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Leadway Driving School

Review №1

Mr. Sotannde was such a great driving instructor. He teaches very effective techniques when it comes down to driving and passing the road test. His method for learning parallel parking made it very easy to learn. He’s very nice and patient. I was able to pass with just 5 lessons. Definitely recommend!

Review №2

I am a college student and wanted my license before I went back to school. My instructor got me in quick and with five lessons I passed my road test. Thank you!!! Would totally recommend, he is very patient and kind!

Review №3

I recommend this driving school if you have failed in the past and need to learn how to be a better driver in a short period of time. I was taught how to parallel park by multiple other people and never fully learned until Mr. Sotannde taught me. I was able to parallel park perfectly on the test and I was able to pass as a result. His tips helped me avoid common mistakes on the exam. If you follow his teachings, you will definitely pass on first try with this company.

Review №4

Leadway Driving School is very goal-oriented in finding the best method to teach a new driver. The instructor is both very patient and flexible when it comes to working around busy schedules. Very nice experience!

Review №5

I was always driving but I didnt know a few things that would make me fail the Drivers test. The instructor taught me a lot and when I took my test I passed on the first try. Very good overall!

Review №6

As someone with little to no experience prior to starting my lessons, I was able to pass my road test on my first try. My instructor was patient as well as pleasant which made it even easier to gain confidence as a new driver. I highly recommend Leadway.

Review №7

The instructor is very patient and kind. As a new mom he was able to work around my schedule, and my parallel parking has been perfected. If it wasn’t for his great tips and advice, I wouldn’t have passed my road test. Thank you again!

Review №8

The school is great and the instructors were patient and very knowledgeable! Instructor Sebin made sure I passed. We practiced for months and on my first attempt I passed my road test. I highly recommend!

Review №9

As the parent of a teenager who is a first time driver, I was hesitant. seeing my child progress with each class was great! The instructor is patient, experienced, consistent and teaches the key fundamentals of driving.I recommend Leadway School for students that want to pass the road test on the first try and become safe and responsible drivers.

Review №10

Very good driving school. i recommend this driving school to any new drivers. i passed my road test the very first time, the teacher is very patient

Review №11

I passed my road test today!Mr. S. was quite patient with me. Because of the pandemic, my 5-hour class was hosted by him online & I acted fast & took it. Mr. S. had to also work with me as I navigated personal obstacles which forced me to delay taking my road test when it was originally scheduled. Having failed the road test twice in 1994 (seriously) with another instructor, an instructor with patience & good ratings was vital to me, given the 27-year gap between attempts to pass the road test (yes, I’m 45 years old!). Thanks, Mr. S.!

Review №12

The instructor is amazing! Super patient and knowledgeable. Accommodated to my schedule. Gave me tips and tricks to remember for parallel parking and the 3 point turn. Showed me exactly what they’re looking for on the road test. I purchased the 5 lesson package and it was worth every penny. Passed my road test on the 1st try with no problems.

Review №13

Really great for anyone who needs to brush up, or needs tips on any skills in preparation for the driver’s test! The method for the parallel parking was very helpful and the instructor is very patient.

Review №14

Leadway driving school is one of the best. They teach you with kindness & give you tips that you will remember forever

Review №15

Best Driving school by far. Highly recommended, great teaching skills and patience. Worth every penny !

Review №16

Mr.Sotannde was a professional instructor. He was very patient and cooperative and made sure you were fully repaired for the road test. I will definitely continue to recommend him.

Review №17

Instructor is very encouraging, and teaches everything you need to know in order to pass the road test in one try. I will be recommending this driving school to my friends and family.

Review №18

I would recommend this driving school to anyone especially if you want to pass your driving test on the first try! Great instructor who is very nice and patient and will make you comfortable with driving!

Review №19

Great school and great instructer. Very accommodating

Review №20

Mr. Sotandde is a great intructor. You just got to trust him and everything will fall right in place. From the scale of 1-10 Ill give tge driving school a 10. I highly recommend Mr. Sotandde.

Review №21

Hard to contact. Barely responds to text or phone calls. Lessons arent bad but the communication is.

Review №22

I ended up taking 8 lessons with this school and overall had a wonderful experience! Instructor was so kind, so patient and gave extremely helpful tips. He always works with your availability, and overall exhibited great professionalism. Would highly recommend for beginner drivers in the Cambria Heights/Elmont area. I also just passed my road test on the first try!!

