Leonardi HVAC Training Center
7230 Gilpin Way Suite 100, Denver, CO 80229, United States
Leonardi HVAC Training Center

Review №1

Don Leonardi HVAC Training is top shelf and the man him self is legendary status, so if you want to get in this trade or you are already in the trade and want to learn more I highly recommend Don Leo period!!! On a more professional level Don and Diane Leonardi are two of the most Genuine people you’ll ever meet and always remember, the most important tool that youll carry isn’t your multi meter or your 11 in 1 Its the head on your shoulders. Keep It Sharp!

Review №2

Don is a gift to Denver. His style of instruction is unparalleled and he takes the time to know his students. It is impossible not to learn from Don. As a HVAC business owner, I can attest to the value of his classes in developing techs. He pours so much knowledge out in every single minute that your brain consumes and more importantly retains.I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Review №3

Looking for a career in the hvac industry or already in the trade but want to learn more. This is the place ! Don makes it easy to learn what you need to know . Gives you a solid understanding or how things in the hvac world work. After going to supply house classes and then here it’s a night and day difference . Wouldn’t go anywhere else .

Review №4

Don is the best HVAC instructor there is and probably one of the best teachers, generally speaking. His systematic methods are optimized for retention. Any of his courses will be a valuable investment in your career that will reap dividends tenfold

Review №5

Love classes here, Don and Diana are the best! Years of classes and my knowledge base keeps growing. Striving for better is always the right anwser.

Review №6

How Don Leonardi isn’t nationally recognized is a head scratcher. This guy can break down everything and all things HVAC related better than anyone. He also makes it easy to understand and most importantly; it sticks. It sticks because he is a great teacher and his methods are solid, he’s got a great sense of humor and he cares about the success of his students.If you want smart, sharp techs-look no further. As long as you’re willing to learn or your techs are willing to learn, Don Leonardi will lead them down a path of success.

Review №7

Let me first off say, if you are debating Don Leonardis school vs a competitor, save yourself the trouble and go to Dons classes. I have been to competitors and they dont hold a candle to Leonardi HVAC. Don is a genuinely good guy first of all, but back that with his years and years of experience, coupled with a true care for the industry, this makes him the best teacher you could ask for. This isnt your standard lets read this page and go to the next page class. Don takes time to get the information to you and make sure you understand the meaning of it and makes sure you can see the real world application. Worth every penny! Will continue using these classes as there is no better teacher or nothing else out there like it!

Review №8

Best HVAC teacher in Colorado, and probably in the US. I own a company and have 17 yrs experience and still learn from Don. Love it.

Review №9

Great trainer, takes his time and makes sure everyone understands before moving on. Don makes it really easy to understand and learn the information. Highly recommend his classes.

Review №10

Don has a wealth of Master HVAC Technician personal experience plus his consistent teaching style which helps our industry

Review №11

Don is hands down a legend of the hvacr industry! Ive been to quite a few classes from Don and the way he provides information is no where compared to these parts houses. He truly has a passion for what he does and wants everyone to learn and be the best they can be. Not to mention Diane, shes Dons wife and is a terrific compliment to Don. Together they will do anything possible to help their students progress.

Review №12

Leonardi is hands-down the best HVAC instructor around! My father got His master mechanical license through Leonardi in no time at all! I am going through his classes right now and before I’m even finished I can troubleshoot 70 ton rooftop units, everything down to an apartment split system air conditioner I cannot thank Dawn or Diane enough!!!

Review №13

Don Leonardi is like an HVAC God every time I go to one of his classes I’m blown away with the amount of knowledge this man has to offer. If you’re serious about being a the best technician you can be. Then you need to sign up ASAP.

Review №14

The best education anyone one could hope for. These classes make understanding the trade easy. Don is the best instructor ive ever come across hands down. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this school to Anyone looking to further themselves and their career in HVAC.

Review №15

Thank you Don! You’re the best Hvac instructor! Thanks for the Top notch training that you provide. You are a true blessing for Hvac technicians. You changed my life! 👍🙂

Review №16

I attended almost every class offered (Tech School, Hydronics, Refrigeration). Life changing.

