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Code One CPR Training AED Team

Review №1

Recently, I just finished the five week accelerated class to become an EMT, and let me tell you, its one of the hardest but best classes you could possibly take. When I originally was debating signing up for this class, I was debating on doing it with another program v.s Code One. I can truly say that I am so glad that I did this course with Code One. They truly give you the best education and bang for your buck. I went into this course, scared and wondering whether Id be a good provider. However, after completing this course, I can confidently say that I know I will be a successful provider after taking this course. They provide you with the best & experienced instructors that will give you nothing but the truth. Yes, you might pay a bit more for this course compared to others in the area, but I can say with no doubt that it is worth the money. Thank you to those at Code One for giving me a wonderful education!

Review №2

It was welcoming and less chaotic to have a one on one. I thought it would feel uncomfortable but Kat was warm and welcoming and supportive. It was a great experience

Review №3

I completed my EMT training course here a few weeks ago and I had such an amazing experience with Code One. The staff is incredibly helpful and kind and the education that you receive is far above the national standard. The teachers are incredibly experienced and the classroom environment, while rigorous, is full of comradery. Code One is truly creating the next generation of incredible EMTs. If you are on the fence about an EMT program, choose Code One!

Review №4

The entire process was very easy. The online portion of course was easy to follow and helped reinforce areas that were my weak points. My skills session with Ken was equally helpful in my practical skills. Ken was an awesome coach throughout! Will be back here in 2 years to renew my certifications!

Review №5

This was my first time taking an ACLS course with Code One. The process was very streamlined and simple. I completed the online portion and then scheduled my in-person skills session. After taking the online portion of this course, I still had a few general questions regarding the material. My skills instructor, Santina, was excellent and did a great job answering any questions that I had. To help me better understand the material, Santina went above-and-beyond and provided multiple examples of ECG rhythms for me to interpret. We had a great discussion about the CPR algorithms and ACLS, overall, and Santina was very supportive. I had previously received my BLS training through Code One and my experience getting my ACLS certification was just as positive! I highly recommend Code One!

Review №6

Received, and brought with me, an email receipt showing I had a reserved seat for the classroom training only to be told that I didnt have a seat and didnt need to be there since I had completed the online course but was told to come back for my 11:30 hands-on training. Returned and texted the alphanumeric code on the instructions to the number at 11:25 as instructed - got a return message that the didnt have my reservation - then said to text again only the numeric portion of the code - did that - got a text to call for live help and got a recording - at at 11:31 got a message that I was more than 5min late for my 11:30 appt and would have to reschedule. Also went to access the $90 course the night before the hands-on only to find that you cant access the course again once you complete it. Ridiculous fustercluck for that amount of $$. If I could I would attach screen shots of all of this just so you know this is EXACTLY what happened. Ill be sending them to Code1 corporate.

Review №7

Wonderful course with personalized training! Very accommodating! Will always use this company for my AHA certification needs.

Review №8

Just finished my skills at Code One! They sent me an email reminding me my cert was due to renew, gave me a discount code for paying for a package deal, and made me feel comfortable in using the new RQI system. Thanks for being awesome! I highly recommend Code One!!

Review №9

I just wanted to comment on the caliber of instructors that work for Code One. One word sums it up Excellent!This year I recertified for BLS and ACLS. Instruction was clear and concise.Enjoyed both classes. Tasha is knowledgeable and professional. Would always recommend any healthcare worker take Code One courses.

Review №10

Code One is absolutely amazing. Their customer service is at 100% all the time. The first time I was ever called, I spoke with Melissa Bernstein. She was so kind to me and was able to help me right away. Luckily, I was able to speak with Melissa a second time today because I was having a problem with my phone and scheduling an in-person assessment. Melissa was so patient and so nice. She was always willing to help me and we had such a nice conversation. This company is truly lucky to have people like her. Thank you to Melissa and Code One. You guys are simply the best!!! :)

Review №11

Today I completed the skills portion of my ACLS with Code One CPR in East Hartford- the facilities were very clean, the online instructor Richard was professional, calm, extremely knowledgeable and created a great atmosphere without any stress. The instructor was on screen but still connected personally with me during this 1:1 skills session. It was a great experience- and felt very safe during this ongoing pandemic. Based on my experience today I recommend Code One CPR Training highly and will most certainly be back in 2 years for the renewal.