Review №23

I found leadway driving school through my google searches when I moved to Elmont I needed a driving school. I took lessons before but I was never as consistent with the lessons. I must say I am glad I decided to go with this school because the instructor is very easy going, he works with you and your schedule; he has the patience to see and make sure all his students pass their road test. I took my road test a second time and I passed. I would recommend this school to anyone who is new to driving or looking for a new driving school.

Review №24

The instructor was very kind and give me a lot tips

Review №25

My instructor was very professional and pleasant and most importantly very knowledgeable. I passed my test on the first try and now I have gain more confidence in driving. I am very much thankful for the experience a and would recommend Leadway Driving School in a heartbeat. Thank YOU!!

Review №26

This driving school’s teachings are wonderful!! I passed my drivers test today and it was my first try, I highly recommend this driving school if you want to learn how to drive properly and safely.

Review №27

Leadway driving school is the best school I have attended so far. I had lessons with other driving school in the same area but the quality of their services cannot be compared to the professionalism and experience of my instructor who taught me how to drive confidently. I also passed my road test in my first attempt. Hurray Leadway driving school :)!!!

Review №28

I learned a lot in the school. The instructor is well knowledgeable and professional. he is patient and make you confident. i highlyrecommend the school. thank you mr Sebil

Review №29

Highly recommend! If you are in the Long Island area this is the driving school to go to. I’ve had my license for 4 years and never got comfortable on the road because I didn’t own a car. Moving to Long Island, I got a car and decided to take driving classes with Leadway to get over the fear of being on the road. After 5 sessions, I felt so much more confident and comfortable. I never thought I’d be driving alone! Thank you so much Leadway for helping me gain my confidence and teaching me the safe way to drive!

Review №30

Completely unorganized. Says they will return calls, No call returned . Given a 2nd chance Call them back to set up appointment, driver is a NO SHOW. What kind of place is this? Thank goodness I didnt pay in advance.And better I didnt allow my cild to be instructed by this company. Red Flag!!

Review №31

The instructor was very patient with me and was very good at communicating. He would make you feel very comfortable while driving even when you make a mistake he doesn’t judge or put too much pressure on you.

Review №32

Great communication, willing to help you drive and teach you all the aspects. Taught me to never give up and finally I passed my road test. Must pay attention and ask questions. Leadaway driving school is the best and I recommend taking driving lessons there.

Review №33

Very detailed and patient instructor, I would recommend the school to anyone. Great quality service.

Review №34

I had an amazing experience with Leadway ! My Instructor put me at ease right from the start and you were so encouraging and supportive. He was super friendly and helpful. I would recommend this driving school to anyone. Thank you for all the help and knowledge to passing my road test and the patience you had with me when I failed he first time.- Kayla J

Review №35

Passed my road test on the first try thanks to them !

Review №36

The best driving school ever ! Mr.Sebil is best driving instructor ever ! He do nice and so patient I believe that everyone should have a experience at leadway driving school with Sebil ! He is honestly the best .

Review №37

The instructor is very patient and helpful with tips, definitely recommend.

Review №38

I signed for 8 lessons packages. i was a nervous student but my instructor helped me to get out of the nervous mode. I initially taught that i may not succeed on parallel parking, but my instructor taught me simple parking techniques and i passed my road test on my first attempt. Thank you leadway driving school..

Review №39

I had an amazing experience with this driving school, would definitely recommend. The prices were affordable, my instructor was patient and kind and I was able to tidy up my parallel parking and pass on the first time because of him. If you’re looking for a driving school that’s invested in you and determined to help you pass your road test the first time or learn how to drive, this is the one for you!

Review №40

I had a great experience with Leadway Driving School. I chose this driving school by searching the internet and I am glad that I chose them. Mr. Savile is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. My lessons always went well and on the day of my test he came and picked me up took me to do my road test and I passed! Give them a try, you won’t regret it

Review №41

Great Experience good for beginners learning to drive. Very Patient teacher took 5 lessons passed on the first try. Good driving school to attend if you need brush up lessons or need to learn how to drive.

Review №42

This is a good school, highly recommended

Review №43

I had scheduled an appointment with them and they canceled and when I had called days in adavance they kept moving up the date …. the class never happened 🤦🏽‍♂️

Review №44

I passed my driving test on the first try! If youre looking for honesty and driving tips that youll need in order to be a good driver this is the school for you.

