Review №61

I absolutely love this place, the Sensei works with the children and is very friendly. The place is very clean and they are welcoming and comfort the children. 5/5 if I could give more I absolutely would they have been amazing to my son.

Review №62

Unprofessional and unhinged do not trust this place instructer is a loose cannon.

Review №63

I wasnt sure how i would lime attending classes but i have enjoyed every lesson. I love how there are different teachers giving their advise and how they break down all the moves. Karate is full of discipline and respect and this has really helped my confidence and how i try to teach my children at home. I would encourage everyone to at least try a class and see.

Review №64

Our 5 year old son recently began taking classes with Sensei, and hes having a great time. The kids are not just learning karate, they are learning life skills. My older son and daughter watch classes, and its pretty clear that they are picking up some great lessons just by being in the building. We are so thankful!

Review №65

My son has attended Basches Martial Arts for over 2 years now and has grown tremendously during that time. Hes improved in many areas; most notably his focus and respect for others.

Review №66

Highly recommend! My son and I are going and looking forward to the journey under Master Basches leadership and wisdom. A great way to improve ones self and an awesome way to get your child setup with strong confidence in themselves and respect for others.

Review №67

My short time with this place has been a nice one. They feel like a family and they teach self defense, respect, and discipline alongside that.

Review №68

My son has been going to karate class for 11 months. He is physically and mentally stronger since starting his class. The kids work very hard and demonstrate self-discipline well beyond their years. I highly recommend going to Basches martial arts!

Review №69

This place is amazing! Very clean and friendly atmosphere!! My two kids love coming and taking clases and they have learn discipline!

Review №70

My family and I, have been very pleased here at Basche’s Martial Arts. I love the learning environment. The place is friendly and clean. My son enjoys going to class three times weekly. I would definitely recommend this institute to anyone.

Review №71

The atmosphere is extremely inviting and encouraging. My child shows a difference everytime he enters. They really go out of their way to help anyway they can.

Review №72

Im honored and pleased to be a part of Basches Martial Arts. A diverse, family oriented atmosphere, that brings excitement when you walk through the door. If youre thinking of a positive way to show your children discipline Basches Arts is a great choice. Basche welcomes all ages, so if youre thinking about getting back into shape come to Basches Martial Arts. Thanks

Review №73

Basches Martial Arts has been a great inspiration to me because, its main focus is not just martial arts but god himself to. Basches has help my self-control improve and Im a better person because of it. Sensei is awesome, he works with everyone and helps us if were stuck on a combination or self-defense and it helps me a lot. Basches is a awesome place to be at to, the friends you make there are the best. Basches is awesome.

Review №74

Great people, great academy. Very clean studio and friendly instructors.

Review №75

I signed my son up several months ago. He is now in the Black Belt Program. His strength confidence, and overall personality has progressed wonderfully. I likelike Senseis style and teaching etiquette. Hes great with all ages. Love his jokes, but most of all his drive and passion for students to succeed.

Review №76

I am so excited about Basches Martial Arts. It has proven to be one of the best places for my daughter to learn the art of martial arts. It offers professional training by quality instructors. Basche has been well worth the experience. My daughter has developed a relationship and is very comfortable with the instructors and students. The positive and energetic environment helps to enhance the teaching of fundamental skills of self-control, listening, and focus.Basche is not just student oriented but also family focused which is evident through their community health fairs, kick-a-thons, and open graduations. I would definitely recommend Basches Martial Arts to anyone wanting to introduce their child to the art.

Review №77

This school is amazing both my kids love coming. The Sensei does wonders with helping build self confidence and self control and discipline. Everyone treats each other with respect and family. You should come give this place a try you wont regret it.

Review №78

A bully not a teacher. Full stop

Review №79

Before I joined, I was low in self confidence as well as health. After being here for nearly four years now, I am walking taller, better disciplining myself, and finding myself excited for each class! If you decide to visit, take my word: you will be happy you did!

Review №80

Our son David really enjoys his class time and learning from the wonderful instructors. The discipline he’s learning and self control are a great credit to Basche karate.

Review №81

Since my son been coming here he has become a great and calm kid!!! Sensei Basche is the best, very understanding and a great teacher, easy to talk to and we just love him,I see the difference in my sons attitude and the way he handles himself. I recommend bringing your kids here, and just want to thank them so much!!!

Review №82

Many parents are afraid to talk about the owner of this business. So I decided to observe both previous and new location to give my own opinion. I have to say new location is very nice and well equipped although it is located in a run down shopping center. Things I noticed1) classes are not always taught by a black belt. The business should have produced enough black belt students by now if he was in business for over 30 years.2) several times I noticed an overweight lady was teaching the class3) I noticed the main instructor was screaming at kids. On one occasion he made a little African American boy cry.4) Many classes except for the Saturday class have hardly any studentsSo I will not recommend this place to anyone. There are plenty of other options in town. Please do your own research because many of the positive comments may be written by students, friends and family.

