Angelic Lashes by Tiffany
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Angelic Lashes by Tiffany

Review №1

This is by far the best lash extension service I’ve ever had. I moved out of the area a year ago and I’m yet to anything even close. It’s a beautiful clean studio. Very professional, super clean and punctual. You’re out in record time but the lashes last longer than others I’ve gotten. Also the quality of the lashes are superior. I wish it was a national franchise!

Review №2

Sharon is the best! She is very personable and professional. Ive gotten my eyelash extensions done with her multiple times and she nails it every time. The place itself is very sanitary. The woman at the front desk is also very friendly; excellent customer service overall. I recommend this place to everyone.

Review №3

I love how Sharon does my lashes. The salon is super clean, beautiful and extremely classy. The quality of lashes are amazing. I truly never been happy. My favorite lash stylist ever. Thank you Sharon and Tiffany. Super happy that I found you guys. I travel 35 miles each ways to get my lashes done. ❤️❤️ Highly recommend this salon.

Review №4

Ive been coming here for eyelash extensions for almost a year now and Ive never been disappointed. Ive had eyelash extensions done at a couple other places and this salon is hands down the best. All of the stylists are wonderful. They are especially good with Asian lashes as they are naturally very straight and point somewhat downward. My extensions curl up and are very flattering. They also have different eyelash styles that they do to your liking/preference. This salon is also super cute and clean. I feel very safe with the COVID-19 precautions and procedures they have in place.

Review №5

I have been using Angelic Lashes maybe about 2 years now. Currently I am seeing Vi, and she gives me perfect lashes every time depending on my request. She is very nice and kind, so I feel very comfortable with her. Also I would like to mention that the service at the front desk is wonderful. She responds me very fast via text. Thank you so much for the excellent service!

Review №6

My daughter took the lash training at Angelic Lashes this month and I just want to say thank you because her confidence has gone from like zero to at least 80% after taking their class! The lashes that I had put on that day have lasted longer than they have before and I have not seen any lashes fall out. She did a new person on Wednesday and she finished them in 2 1/2 hours. It usually takes her four hours which was adding stress not only on her but to me as well! Just shows the difference it has made for her by having chosen the right place to get training! Thank you for everything!

Review №7

I want to first start off by saying I never like to leave bad reviews but my most recent experience at Angelic has caused me to do so. I think they all do amazing work! I actually learned how to do lashes with Tiffany and Vi! I loved the atmosphere, professionalism and amazing work at Angelic Lash so I decided to leave my former and get my lashes done here! All of my sets have been amazing but on this last set I got really bad service and I can tell my appointment was rushed. It’s important for me to be transparent and let you all know that I was about 5-7 mins late to this appointment. I let the receptionist know in advance that I would be a few minutes late; she said it was fine and I came in as soon as I got there. When my appointment was over and I looked at the work I could tell it was slight gaps on my left eye. The right eye was super full but the left was not at all. When I got there for my appointment I asked to make sure they were super full in the event that a few came out before the weekend because I would be going on vacation. Unfortunately, they were not and Vi (my lash tech) refused to fix the hole in my lash! When I sat up I asked her “does it look like it’s a hole right here?” She brushed it and said one of the lashes were just twisted so I left, paid & tipped accordingly. When I got in the car I saw a few of my natural lashes peeking out where that gap was and I called the receptionist to ask if Vi could fix it.. she said she’d ask her but she is sure she’d be able to fix it... well Vi later came back and said she did the best she could and she can’t fix it I would have to book another lash fill next week... the moral of this story is I understand that I was late but this was completely unacceptable for her not to fix my lash. At the end of the day, her customer was unhappy with the service and instead of trying to accommodate (which would have taken a few lashes) she brushed me off and told me to just book another appointment. Sadly, I will have to take my business elsewhere (to someone who cares about my happiness with the service not just the $$)!

Review №8

My lashes always come out perfect. Staff is very friendly and place is always clean.