Review №17

Best HVAC training on earth. Don will change your life.

Review №18

This school changed my life; went from knowing absolutely nothing to fixing systems before we even graduated. Don is funny and has a very effective way to get all the knowledge across needed to get started in the industry. I couldnt recommend this school enough.

Review №19

The greatest HVAC teacher of all time, thats all i can say .

Review №20

Don is the best teacher Ive ever had the pleasure of leaning from. Hes enthusiastic and has a great way of teaching. You cant help but learn. You can tell that he loves what he does and he actually cares about his students on a personal level. Ill definitely be taking more of his classes and Id recommend Dons classes to everyone in the industry.

Review №21

Enrolling myself into Don Leonardis HVAC School has been the best professional decision that I have ever made. Each week Don builds upon his lessons to create a strong foundation of HVAC knowledge. Don uses hands on equipment and hammers home HVAC theory to solidify key HVAC concepts while preparing students to pass NATE exams. Dons humor and many years of field experience make classes fun and interesting to attend even after a long work day. If I ever own my own HVAC company I will be sending every one of my technicians to Dons school to understand WHY we do what we do in the field and to make sure that everything is being done correctly. Thanks again Don!

Review №22

The best school for HVAC training

Review №23

I have been a student of Don’s for over 10 Years. Don has been my HVAC instructor and mentor and friend for those years and continues to be so! I also send all my guys here. There is no better place to be taught how to do HVAC correctly!! You will not find a better instructor who loves what he does and actually knows and can do what he teaches! If I could give Leonardi HVAC Training Center more than five stars I would! Don’t waste your money at other places, you only need one training center! LEONARDI’S!!!!!!

Review №24

Don & Diane are some of the most passionate and selfless people Ive met. They have a true gift for teaching and leading that is contagious and inspiring.If youre planning on entering, or furthering yourself in the industry I would save your money with the large tech schools and supply houses. Youll get so much more with Don and Diane. The classroom environment is fun and you will build bonds with your classmates. Prepare for your mind to be blown!The best decision Ive made in my professional career has been attending their tech school and I will continue to attend their lectures and soak up all the knowledge I can!Thanks Don and Diane!Doop-Di-Doop

Review №25

I have taken many classes with Don Leonardi, including my NATE classes and exams for Gas Heating, and Air Conditioning. There is no one better! I cant say enough good about Don, and Diane, and how they run their testing facility! Top notch, and way worth the wait to get into his classes! I just took my Manual J class on Friday, and learned so much! Thanks Don, and Dianne!

Review №26

“It’s not how long you’ve been in the industry it’s what you’ve done with your time.” Don’s words have resonated over and over again. Don and Diane were able to fit me into a course at the last minute, with family getting sick it was only a matter of time before I needed to move out of state. I needed a leg up fast!! The Leonardi HVAC training school prepared me within a year to be able to successfully handle many problems technicians face in the industry. Upon completion of the course I tested out on all of my Nate certifications as well as some additional hydronic‘s courses and troubleshooting courses as well. I recently landed a new job (which required an assessment of my knowledge and skills) closer to family and because of the training I received through the school they are starting me as a fourth year. Even though I’ve only got one year of experience as a service technician. The Leonardi HVAC school gives the students a 2 year course in about seven months. The intense and thought provoking classes force the students to think critically and weed out the disinformation that is so prevalent in our industry today. Don is excellent at keeping up with the most relevant and up-to-date information in our industry and molds his techs into self educators. Diane does an exceptional job of making and binding all the course material, coordinating tests, schedule changes and so much more. Thank you Don and Diane for being so dedicated! JE

Review №27

I am the education coordinator at my company and have had many of my employees attend MANY of Dons classes. Specifically tech school. They ALL cant say enough about how amazing Don is as an instructor. They all describe his passion for what hes teaching. They also mention that he will NOT let anyone out of class until they truly understand. Even if he has to spend extra time. His true passion is to ensure that all who attend his class GET IT! He is AMAZING! So is Diane in the office - ALWAYS very helpful and nice and has gone out of her way to get one of my guys in a sold out class. They are awesome! Anyone wanting a thorough, hands on, COMPLETE education, see Don. You will leave his class excited and ready to put what you learned to work!

