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City Xpress Driving School

Review №1

My daughter completed the online class in November and 10 months later she has yet to be able to complete her observation hours with them so she can get her license. She was asked to observe today and when we arrived the office was closed and the instructor doesnt respond back to messages. I have asked for them to email/contact me since I paid for the course and I obviously have to drive her to classes since she doesnt have her license and the instructor continues to reach out to my daughter instead. I also think that its ridiculous that if you call them their message says they will respond back within a week.

Review №2

Overall this driving school is amazing. It is straightforward, you learn everything there is to know and even beyond that. Not only did we all get to learn a lot but the instructor (Mrs. Valentine) makes you feel like youre not just s student. She made the class go by really quickly and I regret not asking more questions about her life because it seemed like she has an interesting life.

Review №3

I took my Behind the Wheel hours with Instructor Heidi who might be the most helpful person I’ve ever met, not to be dramatic. When I did something right, she left me know in words of encouragement. In times when I made errors, she didn’t scream, but instead reminded me of what I could be doing and some tricks that help to remember them. While normally a very nervous person, (just overall pretty hard on myself), I found calamity in Instructor Heidi.In our hours spent driving, not only did I find confidence in my driving, but within myself. Today, I took my drivers test for the first time remembering what Instructor Heidi told me and passed. I truly believe that her tips, and advice helped me in the end.So, if you’re looking at reviews wondering if City Driving Express is worth it, take it from me, who experienced it first hand, that you won’t regret it.

Review №4

If your a parent recommend you get your son or daughter in this course its way better than in school drivers Ed its way shorter but you learn more from it

Review №5

I’m really upset with the service my son received. Every other school my father and I called says there are 35-40 questions and this school has 100 questions. They say it’s a state requirement but my father, who’s an attorney has been researching and knows someone who works at the dmv and they said something doesn’t seem right. I’m really disappointed. I wouldn’t dare recommend this driving school. I feel it’s set up for the kids to fail, that way we can pay additional money. It’s sad and very pathetic. Smh

Review №6

I went to this place and it taught me to be more defensive than safe, and it also gets you prepared for all the tests that it presents at you. This is the place you need to get start drivers Ed rather than school. It’s that good

Review №7

This school is great 10/10 would recommend it. They are so patient and understanding, they are doing great with the Covid precautions. The learning process is great as well my instructor gave us examples and personal experiences which made it more interesting, more easier to understand what we were learning.

Review №8

The teachers here will get you ready for the tests and the finals and they will also help you be a leader in driving not a follower. They will also teach you to be a defensive driver. This is the best driving school.

Review №9

This school is great even with COVID-19 they managed to give a fast and easy understanding on the driving rules and everything you should know about driving. They made it easy on you telling you everything you need to Write down for quiz they mainly only went over the things on quiz, and there was some fun work we did. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №10

The teacher is very helpful and made learning easy and fun definitely recommend this school

Review №11

City Xpress driving school has many easy opportunities to learn to drive as a kid or an adult. Their classes are very flexible. Even during this entire pandemic, they have provided online classes with flexible schedules if you are unable to attend a session. The instructor was very kind and helpful and clearly wanted what’s best for the class. She would answer her phone at all times if we had questions and would treat every question as a good question. The class was very fun and easy to understand online and it definitely would have been fun in person. The classes are easy to sign up for and complete as long as the effort it there. The people are very kind and helpful and the class overall is worth it for the price you pay! I personally loved it.

Review №12

City Xpress is a great driving school 10/10 I would recommend it to anyone. Despite of Covid-19 it was a easy learning environment virtually. My instructor would cover the lessons and anything that was going to be on the quiz. Definitely worth the price.

Review №13

The School was great. Even despite of Covid-19 they did an amazing job virtually. The Virtual schooling was no issue for me. My instructor was great and covered lessons quick and simple. City Xpress was great and easy.

Review №14

Scheduled a class and a behind the wheel session here 3 times and every time I showed up, doors were locked & no one was there. Every time I waited for 20-30 minutes calling and emailing and nobody replied until hours later. Always rude on the phone if anyone answers at all and extremely unprofessional.

Review №15

Overall, my experience with City Xpress was amazing! Ms. Heidi was the best and taught very well and is a great teacher. I did my class through zoom and she made everything work perfectly and was very patient with students! I am definitely going to have my brother sign up for this Drivers Ed. when he is of age. Great school!

Review №16

Teacher was very helpful makes sure you understand the content we had group work and different things to help making our learning easier and overall the teacher really works with kids would recommend

Review №17

Even with covid and donning it through online I felt that my teacher really strict but in a very good why and only wanted the best for the students. But I had a good experience and learned really what I need especially with the notes she give you everything you need for each test and is always reminding us what’s coming up so that we are prepared for everything that’s on the tests.

Review №18

I liked Heidi and the class very much. With current circumstances, I had to do this class via zoom. However, I feel like each class I learned a lot and at a quick pace. The environment even over a zoom call was very friendly and chill. I completed this class within a months time yet it felt so short. Having a short number of people in the class made it easy for us to get along and communicate. Overall, I am thankful to have completed drivers ed thoroughly and quickly, even during such a difficult time as now.

