Dollar Tree
8040 Glen Ln, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, United States
Dollar Tree

Review №1

Had a horrific experience at this dollar tree with the manager named Tom. After reading the reviews on here I now see that I’m not alone and lots of other people have had problems with him as well. I had had enough of the way he was talking to me and stood up for myself asking him not to talk to me like that which ended up with him refusing to sell me my three items. He then pointed to the door and told me to get out. The fact that he repeatedly treats customers so horribly and is still employed is very concerning. I love this dollar store so much and they always have such great stuff it’s a shame I don’t feel comfortable or safe enough to go back.

Review №2

The manager Tom was very rude... I agree with other reviews about him.... ask us to stay behind the 6ft. Line.... in a very rude way.... then my son. Was wondering around the front of the store.... and Tom the manager. Ask him to move from in front of a fan... (so every one in the store get ventilation) very rude all this time....I also agree with others reviews.... that he pack everything in a bag.... VERY RUDE .... TOM YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE

Review №3

Ive been to many Dollar Tree stores and this one was the cleanest, most organized, with the most helpful staff. Even though its far I will go back.

Review №4

Worst customer service at this store by manager Tom and employee! Take your business elsewhere. Especially if you have children they will try to belittle and shame you. He asked if I needed a cart I explained no Im fine and he said well we would prefer it he then harassed us by following us and watching us around the store. After I got so mad and put my stuff away I said is this how you treat all your you have kids Tom: actually I do, and then proceeds to say is this how you keep your houseTom should not in any way be a store manager.

Review №5

The older ladies at this location were very friendly and helpful. However the male Manager Tom was rude, cocky and condescending. He was curt and belligerent with an older lady who wanted a balloon . He haphazardly bagged my purchase even left items out. Then had the nerve to get mad when I got a bag to put my remaining items in!!This manger needs a class in customer service!

Review №6

Great place with huge variety of products with good quality. I go there for no reason and I always find something to buy

Review №7

Poorly managed, inventory poorly merchandised. One cashier says, dump everything from your basket on the belt, next one says keep it in the basket.They want customers to do their workKathy is the only glimmer of sunshine here

Review №8

Very bad experience with Tom the manager, I will call the corporate and the report him as he descriminate me and did races coments to my family.

Review №9

Well organized and fully stocked. Really stepping up their game with crafts and personal care items. I caution anyone buying any frozen veggies from any Dollar tree... They always taste... Off.

Review №10

I love dollar tree, but not this one. They are always understaffed which is sad to see. But also one of their employees was very disrespectful to my father. He kept yelling at my father saying he couldn’t understand him because of his accent and was not patient at all. This is completely unacceptable customer service. Never will set foot in that store again due to the disrespect employee.

Review №11

What a great store!Friendly staff, great selections in a clean organized environment.Thanx Store Manager Tom for taking over and making a difference

Review №12

I told the clerk I had a return, he got super loud & boisterous stating “YOU NEEDED TO TELL ME YOU HAD A RETURN AT THE THE BEGINNING. YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOP WITH YOUR RETURNS- YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE THEM AT THE FRONT LIKE YOURE SUPPOSED TO DO AT EVERY STORE. DON’T YOU KNOW YOYRE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT AT EVERY STORE? YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOP WITH YOUR RETURNS.”First of all, I’ve worked in retail for numerous years & made numerous exchanges at the dollar tree to know that you don’t need to leave your returns at the front. I had it in my purse. I felt like he was accusing me of shoplifting. It was so embarrassing the way he was shouting. The next customer and I just looked at each other not knowing what this guys problem was. Why was he making such a big deal?

Review №13

It was good, getting low on items though.

Review №14

Clean store, great selection of products and holiday/party supplies

Review №15

Basic Dollar Store, interesting selection, nice people

Review №16

What a great store, check in with store manager Tom! Friendly staff, Full of great product, Fast cashiers to help you on your way, Fun experience with the thrill of the hunt in this Dollar Tree store!

Review №17

Ive had these balloons for three months I dont understand why they are still floating. This is definitely worth the dollar unless you were hoping for a balloon that sank after a couple or days then I would suggest going to a party store that sells lots of gifts at expensive rates.

Review №18

Well first I will say that the store was trashed. Nothing in its place. Then there were 3 workers standing at the cash registers. One was checking people out and the other 2 were just chatting. Meanwhile there was a line of about 10 customers getting irritated with how long it was taking. Also for a face mask to be effective, Kelly, you must wear it over your mouth and nose. Not have it under your chin!!

Review №19

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Three different staff members assisted me in purchasing a large order for people in need. Plus, they helped me bring the items to my car.

Review №20

Is a good store everyone has a different idea, I would stop by again and again.

Review №21

Everythings a $1 need I say more

Review №22

Always phenomenal value and service!

Review №23

Store was a total mess. More product on the floor then on the shelves. 3 associates were working at the front, but only one was actually ringing and paying attention to the customers. The other two stood behind a register talking and laughing while 9 people stood in line waiting to be checked out. Very disappointing. Signs on the door about covid, but the associates were not distancing, and their masks were ineffectively being worn on their chins.

