Total Defense El Paso
1060 Doniphan Park Cir suite f/g, El Paso, TX 79922, United States
Total Defense El Paso

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I went and was very impressed with the staff and my instructor was so awesome. They offer a variety of classes and its almost like its customized for you. Im glad these guys are here for all you. Everyone should take advantage of Total Defense of El Paso. They are here for us and they show its. If your looking try them. Youll be satisfied.

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Signed up for a 10 day voucher now they call me everyday at least twice a day. 3 times I have answered and requested to be taken off their list.

Review №3

Fantastic staff and terrific training

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Very welcoming environment with instructors that know their stuff. Instructors and other students are happy to help teach you and get you up to speed, and usually a low class size which means a lot of personal attention. If you’re in El Paso and want to train martial arts, or if you do BJJ and want some good rolls this is the place to go.

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Great gym! Very knowledgeable teachers.

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Good environment, people are real welcoming. The BJJ classes are awesome, classes might not be large, but its always quality rolls. Come give it a try, you wont regret it.

Review №7

Great Krav Maga and cross-training experience with welcoming staff who stress safety and teach tough, but rewarding workouts.

Review №8

I would highly recommend this place. The staff is friendly and professional. They will help you reach your goals and guide you through every step. David, Denisse, Mike, Andy and Darius have helped my husband and I for the past 3 years. I love this gym.

Review №9

Professional environment with very knowledgeable instructors. My kids love it and the fitness classes are awesome! Very well rounded facility with the yoga tying it all together.

Review №10

Yall are absolutely wonderful and badass! Thank you so much for hosting me! I am so lucky and grateful to have found yall while I am in town! The jujustu and Krav Maga here is EXCEPTIONAL! THANK YOU!!!!

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Review №12

Ive always hated working out at a gym or in public for that matter. So I was really nervous to try Total Defenses Krav Maga program. But I am definitely a convert! The staff totally cares for the gym members. They make self-defense really approachable and provide an amazing workout. I definitely recommend you check it out whether youre looking to learn real-world self defense techniques or just looking for a great workout in a positive environment!

Review №13

Ive been taking Krav Maga classes here for few months now and I love this place. Great workout while you learn to defend yourself in real life situations. Instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging and will help you push yourself to get better and train harder.

Review №14

I have been attending gyms here and there and losing my motivation to go for several years, but for the past 3 years attending Total Defense/ Lab training with David Kneip has kept me focused, motivated and in amazing shape. Even when I gave up on myself David pushed me and motivated me to do my best. Great work outs with amazing results and very compassionate, caring and knowledgeable coaches (Andy, Darrius and David).

Review №15

If you want to learn practical offensive/defensive moves, this is the art/technique AND place for you. They concisely teach you the move and then you immediately do it through repetition. Not only do you learn effective skills, you get a good workout! Due to my military obligation ending, I returned to my home state. Unfortunately the Krav Maga in my home state is not as well run. Too much explanation and not enough practice. Total Defense is the place for you!

Review №16

Im a former professional ballet dancer who has been taking Level 1 Krav Maga classes here since October, and theres really no concise way to express how much I appreciate this gym. The facilities are clean and complete. The management and staff are so highly capable--truly striving to create a safe and productive environment for all ages and abilities. My instructors are intellectual and articulate, and as a result, class is well-paced, interesting, and an effective workout. Day-in and day-out, Im much calmer, I sleep like the dead, and my body is small feats for a mother of 3- and 4-year olds! I never, in my life, imagined Id join a gym, but this place is just different...and better.

Review №17

Tremendous workouts with a lot of personal attention. Great staff that modifies workouts based on fitness level and experience, while giving diet, recovery, and technique advice. All in a very fun loving atmosphere. a crossfit style workout with a sense of humor. Awesome. Plus the Krav Maga workouts are much more intense then I was expecting, great job.

Review №18

Professional, clean, family environment run by veterans. Complete fitness and self-defense for the whole family at a very affordable price. Theres really no other place like this.

