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Bus drivers are good, but they are always late. The director of transportation, as well as the U46 Board of Education, do not have the safety of children in mind when getting them to and from school. They care more about the rules the department has set for themselves than they do about getting kids to school. If you cant safely get your child to school and ask for a stop change, the department would rather have you keep your kid home and legal charges be pressed against you for your kid missing school. The director believes all 6 year olds have the ability to walk to school alone, yet the National Association for Safe Routes to School recommends not walking alone until 12. The district participates in the associations yearly walk to school event, but that is to save face. Its not enough to participate in an event when you ignore the recommendations that keep kids safe.Oh, and transportation is trying to cut more stops. Some large neighborhoods already only have one stop in them, so is that where we are headed for all neighborhoods?Let me add that the Director has picked up his phone and hung up immediately. He does not wamt to talk to parents. I only reached him as a fluke. Someone sent my call through to his office instead of giving me their usual excuse as to why he isnt in or cant talk.

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Irresponsable Bus Driver yesterday my son friend was not able to ride the bus back homethe Driver screamed at him saying you are not in my list so she just kind kick him out from the bust left Him alone in School he is going summer school in Larkin high school

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I did a refresher class for some drivers and they were so helpful and polite. I would like to work at a place like this if I lived closer.

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Its alright. They have their moments.

Review №5

I took my Grandson on a field trip to see his Uncle.

Review №6

Wonderful friendly staff and environment

Review №7

Bus speeding down the street today. We have small children on our block, speed limit is 15 and they were well over that. It was bus u92 Or u93. A little past 3 in South elgin.Obey the rules!!!!

Review №8

The bus drivers are good. The lady I spoke with at transportation didn’t care at all! My child has to go to a grade school to be picked up at 6:12am. It was 6:25 and still waiting for a bus so she left. When I called the lady said yes they r running late. That’s it, no sorry your child is ALONE outside waiting. Nothing the phone was dead silent and we put our kids in the hands of them when we drop them off to head to our jobs. That’s so unacceptable in my eyes. At least apologize!

Review №9

Never recommend to use this service again

Review №10

Some drivers are great, I wish we could pick are drivers...the first 4 years no problems, drivers were great. They knew the stops and where to drop off.Then came the 2016/2017 year dont know what happened over their but seems like something changed.It has gotten so bad this year. From the morning bus showing up mostly really late or really early. Drivers not knowing the route. To all the different drivers we have had telling are kids where to stand. ( When they have been standing in the same spot for four years with no problems) Its has gotten so bad one parent started driving the kids to school for the cold weather in the mornings because of how late the bus is. They get a list of stops to make, they should make those stops. Thats what I and we pay for. As bad as they are on answering the phone we shouldnt have to call them to tell them what days our kids are or are not on the bus. ( FYI. I guess after the stop is vacant for 3 days they take that stop off the list ) Finding this out after the driver goes flying by them. Even if kids are standing at the stop.Evening drivers dropping My kids off on wrong side of the street with No sidewalks and making them cross an extra street when not needed, Not Safe.My kids came home telling us on the Dirty pictures drawn on the seats that they wont clean off, unless you call them and complain.

Review №11

We are new to south Elgin, my son started school this year at Willard elementary. We received a letter in the mail early August telling us where the bus station is along the timing. Everything was great. Until today we had a new bus driver who showed up 3 minutes earlier and we were about to cross the street to get to the bus station. The driver asked me if we live in the other side of the street then we should be Walkers ...seriously!! Then why we received that mail?

Review №12

I call this number too let them know that my kids would not be taking the bus, and it takes forever to answer and I mean forever so I call the district office number all the time too see if they have another number, because no one is answering and they give me different number and nothing, so I keep calling and calling they need to find a solution for this problem... Please find a solution because no one is answering and I dont want to keep on holding just to tell someone that my child will not be attending school that day, so frustrating..

Review №13

The drivers dont do anything about kids vaping. This is a health issue and nothing is being done. My child come home with a headache due to this event going on in the buses. I cant believe its allowed.