Review №83

My son started karate over the summer. He loves going to class. He is 4 yrs old and it was a great decision to enroll him. Sensei and Mary are great instructors. My son has recently starting sparring with other students and it is his favorite part of class. The culture is serious and professional even for the little kids. I appreciate that in todays social climate that a place like this exists in Fort Wayne. I bet even Joe Rogan would be impressed with this place!

Review №84

My daughter Sienna has been attending this school for only 4 months, but I already see the positive differences in her confidence level, social skills, and physical capabilities. Sensei Basche is awesome with what he teaches, especially with the physical and mental disciplining, along with strong emotional control that are absolutely required for martial arts. Mary is great, she creates warmth and inviting environment in her class, yet shes very powerful. If you want to know the true Bushido I highly recommend Sensei Basche.

Review №85

My son has been taking karate for about 6 months and he has loved it! He has learned more discipline, respect and gratitude. He is also keeping his room cleaner! Love it!

Review №86

My 15 year old loves Basches Martial Arts. The atmosphere is positive, disciplined and structured. This is a great place for him to learn karate and self discipline.

Review №87

Our son Tyler has been a student at Basches Martial Arts for a little over a year now. Within this year weve witnessed him develop a high level of respect for himself and others, a discipline not unlike what you would see in a US Marine, a thought process used to reassure success, and martial arts skills Bruce Lee would be proud of. Tyler is showing a lot of potential to one day not only be a good man, but also a great leader. Im very proud of how well he is doing, and his disciplined training definitely shows when hes in a martial arts competition. I foresee Tyler training under Sensei Basche well into the future.

Review №88

Very good place for a young person to learn life skills... not only self defense but overall confidence in who they are.. love it!

Review №89

Very awesome experience. Good at engaging with the children. Keeping their attention. Offering a strict but fun learning enviornment. The children really enjoyed it. Love that sensei teaches the children to be appreciative and live outside themselves.

Review №90

This is a great place to take your children to start learning basic self defense! My daughter has been going longer than a few months and she loves it. It is a great way for her to connect with kids her age. She has learned basic techniques for how to deal with kidnappers and bullies. Her confidence has grown and she has become more aware of her surroundings. The Sensei and his Senpai are great at keeping her focused. Thank you Sensei and Senpai for training my daughter!

Review №91

My son recently started and he loves it! Great environment and people! Thank you!

Review №92

Classes held at the YMCA have been great for my boys. They have gained confidence, discipline, and respect for others. They enjoy it and have made some great friends.

Review №93

Sensei is an amazing teacher and a very respectable man, for the classes i have attended i have always looked forwards to the next and have felt more confident at the end of each one. fantastic dojo, teachers, and atmosphere! would highly recommend to anyone of any age.

Review №94

I love the philosophy and atmosphere of the school. Its uplifting and positive. Sensei Bashe connects with students on a deeper level and is able to quickly know down walls and barriers to relationships with them. I encourage everyone to check them out!

Review №95

Basches Dojo/Studio is definitely full of high energy. With an emphasis on self-control, personal focus, respect for self and others and confidence/self-awareness! I highly recommend this Dojo!

Review №96

I have been training here at Basches for a little while know and I love it as much now as I did the day that I first walked in to try a class. Sensei is a wonderful teacher and the other students are amazing. The dojo is a very positive environment with welcoming people. In the time that I have been training Ive gained more confidence in myself and found a balance in my life that Id had trouble attaining before. Its definitely worth at least coming in and trying a class.

Review №97

My family seriously hit the jack pot when we found Basches Martial Arts! My 9 year old son was experiencing some aggression from other students in school. I was especially concerned because my son met this aggression with passivity. It didnt seem to anger him and I worried the long-term effects this could have on his self-esteem.Since attending this class twice a week for just a few months, Noah has become much more sure of himself. And this seems to have made a difference in his school interactions because the aggressive students have stayed away from him.Steve Basche is an amazing influence on all his students. His class focuses on more than just self-defense. Almost every single class I witness Sensei Basches encouraging words about personal accountability, perseverance, and the importance of inner peace. I am SO thankful for his presence in my sons life. I am positive that these lessons are contributing greatly to the core of who my son is and will be.

Review №98

I have been going to Bashes for a couple weeks now, and the classes are exactly what Ive been looking for. Sensei is very encouraging to his students, and always pushes them to do their best. I am very happy with my experience so far.

Review №99

The Quality of training at Basches Martial Arts is absolutely amazing. The focus on mastering techniques and self discipline is second to none. In my opinion most green and purple belts in this dojo can spar and win against most black belts from other schools. I highly recommend considering Bashes Martial Arts for children and adults of any age.

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This place is very gud

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  • Address:6041 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 260-226-1111
  • Martial arts school
  • Fitness center
  • Karate school
  • Self defense school
  • Taekwondo school
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–12PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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