Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Farmington Hills
31221 W 14 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334, United States
Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Farmington Hills

Review №1

My kids are excited for their lessons and love their instructors. The staff is helpful and caring. My only issue has been scheduling classes when we change levels or trying to schedule a make up class.I am happy with how the kids are progressing and that they are learning new skills and becoming confident in the water.

Review №2

Swim coaches are excellent with children.Staff is great with resolving any issues. Very clean facility. We have been attending a year my 9year is level 7 and my 5year old is level 4.

Review №3

Completely wrong the way no one help me with the problems I was having with time changed and make up days. coming up with almost $200 was difficult for me but I did it because my child needed swimming. my daughter is still crying because we had to go. All of her make up days was not used because you are giving me days not suitable for me. Thanks

Review №4

We love this program for our twin boys. The teachers are very attentive and nice; and the location is very clean!

Review №5

I am leaving a 1 star review so that the franchise owner can see this. Your employee, Katie, hung up on me Wednesday, 9/1. I called shortly after the center was open to find out why Id been charged for a months worth of classes since I wasnt aware of authorizing any enrollment. (Back story: I paid the 50.00 non-refundable registration fee in June in good faith that my 2 los would be starting classes this summer, however my family has decided not to move forward.)So, upon calling, and explaining that I wasnt aware of any enrollment for September, Katie immediately says that she can provide and refund and stop any future enrollments until I call or come in. Im thinking great, thats exactly what I expected. I the proceed to tell Katie that Ive tried to coordinate with my family to make this happen but unfortunatelyI cant. I felt the need to be transparent as you want people to know whats happening in case there is potential for a future relationship. Do you know she hung up on me?! YES, HUNG UP. No, it wasnt an accidental click of a button. This child set the phone down on me. I waited a minute because, in my mind, I am giving Katie- representative of Aqua Tots Farmington Hills- the opportunity to call me back. When I realized she was intentional about hanging up, I called back. I made her aware that wed been disconnected and asked her to now send an email confirming the information shed provided about the refund and disenrollment. She proceeds to tell me that they dont send out emails, but she type one out with the specific information I requested. It took everything in me not to give Katie the business. Why is Katie not apologetic and empathetic? Why does she work in customer service if she doesnt like dealing with... CUSTOMERS?Like, Katie, sweetie, you are not doing a Simone Biles. What that means is you are doing the bare minimum. I have had both my kids in gymnastics and my daughter in dance for the past 2 years and have never been treated this way by staff orowners for Gods sake. If this location has a Katie working for them, representing them, I will gladly drive my kids to a different location WHEN I AM READY. $50 bucks wasted.

Review №6

The staff was caring. My sons were afraid of water, they immediately got more staff for help. Carissa sat with my two year old son for the whole swim lesson and finally got him to enter in the pool. Loving it there!!

Review №7

Such an amazing swim school - my almost 2 year old says “yay” every time we pull into the parking lot! Coach Emily is the best! She is so confident, calm and patient with the kids. My daughter cried to even get her eyes wet in the bathtub but after a couple sessions at AquaTots she was completely fine being dunked under. Karissa (spelling?) at the front desk is always so bubbly and sweet to the parents and kids- we love her!

Review №8

My daughter has shown great strides in her swimming and her confidence in the water. We love Coach Alex and Coach Nya. Very good with little ones and very patient.

Review №9

Amazing instructors! Coach Emily has been great for our little guy. Looking forward to enrolling our new arrival in classes at the end of the year.

Review №10

They are trying. Understaffed. Ends up being a rip off.$185 worth of lessons down the drain because they dont have availability- doesnt seem fair.

Review №11

Attentive and encouraging Coaches, friendly and helpful desk staff, and our son just really enjoys himself while in class and is learning a ton.

Review №12

My two and a half year old son is taking swim lessons there and the teachers are wonderful! Im so proud of how much hes already learned and his comfort level in the water is exceptional!

Review №13

Your instructors and staff are awesome! My daughter loves swim class and her instructors. She has missed out on so much this year because of COVID, including other activities she loves like soccer, but to have Aqua Tots and swimming has given her some normalcy and helps keep her physically active.

Review №14

My son has autism and can be challenging at times. and they are patient and caring. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №15

I love the work you have been doing with my daughter. The staff are friendly, patient, and professional. The environment is very welcoming. I am glad I chose Aqua-Tots!

Review №16

Facility is clean and inviting. Staff are helpful, kind, and enthusiastic about their job. My 3 year loves it here.

Review №17

I have needed to change the time of my daughters swim lessons from time to time. Sometimes it is just for the day, where I may need to come earlier or later. Sometimes it make be for a period of weeks. The staff is always willing to accommodate me when they can.

Review №18

We love coach Emily! She pushes my daughter to her potential and provides a comfortable and fun experience for us!

Review №19

Can’t say enough about this place. They have been great pre and post covid. My kids ask me if they can swim 5 days a week here. They are 8 and 6. Regardless of their coach they always enjoy their lessons and look forward to every single session. Highly recommend for those looking for a place to help teach their little ones safe swimming and having a blast during the process!

Review №20

We have loved all our coaches so far. Cant wait for our youngest to start lessons alongside his older brother.

Review №21

This place is amazing. So before going in we asked some familes about this place and they have nothing but good things to say. We go in and see why. Everyone is so nice and friendly. You feel welcomed. My son whos 3 and a cryer if im not around did fantastic without me. He didnt feel a need to cry. They made him feel comfortable and at home. They have many levels for learning and recommend 2 classes a week at least. They have dryers for hair and swim suits. They have hair tyes and q tips. This place is amazing. You must enroll your child you wont regret it

Review №22

All my kids took swim lessons here and have mastered different strokes. I highly recommend aqua tot swim school.