Review №28

My Brother David Poole already wrote a review (we went to school together) and has said everything I would say about Don and his school. Bottom line is, Don taught me HVAC in a way that others cant. I went from thinking I knew HVAC, to knowing I didnt, and back to knowing it, all in 6 months. I took the class while working full time, working out 4 days a week, and helping out at my church and still was easily able to manage my studies. This is a class for the beginner trying to get into the field, the new guy whos trying to expand their knowledge, and the seasoned tech who thinks they know it all. to sum everything up, If you want a great education that you can afford go to Dons school or take any of his other classes, you wont regret it.Thanks for the knowledge Don!!!

Review №29

Did NATE classes at the local supply house. Although I did pass my Nate test, I walked out with little knowledge to do your everyday service calls. If I could turn back the clock, I would’ve spent the extra money to go through Don’s training. Finished a furnace troubleshooting class today with him, and had more fun and learned more in a day then 2 months at the supply house. Much more practical information, delivered in an easy to understand way, and more prepared to make myself and my company more money. That’s what’s it should be about. Period.

Review №30

I cant say enough about my experience with Don and his classes. I had so many questions and so much to learn and Don is literally the reason I had the confidence to pursue an HVAC side to my business. I was definitely not the ideal student but Don has a way of teaching and sharing knowledge that makes the time go by quickly and the subject matter come to life. Don was always there to answer questions and troubleshoot actual situations. I fully understand now why Don and Leonardis is considered to be the BEST in the industry! I thank Don and Diane for a great experience and wouldnt even consider sending my employees anywhere else.

Review №31

Don has a true passion for teaching HVAC the proper way. This in turn makes his school very easy to attend and apply the skills he gives you. I would highly recommend this school too any experienced tech or someone who is new into the industry. You will be blown away with the knowledge he has and best of all he wants too improve the HVAC industry by training techs the proper way!

Review №32

Took a class on the Master Mechanical exam and passed it on the first try. Excellent class! Don really knows his stuff.

Review №33

I was never good at school and honestly intimidated at the idea of going back to school. Don changed all that for me with his teaching style and awesome environment he’s created. Won’t be taking classes anywhere else!

Review №34

Don and Dianne are great people! Don is by far the best instructor I have met. You get out what you put in. Don takes fresh guys in the trade and turns them in to great techs. I my self grew a lot in this trade and wouldn’t be where I’m at if not for taking his class. I recommend everyone in service or anyone looking to get in the trade to Don Leonardi. Thanks Don and Dianne for everything.Gabe Jones

Review №35

Don is incredibly passionate about the trade and his passion shows at his school. Don cares about teaching his students how to go out everyday and best most technically and fundamentally sound guys in the trade. Leonardi HVAC training is a must for anybody starting out in the industry or anybody that’s been doing it for ever. Don cars about teaching the right way the right stuff and making sure he’s guys can go out in the field and preform. I highly recommend Leonardi HVAC!

Review №36

Don is great and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at his school. We covered a ton of material during our class and there was never a time when I was bored. That alone is amazing! Don has this special ability of making even the most technical explanation exciting. It is truly a gift that he has and combined with his encyclopedic knowledge of hvac makes for a fun environment where you can learn extremely quickly.In our class there was a huge range of experience. We had 10 year guys along with people like myself who were new to the industry. The way that the material was presented helped me catch the experienced guys. By the end of the class I could troubleshoot, communicate and work side by side with these more experienced guys.If you show up to class every night and study a little this class is a great investment.

Review №37

Don is the MAN. Leonardi HVAC training is the best tech school in Colorado. Don makes everyone feel welcome in class. The atmosphere is fun. I have been working in this trade for twelve years and never met a better trainer. Do not waste your money at Lincoln tech or Redstone. Get your training here .