Review №24

They have a lot of stuff, just dont go crazy!!

Review №25

Beautiful place great people

Review №26

Daryl was perhaps the most respectful retail worker I have encounter in years.He was a good listener and offered to resolve a problem with no issuesHe gets a 5 star rating him self

Review №27

Love this store but Website states its open today Sunday at 9 am and its closed until 10. Please correct that info online! There are about 10 others sitting outside now @ 9:40 am.

Review №28

It is so convenient to get gift bags cards and fake flowers for a 1

Review №29

Signs on front door for Covid info. Marked spacing for check out. Workers at register not wearing masks, but clear barrier between cashier and customer. They used hand sanitizer between customers. Had registers open!!! Most customers had masks and kept requested distance.

Review №30

Dollar Tree always fully stocked with everything that I need🤩

Review №31

First of all, I think there was only one person working in the whole store. The time was around 3:30 p.m. on a Monday. There was a line of people to check out (5 or 6) and the man that was working behind the counter, his name was Ryan. he got a call on a cell phone and it must have been a survey by the way he was answering the questions. He had talked on his phone through three customers and thats when we left. 🤬

Review №32

Perfect one dollar store ..

Review №33

Found just what I was looking for

Review №34

Eden Prairie $Tree has one of the best employees Ive ever come in contact with. Cynthia made everyone who walked through the door literally feel like they were at home. Great selection of products too. We have a $Tree in Shakopee, but I will drive the extra distance to go here.

Review №35

Love this place. 😊

Review №36

I am a loyal customer and a cashier, being a senior and a widow my needs are mostly filled from the merchandise that is available. Wonderful shopping always find interesting stuff.

Review №37

Everything is still a dollar.

Review №38

Great prices, great selection, great customer service, variety of drinks is sold at this location as well, very clean and nicely laid out.

Review №39

We had fun here looking around. Quite a lot of selection even brings names.

Review №40

Helpful people. They help quickly to find the thing you need if unable to find yourself. Quick checkout as well usually 2 persons.

Review №41

Great for quick shopping visits. Save money on everything from home decor to bath and beauty to snacks and cleaning products.

Review №42

They have one of thr best selections out of all the dollar tree stores in the metro... I love this place and it is open later than most of the others in the metro!!! Customer service is excellent also !!!

Review №43

The employees here are fantastic, very kind and helpful.This store is SO HOT AND MUGGY.I am in often and it seems very understaffed, the products are in disarray and it seems like they cant keep up.

Review №44

Its great the store is nice and always have what i need also the employees are nice and always helpful love the diversity &great prices 💯😀😉😎

Review №45

Prices are unbelievable. Amazing choices, all for just $1. Store can look a bit messy at the end of the day, but the items for sale are such good bargains, all is forgiven.

Review №46

A better than average dollar store. Clean and in good shape, with a typical selection of holiday items, snacks, balloons, beauty and basic health supplies, housewares, etc. Some brand names mixed in packed in value packages.

Review №47

Only one star, because it wont let me put zero.!!! It says they are open until 10pm, and we arrived at 8:54pm thinking we had plenty of time to look around and buy what we need. Apparently, they are only open until 9pm even though it says they are open until 10! This made us so mad, because we would have planned our time differently had we known. So not only does it close an hour earlier than it says, we werent allowed in even though it was 8:54 and there was still 6minutes until close. Really pissed me off! Will NEVER shop here EVER AGAIN! Horrible, horrible service. Also, about 4 more cars of people showed up when we were leaving also thinking they were open until 10 pm. It was still before 9pm as well. And no one was allowed inside to shop, I am sure they wont be back as well. Everyone was very mad.

Review №48

The clerks are very friendly and capable! The store itself needs a good cleaning, on a regular schedule!!

Review №49

This is probably the best dollar store Ive ever seen in my life.

Review №50

Its like every other dollar store. Good place to get dollar items. Value for money.

Review №51

Love the store very awesome things to buy for a 1$

Review №52

Difficult to see from the street so if you are there for the first time you may miss the store. Friendly cashier but stockers not so much. Typical DollarStore as far as merchandise. Enjoyed shopping there

Review №53

Efficient and friendly service.

Review №54

Nice Store to pick stationary items and couple of children party and birthday stuff.

Review №55

Clean place. Good place to shop. Found what I needed.

Review №56

Merchandise is what you would expect. The store is usually dirty.The main problem is the poorly trained and rude staff. Have seen cashiers hitting on customers at checkout. Have seen racist comments being used with customers. Have personally faced angry and rude comments from the supervisor and cashier. Wonder where they pick their employees from.