Review №45

Mr. Sebili is an amazing driving instructor. He’s so patient but still makes sure we perfect everything we need for the test. I passed my road test on the first try with only 6 lessons. Everyone in the Elmont/Valley Stream/Cambria Heights area should go to Leadway Driving School !

Review №46

My experience with this driving school is such an amazing one. From being a nervous driver and never had any driving experience to a confident driver within short period. I took 10 lessons and after taking the 5hr Prelicensing class, they immediately set up my road test and i passed my road test the first time. I still cannot believe it !!!. thanks to Leadway driving school. My instructor is very patient and very detail.

Review №47

Very professional and super nice. Passed my first time

Review №48

Mr.Sebil is an amazing instructor. I was able to get my license the first time around and it was only bc he was so patient. If you are willing to learn and drive well, then I highly recommend this service!

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Review №50

Passed on my FIRST TRY! Great instructor! He was very patient, informative and kind. I recommend, recommend, RECCOMEND this place. I previously took the exam with another driving school and failed the exam. I was very discouraged. However, after just a few lessons he taught me how to drive correctly and tailored each lesson to what I needed the most time with. THANK YOU LEADWAY DRIVING SHOOL!!!! Definitely the BEST!!!!

Review №51

Great driving school, took a few lessons and passed my road test yesterday!

Review №52

Professional and pleasant, he gave me the confidence to get my drivers license i highly recommend this place.good price and good value.

Review №53

Mr Sebil is a good instructor, felt very comfortable during lessons and his prices are quite reasonable. Would recommend him.

Review №54

Very bad school, they didn’t have a office and stole your money. I will suggest to try another driving because they didn’t receive me in office even they cannot give you a stable schedule alway a schedule on call. Not good. What funny about that, they texted and call on my phone and They threaten to remove my review WOW and never even disrespectful and rude please dont text me or call me leave me alone

Review №55

I would highly recommend enrolling in Leadway Driving School with Mr.Sebili because after attending his 5 hour class and taking a few one to one driving lesson with him, I passed my road test on the first try! He was extremely patient and knew all the skills and strategies I needed learn in order to feel prepared and comfortable driving. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №56

Good and patient instructor that make sure you learn all you need to. I passed on my first road test

Review №57

The instructor really knows what he is talking about and does his best to show you what your doing wrong in a respectfull way. Although he can be about 10-15 minutes late for the lessons.

Review №58

The best place to learn to drive by experienced and patient instructor. They make you feel confident. Got my license in my first test. If you are searching for a place where you can learn to drive don not search anymore just contact them.

Review №59

The experience was great. With each lessons I improved drastically. The instructor usually go through every detail carefully ensuring that you have the right knowledge to get on the road safely.

Review №60

Mr. Sebil (the owner and principal driving instructor) is heaven sent! I had tried taking the driving test THREE times after practicing with another driving school in the area, but failed every time. My sister suggested making a switch and it was exactly what I needed! His patience, calming presence, methods that were logical and easily adaptable, up to date instruction materials, late model car, etc., all made for the best preparation I have ever had and I am now the proud holder of a NYS drivers license! If you have tried other schools with no success or you are a newbie who wants to get the knowledge down right the first time - LEADWAY IS THE ONLY WAY!

Review №61

I took 2 lessons with this school and today i passed my road test. The instructor is very patient and knowledgeable. Any1 looking to pass their road test give them a call

Review №62

Omg I’m so happy to say thanks to Mr Sebili I got my license today in the rain one try 11 lessons he is the best u can ever find patient respectful don’t get mad if u make a mistake oh I can go on but I just really want to say I really appreciate u u the best

Review №63

Highly recommended!! Mr. Sebili is very professional, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The best in Elmont!! 3 people from our family and all passed on the first try.

Review №64

Mr Sebili is very professional, easy going person to learn driving. I got his number online as I live near by his office. I hired him for my hubby. The intersting thing he never drove the car before this. Mr Sebili gave him confidence and finally he passed his test in his first attempt. ALHAMDULILLAH.5 & infinity stars to LEADWAY DRIVING SCHOOL

Review №65

I once failed the road test and Mr. Sebil Gave me the confidence to give it another try and thanks to him i passed and received my license and all it took was five lessons!!! I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend you see this driving instructor.