Review №38

Ive been in doing HVAC for 4 years now. Paid Alot of money for school. And I came in to do Dons class and was blown AWAY! Best class, Teacher, Atmosphere to learn, grow, and have a good time. Dons the Best Instructor and Teacher Ive EVER Had. Thanks For The Best Class Experience And Ill definitely be back for more classes. You can go in with no knowledge and hell make you better, he starts from the bottom and brings you Up! Highly Recommended for Anyone who wants to get in the trade

Review №39

Only place that makes learning the trades they teach stick. Smooth and efficient learning and hands on. Youll know your s*** after the courses here. And don will be straight with you! Its been awhile since Ive been back but looking forward when I do. Our company continues education with this training center.

Review №40

Truly an amazing learning experience!!!! Don is an amazing teacher that teaches with a passion that is contagious. Don teaches basics and fundamentals that are the back bone to this trade and expands on them...he teaches the proper way to do things and backs everything in fact. He truly cares about this industry and the product he puts out in the field...Don and his wife Diane run a top notch school and actually care.. the knowledge gained from this education will advance me in the field and has made me a much better tech....👍

Review №41

I have attended all the boiler and heating classes. As well as classes on motors, tech school and combustion as well as Air conditioning. Any time I see a new class I do what I can to attend. Don is a great instructor and really gets the knowledge across well. He has directly affected my life on a professional level, witch has crossed over into making my personal life so much more than it was befor my education with him. If your looking to make better money, take it from me. Start with a better education.Thank you Don.

Review №42

Don is hands down the best instructor I have ever met. The second you first sit down in his class you are family and Don will do everything in his power to help you be as successful in this industry as you can be. I highly recommend this school to any one in the hvac business no matter if you have been doing it for 25 years or or if you have never even looked at a piece of equipment.

Review №43

Don is dedicated to this industry and his students. He explains what a technician will and can face in the field, through physics and demonstration of actual equipment, and trains how to understand, troubleshoot, and address an HVACR system, properly as a whole. Excellent education at a very affordable price to the student.

Review №44

Talk about passion, you will not find anyone more passionate about teaching students than Don, the best teacher I have ever met. You will not get tired of his classes, his teaching and knowledge on HVAC, boiler manual J and duct design and much more .The day you decide to take a class the first you will tell yourself is. Why didnt I do it sooner.Thank you Don for helping the industry be better

Review №45

There are many things that truly set Don apart from other training facilities. He genuinely cares for every student that comes into his class. He also takes the time necessary to make sure that all students understand the basics, which really develops even those who have been in the industry for a long time. I will continually choose Don for my technicians non O.J.T. training, as well as my own.

Review №46

Five Stars isnt enough, Don and his wife Diane go above and beyond for their students providing the most comprehensive training classes available in Denver. His teaching method provides a quick learning experience that many other instructors fail to achieve. Before spending tens of thousands of dollars on a trade school, or wasting your time at a manufacturers sales pitch, contact Leonardi first.

Review №47

The best learning environment, I learned a lot with the time we had it was a lot of information to take down but Don made sure it stayed in my head. He helped me get a job and made sure I was set. By far the best I would recommend all of his classes 100 percent. Thank you Don.

Review №48

Don is the most the knowledgeable and professional instructor I have ever known. His training helped me cross over from just a Master Plumber to a N.A.T.E certified HVAC technician. He teaches it all residential, commercial. Because of his school I am confident with ANY HVAC system. Dont waste your money with regular trade school go to Don and learn it right.Thanks Don,Charles MoffatWinter-Over Plumbing Foreman 2015Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station,Antarctic.

Review №49

Don Leonardi is a genius, not only in his trade but in how he teaches the fundamentals of HVAC. BEST TEACHER IVE EVER HAD - If your looking to make some serious positive changes and sick of thinking you know what your doing but keep making same mistakes.....?This is the place for you. The cost is extraordinarily low for the training you receive, hands down the best training facility. Beautiful equipment.I still have a couple months class but am feeling super confident. I am applying all my knowledge i e learned from Don and applying to my work life . It’s made huge positive changes . Thank you Don and Diane Leonardi....

Review №50

I cant say enough good things about Don & Diane and my experiences thru the courses Ive taken. The price you pay is nothing compared to the knowledge youll walk away with. Highly recommend to anybody pursuing an HVAC career or trying to expand their knowledge!

