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Kilmer Driving School

Review №1

We highly recommend Kilmer Driving School! Our teenage daughter passed her driving test and permit with their amazing help and communication . The first day he starts you behind the wheel and wastes no time; it was great! The owner and associates are trustworthy and honest.

Review №2

I had no experience driving and I have to tell you the instructor turned me into not just a safe driver but expert level! I recommend this school over any other as I have just passed the road test today! Let’s go!!! 😊

Review №3

Abraham is such a nice person! He taught me everything I need to know to pass the test! The best tips ever! Thank you so much!

Review №4

My niece took driving lessons here. She had good lessons and is back on the road after a year. However, she told me that the instructor (Abraham) was on the phone the entire time and not giving her feedback, he yells and hits the window when she doesnt do something correctly, when we tried cancelling a lesson he said this is a business or something along the lines of that. Im not sure what that meant but it was strange. Lastly, he made her stop at his house to grab food or something? Thats weird. Not too professional, but I thank them for at least helping my niece get the courage to drive again.

Review №5

The teacher was very helpful. All his tips helped me pass the test. Would recommend to everyone.

Review №6

I loved coming here to get prepared to take my road test. My driving instructor was very commutative and professional. Whenever I made a mistake he corrected it he was very positive and his redirection was easy to follow and direct. Thank you!!

Review №7

I loved my experience at Kilmer driving school. My driving instructor Ebrahem was so wonderful! He taught me everything I need to know and was extremely helpful. He kept me calm and made me belief in my myself. I passed on the first try! I could not have asked for a better instructor and driving school!

Review №8

The owner Name Ibrahem, has to be the worst instructor in the industry. Not only is he rude but also bad at instructing a new driver, he made my son feel uncomfortable when he was The instructor that day, his wife was a better instructor then he was. I would never recommend him to anybody, please find another driving school to help your kids.

Review №9

Abraham was great. I took the refresher course with him twice and he was extremely helpful and showed me exactly what was on the road test and I passed. I recommend this school.

Review №10

The service was nice. Driving teachers were helpful and provided great advice.

Review №11

It was a great service nice instructor I would recommend to anyone who is going to be learning.

Review №12

Love the service! Highly recommend.

Review №13

I had a poor driving school experience with this Kilmer Driving School. A while back, I was looking for driving schools and Kilmer Driving School came across my mind. The instructor Abraham wasn’t a very good instructor because all he cared about was himself and the money I was paying him. The lessons we had weren’t really helpful at all & if I’m being honest, they were useless too🤷🏽‍♀️. Don’t waste your money on here. Go to a professional ! That’s what I did. I went to a different driving school and passed on my first try💯!

Review №14

This driving school is excellent, and taught me everything I needed to know to pass the driver’s test and get my license. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Review №15

I failed the first time no fault to Kilmer but they excoriated me and gave me the confidence to pass the next time.

Review №16

Excellent instruction from this driving school. Very professional and knowledgeable. I was able to pass my road test and get my license with the help of Kilmer Driving School

Review №17

Very good service and helps when need and ask for it

Review №18

Service was awesome I passed my test I recommend Kilmer driving school to anyone!!

Review №19

The first 6 hours that I had done was very informative he had been very patient with me and was very understanding. I had just taken my road test and passed. We had both gotten very excited for me :)

Review №20

Great experience passed on my first time!

Review №21

Kilmer driving school is the best service to use in New Jersey. Abraham was a great help with me obtaining my license.

Review №22

Amazing I was nervous & Abraham was an awesome instructor I passed

Review №23

Excelente service abraham professional I passed from first time I recommended kilmer driving school

Review №24

Strong teacher, good directions, great experience.

Review №25

I cant stress enough how I appreciate Sam and Abraham. They are great instructors, so calm, so patient, so helpful and great teaching skills. I passed my road test at first time. Abraham brought me to MVC, spent time to help me practice before the test, and I passed within 8 minutes.Best instructors you can have to get your driver license. Highly highly recommended!.

Review №26

The service was very good my driving instructor was very nice and he helped me pass my drivers test and become a much better driver.

Review №27

Very good coaching. they take you on the course before the test to prepare you.

Review №28

I had Ibriham as my instructor, and he went above and beyond to make sure I passed my road test. I’m grateful for all of his help and service.

Review №29

The service was great they have patience and will work with you until you perfect it and very nice instructor definitely recommend.

Review №30

It was a pleasure being a student at Kilmer Driving School. The instructor continuously gave constructed feedback and took great precaution. Even during times of COVID, he ensured my temperature was being taken and everyone around us were masked up!

Review №31

I had a really good experience with Abraham. He taught me all the necessary details to pass the test and I passed in the first try. HIGHLY recommended!

Review №32

I really loved this driving school!! the lessons helped me pass!! i am extremely happy with their service and highly recommend :)

Review №33

Excellent service Abraham very nice man I recommended

Review №34

I enjoyed my time with kilmer, I passed my test and the instructor was very helpful :)

Review №35

AMAZING TEACHER!! Must take it here, so professional! Passed my first try!

Review №36

I was able to pass the drivers test on my first try! The lesson before the test was very helpful.

Review №37

I love the service it was amazing, nice people would recommend to go here.

Review №38

It was pretty good! He’s a nice guy and I’d recommend if ur worried about mean instructors. He’s professional, but keeps things upbeat and fun!

Review №39

The service was amazing. I recommend.

Review №40

Best instructors ever! They were nice and easy to work with. They show you how to do everything and make sure you understand it!

Review №41

I enjoyed my time with my driver instructor, he kept calm at all times and talked everything out. He reminded me of the laws while driving and asked me questions to keep the information constant in my mind.

