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I called to make an appointment for my son classes they Saturday are really busy we can schedule something in 3 weeks I waited three weeks they doesnt call me back or text me I have to text him and he asked me about the best time for my son I tell him and she never text me back. Very unprofessional and zero communication skills I hope they can make better teaching how to drive shame on you guys

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My driving experience was great, I had Michael and John as my 2 driving teachers. They were both nice and showed you what to do exactly. They also take you on the route of the test, which is very helpful.

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Thank you so much Zoan Driving School, especially to Howard. I passed the DMV driving test.I highly recommend Zoan Driving School. All instructors are passionate and will teach everything to you, such as to be a defensive driver and driving safely. Also, the most I like about them is that they always tell you all your errors and correct what the right thing to do is.

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Very Affordable took 4 lessons and passed my test on the first try. Michael and John are great I would recommend this place if you want to be really prepared for your test.

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After paying all the fees, the manager tried to ignore me when I was asking to schedule a lesson or a road test. Trainers are nice but many have made me took them to either theirs parent’s house, grocery store, noodle shop, or grab a lunch DURING MY LESSON, and made me wait in the car for 10-20minutes. The manager has some attitudes (of course all of this is after paying all my lessons fees)!

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11/10 would drive with again. Good price mixed with excellent instruction on the driving test. To those that say learning to go on the freeway is too fast for a student, I say you should man or woman up and learn how. If its anyone to teach me driving, itd be these guys.

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I passed on first attempt. Thanks Zoan! I only practiced with Zoan. The cost is perfect. I looked into other driving schools before choosing Zoan & Zoan was also most cost efficient.

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I used Zoan Driving School to gain some experience with driving in order to get my license and was satisfied with the results. Each of the instructors was knowledge when it came to to going out on the road. Overall, this business helped me earn my license and the prices were affordable.

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Very smart instructor ever ♡ Learned a lot from him ... Thanks

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When you do your research, Zoan driving school looks like a cheap option that might or might not be reliable. I was in the same dilemma and I decided to go with 2 driving schools, one Zoan and one expensive reliable one. I DID PASS MY TEST ON THE FIRST GO.I got Darek as my instructor and he is absolutely great. You will feel super comfortable and confident while driving with him. If you know driving and want a few lessons just for the test, Derek is the person you go to. He will correct all of your small mistakes that the evaluators at the DMV see.I definitely recommend you this school, you will save a lot of money. But still if you are skeptical, try going here for one session and find it out for yourself.

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I WOULD GIVE THIS SO CALLED DRIVING SCHOOL 0 Stars if it were possible here is whyThe guy in charge i could not understand his english thats the first of a series of problems because if i cannot understand you how can i communicate with you?These people think that it is ok for you to drive on the freeway when you have never been on the freewayThe instructor was irresponsible he got me on the freeway to drive a student home that had already had his class which in that moment there is already something wrong! because why do i have to drive the student back? Why cant the instructor do it? If a person is learning how to drive the last thing you need is someone else criticizing your driving! The worst part was he got me on the freeway with no former freeway experience i was truly terrified but the horror story doesnt stop there the girl that had had the class before me was on board and that was a huge pressure for me because i had never been on the freeway and was very terrified to make an error!These instructors take breaks when its been an hr of driving which is not good because they are stealing your driving time that you paid for! But thats not all the Instructor i had gotten that day whose name is DARREN went to the bank on my time to do his banking errands i had to wait 30- 40 minutes for him on my time!!!!! And then after we had to go pick up the next student!!! Thats 30$ of my money they stole because i did not get the full 2 hrs of practiceThese people make you drive on the freeway when you havent even learned how to drive on the street!!!!The people in charge are not very diplomatic to the needs of non asian customers because this driving school is primarily for asian people and i am not asianWhen i spoke to the guy in charge whose name is Michael he told me this and I quote In order for you to learn how to drive on the street you need to do the freeway first so you become more confident on the street???!! where is the common sense and logic in that? How are you going to drive on the freeway when you dont know how to drive on the street? He also said that if i didnt want to learn how to drive on the freeway why did i hire them ? He said why dont you get a friend to teach you on the street? You think if my friends or relatives had time to teach me how to drive i would have paid them 510$ dollars to learn how to drive???The office is dirty, the scheduling is ridiculous my last class was on a Saturday afternoon 5pm to be exact and to me it was a bad time to go out and practice, the instructor was irritated from the students he had all day and took it out on me saying my driving was bad which it was not i was very careful, its also really funny that he said that because he was not paying attention he was playing Pokemon Go the instructors name is Andre so yea if u get him he will be playing video games instead of paying attentionLong story short, this is the WORST driving school there is. These people are un organized, they are misleading, irresponsible, and rude to non asian customers like myself. I initially came to this driving school because it thought it was a good deal 510$ for 12 hrs of driving education and the dmv test. But considering the quality of the classes, and the level of irresponsibility that these people have making you drive the freeway when you dont even know how to drive on the street, and them doing errands on your time that your paid for, and their long breaks that you have to pay for too, and having to drop off and pick up other students, then it is not a good deal! I would have rather paid double but have gone to people that would have considered my needs, because these people sure didnt i was not a satisfied customer!One last thing Beware of DARREN! He will get you on the freeway out of the blue with no experience so if you happen to get him and you are a person of faith and religion pray you make it out of the freeway alive!

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Howard was my instructor, and he is the best .i wold recommend to friends .thans.

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Ln addition some of what the narrator says foes not match the text, in fact is incorrect to the text.

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I had a rude instructor.

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The coach’s attitude was very poor. He arrived at about 9:30, and we arrived at 9:25. No one came until 9:50, and no one answered the phone. The coach finally came at 9:55, and he said, “We I only started training at 10 oclock, and said that we were afraid that we could not find the way! He didnt mean to apologize at all. The point is that he didnt make it clear to us at the beginning! It really makes people feel very angry! How can someone not make it clear first, let us wait for so long, not apologize first, but also make excuses

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If I am in zoan driving school

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