Review №51

Greatest training in HVAC and hydronic anywhere would recommend everyone take his course!

Review №52

Leonardis is a great place to learn I have been through several classes there and will keep going back to learn as must as I can in the hvac and boiler fieldThank you don and diane for all your help

Review №53

One of the best things professionally that I’ve ever done. I was making money before the clsss even ended. Started with no electrical or mechanical experience; I’m light years ahead of where I was 6 months ago. Highly recommend!!

Review №54

You couldnt find a better instructor if you tried! Don and Diane are the best there is! The training is top-notch. I would highly recommend Leonardi HVAC training to anybody around. I would not be where I am at in my career without having met Don and Diane.

Review №55

Leonardi hvac training center is an amazing school! I’m definitely going to be taking more classes here.Don truly cares about all of his students and is one of the best teachers I have ever met.

Review №56

Don Leonardi is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. In his Tech school he will unlock a lot of mysteries and debunk every single myth in the HVAC field. If you go to the six month program you will be well equipped to troubleshoot, install and handle anything in residential and commercial Heating and Air. I have to say thank you to Don and his lovely wife Diane for so much help and encouragement during the last six months. It was challenging to say the least. But with Don and Dianes help my career has been furthered tremendously. Know the facts about your business, about our business, Train with Leonardi HVAC Training Center!

Review №57

Hes s great teacher

Review №58

If you want to learn from the best, actually understand how things work, potentially advance your career by 5 years, get hands on training with the latest and most efficient techniques, then look no further than Don and the amazing Diane Leonardi. You can get no better HVAC education in town. This aint no parts house class, this is the real deal! Doot do do!

Review №59

If you want to learn from the best...Leonardi is the best teacher. I’m glad he is my teacher I am going to continue taking classes from him, he is just the best. Now I’m a better technician than I was before. Thank you Don and Diane

Review №60

My husband took Dons class after working in the feild for 25+ years and found all the info helped him even further. Easy to follow and you learn something new every class. We decided to put my son through his corse as well and couldnt be happier. He passed his NATE exam on the first try. Would recommend his course to anyone looking to further there education. Thanks Don and Diane!

Review №61

Don leonardi really knows HVAC there is no question he cant answer, he is always willing to share his experience he has the tools and equipment for a better leaning experience, also the books he gives in each class are well explained and have all info you need i really like going for classes at this place i have took 7 clases with him so far and ill keep going thanks i really apreciate the knowledge and experience Don gave me if any tech is starting on this field or even if you are just refreshing go to leonardi hvac every penny you spend at this school is worth dollars seriously.thanks again Don

Review №62

Don Leonardis Training Center is very well put together. There were many things that I appreciated about Dons training from doing his Tech School. His style of teaching was very effective because he keeps things very simple and easy to understand. He is very passionate and shows a lot of confidence in what he does and that has a contagious effect of you as his student. He truly cares for his students not just on a student basis but as a person as well. I look forward to continuing my HVACR knowledge with him with the classes that he provides.

Review №63

Don. What can I say but many thanks to showing me the ropes in what it takes to be a great technician through your vast experience and great teaching ability. If youre a guy looking to learn the hvac trade and want the best teacher that actually cares about the industry and your success, then come to Don. He is the HVAC Strong Arm. I have never met someone who can teach like he does. Ill be back for more training Don. Hats off to you

Review №64

Great HVAC learning experience, its very fun learning experience. Never a dull moment in the teaching. Learn lots ready to be 100%In HVAC. Thank you very much

Review №65

Don is the best HVAC instructor around. I have taken several of his classes and always feel like I have learned something new. I would highly recommend his training. As a business owner I always look for techs that have training from Don.

Review №66

Hands down the most thorough hvac training class in Colorado! Don and Diane provide an awesome setting complete with hands on training and all the most current tools of the trade (yes all, even digital)Whether a seasoned tech or a green horn this is the place to learn how NOT to be a hack in this great trade.

Review №67

Don Leonardi is one of the best teachers I have had. He breaks down the concepts and makes it easy to understand and learn HVAC. He is very passionate about teaching HVAC to his students and cares a great deal about this industry. I highly recommend everyone to take classes and training from Don. I will not use anyone else after my great experience at Leonardi HVAC Training Center.