Review №14

Have been on the school route for 6 years and its pretty bad. The first month of school is always terrible, late buses, switching drivers, etc. We have had one really good driver but only for one year. Also, there is zero communication from transportation if specific buses will be late. If there is a snow storm they email saying to expect delays. But our bus has broken down and we wait for 20 minutes and they never say anything, you have to call them. Also, they will not move a bus stop. The bus drives right past our house to the stop at the end of the block and we are the only child at the stop. So they refuse to move the stop to the corner our house is on and we walk to the end of the street.Anyway, I know it cant be easy to arrange all this transport for such a large district, but it shouldnt be this hard either.

Review №15

Bus driver speeds, runs stop signs, slams brakes last minute, even hydroplaned down Schaumburg road. Someone tried offering me a ride from the bus stop because they are so far away. Called transportation and they dont care.

Review №16

The WORST transportation in the history of school buses. The driver dont show on time. or either show up too early. My daughter was left behind 5 times. One time they didnt even show up! I cant wait until she starts driving herself to school.

Review №17

My mother in law is going out of town for family reason, she helps us get our kids off the buss after school. While my wife and I are at work, I have been trying to get my kids drop off location changed. They did it for my daughter no problem, My son on the other hand they have been giving me the run around. The worst part is there is already a bus that goes to the location where we need him dropped off. I have been trying to get in touch with Amy Cook in the transportation department for 3 days now and I keep getting the response that she is to busy to talk. And they dont consider a family emergency if you notify them 10 days in advance. I started this whole thing on the 10th the and now its the 14th, I need the bus changed to take place on the 20th, I knew they would give me problems thats why I am giving them as much advanced notice that I can.

Review №18

Worst bus service !!! Every Monday my grandkids are supposed to be picked up to be taken to school at Hillcrest!! At least once a month I have problems with the bus driver not picking them up or arriving early or late. I call them and am told that either they showed up early and since my grandkids were not outside, they left... well guess what, if its cold I dont let them out until 2 minutes prior!!! Today, transportation told me that the reason they didnt pick them up was because the original bus driver was held up by a train so they got a substitute and the original bus driver did not let the substitute know.. dont you put this information on a log??? I have to call bus transportation on a monthly basis to figure out why they dont pick my grandkids up. Youd think that by the end of the year, theyd figure out how to do their job!!! Well, I cancelled bus service, theyre horrible!!! U46 transportation you are a failure and whom ever is in charge should really figure this out!! I wouldnt even give you 1 star!!!

Review №19

IF I DIDT HAVE TO GIVE THEM A 1 STAR....I WOULDNT !!! We just recently moved to Elgin and started the process of finding the school my kids would attend and a daycare that they could be bussed from before and after school. I work full time and need them to be in a before and after school program. So I call to find out what daycares they will bus to from Coleman Elementary and the lady begins to give me a list! GREAT RIGHT.... Not. The only daycare they will bus to from the kids school is booked solid. So I then ask if we paid a fee would you bus to another daycare near by...the answer was NO WE DONT DO THAT, AND YOUR CHILD IS A WALKER HE DOESNT GET BUSES. EVEN IF HE GOES TO A DAYCARE THAT BUSES TO THE SCHOOL? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? SO IF I SEND MY KID TO A DAYCARE THAT YOUR BUSES ALREADY GO TO HE CANT GET ON THE BUS BECAUSE HE IS A WALKER. these were my questions and the answer was YOUR CORRECT. Mind you were .4 of a mile from him being a bus rider! I AM BEYOND BLOWN AWAY BY THIS ANSWER AND IM SORRY I MOVED TO ELGIN ALREADY!!!!

Review №20

Great place to work.

Review №21

Today was one of the worst days of my life driver never show up to my house to drop off my kid two hours later U46 district dispatch they dont know where my son was they dont know where the bus was I had to call the police only police dispatcher find out where is my son was two hours later send it back to the school on the school was already close this is U46 school transportation for our kids

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The drivers are A-1, they dont give a sharks ass about slow drivers and irrelevent street signs, they get my kids from home to school and back in NO TIME

Review №23

The bus serves is bad, my son left his charger in the bus And called for some one to go look for it on the bus

Review №24

Anything U46 is just plain and unexciting.

Review №25

They hung up on me twice

2.8 Rating
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