Review №57

Placed an order online for over $600. Was sent a confirmation email stating my order was ready. When I arrived to the store I was told the manager was out smoking and had to wait. I waited 10 minutes before he came out. He asked my name and went into the back. I waited another 10 minutes before he came back out again and asked me to grab a shopping cart and follow him. I did to the back room where he threw boxes into the cart and said go unload and come back. I asked if he had a cart to put the boxes on since they were falling out of the small shopping cart. He responded with no. I then stated this is ridiculous to which he replied I am on break I came back in from the first load to find 4 more boxes waiting up front on a bread rack. I stated that I am missing half my order. The cashier paged the manager and he came back out and said there is no more. I stated there was and he needed to call someone or find it. He disappeared for another 20 minutes in the back and came back with 1 more case. I showed him the order and said I am still missing a case. He proceeded to say that he has to dig through the back cause no one does there job there. The front cashier apologized for his behavior and stated it was his last week working there and he is pissy. I was at the store for almost an hour waiting for a pre purchased order with employees who could care less. I will no longer order from dollar tree.

Review №58

One can find useful stuff in a dollar.

Review №59

About as good as a dollar store gets. The only thing that bothered me was that the store wasnt very clean, granted this is during the winter with all the road salt being tracked in.

Review №60

NEED TO UPDATE THEIR HOURS!! SAYS OPEN TIL 10 PM AND ITS REALLY 9PM! Very very disappointing not for me but my kids earned money and the only time we could get out of the house was late. Ridiculous.

Review №61

Service is good, pleasent staff, they do what they can to get you in and out fast. Knowledgeable of products in and out of stock

Review №62

Good place to get things for $1.

Review №63

These Managers allow their employees to smoke, weed while the work and she know but Does not Say A Thang the has told me not to come back because of a little horseplay in the store when I do more work then any employee there thank you my name is kiyon Jenkins

Review №64

Busy but easy to get through.

Review №65

It was actually pretty empty and there wasnt much to choes from than the other storesThanks tho ...

Review №66

Dollar tree never disappoints. Always find something

Review №67

Great place for stocking stuffers. You can get brand name items for a buck, selection varies.

Review №68

Three stars for a Dollar Tree is about as high as you can go. Its great, for a Dollar Tree, but it is still a Dollar Tree. If you gotta go to a Dollar Tree (Im not judging, we all have our reasons) go to this one. 3 out of 3 stars

Review №69

Good variety and you cant beat the price!

Review №70

The place looks good they got new tile on the floor its much cleaner the guy running the register didnt know what he was doing he couldnt take a credit card. Really

Review №71

Always liked dollar tree.. Staff is always very polite and friendly..

Review №72

Very bad service, my sister in law was in there 6:30-6:45 p.m. April 21 2017 and ask One of the cashier to look for the item for her which she needed about 100 of them than the cashier deny and wont do that and he said he is too busy and he will throw her out of store, also he harass at her and yelling at her to get out, than she called me and scared about it, than I try to called the store and would like to talk to the manager the phone keeps ringing and no answer and hang up, than I call the police and opening the complain to the store.Will be more to the stories and unfinished business yet! Make sure you be aware to this store. Call to the police and report right away when it happens so the official can be witness to the whole situation.

Review №73

Love the employees and you cant beat the prices.

Review №74

Very helpful and I found all that I needed.

Review №75

Must visit goods and you will love it...highly recommended !!!

Review №76

Nice place, good stuff for kids, birthday balloons, festive season decorations.

Review №77

$1 on everything in the store. I usually check there 1st before heading to Walmart or target, which are both very close by. Regular items I buy there.- greetingcards, gift bags, night light bulbs, seasonal(XMas, Halloween, etc) decorations, food n clothing for donation, kitchenware,

Review №78

Lots is great products and an exceptionally nice cashier

Review №79

You cant go wrong when everything is only a dollar

Review №80

Nice Customer Service from all employees here.Thanks

Review №81

Plenty of everyday stuff at very reasonable price

Review №82

The staff here seem friendly. The store does dirty and is sort of run down. Certain areas are empty while other selves are over stocked.

Review №83

Great value

Review №84

Online says open until 10 went at 930 and dollars were locked. Inconvenient

Review №85

You get what you pay for. Great for balloons and party supplies.

Review №86

Very helpful and nice staff.

Review №87

Very nice employees, very helpful.

Review №88

They are a more organized and cleaner location.

Review №89

One stop shop

Review №90

Nice people always smiling and helpful

Review №91

5 stars but I hate this place can you spend $100+ like its nothing I can and I do I think I would spend more but I know I have to carry the bags in haha

Review №92

Love this store saves me a ton of money!!!

Review №93

Good finds...even steak!

Review №94

If you like a cluttered store with lots of junk for $1 a piece, then this is your store. Staff have been friendly a few times.

Review №95

I was looking for one of the solar powered seasonal bobbing things and didnt find them but the site was clean and tidy with plenty it seasonal options.

Review №96

Best DT of the state

Review №97

Love prices, great variety of products

Review №98

Clean, organized, new flooring looked nice

Review №99

Good collection of items for a dollar .

Review №100

Its s dollar store. Long waits at the cash register.

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