Review №68

If you havent trained with Leonardi your training to fail.

Review №69

Greatest place to learn hvac, I’ll never forget Don Leonardi, he is greatest teacher and very honest on what his doing. I’m very happy and thankful that I met him .thanks for all you did Don 🙏🏻

Review №70

Great class! We learned so much in just the first couple hours of day 1. Don keeps everything upbeat and comfortable. Worth it for everybody with or without experience in HVAC.

Review №71

Don has changed my whole outlook on this industry. I came in with very little confidence and little knowledge in this trade. In just 6 months I have hit the ground running and instead of dreading going to class, I cant wait till the next. If you want the fundamentals and know how in the HVAC industry...... This is the training for you.Don is a stand up guy and always finds a way to relate a subject to what you know. I have gone to many other training courses and no others even come close.

Review №72

Ive been in this industry for over 7 years ! Taken several different classes and met different instructors, but not one like Don Leonardi !! If youre new to this he will make sure you know what youre doing before leaving his school!! Great experience Im a better tech! Thank you.

Review №73

When I decided to enter into the HVAC world .I was fortunate to find Don. I had tried other places,but was disappointed in the scope of training. Don with his years of experience and his knowledge helped me learn from the foundation to the hands on training that allowed me to be NATE certified..I highly recommend Leonardi HVAC training.

Review №74

THE BEST instructor in HVAC. I made the mistake of going with a $20,000 trade school, full-time for 9-months. I left knowing very little about the trade and feeling very disappointed in my lack of hands-on knowledge. Still I managed my way into an HVAC job.At the job I was told the best guy to go to for lessons was Don Leonardi. Everyone who was a technician swore by him and I quickly found out why. I learned more about furnaces in 2 days under him than several months at a trade school. I take any new class he offers in order to improve my own career and understanding of this trade.Anyone who is considering their options in regards to entering the HVAC field: Save yourself time and money, and in the process learn how to be a great technician in the field. Go with Don!

Review №75

Don and Diane care more about the future pf technicians and the hvac industry as a whole than anybody I have ever met. Our company will be using them for much of our training needs from here on out. Thanks for everything, from everyone at True Heating & Cooling!!

Review №76

Don just has that natural teaching skill to teach what he is passionate about and what he has dedicated his life to learning. He wants everyone to know what they are doing in HVAC and to be the best they can be . He is the absolute only instructor I will ever take classes from and highly recommend him to everyone . Love this guy!

Review №77

Don knows his stuff I took his tech school last year and have been going to his other classes every chance I get. In a wold of bulls***ers and rule of thumbers it is a breath of fresh air to walk into Dons school and have someone teach you the material you need to succeed in the HVAC industry. Dons wife is an absolutely wonderful person and she knows a ton about the industry as well.

Review №78

I completed Don Leonardis 6 month HVAC technician training program. Don is the best teacher I have ever had. He understands how to teach in a way that everyone can fully understand the concept of HVAC/R. It is a very dense class and only the people who truly want to be there will be the ones that make it to the end. If youre only there to beat your own chest or screw around, then dont waste his time, our time or yours.Don is a very personable, light hearted and caring instructor. He cares more about his students than anything else, and it shows. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from him and will continue to take every opportunity to learn from him as possible.

Review №79

Interested in teaching, not sales nor brand vs brand biases! It feels good to learn from someone only interested in the importantance of the industry, anyone familiar to this industry can relate to how good this feels not to feel the pressure of sales or biases around you all the time.

Review №80

Dons classes are the best. I went a couple years ago and completing his class got me in the door with a local hvac company and now as a Maintence tech for a big corporation. I might not be doing hvac everday but Ill always remember his classes. Source, switch load return! Are you with me! Lol love Don!!

Review №81

Dont waste your money at a college!! Don will teach you real life skills in HVAC for a fraction of the price

Review №82

Been attending dons class just about 6 months, almost finished with the course. Ive got to say im satisfied with the knowledge i have received, he teaches it fundamentally, and is dedicated to his trade. Definitely recommend it to anybody looking to learn and/or better their knowledge in this trade.