Review №19

I had been looking for a Krav Maga studio for a long time and was thrilled when MMA Academy opened its doors and I have been going ever since. Heres what I love most about training there... it honestly feels like a family. Im greeted by name when I walk in and I dont feel like a paying client. More importantly, training there has given me such a boost of confidence! Even though I have only been training for a few months, I feel that if I needed to defend myself and my family, I could. And you cant put a price on that. The training to me seems to be so much better than the other martial arts I have seen because they teach you how to defend yourself in real world situations, which is exactly what I was looking for. Richie, Marcel, and John are the best and seem very knowledgable and concerned to make sure I learn the skills the right way.So, great customer service, fantastic real world training, and an awesome workout really make it an a great place to go.

Review №20

Simply the bestMy Daughter and I, have been training here for almost a year and we love this place, it is like our second home,the instructors are great, and the atmosphere is is family oriented.We are greatful for the Skills we have learned.Give it a try !!!!!

Review №21

The combination of Crossfit, Aesthetic, Krav Maga (for adults and children)and Conditioning classes is a great way to get Into shape. Everyone is friendly and will answer any questions you have. Class availability and times are perfect. With the help of David, Denisse, Andy and Rich I have reached a healthier living. I get help with my diet and my workouts are suited for me or anyone that wants to make a transformation in their life. The professionalism and friendly conversations make me feel comfortable and happy to workout at Total Defense! Give it a try today!!!

Review №22

Hands down the best gym in El Paso. Family oriented with professional and knowledgeable staff. Couldnt be happier with the training, they have something for everyone. I really enjoy my yoga and my grandkids love their Krav Maga classes. Staff is really friendly making it a very pleasant environment as opposed to all these other snobby gyms. I highly recommend you try it out.

Review №23

After attending several lessons, I noticed that the class is focused on a heavy workout, and not much actually refining moves. This class is good if you want to get in shape, BUT if you want to learn how to protect yourself - I would advise to be cautious.The classs use of time is repetitive: small warm up, static stretching (nothing dynamic to REALLY warm up your muscles), followed by a very brief demo of the move, then go at 1,000mph for longer periods of time with minimal instruction after that. There are 60 minutes in the class, but only about 3-4 different moves are ever taught. This is a testament on the use of time: briefly teach a move, practice it over and over again at fast rates with maybe no feedback from instructors, then repeat for two-three more moves.From what Ive read before finally deciding to come to this class, Krav Maga is a self-defense system to protect yourself. So why is this school focused so much more on a workout than actually focusing on teaching the moves, providing feedback to students, and perhaps practicing the moves slow at first, then picking up the intensity? Sure, you should be in shape for a martial arts class, but probably 80-90% of the time is spent moving at near top-speeds.Ive also noticed the general culture: some students are very demanding. Others are reckless, and yet others are performing the moves so terribly but instructors arent catching on. The classes had at least 3 instructors in the room, with only 9-10 students. Shouldnt be too hard to look at only 3 students at a time.I rated it a 2-star because, despite all the flaws Ive seen with the school, it does seem self-sufficient. Its loaded with equipment and plenty of pads, kicking towers, etc. It also has two rooms which allows it to practice at different levels during the same time frame. I may continue to attend these classes only because I cannot find any other Krav Maga studios in the area

Review №24

Everytime Im in that place i have a blast, great training great people and great customer service, love how the staff makes me feel like its a personal lesson everytime!

Review №25

Highly, highly, highly recommended. Give it a shot - it just might end up being everything you never knew you wanted.As a sheltered suburban girl who is intimidated while working out around others, I never would have thought Krav would remotely interest me. A coworker insisted I try it out, claiming it would help me develop my self confidence, while also helping me get in shape and de-stress. I was resistant at first, but I must admit....he was completely right on all counts.The structure of the classes allows for a range of fitness levels as well as direct feedback from the instructors. I feel challenged, but not overwhelmed and theres just something about kicking and punching that makes you feel like a total badass, which does great things for your self confidence.Honestly, what has impressed me the most is the sense of mutual respect and camaraderie that are apparent from the moment you first walk in the door - everyone, instructors and students alike, is incredibly welcoming and and encouraging, making you feel at home and want to show up early and stay late.

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Awesome place to train, either self defense or strength and conditioning!!

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