Review №42

My instructor was amazing, He truly helped me pass my test. Everything he taught was spot on! Thank you!!

Review №43

Jim was an excellent instructor, he made it easy for me to understand each technique that would be on the test. He also helped through repetition of said techniques, which helped me get good enough to pass the test. He lastly helped me with being calm before the test and during the test

Review №44

I was able to pass my road test easily with their help. Highly recommend.

Review №45

Excellent service Abraham helpful I recommended

Review №46

I had a great experience and learned a lot

Review №47

I loved my experience here the instructor was very nice and helped me a lot!!

Review №48

It was great service and the tips and tricks help me pass the test!

Review №49

Very nice service I got the license and the guy was so nice and friendly

Review №50

The best! I would recommend it.

Review №51

The driving instructor was extremely nice and explained everything well and I and my two brothers took his classes and all pass!

Review №52

SO AMAZING! I learned everything and felt super comfortable driving. The hour before helped a lot and I was confident for the test.

Review №53

Definitely would recommend taught me very good with parallel parking and k-turns.

Review №54

The parallel parking practice was great!

Review №55

Very detailed coaching, Abraham taught me everything I needed to know. Thank you Kilmer driving school, Ill always recommend you.

Review №56

As the biggest thing of all, I passed my drivers test. I had no faith in me at first but I actually did it. Kilmer driving school taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know and I’m glad I went to them.

Review №57

Polite, had a good car, kept up with COVID restrictions, and best of all, helped me pass my driving test first try. Thank you!

Review №58

I passed !! Would recommend to all my friends !

Review №59

This is the best driving school ever!!!! The practice helped me pass my exam the first time and the instructor is very clear in his instruction. KILMER DRIVING SCHOOL IS THE BEST!!!!!!

Review №60

I passed the Driving Exam and the teacher was so great at explaining how to do certain things. I am glad that I learned how to parallel park and do a k-turn.

Review №61

I passed my road test thanks to Abrim!

Review №62

I had a great experience and I passed my exam! Both instructors are so kind and patient and the courses do help to learn the area youre in! Thank you!

Review №63

Great! Helped me pass my road test!

Review №64

Passed! would recommend.

Review №65

Great,awesome and I recommend everyone to practice with them

Review №66

Great Service! Past the test on my first try, thank you very much!

Review №67

My teacher was very good. Answered all of my questions.

Review №68

Great service and he helped me pass my test.

Review №69

Great driving intructor he knows what hes talking about, taught me what is expected on the road test. Detailed explanation and tips on how to pass the road test. The refresher course was great, brsng me to the dmv ans used thwie car. Highly recommend!

Review №70

Good service taught me exactly what was on da test best experience wth ibram by far best driver school guy was a great help thanks

Review №71

Ibraham did a great job helping me pass my test! I was a little nervous, but he went over everything and gave me the proper tips/advice. Definitely recommend this driving school!

Review №72

Helped me to pass my test! Would recommend.

Review №73

Amazing! So helpful!

Review №74

Great teaching ! I passed first try and it was so easy!!

Review №75

This school was very good! It was very helpful and my instructor was kind and patient with me. I’ll be recommending this to my friends and family. Thank you for helping me pass my test!

Review №76

Great service! Passed my test!

Review №77

Great instructor, very patient, and overall a good person. Despite having the pandemic he maintained his good personality. Will 1000% recommend.

Review №78

Me and my girlfriend couldnt approve more of the value teaching that the instructor gave to her his name is Abraham and he is the very best!

Review №79

It was amazing

Review №80

Thanks Abraham you gave me the knowledge to pass my road test you are dedicated to the students thanks 🙏🏻

Review №81

This adventure I have had and the amount of practice I have had has lead me to passing with no problem. Anything you are struggling with YOU GOT THIS ! He will help you with anything and everything you need to ensure you PASS ! Good luck.

Review №82

Very good, got it everything done quickly.

Review №83

I did both my 6 hours and the road test package here. The instructor was very helpful overall and walks you through every aspect of the test. Overall I would reccomend.

Review №84

I passed because of him. He is a great instructor and very kind. Gives great advice ☺️

Review №85

Very good! I highly recommend

Review №86

The service was very good i passed my test with kilmer, i would definitely recommend to friend !

Review №87

I’m glad I picked this driving school not only does he care for his students but he treats them like his own! Very patient with me! He helped me soo much spent 3 hours of his time to get me a new permit just so I can take my drivers test in the same day, which I then passed! I’m soo happy, thankful! Amazing teacher as well!

Review №88

Highly recommend!! Abraham is the best!!

Review №89

I passed thansk Kilmer driving school

Review №90

I’m not the best at driving and I wasn’t always confident but ever since I joined Kilmer Driving School my driving skill has improved drastically and I honestly couldn’t have done it without Kilmer Driving School.

Review №91

Showed me how to drive from scratch and helped pass my road test. I got my license first try because of them, Thank you!

Review №92

Passed my road test first try . I recommend to come do your 6 hours here

Review №93

So happy i passed thanks to my instructor, really nice man. recommend this driving school so much :))

Review №94

The instructor was very helpful and made it easy for me to learn. The hour refresher course before the test also was really helpful and easy. The people are extremely nice here and I had a great experience at Kilmer

Review №95

Excellent price they teach you really good 100% you will pass your license.

Review №96

It was an amazing experience they were really helpful and helped me past my driving test

Review №97

Very great service! Welcoming and kind.

Review №98

Great guy, explains very well

Review №99

I passed my driving test!!

Review №100

They are really helpful and be sure to ask for Abraham he is really helpful and knows what he is doing.

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