Review №83

As a technician that has been in the industry for many years, I can wrap up my experience with one word Wow. If you are looking to learn this trade, obtain certifications or sharpen your skills then sign up. You will not find a better instructor anywhere and will only pay at minimum triple the price anywhere else for less of an education.

Review №84

I have taken several classes from Don. this man has forgotten way more than I will ever know. awesome teacher with a passion for the industry and the people he teaches.

Review №85

Don and Dianne are a great benefit to the HVAC industry . I have never been to a school where it felt like a family environment until my time at Leonardi HVAC training center . I fully and wholeheartedly reccomend attending Don’s school to anyone in the HVAC industry . You won’t regret it, worth every dollar and the best money I have ever spent !

Review №86

This program is awesome! I went in with some mechanical experience but none related to hvac. I came out passing my nate certifications! This program is comprehensive. Don does not waste your time or money. Every day of class you learn a ton. Don is funny and engaging. He explains things so they are very easy to understand. He is passionate about his students. Coming here is the beginning of a life long relationship of friendship and learning. I am so thankful that I did some research before signing for the first hvac program i found, which was about $17,000+ more than this one. Almost everyone in my class had wasted their time and money going to another school before coming to here. If you are having doubts just call them and go see the school and meet Don and Diane for yourself. The payments are easy to make and they will work with you any way they can. If you want a quality education this is the place to go.

Review №87

The best!!! Class and personal attention.

Review №88

Awesome teacher that cares about all of his students, Don changed my life!

Review №89

Don Leonardi is one of the best HVACR instructors in Colorado. I highly recommend you not wasting your time or money somewhere else and go with Don to learn it right the first time.

Review №90

Where do I even start. Don has a strong influence on the HVAC industry in Colorado. I cant go to a parts house without everyone knowing who he is, and complimenting his knowledge. In my opinion, Don is the best HVAC technician AND teacher around. Whether Your commercial, Residential, or Industrial Don not only has worked in the field, He also has the technical knowledge to bring everything in full circle.Before I got into HVAC I was a auto mechanic. I had gone to lincoln techs 2 year program and paid 30,000 dollars for my education. After a few years I realized it wasnt for me and got involved with HVAC. I decided I wanted to further my education, so I took Dons AC tune up class. It didnt take long for me to see how great of a teacher Don really is. I learned so much in the short time I had with Don. Without that class I would have struggled through the hot summer. I immediately Signed up to take his full 6 month course. It was arguably the best decision I ever made.For starters, The class is only $3,200 (10 times less than lincoln tech). Its very easy to realize that Don and Dianne are not in it for the money. They will work with you on payments, based on your specific needs. They truly care about this trade and helping technicians perform at their best. All this would mean nothing without a great teacher. Don has a edgy personality, along with a much needed intensity. This isnt your standard, watch a guy read slides type of school. There is energy within the classroom that keeps you interested. Don will have moments where a question is brought up that is off subject, yet in the mist of answering the question he will tie it into what he was just discussing. It was a much different experience then im used to. Lincoln tech was full of instructors that didnt have passion or knowledge anywhere near dons level. Instead of wanting to fall asleep, I would be wanting to stay late so we could keep going. Don invites a interactive learning experience. He wants involvement just as badly as you want knowledge. whether its yelling out SOURCE SWITCH LOAD RETURN or CAN I GET A YAY? YAY!!. Its the small things that made his program so enjoyable yet so helpful at the same time.I learned more about HVAC in 6 months then I did about automotive in 2 years, and it was at a tenth the price. Don truly offers a college level education, for the cost of a parts house class. I went into his school with little understanding and a lot of questions. I left with 2 NATE certifications, a EPA universal, soon to be master mechanical license, and a raise from my employer. Im confident when I go out on service calls because I know what to look for, how to test it, and what to expect. Dons teaching has laid the groundwork for my success in this trade, and I would never recommend you going anywhere else for your education in this field. I plan on taking all of the extra classes he has to offer here in the near future.