Review №66

Best instructor you could ask for! An amazing experience. Whether u know how to drive or a fresh beginner, this guy will teach u so much more than u think. I recommend him. Passed my est on the first try! Thanks Leadway!!

Review №67

Mr. Sebil the instructor and owner of this school is extremely patient! He educates very well not only preparing you for your road test, but for life after that! I recommend this school to anyone with the least experience to the greatest! Lessons are made to your schedule as well.

Review №68

You are guaranteed to have the best training here. The Instructor is nice and his aim is to make you pass at the first attempt.

Review №69

Sebil is an amazing instructor. I took 11 lessons with him and passed my road test the first time. He is very patient, gives great tips, and is very accommodating. He is the best. Im so glad I chose Leadway driving school to learn how to drive.

Review №70

Made my experience very comfortable and was able to pass my exam with flying colors

Review №71

I just want to say if you really want to pass your driving test on the first attempt I highly recommend this driving school. The instructor was very patient with me and he taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test and that’s what I did. 5 lessons later I am now a licensed driver all because of this amazing driving school. Thank you so much Leadway Driving School. ☺️

Review №72

I took driving classes here with very little driving experience. Sebil (the instructor) was very patient, informative, accommodating to my schedule,and ensured that I mastered all the rules of the road. I am proud to say that with the help of Leadway Driving School, I passed my road test on the first go. I strongly recommend them to absolutely anyone looking for driving classes.

Review №73

Yesssss to Sebil!! Thanks so much for all the work and patience you had with me showing me how to drive. You literally made me feel so comfortable behind the wheel! I couldn’t be happier to say this but because of the confidence you helped bring out of me, I was able to past the road in 1 shot!!! I can’t thank you enough, so I hope this review will help in any way to show appreciation! And to anyone else thinking to work with Leadway driving school, you won’t regret it!

Review №74

Great place to enroll in driving classes. Mr. Sebili is very patient, knowledgeable, and makes his students feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Review №75

Leadway Driving School is definitely the place to go to if you want to pass your road test and get your license on the first try! Sebil is awesome and will always try to accommodate your schedule and teach you everything you need to know in order to pass. Thanks to him, I passed my road test on the first try and got my license. I highly recommend this school to anyone that wants to get his/her drivers license.

Review №76

I took my test a couple weeks ago and passed on my first try!! I had a great experience and would definitely recommend Leadway driving school .

Review №77

Ok! Where do I start? At 33 yrs old I decided that I needed my license because of work and school. I tried having my husband teach me but it always left me feeling anxious and confused. So I signed up with a driving school, their customer service was horrible, I almost gave up after not really finding any good driving school until I came across Leadway Driving School. I reached out to them and spoke to Mr. Sebil, from the first conversation I had with him, I could tell this is where I want to get my driving lessons. His calm and patient nature was everything I was not getting from others whom I turned to for driving Assistance. Not only that, he has great communication and he was willing to accommodate me when I couldn’t do a lesson; he never fussed nor made it a big deal. Another thing that made my experience a great one, was is favorite line, “you’re the best in the west”. He would say that when I would complete the task flawlessly. I appreciated that so much, (though I never tell him), but it greatly boosted my confidence and made me feel like I was making progress, and it was because of him 5 lessons later on the first attempt, I passed the road test. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.Please note: After my first driving lesson he told me that my skills were at a 5. None-the-less, he took me to where I needed to be to PASS my test and that’s just phenomenal🌟

Review №78

This place is great very accommodating of your schedule, professional and helped me pass my road test on the first try. Highly recommend!!!

Review №79

Excellent Driving School. The instructor is simply awesome and professional. My wife tried many other driving schools in Queens and kept on failing on the road test (about 7 times) with Leadway Driving School she passed on the first attempt. I highly recommend any finding difficulty with passing the road test give Leadway Driving School a try. You will pass.

Review №80

Mr Sebili I want to say thank you for being such a great instructor with the patience of God.I cant believe I passed my road test on my first attempt.I will be recommending your driving school to everyone I know.I really appreciate how you helped me concur my fear and build my confidence you are a great person and instructor. I know your driving school will be successful.The driving school name Leadway definitely lead the way for me Thank you..Thank you....Thank you.

Review №81

Mr. Sebil was a very patient and calm teacher. He exhibited great poise and skill when teaching me how to drive and prepare for the test. He prepared me so well for the test that I wasnt nervous when I took the exam. I have no doubt that he can teach anyone to drive in a short amount of time. Hes amazing and everyone should try to learn from him.

