Agoge Combatives - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Chattanooga Krav Maga Muay Thai
3741 Ringgold Rd, East Ridge, TN 37412, United States
Agoge Combatives - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Chattanooga Krav Maga Muay Thai

Review №1

I cant say enough great things about this gym! Their training caters to all types of athletes and training goals, a variety of classes and coaching styles are available, and the instructors clearly care about helping students meet their individual goals. For the ladies who are wondering (I am often asked): YES, this gym is female-friendly! Classes are mixed gender, and Ive never experienced a problem with this in any way.

Review №2

Im far, far from a Jiu-Jitsu expert, but I have had the opportunity to train at multiple gyms in many states. What I have found out is whats much more important than having the best, most experienced instructors is the overall feel of a BJJ gym - are the people friendly? The instructors helpful and caring? The facility cared for? Wonderfully enough, Agoge/Chatt Krav has it all. Even though the instructors are extremely skilled at what they do, it feels like family - like a home. Students and instructors ask you where you were when you miss classes, we all go and spend time together outside of class, and at tournaments - everyone goes to support each other.Unfortunately, its rare to find a place like this. When I came to Chattanooga I searched around quite a bit before I found Agoge. Fortunately, there is a place in Chattanooga that has the whole package, and this is it.

Review №3

Started training at Agoge in June of this year with zero prior experience in any grappling or martial art. I had been “interested” in doing something like this for years but always made excuses to not take that first step...and honestly it was fear of the unknown that stopped me all those times before. That first night at Agoge stepping on that mat, I was nervous to say the least. Once we got past warm ups and started training with a partner I was immediately paired with a very experienced “regular” who put me at ease and was super patient and helpful. Then later when it was open mat and we started “rolling” (essentially short periods of time where you grapple with various students in class) I realized this patient, helpful, and welcoming attitude (mixed with a ton of intensity) permeated throughout every individual there. It is truly a family atmosphere. The leadership and instruction is fantastic. The gym is clean, even locker rooms and showers. The women practitioners are tough, knowledgeable, welcoming, and well respected. The younger kids are looked after and have a ton of fun learning a skill that will stay with them for life. My son also trains there and I plan to have my daughter train there when she is old enough (5 is the recommended minimum age). This facility and the people in it receive my absolute highest recommendation. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Review №4

Highly recommended!! They are truly professional and REALLY CARE about our safety in and out of the gym! They are people of good character that operate with integrity!

Review №5

This place is amazing! I started going over a year and a half ago and it’s changed my life in so many great ways. When I started I had no idea, but it checked so many of the boxes I wanted when I looked at starting a workout program:Will it get me in shape? ✔️Will it be a lot of fun? ✔️Will I learn practical ways of defending myself? ✔️Will I push myself to be better in and out of the gym? ✔️Will it be a friendly environment/ could I make friends? ✔️Is this applicable to my everyday life and will the things I learn be transferred outside of the gym? ✔️Can I enjoy this and learn even though I don’t plan on fighting? ✔️Can I walk in off the streets knowing nothing and have instructors that can be patient, knowledgeable, and helpful? ✔️I can’t recommend Agoge Combatives enough. Don’t wait and come on in today!!

Review №6

Good coaches, good vibes, you can learn a lot

Review №7

Highly recommended. Was in Chattanooga for a week for work and dropped in twice for a class and an open mat. Nice clean facility, high quality instruction, super welcoming and friendly instructors and members. Will definitely be back next time I’m in town. Was a pleasure to train here. Thanks y’all!

Review №8

Best instructors in town!! I love this place!! Great for women who want to learn self defense and get in shape. Not intimidating at all :)

Review №9

Awesome facility, staff is super friendly and full of knowledge. Plenty of good people to spar and train with. You will progress really good in no time.

Review №10

Since starting at Agoge Combatives I have truly found a home away from home. Not only has learning the art of jiu jitsu helped me stay in shape, given me more strength and agility and boosted my level of confidence but I also feel as if I’ve gained a family. I am forever grateful for all that I have learned from my coaches as well as my teammates. The level of instruction I have received is world class, and the gym is full of high quality humans. Hope to see y’all on the mats!

Review №11

Great instructors!! Welcoming atmosphere. Kids and adults jujitsu classes offered, gi and no-gi, and Krav Maga. They’ve got plenty of class schedules to accommodate busy lifestyles.

Review №12

Awesome place. Good real world training. Absolutely zero pressure environment. Just show up. Great exercise while learning valuable self defense techniques.

Review №13

Ive had the opportunity to cross-train with many of their guys. They have a strong team and a nice facility. Definitely check them out.

Review №14

If you live in the Chattanooga area or are simply visiting, this is the place to train. Although it is a bunch of savages, you wont find a more welcoming or nicer group around. Great Gi and No-Gi BJJ instruction with competitors and regular folks training together. They also provide a Krav Maga program for self-defense and Muay Thai Kickboxing as well. Not to mention, a nice and clean facility with showers, etc.

Review №15

My son loves his instructors and has learned so much! This has totally boosted his confidence and he looks forward to getting together with his BJJ buddies every week!

Review №16

Extremely knowledgeable staff. Great environment to train in. Very diverse group of people. All together an awesome academy.

Review №17

Great instruction, and space to learn.

Review №18

There’s a variety of arts you can choose from! Best gym around!

Review №19

Fantastic teachers and members. Very welcoming and accommodating. Highly recommend these great folks.

Review №20

After wrestling for 10 years in middle, high school and college I was itching for some way to grapple and push myself again.. then I found this gym and immediately felt at home. This place is amazing and has some of the best instructors and family atmosphere around! I would highly highly recommend it to anyone in the area interested in Jiu Jitsu or Krav Maga!

Review №21

Great group of coaches, My son loves being a part of the Little Spartans Jiu-Jitsu class.

Review №22

With no prior experience, I took trial classes at two other BJJ gyms in the area before ChattKrav/Agoge. After my first day I knew iI would sign up. Everyone here is friendly, welcoming, and wants to see each other progress and improve in the sport. Stacy, Matt and Sterling are excellent BJJ instructors and Larry is extremely motivating in Krav Maga. If youre interested in BJJ and self-defense but have not yet started...just do it!!

Review №23

If you are in the Chattanooga area and want to train Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and learn Self-Defense then there is no better place to train!

Review №24

Best gym in town.

Review №25

Great group of people with high quality instruction. A very competitive Jiu-Jitsu team and a solid, functional self-defense Krav program.

Review №26

Ive trained Jiu Jitsu on and off since October of 2008. This Chatt Krav and BJJ is the best place Ive trained by far. The instructors and students push me every training session. My jits game has truly changed for the better since I started trainin with these guys. Ive also got into the Krav Maga. The instruction is like no other. I highly recommend training here if you want to better your lifestyle and if you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Tell them Travis sent you.

Review №27

Highly recommended! No better place to train in the Chattanooga area!

Review №28

Great training, great people, and just simply a great place to go to.

Review №29

Great place with great people!

Review №30

Great place to train.

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