Review №12

I have worked in EMS/ Medical field for years so I have had the privilege to attend several Ems required training programs, however I am very Impressed by every aspect of this particular EMT Program. After my enrollment at Code One Training Solutions I understand why they are highly recommended by other ems professionals .

Review №13

Code One is a good option for BLS & ACLS initial and recertification courses. I prefer the instructor led classes. The online part of ACLS can take 2-4 hours. The skills test isn’t nerve-wracking and the instructors encourage you with tips. I’ve been going back to them for years to update skills

Review №14

Skills appointment was easy to schedule and complete. Corey was also a great instructor! Would highly recommend.

Review №15

Sign up was easy. Very COVID friendly. Testing done via Zoom. Laptop in the room to sign in. Large TV screen to see instructor who can see you and advise as you proceed. Room was clean and organized. The coach (Ken) was respectful and clear. He made the scenarios relevant to possible scenarios in normal living. The Manikins are attached to a computer that relates info to the instructor and also tell you how well you are doing. ie not lifting off the chest enough for full chest recoil, cadence is too slow, too much air. And all this is recorded like an EKG graph. A chart you can see at the end of each exercise for those who like consistency. The switch from breaths to compressions needs to be fast. Only a graph can show you how much critical time was lost while switching positions. It made for a pleasant learning experience that aided in information retention. This one-to-one experience was unique and I look forward to doing this again

Review №16

Very good class. Learned a lot and the course itself is structured for success. During my in person skills session, the session guide, Jonathan, did a great job explaining the tests before they started so I knew exactly what I was being asked to do. He was quite personable and knowledgeable. Overall great experience and everything was well organized.

Review №17

The Skills Session ran very smoothly, from getting access into the building to the actual session itself. The instructor, Corey, was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging. He provided helpful feedback when I made a mistake, and he made me feel valued for completing my BLS Provider certification. I was very impressed with the program!

Review №18

Excellent. Well done. Learned a lot with these guys, and ive been a physician for almost 20 years.Very timely recertification process.Great feedback on mannequin mechanics!Thank you

Review №19

Had an excellent experience at this location! My instructor Jonathan was professional, extremely knowledgeable and thorough. All my questions were answered. The facility was very clean and the virtual conference set up was flawless. I will be back in two years and would absolutely recommend to anyone needing certifications in BLS, ACLS, etc.

Review №20

I would highly recommend Code One Training Solutions of East Hartford. My Instructor Corey was so kind and provided all the info I needed to be successful in the skills portion of the training. I will definitely be back when it’s time to renew!

Review №21

Great place to do the skills check. Great coach. I highly recommend this place!

Review №22

The ACLS training was efficient and effective. The in-person center was very well organized, and Corey was a great facilitator and teacher.

Review №23

My session was very helpful with practicing and reinforcing what I learned in the online module. I felt safe with all the safety precautions code one has taken. My instructor Santina was very pleasant and gave me great feedback!

Review №24

This was my first time using Code One for my BLS training. The facility was nice and spacious and everyone was doing their part to keep it safe by wearing masks and wiping down everything between uses. If you get to pick your instructor I highly recommend Brian H. He is phenomenal. After learning that I was in nursing school he gave me some extreme tips and shared invaluable life experiences from his EMT work, that will transcend and help me in my own practice as a future nurse. I will definitely be returning when its time to get my ACLS certification. Thanks Brian and Code One!

Review №25

Ken Karger was skilled and informative throughout the CPR training. Ken gave scenarios that were relatable which allowed me to gain an understanding of the CPR skills. He comes highly recommended.