Review №19

If I could give it no stars I would

Review №20

City express driving school even though covid is going on was overall a great school i loved the way we did class on the weekend in the morning and i especially loved my instructure she made sure to include everything that would be on the quiz if you were paying attention and did her best to repeat anything and review everything if needed. she was very understanding about any internet problems since it was online as long as you made an was very easy to get ahold of her to ask any questions or let her know if you would be missing class. overall very simple class made it easy to get my permit and learn anything i would need to know while im driving through town. it included important street signs and the various situations and how to handle them without freaking out or getting into an accident. very much worth the price. loved it

Review №21

I felt i got a lot out of my driving class. As a student i can say that i was given the proper instructions for any circumstance on the road and now, after completing this class, I can properly comprehend those circumstances thanks to my teacher. i feel prepared and ready for the road!

Review №22

I enjoyed this class very much! My instructor was very fun and engaging with the class and it was never a bore! I also felt very comfortable in the environment and I felt that it was very organized.

Review №23

This is a great place to learn how to drive, I have learned so much. The teacher helps you 24/7 and helps prepare you for test very well. There is also a reasonable amount of homework to do

Review №24

I had to do this class via zoom. But It was no different from a regular class. I learned so much in a short time. We have a class of about 19 and we all got together good. I’m glad I took drivers ed and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Review №25

It’s a great place to take drivers ed I took it and it was a very good experience the instructions are clear and the teachers are also very good. Over all a very good place for the money.

Review №26

City xpress is a Great School, Great teacher as well, very helpful too. It’s a Good class you learn a lot from it, all the law’s precautions you need to take. Very flexible for your schedule. I Would Recommend this school!

Review №27

I had a great experience at this school. The teacher was very good. I learned a lot at this school and will be a great driver because of my teacher.

Review №28

City Xpress offers such a better driver’s ed program than my school does. I’ve learned so much about how to drive safely and react to different situations. They are very easy to work with in terms of scheduling drives and observations.

Review №29

This school was very helpful the Intructor was good teacher she knew what she was talking about. Also it was a good place to get along with people to meet new people. When we would study it was very helpful the teacher didn’t make it so boring she made it fun, when we played games that helped us study made me want to be part of it and I would learn more. Then if we got stuck on a question or we had some questions she answered it and explained it to us step by step.

Review №30

Absolutely love this school. Helped me a lot on my driving skills. The teacher was great at teaching us all the basics and all there is to the laws of driving. Far better school program than what my school offered.

Review №31

Even with doing this class online, Heidi was a very understanding and helpful teacher. There was a very positive classroom environment too

Review №32

Being able to be in this class was really good. The teacher made it fun. The instructor inform us about everything clearly and she made it understandable on everything. I have a good time.

Review №33

Teacher was very good at preparing us for tests and quizzes. Theres a very reasonable amount of homework. This class helped me gain a lot of new knowledge about driving.

Review №34

City Express is an amazing driving school; the instructor is amazing and it really bring you out of your comfort zone when communicating with other people that you have never meet before. The environment makes you feel really comfortable. My experience here was great!

Review №35

This was a very good driving school. The work was fair, and the teachers were very helpful. Also, they made sure to teach students everything they needed to know.

Review №36

This driving school is great for someone with a busy schedule. The teacher is also very helpful and is great at preparing us for tests. Overall a pretty good school.

Review №37

The Teacher is very nice, and the amount of homework that we have is tolerable for the course that we are taking. We are given questions on the test as study materials, so it is easy to study for the test, and the teacher makes the grades more than fair.

Review №38

My experience with City Xpress was awesome! The teacher was amazing, im very happy to be a part of this experience!! Thank you

Review №39

I have no words for this place! Really the instructor is one of the best teachers I had in my life. She taught with passion and fun. She never let us bore to death. We learned everything easily in a short period of time. The driving instructor is a really outgoing person. She is also really nice, fair and funny. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Review №40

City Xpress Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Illinois. Great staff, great learning environment and students. Anyone looking for a driving school should think about attending this one.

Review №41

I took a class here, and I feel well prepared for my future due to the high quality of education involving driving I received here.

Review №42

In this class I learned a lot from the instructor. It really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and made me try my best. My overall experience was really great!

Review №43

Teacher is great at teaching, very shocked looking back at all stuff i learned in this class. Reasonable amount of homework (coming from someone that had a flexible schedule). BILINGUAL!!

Review №44

Taking the class online was a great experience and I would recommend the school to anyone!

Review №45

This is a amazing place they are very helpful and great at teaching you about this place

Review №46

The teacher is great!! She is very good at explaining things clearly. The classes are small and interactive! I feel very confident that I am learning all the things I need to know to become a safe, excellent driver!!! 10/10

Review №47

The teacher is nice and made the class enjoyable. She was very straightforward and helpful. Behind The Wheel courses and observations were also helpful and fun.

Review №48

This is a great school to learn how to drive, how to be safe, and how to avoid trouble on the road. The instructor is very knowledgable on driving and passes down her wisdom to younger drivers well.