Review №9

I had a keratin lash infusion and tint here with Jaylynn. I have never had one so bad. My eyelashes were curled so tightly that they actually curled back into my own eyelids and led to my eyes getting dirt/dust in them as there was no protection. The company was professional enough to have me come back and have it redone - but by the same person. The second (redo) time was almost as bad as the first. My eyelashes were still curled way too tightly and went back into my eyelid. When I complained again, I was told that they were curled back like that and not straight because my eyelashes were too small. Nope. They were just done wrong....again. And they were likely done wrong because Jaylynn did not take the time to ask me about it - she just put me on the table and started doing the keratin infusion again. And then argued with me that they were correct. Now 4 weeks later they are still a mess with some curled into my eyelid, some crooked, and some sticking straight out. While I was offered to come and have someone try to fix it again, there was no way that I was going to deal with this a third time. I plan to look elsewhere. The owner did offer me a partial refund, but she refused to answer my calls and give advice on how to remove the curl quicker. The quality of the service was poor. I want to warn others to look elsewhere if they are interested in a keratin lash infusion. I have had this done multiple times before in New Orleans and it was fantastic. Now my eyelashes are a mess, I cannot wear mascara, and particles of dust are always in my eye. My lashes are not special, they just did not perform the service right....twice. And if the owner Tiffany is so concerned with the review, then she could have picked up the phone and returned my message. Suggesting that I have an underlying motive is even more reason to not go here. What terrible customer service. And I never raised my voice - talk about one sided and being unfair. I have mostly communicated through her staff via text because no one is professional enough to give me a call. Particularly, if the owner is so concerned, why is the first time I am hearing from her on a Google Review. Absolutely ridiculous professionalism and customer service. Wish I could give zero stars now. It is pretty disgusting that an owner is trying to make me (a client) look bad when she has never interacted with me.

Review №10

Just had my fill with Vi and I fall more in love with her and Angelic Lashes by Tiffany every time I’m there. For starters I am always greeted warmly and with the best smile as soon as I walk through the door! Everyone there is beyond sweet and friendly! It’s a place you want to be and you feel like part of a family AND like your business is certainly appreciated. That’s a rare find! Vi is an amazing lash artist and I always wake up to stunning lashes. Thank you to all the ladies at Angelic Lashes by Tiffany for being amazing!

Review №11

I’ve been going here for more than six months now and I recommend it to every person who compliments my lashes! I have long and full lashes so I’ve only done the lash lift and tint with keratin treatment. My go to person is Jaylynn but I had Shannon last time and they’re both great. The process only takes about 45 minutes and lasts for 1.5-2 months. It saves me time getting ready in the morning because I don’t have to curl my lashes or put mascara on. And your eyes always look more awake with curled lashes!Their place is super clean and cute and everyone is so nice there. I feel safe going during COVID because they take proper precautions.Seriously recommend, it’s worth the investment!

Review №12

This review is long overdue! Ive been seeing Tiffany at Angelic Lashes for almost 4 years. Shes super sweet, gentle, and quick but a perfectionist. Ive gotten classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume done and she always exceeds my expectations. She really listens to what you want and executes the look. I trust Tiffany so much that Ill even ask her to do whatever she wants.Ive also seen Vi a few times, while Tiffany was out, for volume refills. She is accommodating, gentle, and quick as well. She has always achieved the look I want. Shes also super sweet.When I say theyre both sweet and accommodating, I mean it. During both of my pregnancies I was still getting my lashes done; seeing Tiffany during both and Vi a few times during my second. They always gave me time to get comfortable and to lay on my side. A pillow for my legs were offered as well and I always had help getting up. They truly care about providing the best service.The salon itself is always SO clean (even before Covid) and absolutely beautiful. Its spacious; theres 4 private rooms. They text you when theyre ready for you and your temperature is checked with the receptionist. Checking out is Covid safe and super easy. The team really listen to your wants and needs. Also, communication is key. If there has been any one offs, its been addressed and fixed immediately. I barely go anywhere because of Covid but the salon makes me feel safe and relaxed.Im ALWAYS receiving compliments on my lashes! If youre looking to get the best quality and beautiful lashes WITH the great customer service, do yourself a favor and book with Angelic Lashes!