Review №23

Aqua Tots Swim school has exceeded my expectations and we have had a great experience for our kids swim lessons for the past 2 years. The staff is super cheerful and helpful and the facility is clean and well stocked. We love it!

Review №24

I love aqua tots! They make my kids feel safe in the water. My son has been going since last year snd his skills have improved tremendously! Now, we’re also starting with my toddler girl and I cannot wait to see how she improves over time. The coaches are awesome and the reception staff are friendly and helpful!

Review №25

I am so sad that this place started out great and awesome coaches but it has been going down hill since staff changed and the management as well guess. All the new staff dont care for teaching only talking with each other. Thank God for coach tiffany that she is still there she deserves 5 stars. I am so disappointed :(

Review №26

The majority of instructors are kids and more interested in playing and talking with each other than really teaching my kids how to swim. Im constantly searching for the ones that really are dedicated to their jobs. So far Coach Griffin has been amazing. Wish Coach Cara was still here!

Review №27

2020: They shouldnt be open. It is unsafe. They have been open FAR longer than gyms and those are adults with distancing. We shouldnt have places like this open. Not yet. Not with the rate of infection increasing daily. Wait until it is SAFE and we LOVE LOVE the program and its people.2017:Reasonable rates, great instructors, amazing customer service and management! We are lifetime customers. Our kids look forward all week to going. Couldnt be happier! Great job, everyone!

Review №28

Good teaching for the kids and nice employees.

Review №29

Im so angry and shocked about my experience at this location. Its a long story Ill try to hit the highlights:1. My son is 5 years old, autistic, very limited speech, has lots of sensory issues2. I spoke with receptionist and explained all of his issues and my concerns. She reassured me they have a special needs program and they know what they are doing3. I was booked on a busy day (when I said numerously he struggles with large crowds)4. He was given a card with his name, nothing indicating he is special needs5. Instructor took him back and I was barely able to say hes autistic6. she was not able to get him in the pool, he was clearly overwhelmed, shes trying to talk to him expecting him to talk, she asked other staff to help, they look baffled7. Son is crying and yelling, beginning a meltdown. Gets away from staff, runs along side of pool, Im unable to get to him. (What if he fell in?)8. He opens the door and runs to me. Instructor looked completely lost, says I should have come on a quieter day (my fault right?)7. Receptionist I spoke to initially? Completely clueless what happened. Tells me I should have came on a quiet day if he has issues with it. It was obvious she didnt remember our phone call and my concerns were ignored. Still tries to sell me prices for the AVERAGE kid in GROUP settings. Doesnt mention the special needs program at all!!DO NOT SELL A SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAM IF YOU ARE NOT PROPERLY TRAINED ON ASSISTING KIDS WITH DISABILITIES. Just because corporate says you offer it, its not just another class! I will never return and I hope no other special need parents go through my experience.From what I saw they just run your kids through like an assembly line. When the instructors are in the pool, they look like annoyed teenagers that were forced to watch a younger sibling. Im still so angry and in disbelief. Best of luck if you end up going there, special needs or not. Hope they get their act together for the childrens sake.

Review №30

The staff will EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS!! So patient and kind with the children.. took care of my sons’ separation anxiety as well as the anxiety I had once he graduated and advanced to getting in the pool without mommy. Absolutely love it here! And now so does he :)Thanks Coach Izzy and young ladies at the desk! You are greatly appreciated

Review №31

Very easy enrollment process! The staff here is great, very friendly, quick, and knowledgeable. The instructors work great with the children and their comfort level of being in the water.

Review №32

We had used goldfish for o sr two years and thought we would try out Aquatots. i can’t speak for all the teachers but both Stephana and Fana are the best teachers my daughter has ever had.

Review №33

Excellent experience with all coaches and staff. Highly recommend!

Review №34

We have been with Aqua Tots for over a year and all 3 of our children have learned to swim here. They work really hard to accommodate our crazy schedule. It is a nice, clean, and safe environment.

Review №35

Not impressed, tiny and crowded. I actually had exclaimed surprise when we opened the door, as its all right there in your face, reception, pool, all. We went there for an evaluation with our kid and wont return. It was a real rack-n-stack place, with kids queuing for each group, 25 mins in the water, in then out, next group. The pool does not even appear to be Olympic sized - tiny and water looks cloudy ominous. The music playlist while waiting in the lounge area was dominated with whistle-tunes - that detestable music you often hear on insurance ads or carefree experiences on TV. The staff were nice, but use a time-share tactic to ensure they have a shot at getting your business after the trial - you have to give them your car keys while there. I do appreciate the chance to evaluate the facility free-of-charge, but its simply not for me or my family. For those who need to teach their children to swim (and cannot themselves) this may be an option, otherwise, take the kids to the family pool and teach them yourself!

Review №36

Its good and clean, nice people

Review №37

They charge you 450 for a 2 hr birthday party. They dont explain to you that the children only get to swim 1 hr out of the the 2 hrs. The employee lied about multiple things in just 2 hrs. The whole party the employees will harass you about how much time you have left. They rush you to leave and will charge you an additional $75 if your still there 10 min after your time to leave. I was told they only do parties from 3pm to 5pm. I will never recommend this company to anyone.

Review №38

Amazing instructors, friendly staff and clean facility. We love Aqua Tots Farmington Hills!

Review №39

Love Aqua Tots!!! Great teachers and staff!!!

Review №40

Great clean place!

Review №41

Loved loved loved!

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