Review №49

This is a great driving school. The teacher makes me stay awake by yelling at me but its all love here. I think this school is very fun and enjoyable

Review №50

I thought that this school was very strict but it’s all to help you. They won’t let you slack off because they want you to be safe on the road, they prepare you.

Review №51

Teachers are very nice and teach very well. they teach you a lot about driving and really prepare you for driving very well.

Review №52

Amazing school 10/10 I recommend coming here if you wanna learn how to drive and learn the rules of the road.

Review №53

This is a great driving school that provides great information on how to drive and the steps to becoming a driver. The teacher is wonderful!

Review №54

The teacher is very nice and gives out really good information in good detail for driving

Review №55

City Xpress Driving School made the whole learning process efficiently and affective. The instructors are helpful and are good teachers.

Review №56

The school is great and all with many opportunities to learned something new. The classroom can be small but that give out a homie feeling, the test can be hard but we can learned from the mistake. Overall the school is a good place for student getting their permit to learned and make new friends.

Review №57

I had a very wonderful experience attending this driving school! The classes are fun and engaging and the teachers are really nice and flexible. The school taught me everything that I needed to know and beyond. Overall amazing!

Review №58

I have really enjoyed this class. The teacher is a very good instructor.

Review №59

I’m so glad I chose City Xpress because Mary is such a helpful instructor and the class is very straightforward. It is also a very short program which is amazing because I needed to get my license and the class is quick and helpful.

Review №60

Great teacher, I learned everything very quickly and easy . Teacher is very helpful and fast paced and the way she teaches is amazing.

Review №61

The instructor teachers and talks to you rather than talking at you. I appreciate all the reviewing because repetition helped me remember the information.

Review №62

Easy and understandable class that really teaches you about the value of driving. Teachers are enjoyable and easy to understand. Totally recommend this class for a unique driving education. Enjoyed every moment spend within the class.

Review №63

This is a great place really good instructor. Taught me a lot. The teacher was clear and made sure everyone under stood what was happening. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Review №64

This is a great place to learn how to drive, also all the fundamentals of being a safe driver. I highly recommend these drivers ed classes for anyone who is trying to learn how to drive. Fun and easy to follow along.

Review №65

I enjoyed the class and the instructor. The instructor was really good at explaining and helping out.

Review №66

This driving school is very good. The driving instructor is very helpful and teaches very well.

Review №67

This is the best driving school in the area. Teacher has a great way to teaching students and engage thrn to learning.

Review №68

This place is very good. It helped me a lot and taught me a lot by the great teachers. 10/10 reccomend if your looking for a driver eds class.

Review №69

The school is probably the best driving school in the Elgin area. Great teacher, great class times, and behind the wheels are not stressful

Review №70

This driving school is beyond flexible and understanding of ones busy schedule. Instructors are always on task to provide the needed information to their students. 10/10 would recommend!

Review №71

Best driving school in the area. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a driving school.

Review №72

The class is very informative and I enjoy going and learning to drive here. The instructors are very knowledgable.

Review №73

City Xpress driving school is such a good place to take your teens for driving classes. Mary is such a great instructor

Review №74

Such a good driving school! The teacher makes sure that the students understand the importance & safety of being a driver.

Review №75

The instructors take a good amount of time to go in-depth on notes to make sure you are prepared for the tests

Review №76

Had a really great experience at the school! 100% reccomend it! Great learning experience, really good instructor.

Review №77

Good school with friendly staff. The instructors are nice and straightforward.

Review №78

The teacher really knows what she’s talking about and she really pushes you so you can succeed. They really prepare you for all of your exams and it’s such a good environment.

Review №79

Great environment, the people that teach the classes are fun and they will slow down if you need it. And all in all, you have a great experience going here.

Review №80

Very helpful instructors. Never a time where your not interacting or having fun with what were learning in class.

Review №81

The instructors do a great job of preparing you for the tests and are very friendly.

Review №82

They are great teachers. I learned to drive very quick and I got my license in 4 classes.

Review №83

Such a good school, teacher is very helpful.

Review №84

This a very educational place for Drivers Ed the instructor is very passionate about all the topics we learn which makes the experience more enjoyable. (Alicia Madzivire)

Review №85

The teachers are very nice, and the work is reasonable.

Review №86

The instructor was really nice and teaches really good and makes it easy when taking the permit test

Review №87

The teachers are nice and really help you alot

Review №88

Very interactive and simple yet productive. Had a great experience.

Review №89

Amazing school really helpful!!! I have learned more about driving than what I expected

Review №90

Teachers are nice and the material is well explained/understood.

Review №91

The instructors are very nice and the class is easy to understand.

Review №92

Great driving school with an amazing teacher!

Review №93

I really enjoyed the class and the teachers were really nice.

Review №94

I had a great experience, the class was enjoyable and the teachers are the nicest!!

Review №95

The class is very helpful when it comes to reviewing for a test

Review №96

It’s the best driving school there is

Review №97

Very helpful instructors, bilingual, and classes are very informative

Review №98

The instructors are nice and helpful.

Review №99

It’s a good class

Review №100

Great place

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