Review №13

I would not get the service for a lash perm and tint. The tint is barely visible/dark and the artificial lashes that are attached are sparse ... It is not the best in value. I had gotten the same service elsewhere in fairfax right before this visit and was able to get better quality service (darker and a fuller look even with just a perm and tint).

Review №14

Really nice and clean facility but it was absolutely freezing and they don’t give you blankets to use anymore. The staff are friendly but a few scheduling issues even before my appointment felt a little unprofessional. I went anyway and ended up with dark black eyelashes that were way more dramatic (and long) than the naturally full lashes that I asked for. Ended up having an allergic reaction on the ride home from my appointment and had to have them removed right away. I was out of commission for two days before all of the glue came off of my eyes. Lack of consultation and communication definitely negatively impacted the whole experience.

Review №15

Vi was great. She was very professional and consistent. I am in love with my lashes and I am now a regular client. It is definitely worth every penny.

Review №16

This was my first time ever trying out eyelash extensions and despite my nervousness, I was so excited to finally give this a try!First thing that stood out to me was this businesss covid readiness. From the time I arrived at their parking lot all the way to getting my beautiful set of new eyelashes, I absolutely felt that this business genuinely cared for my well-being during this pandemic.As for my eyelashes, I LOVE em. Its been couple of days since my appt and Ive already gotten compliments. I think Im already hooked! My only hope is that they will last long enough that I wont need a fill until 4 weeks later. I did do a lot of studying before my appt so I understand some lashes do much better than others. Anyway, looking forward to my next appointment!

Review №17

Wow!!! Just wow!! I’ve been getting my lashes done for eight years all over the country- California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Connecticut... everywhere. This place is hands down the very best. Most businesses only post their very best work on Instagram. With Angelic Lashes, you actually look like her photos!! I saw Jaylynn and I’m sure glad I did. I’ll update after some time has passed to comment on retention and to post a few photos.

Review №18

Great place for first time lash lift! The facility was very clean and professional. Jinny and Jolie made this a really great experience and I love the way my lashes look. Thanks!

Review №19

I did my eyelashes about two weeks ago with Bianca Acosta and from the first day I felt in love. But I wanted to wait a couple of days to see the results and I have to say that Im totally in love with it . They dont bother me and most importantly they look super natural. I only get good complements on my lashes and how perfect they are. No more eyelash glue and no more mascara I recommend this place 100% and of course my eyelash extension artist Tiffany!

Review №20

Tiffany is such a talented professional & extremely wonderful to work with on every way. Her eyelash extensions are beautiful and natural looking and I feel so glamorous & ready for the holidays! This is the perfect gift for ANY woman, if you want to give your sister, mother, client, best friend something unique and lasting and memorable, go with this service. Tiff takes her time placing each lash exactly in the right place and is so sweet and thoughtful throughout the session. This is not like any other beauty treatment, Tiff has a natural eye and creative gift for making your eyes look amazing! I am loving my new lashes and friends strangers and colleagues have stopped to comment on them like crazy over the past 2 days. Im definitely hooked.

Review №21

Tiffany and her work are amazing! She strives for perfection and she defenitley achieves it!! Her workspace is impeccably clean!! Love coming here and would recommend it to anyone!!

Review №22

They booked appointment and ask me what style I’m looking for ... just say natural. But when I get there, they say the specialist just left for the day. What a B.S.

Review №23

Beautiful decorations and great service!

Review №24

Absolutely the best experience I have ever had!! And my lashes are so gorgeous!!!!

Review №25

You won’t be disappointed they are absolutely amazing

Review №26

My lashes never looked any better!

Review №27

Fabulous service!!

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