Review №26

It was an amazing experience. The accuracy level of the training and instructional information given by both the educator Mr. Richard and the computer systems was a life-like experience. Thank you Code One and the amazing Mr. Richard.

Review №27

Skills test added to learning. Do not sweat it. They want you to walk away confident in your skills

Review №28

I did the remote ACLS at East Hartford. What an awesome experience. The CPR mannequin are really good quality. Better than I’ve seen in a lot of other classes. The feedback is done via a pc connection which is awesome and gives you an idea of how your compressions actually are. The whole experience was perfect

Review №29

This was the best experience I’ve ever had with BLS/ ACLS. The instructor was so understanding, and he wanted me to learn. I was not afraid to ask questions and it was definitely valuable time spent. He really tied all of the online stuff together with in person real life scenarios. Thank you Jonathan!

Review №30

I needed to do my skills portion. I did the online portion through my hospital. This created great problems, but the team was on it, and got everything done for me. An absolutely spectacular job.

Review №31

Kori lead my CPR instructor remote class. She was respective of student needs and time, demonstrably knowledgeable of the topics, communicated clearly, presented professionally, had an encouraging approach, yet moved things along when needed. Fantastic.

Review №32

They made the whole process easy to navigate, were prompt for skills assessment, and gave great feedback. Would 100% recommend.

Review №33

There are several schools where you can learn to become an EMT-B in Ct and Code One is by far the best: it is the most comprehensive, the most organized, and has the most knowledgeable and hardworking, informative instructors. The EMS-I’s including Brian are consistent across the board so there is no confusion as to what the proper methods are in terms of skills.They have been flexible in adapting their curriculum in the midst of Covid-19 and are willing to help you learn in a safe, yet thorough and effective manner.Should you have any questions or concerns Amanda is always incredibly helpful and prompt in addressing them.I will continue to recommend Code One to friends who are wanting to become EMT’s or simply need recertifications- Caitlin

Review №34

Santina was great, explained everything very well and was wonderful to work with during the skills session!

Review №35

Had an excellent instructor, Santina, who explained everything and had patience. She made the environment so much calmer for me.

Review №36

I’ve been taking courses/recertifications with Code One for years. Their instructors always make me feel comfortable in their classes and this is no different during Covid. Jonathan was great instructing me through my personal skills check Off for BLS & PALS. Well done set up. Thank you.

Review №37

My instructor Jackie was beyond GREAT !!!! she made me feel so comfortable and she was very knowledgeable to all my questions ! I had fun and I love the one on one !! Great CPR class !!!

Review №38

I took the accelerated EMT course. The instructors were awesome. I passed the licensing tests on the first attempt. If you are thinking about being an EMT, Code One will prepare you very well.

Review №39

It was my first time taking an American Heart Association B.L.S. course, but the on-line section of this combination of on-line and hands-on skills course was very easy to follow. Explanations given after I took simulation evaluations were very helpful and thorough to learn these new skills and add to my knowledge. Rich, the owner, answered my questions via email, after 10 pm at night. I highly valued his outstanding customer service and understanding that healthcare providers schedules are indeed, crazy!!!Jorge Castillo, MSWEast Hartford, CT

Review №40

Amazing!!! my instructor was great and very helpful

Review №41

My instructor Jonathan was patient and made me feel comfortable and confident during the hands on testing. I would hightly reccommend Code One.

Review №42

Good morning,I just wanted to reach out and say that Camice was outstanding! Best classever! She is very knowledgeable and thorough! Truly a pleasure and I would highly recommend any class she is teaching!Sincerely,Sherry Nussbaum

Review №43

I took the BLS class last week with Mike Martin. It was comprehensive and engaging- with lots of real life field knowledge presented .I feelconfident in my skills for all age groups including a variety of AEDs. I highly recommend this class to any healthcare provider!

Review №44

Good for Individuals who need knowledge in BLS. Instructor Kelly was helpful.

