James E Allen Elementary School
762 Deer Park Ave, Dix Hills, NY 11746, United States
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It might be one of the best school for special education but one thing for sure they don’t treat members of staff who work on the school buses fair . I work for the school bus company and I normally don’t use the restroom when I’m on route but this snowing morning while I was at the school I went inside the school with my ID I was told just now anyone who works on the school bus are not allowed to use the rest room any more so I ask the security guard when was that policy got in effect he said couple minutes ago before I’ll let my anger get in the way I walk out of the school .... I have work with this school for a year now and never once told rest room was off limit to us bus drivers and monitors it’s not that we’re outsiders or strangers to the kids were also care takers for these kids in the end . Like on a serious note y’all need to revaluate your policy on this ...because of this situation this morning and as much I love working with these kids and their families I won’t be choosing this school route again for the up coming school year very disappointing in you James E Allen Elementary .....

Review №2

Thank God we have the James E Allen school and the wonderful staff I greatly encourage anyone who has a special needs child to come and meet this wonderful staff. They truly are a blessing. ( Group Hug ) .

Review №3

Long story short my school district sent me to JEA do to my unfortunate behavior. What I viewed as a punishment turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. My first year or two I admit wasn’t the best. But things turned around when I learned one of my teachers believed in me. At the time it was an elementary, junior and senior high school.

Review №4

I went to James.E.Allen for most of my childhood and that was my refuge from bullies Ive dealt with at home in Amityville! I made my mother promise not to tell the locals that she registered me to attend this school because I was already humiliated that if they found out about it they would shame me being it was a school for special needs kids! At first I hated my own mother and secretly wanted to excommunicate myself from my own family. But as I started to adjust to it we still made a pact to keep it secret! Only then afterwards I swallowed my distain against my mother and secretly attended the school! It became my temporary reprieve from the town locals! When I was in school I let my guard down and had fun! At least the staff made me feel like I belonged as a part of everything they put together including school plays and activities! When I got home from school I stayed inside mostly to avoid the local bullies from teasing me!In general though my childhood memories of James .E. Allen were mostly good ones! Its a good school for parents looking to get their special needs kids into a safe environment away from things and people who cause harm by being judgemental of them for the shortcomings they were born with! Also check out Manor Plains vocational trade school! That can help your child in their junior and senior high years before graduating and stepping into the real world outside of school!

Review №5

Absolutely the best school for children with special needs. The teachers and staff are amazing. I toured many schools and none compared to JEA. Every child can participate in all activities and concerts. My grandson has Verbal Apraxia and is in the chorus. He feels such a huge amount of pride on stage! He does cheerleading and is in the Cub Scouts.JEA treats every child the same and the teachers, aides and staff are the most loving and special people!My grandson is doing so well and has become more confident each year! I would never find a better place for him...they love him and help with every issue he has.If your child has Special Needs Id get him/her in JEA. They have elementary, middle and high schools! If not for James E Allen I would move...Im a Queens girl but Id never find a school that comes near as increadable as JEA.Check the school out...youll be glad you did! Its truly one of a kind!

Review №6

I was put to this school when I was 8 because I have autism. the staff there were very abusive to their students and they put the students in a room called the In House which is like solitary confinement. My teacher was a scumbag and never taught the students anything that requires an education. This complex should be investigated by the authorities and close it down for child abuse. UNACCEPTABLE!

Review №7

Great school, staff are loving, and truly care about the kids.

Review №8

This is an AWFUL school

Review №9

Great school

Review №10

I am thankful that you have an excellent attention to my child, you are very kind as long as you try to help me when I need help on how to help my child more

Review №11

Excellent work the best

4.1 Rating
  • Address:762 Deer Park Ave, Dix Hills, NY 11746, United States
  • Site:http://wsboces.org/education-programs/special-education/james-e-allen-elementary-school/
  • Phone:+1 631-254-0094
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