Review №91

Don Leonardi is without question Colorado’s preeminent trainer for the mechanical contractor. Don has an unequaled passion for excellence and the knowledge required to improve your quality of install and upgrade repair service operations. Do you have technical problems with systems you install and find yourself unable to resolve equipment problems or customer comfort complaints? Does it cause you to lose customers, or put you in situations where you lose money by not getting the project, or after getting the work find yourself guessing at how to solve a problem? Would you like to be the one solving problems created by other contractors instead of being one of the many local contractors generating problems due to a lack of training despite whatever diploma you might have hanging on your wall? Are you a technician working for a company that seems unwilling to invest in their employees and you want to grow beyond your current position but you lack the skills to do so? Don’s NATE course will put you on the success track if you are willing to put in the effort. I strongly suggest you do what I did eight years ago when Don taught classes at Johnstone Supply before he started his own school - invest in yourself and your company. His training has only gotten better over the years. Get hands on education for electrical theory and troubleshooting, refrigeration and air conditioning system design and troubleshooting, gas furnace install and repair, airflow diagnostics, combustion analysis and Carbon monoxide safety, and hydronic systems, all for both both residential and commercial systems at Don’s training center and learn how to solve the problems that your competition will run from! I look forward to whatever else Don has in store for us.PS- you might notice as I have that Dons reviews are longer than the average for a online review. I can only tell you that Dons students tend to be incredibly grateful for the effort that has been put into his training programs and our enthusiasm shows here. All other local and many national training programs that I am aware of only offer the thin veneer of competency when judged against this training system. After finishing your tech school course you too are likely to find yourself writing a review like mine. This training is the single best purchase Ive ever made in 20 years of HVAC work.

Review №92

Don takes great pride in his trade( HVACR ) & in turn the priceless education that must come with it. Don never candy coats anything & nor should he. We ( students ) will succeed in the HVACR industry if we follow his training. He always made sure everyone was on the same page before advancing further into the course & absolutely never refused to stop & continue discussing whatever subject matter needed further review! Hes a terrific teacher & unbelievable scholar. The haters will always hate no matter what goes on but theyre usually the same folks not willing to do what it takes to do the right thing in our craft and not cut corners. Do yourself and the whole industry a favor and let this school show you how it should be done!

Review №93

Don is amazing and knowledgeable best class room experience I’ve ever had.

Review №94

Don leornadi is truly a great teacher. With the course and classes he offers, Dedication and love to hvac trade. I will soon be able to follow his own steps.

Review №95

I have a great experience at this training I have degree in HVAC 9 years ago decided to take a review and I will recommend Leonardi HVAC training to anyone who wants to learn HVAC the right way, the material cover was on point and easy to learn, the equipment is the lasted in the industry.

Review №96

Since I started going to dons Leonardi HVAC training my skill levels went up and my confident levels to walk up to any equipment and know what Im doing are better than ever . hes not only a great teacher is a great person and friend he cares for each one of his students .He is Don the best👍🏽. I am highly recommend hes school

Review №97

Dons class is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. I might be forming an addiction. Don Leonardi is clearly one of the most gifted instructors I have met.

Review №98

I went to Redstone hvac school and expected to get training but was treated like a # in & out.Going to Don Leonardi Nate school has given me a foundation to build off in my career.Don is passionate patient gives His all every day to teach his students the basics thru advanced training.Don will answer all questions before in class n now that I have graduated is still there for us.I appreciate Don Ive never respected someone as highly as Don.He is what I strive to become.

Review №99

As the owner of Plumb Pros I highly recommend Leonardi Hvac Training center.There are many local hvac trainers to choose from but when it comes to trust and value this is where youll get the most. Ive sent several technicians to Don. Never disappointed.

Review №100

I am just completing Dons 6 month Tech Training class...i have to say Don Leonardi has been an excellent teacher. I start with 0 knowledge about the HVAC trade and with Dons help guidance and teaching I have gotten a superb education. I have already landed a full time Tech position and the skills to diagnose A/C problems and properly repair them. I had many choices for Tech schools and asked many hvac pros which school to attend and all of them said Leonardis is the best school for your money. Thanks Don and Diane for my New Career!!! Brian

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