Cross Keys Middle School
14205 Cougar Dr, Florissant, MO 63033, United States
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As a parent of a child who attends school here Im not pleased. A lot of the teachers dont seem really excited about teaching. My child does not like going there and my child is a honor roll student. My child begs on the regular to change schools.

Review №2

Not a safe school in years past. Not sure in the last 3 years. As we sent ours to private school instead of going here. Went to elementary right next door at wedgwood.

Review №3

Horrible. I understand these kids dont care about there future but they interrupt the kids who do care. I wish this school would finally lose there accreditation so my 7th grader could charter out. Its like the teachers dont care about us they just want the money says my child. The counselor is really bad she yells a lot for hardly anything. One of the lunch ladys yelled at my kid because she told her she forgot to put cheese her nachos. A lot of times my kid comes home upset because she cant learn properly but i cant afford to send her to a private school. I WILL defiantly be homeschooling her next year.

Review №4

Not too great but not absolutely horrible. After all, it Is middle school. Some cases (most cases) didnt turn out fair. There was a substitute that hit a student so the student defended herself by only pushing the sub back. The student was suspended for 90 days. No consequence for the sub though. I talked to the counselor often though. Shes a lovely lady. Some of my teachers I was lucky to have, others I felt like they hated their job. The best advice I would give is Dont trust everyone you know, expose yourself to new things and people, and Never eat the school sandwiches.

Review №5

I am currently a student here at cross keys ( 2017 - 2018 ) school year.. If i was you i would not send my child here. They have to many fights . In this school there is also ALOT of bullying and nothing is being done about it, Cross keys also have no sports team nor activitys . the teacher are very mean and there to collect a check . the teachers are always gone and atleast 6 classes a day have a substitute . The lunch food is awfiul. Cross keys make the good kids suffer for the bad kids when the really didnt do anything . There fore i would not send my child here if i was you

Review №6

Cross Keys is a place where a kid shouldnt go, Im a student a Cross Keys, a 8th grader that currently attends ckms My mom is making plans to move houses just so I can transfer schools. Ive been there since the beginning of 7th grade. From my experience, ckms isnt a school that you would wanna take your child to because they will not be ok with what this school has to offer . The lunch is Terrible, the kids are out of control to the point to where teachers are unable to teach sometimes . They have no activities such as basketball and baseball they have nothing . Plus the staff isnt people of there words. My mom has called the school plenty of times so because she wants me to change teams and ask questions, everytime she called people tells her to leave a voice mail for a call back from the principal. She has sent multiple voicemails, but still doesnt get a call back.

Review №7

It’s a bad school they food has had hair in it and other stuff and they serve the same food everyday

Review №8

I go here currently and if you want to have a fighting career go here. Got more fights then united airlines Overall great school, (for learning how to fight)

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I am currently a Cross Keys Middle School student (2017-2018) school year and I hate this school the girls bathrooms have no locks the food is nasty

Review №10

I went here its ok wouldnt send my kid there

Review №11

Worst school. They have more fights than four high schools would have

Review №12

Sometimes the pizza looks like the cardboard from toystory and there are more fights then in a white castle parking lot, and not to mention the teachers might as we not even go to school

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I love this

Review №14

I like that school

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2.7 Rating
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