New Beginnings Driving School
756 E 222nd St, Euclid, OH 44123, United States
Review №1

I would recommend New Beginnings Driving School to anyone. They are professional and very accommodating. My child was matched up with a very good instructor. She was pleasant and very positive with corrections. Most of all, she made my child feel very comfortable behind the wheel. The owner was very responsive and helpful. My child would never have finished the in-cars anywhere as quickly as she was able to with New Beginnings. Thank you!!!

Review №2

I definitely recommend New Beginnings driving school. First time I sat behind driving wheel was in first lesson by New Beginnings school and couple of lectures with them helped me earn my drivers license today. I appreciate Rick whom I got as my instructor. He is good in terms of professionalism, instructions, explanations, flexibility. Ricks observations on me and suggestions definitely helped me improve. Many thanks to Ms Regina for making all the necessary arrangements for my lessons based on earliest availability.

Review №3

The instructor neglected to show up for my first lesson and also never called to inform me he had to reschedule. This incident nearly cost me my job because I needed proof of the lessons to excuse my absence. They rarely answer their phone and rarely return calls after a message is left on their inbox, because of this I had to physically go to the driving school to complain and confirm my schedule. The instructor was also very impatient during our lessons which in turn made me nervous and uneasy. He’d often times make comments under his breath and let out exasperated sighs. If he THOUGHT I wasn’t going to stop in time at a stop sign he’d yell and slam on the breaks. We practiced for the maneuverability test for less than 10 minutes for my last 2 lessons. He also would talk about God a lot and question me frequently about my religious beliefs. He even got upset when I implied I wasn’t Christian. We barely practiced parking, and our “15 minute breaks” only really lasted long enough for him to use the bathroom or get a few puffs from his cigarette. All-in-all this school is terrible. Please find a school with better reviews. This was a huge waste of money and time. I don’t get how they’re still in business.

Review №4

Great staff!!!! the best teachers and driving instructors without them would’ve never passed my driving test. overall great schoolllll!!!

Review №5

VERY INFORMATIVE!! Miss Regina was awesome.. Will definitely recommend!!

Review №6

My daughter was told to come In today at 3pm, we got there at 2:55 no was was there. The sign on the door said closed, will return at 4:30. We went back at 5:30 still no one there. Another person was also there waiting who was told to come between 4:30 and 7pm today. It’s Now 6pm. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on this place!

Review №7

I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of New Beginnings Driving School during these difficult times. Please know that we are working hard to ensure that students receive their behind-the-wheel training in a timely manner. Due to the COVID restrictions and shut-downs there is a slight delay with the in cars. If you call the school and we do not answer, please leave a message and we will return your call within 48 hours as we are out in the field completing behind-the-wheel trainings. Your patience is very much appreciated. Ms. Regina

Review №8

I had a positive experience and would recommend!!!

Review №9

Avoid at all cost my son has been waiting to take the driving portion of the class (in cars) since April, now into August the owner has a pinched nerve and can not drive him so he cancelled again. They are over booked and will accept your money knowing they can’t fulfill the demand. I can’t take him to another school to do the driving only because he did on-site classes with them and my son will have to do everything over again.

Review №10

Impossible to get in touch with. I called left messages and also filled out the online form for contact as well. No reply. Have been at this for 2 weeks. Only choose to contact this school because my Nephew wanted to go here. Back to the drawing board looking for another school.

Review №11

They never answer the phone when you call. When they finally contacted me back I was given miss information. I paid online and was told there were two slots left and to come in to complete paperwork for that class. When I got there they said the class was full. Waste of time.

Review №12

Great experience with this school and the owners. Very professional, I took few hours of driving and the teacher was very helpful and prepared me well for the exam.

Review №13

New Beginnings Driving School is affordable and very professional in the way they do business. The instructors are prepared, very knowledgeable and wants to make sure every student understands the material. I tell everybody looking for drivers ed to check this place out. I would definitely recommend!!

Review №14

I attended this place and the classes are super helpful, they go above and beyond to make sure you pass your exam. They have you watch videos, answer questions, engage in demonstrations on how to operate a vehicle, they take you driving, answer ANY question you have, and they even have the option to take you to your license exam at the bmv and use their vehicle when you purchase the full package. I passed my license exam today going through New Beginnings. I highly recommend this place. If you focus, take everything they teach you serious, and WILL pass and get a license! #BlackOwned Yae-e yay-ee

Review №15

Had a great experience here. Driver instructor was very friendly and professional. Kept open communication and got through my classes and in car with no problem!!! Highly recommended!!

Review №16

Ms.Regina is awesome, time flew by!

Review №17

I give them 5 for the punctuality, for the professionalism and for following through. I m an international driver with busy work schedule that needed to get US driving licence. New Beginnings accommodated my request for 2 hrs drive experience within the same week I asked it for . Communications were 1+1=2 and they were following through excellently through email (which one would think makes sense for driving school business owners, yet, disappointingly, it doesnt in the whole area of Cleveland) . I passed the test at Garfield Heights location.

Review №18

They were supposed to mail my certificate of completion along with other paperwork within 10 days! They never mailed any of it what so ever! Not professional at all! On the 13th day of the paperwork not being mailed, my parents had to go up and get all the paperwork themselves. Don’t do business here!

Review №19

Today was the final day of my 8 hour refreshment course. I give 5 stars to Ms. Harris. Make sure you get her as your instructor. But, I give 2 1/2 stars to the vehicles themselves. The majority of them need some serious work done on them. That make the vehicles not so beginner friendly.

Review №20

Rated 2 stars because of my incar sessions I had with a old man who was constantly mumbling things and sayin stuff when I was driving and I was doin everything right,if you book your incars make sure you don’t have him as the instructor

Review №21

Brought my daughter to get her 8 hours of driving with instructor. Owner of school was really great! Driving instructor was awesome!! Highly recommend!

Review №22

My incars were supposed to be finished 2 weeks ago. The instructors have canceled and rescheduled my incars 4 times. Super frustrating because I have other things that I do in life. Its a really expensive class and I think that the instructors should be a little more professional. They are nice people for the most part though. Just very unprofessional. I dont think I would recommend this school to anyone whos trying to get their drivers ed class done in a timely matter.

Review №23

My daughter cherish had a wonderful experience with New Beginnings Driving school.lovely people great environment very helpful

Review №24

My daughter had to wait 2 months for her her in car then they never mailed the certificate and wanted us to pay for a replacement tbe man has snobby attitude and calked us liars I am in the beginning stages of handling the matter

Review №25

They were great

3.8 Rating
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