Review №45

Outstanding instructors! Their combination of real-life experiences, familiarity with the material and pace of the class were excellent. Challenging, informative and up-to-date information. Both instructors were tack-sharp. Their different teaching styles complimented each other and they worked exceptionally well together. Chris and Austin are topflight trainers!

Review №46

My Instructor was amazing and she has agreat personality

Review №47

I have completed 3 courses so far at Code One and I would recommend them to anyone interested in taking a local medical course. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and have worked locally for many years to add relevant experience to each class. Anyone looking to start their EMT-B should not look anywhere else in the state if they want to be challenged and fully prepared to start working after graduating from Code One.

Review №48

I needed to renew my CT EMT certification but was very confused on the process, since I’m currently not affiliated with anyone being away at nursing school. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful and help relieve the nerves of being out of the field for a little while, since I’m in school. I would recommend them to anyone and who needs to recertify!

Review №49

Kelly was a GREAT instructor!

Review №50

The initial contact by the company after I signed up, the confirmation, responsiveness with my questions, as well as the instructor were excellent. I had signed up quite late but was immediately put at ease when my phone calls were answered on the first try. The class was great because the instructor was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and caring of individual needs. THANK YOU!!

Review №51

Great organization that I now have worked with twice for BLS/ACLS certifications. Phenomenal communication, and I appreciate that during this time with COVID limitations to doing in-person skills, Code 1 has developed a virtual training alternative where they will mail out a mannequin to perform a virtual skills section with an instructor. Thanks for being adaptable, and for helping healthcare professionals expand their education! I would and will highly recommend to others! - Josh, S.N.

Review №52

Excellent Instructors and Top Notch Training!My recent experience as a EMT student was nothing but a great experience. All of the instructors: Trevor, Mike, Serena, Nick, Tony, and everyone are highly knowledgeable in EMS and teaching. They prepare you and teach you, as a reoccurring phrase said by them in my class, to be a more a competent, better EMT and smarter to go above basic standards.They give you the ins as to what to expect on national testing and prepare you to successfully become a EMT. With no surprises, given that a person will get out 100% if they put in 100% and read, study, do the work, quizzes and etc. Its not a high school biology class and shouldnt be taken lightly, especially with someones life in your hands, but the class is doable & manageable. The experience examples that they give to the course materials help and everyone is always readily available for help or issues. The only thing I wish is there was videos to accompany the material. 5 star rating and a great class overall.

Review №53

The class was very small(2 students) and they did not cancel it. It was nice having a small class. Although I have taken this class 20 something times in the past. The instructor was also very good and did not rush at all. The other person in my class was a first timer so I really had a good review. I had been between jobs and accidentally let my card expire that is y I was in the beginner class. I was unaware of the online version or I probably would have tried that. the place was very nice and clean. I also received my card online at the class and was shown how to access it if needed in the future. it is also able to be sent to employers directly. :)Me

Review №54

Great teachers! Thank you.

Review №55

Simple, organized

Review №56

We have been working with Code One Training Solutions in order to offer American Heart Association BLS for Providers CPR training and refresher courses for our nursing students. All of the professionals that are involved with the planning, communication, training and follow up are experts and adhere to the AHA standards. Students comment that the instructors are supportive and flexible while energetically engaging them in their learning and demonstrations. The students feel comfortable in asking questions they have from the manuals and state that they get thorough, meaningful clarification.

Review №57

I had the pleasure of working with Instructor Greg, who did a fantastic job teaching and explaining very difficult concepts. I feel confident with the knowledge I am walking out of my course with and am ready to apply what I learned to practice. I have taken courses elsewhere for other certifications, and the level of teaching, engagement, and interactive learning (humor included) at Code One East Htfd was the best I have experienced. I would highly recommend taking courses here if you are ready to learn and want to take your certifications/ability to do your job seriously.

Review №58

I have been to many BLS for Provider training sessions. Ive also tried online. This is the best experience as there were several instructors making the practice part of it very convenient. They also all added personal experiences that made it seem much more real and relevant. They also explained why the AHA recommendations are what they are.