Review №82

My instructor, Mr Sibil was very patient throughout all my sessions. I did my road test in garden city today and pass on my first time. Thank you so much for you hospitality. Leadway driving school is the best.

Review №83

I took my first 2 road test with another driving school and failed even after taking 10 + lessons. I took the test with Leadway and passed after only 5 lessons. The instructor knows his stuff and is very patient. He will help you with things like tips and tricks to parallel park well or simulate a road test at a similar site tot he actual road test location to help you prepare further and help you gain confidence!

Review №84

If youre looking for a patient driving instructor and affordable prices, Leadway Driving School is the best choice. Sebil is extremely patient and calm when it comes to teaching. I took 5 lessons and passed on my first try!

Review №85

If you want to pass on your first try at your road test you will go with Seibel at Leadway driving school. I took five lessons with him and he has a way of making you feel very comfortable and confident in what I was capable of doing behind the wheel. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to perfect their driving skills.Thank you for helping me!!! You’re the best of the best!

Review №86

Im really happy I decided to take classes here. My instructor Sebil was always very patient with me, especially with learning how to park. He made me feel very confident in my ability to pass my road test - and I passed on the FIRST TRY today!! Super exciting :) I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking to learn to drive the right way. I took half of the classes I had initially planned to take and it still worked out so great. Thank you so much Sebil!! You are greatly appreciated.

Review №87

I highly recommend leadway driving school for anyone learning to drive and even those who may have driven before but want to improve their skills.Mr. Sebili was patient and very knowledgeable during all sessions we had.He simplified all basic techniques required to parallel park and excel in all elements of the dmv road test.Happy to report that I passed on my first attempt.The DMV required 5 hour class done by the driving school is also very informative.Would give this driving school 10 stars if I could. :)

Review №88

Great Instructor! He provides you with all the tools you need to do well on your test. I would recommend him to anyone.

Review №89

Great school, helped me pass my road test on the first try. Definitely recommend

Review №90

I was a super nervous driver and had previously failed my road test with another school. My instructor at Leadway was extremely helpful and patient. I was confident going into my road test this time around and passed with no problem!

Review №91

Great school, helped me pass my road test on the first try. Definitely recommend.

Review №92

Leadway driving school is the best. Mr Sebil was my instructor and hes very patient with me while teaching, he helped me build my confidence on the road and I passed my road test on my first try. This school is a 5 star and I recommend it to anyone who is afraid to get behind the wheel.

Review №93

I took 8 sessions over the course of 2 months and he really made it feel easy and comfortable, Mr Sebil was patient and would tell your what you need to work on but after just a few session i was comfortable and felt ready for for my road test. I was very confident and i passed it on my first time! You can too if you choose Leadway!

Review №94

Passed my driving exam on my first run! The package deals are reasonable prices, the instructor was kind and understanding, easy to work with. Will definitely recommend others to this instructor. Thank you so much.

Review №95

Patient and helpful instructor. Calm and collected with reasonable pricing and helped me pass first time.

Review №96

Mr. Sebil was my instructor he was so patient and made sure to give me confidence in passing my road test. I passed on the first try. He always made sure to accommodate me with my hectic schedule. Thank you so much Mr. Sebil for helping me get my license !

Review №97

Very good instructor. I took 5 lessons with him and he was always very patient and made sure you felt comfortable with what you were doing. Passed my road test on the first try with his help.

Review №98

I have been nervous about driving for a long time. With the patience and guidance of leadway driving school instructor not only did I learn to drive but I pass the road test on my first try. I recommend Leadway driving school everyday all day. Thank you 🙏🏾

Review №99

I was able to find a perfectly rated driving school that was close to where I live! Mr. Sebil is an incredibly kind and patient instructor who teaches you the necessary steps to pass the road test. I took 8 lessons at a reasonable price and Mr. Sebil was able to schedule my road test just 3 days before my permit expired. I passed through his help!I highly recommend this driving school for the new driver and for the ones who need to refresh their material. The 5-hour course is available on evenings and mornings and the lessons accommodate anyone’s schedule.Drive safely and good luck! 🙂

Review №100

Mr. Sebil was my instructor. He is super cool, experienced and friendly instructor. I recommend this driving school. Thank you sir.

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