Review №59

We have been working with Code One training Solutions for the past couple of months, as a training facility and hosting our own CPR courses. Anytime there was troubleshooting, Code One staff were punctual, professional, and very easy to work with. If you are looking to align with a company, from the view-point of a trainer, look no further.

Review №60

I have taken a basic CPR class as well as a BLS for the Health Provider course with Code One. Both instructors were clear and informative adding in their own experiences as we went through the instruction. I enjoyed the class structure and immediate, quick feedback given by the instructors. I will be back for my renewal!

Review №61

I completed the online portion and test, then went to the classroom for the hands on portion of certification. For anyone wanting the true ACLS experience I recommend going to the classroom for full recert. I feel I would of got more out of that than the online modules. The instructor was great and very knowledgeable! They have many different times to accommodate people.

Review №62

I have never done national testing so my review is only based on this one experience. I was told by many, horror stories about the militant type running of these facilities, but I did not feel overly guarded or treated like a prisoner as I was told by many teachers/educators and students of the EMT classes. It is an important test and they are under the scrutiny of others, possibly government, so I would suspect they are watching their Ps and Qs by way of the rules they provide for us.The experience I had was fast paced as it goes with 40+ people on 6 tests lasting upwards of 10 minutes on some. The staff was nice, everyone was polite and was sure I was not disturbed during my testing or that I did not disturb others. Everything I have to say or could say is positive except one thing. I am not in the habit of testing my last test at 10:15 p.m. when I normally go to sleep at 9. It was hard on me. Loss of star for that.

Review №63

Everything about the experience was great. There were a couple small snafus with the technology of the online portion, but staff were quick to remedy it. The instructor was knowledgeable, interesting, and engaging.

Review №64

Great contactless training, highly recommend this place for certifications.

Review №65

Best place to get your education! Amazing, professional and very friendly people!

Review №66

Instructors were very good at teaching us what we needed to be successful in EMS but also in life. Made class fun but also serious when needed.

Review №67

Chris Sanchez came to our office yesterday for a 3 1/2 hour training. He was on time and prepared and did a nice job. We will ask him back when its time for re-certification.

Review №68

Great experience. The instructor was extremely helpful and it was easy to understand. I got my card via email immediately afterwards and they provided great msterials. I highly recommend Code one Training.

Review №69

Training was extremely informative and the instructor made it fun and worth your time. We would highly recommend Code One.

Review №70

I renewed my Healthcare CPR certification with Code One in April. My experience was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone searching certification.

Review №71

Code one goes above and beyond to meet the needs of everyone. I enjoy working with them and can’t ask for anything more

Review №72

Great training experience. Instructor was knowledgeable and made the class members feel comfortable. If you’re looking for a BLS class, this is the place for you!

Review №73

My instructor Lori was very knowledgeable and thorough. I will definitely go back for recertification :)

Review №74

I have been CPR certified for over 30 years. This was the most fun and interactive CPR experience I have ever attended.

Review №75

Great place for all your your cpr/first responder/acls needs. Convenient schedule, great location.

Review №76

Really enjoy all the people who work at Code 1 they provide a great area to learn!

Review №77

Worked with this group for several years.Always an outstanding experience.

Review №78

Aaron was a very enthusiastic trainer for the PMT refresher. He made it fun, as trainings are not the most enjoyable of experiences, especially on a Friday afternoon.

Review №79

Top-notch professionals who do great work!

Review №80

I’ve had a great experience with Christy.

Review №81

The trainer was very respectful, knowledgeable on the field.Great training!

Review №82

Great, efficient, friendly training! Enjoyed myself and learned a lot!

Review №83

Very detailed yet concise course!! The only place I go for my certification.

Review №84

Great place to learn and awesome instructors.

Review №85

Organized, to the point, excellent training.

Review №86

They make training easy and fun!

Review №87

To the point and in a timely manner.

Review №88

Excellent instructor

Review №89

They are Great!!

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