Denton ISD Transportation Center
5093 E McKinney St, Denton, TX 76208, United States
Denton ISD Transportation Center

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Very nice people in the district. Very very nice but no help at all. They need more drivers or leadership or something. It really blows my mind.

Review №2

Constantly late. 3 weeks into school and bus has yet to be ontime for pick up or drop off. 20 to 30 minutes late is unacceptable. Drivers should not be waiting for kids to run back home cause they forgot something. If you forgot it then you forgot it or mama and Dada need to drive you to school. Also, why dont bus drivers have navigation? The bus stopped 4 times on my street to check map quest directions she had printed out. Lol its 2021 not 2005. Hopefully it gets better but Im not holding my breathe.

Review №3

My daughter left her Beats on the school bus and the bus driver turned them in to lost and found. I also have noticed on several occasions that the bus driver will Check the bus before pulling off. Thank you Jennifer for keeping our kids safe and thank you to the sub bus driver who turned in my daughter’s Beats.

Review №4

You do not want to work here. The students have the authority and YOU HAVE NONE. Managers suspend drivers first, then investigate the complaint.They dont care if drivers quit. Well just hire more is what managers tell the supervisors.Ive driven for several school bus barns. Most appreciated their drivers. This one does not.

Review №5

Great and friendly place..

Review №6

The guys who work on the busses are super nice! That Robert guy is a real sweetie!

Review №7

ZERO STARS!!! THEY DROPPED MY KINDERGARTNER OFF WITHOUT AN ADULT AT HIS STOP. His father who is always there with him in the mornings and there when he gets dropped off, .. was out of town. The school was notified and put him on the bus anyway (separate issue) when he was suppose to be picked up. THEN ..the bus dropped him off at his stop without his dad there waiting for him... my 5 year old.. at an apartment complex.. locked out of his home .. stranded AUGUST in 103 degree heat... while his grandma was AT HIS SCHOOL the pick up line .. waiting for him. and NOW... the bus is ALWAYS late picking the kids up at his stop... every damn day.. OR they are super early and pick up half of the kids up who wait for the bus 30 minutes before its scheduled to arrive. .. and my son, and SEVERAL other kids at his stop will miss the bus. like they did today.. and I am late to work .. AGAIN!! THEY HAVE CHANGED THE PICK UP TIME AT OUR STOP MORE THAN 5 TIMES SINCE THE START OF THE SCHOOL YEAR AND ITS ONLY JANUARY!!! I GUESS THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO WAIT OUT IN THE WINTER COLD.. RAIN OR SHINE FOR AN HOUR IN ORDER TO CATCH THE BUS!!!!! MY SON HAS BEEN SICK ALL WINTER LONG WITH UPPER RESPIRATORY ISSUES AND BRONCHITIS. And dont bother calling the Dept of transportation to address any concerns either. they refuse to send any bus back to the stop where they left a bunch of kids.. in order to stay on schedule that they are never on!!! that is more important than kids safety who are out in the streets running amok ..waiting for their bus that came 20 minutes early!! Yes, calling them is a waste of time. Ive had them lie to me about what time the bus came one morning when I was literally out there at his stop waiting at that exact time... they never came... they came waaaaay earlier and didnt want to tell me.. NICE .. Ive had them hang up on me while I was waiting on hold for the supervisor.. not to mention... They never call you back. .. what a DISGRACE!!!!! Its between losing your job to get your kids to school safe.. or keep your job and leave your children out in the cold or heat for god knows how long.... while they stay on schedule ... AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE

Review №8

Friendly workers

Review №9

The bus drivers and monitors are so sweet to my son. They help calm my nerves!

Review №10

Great service. Assisted in getting me bus passes for 2 children. Friendly staff. Professional staff.

Review №11

Middle School is 1.5 miles away and my son is expected to walk through construction of a road with exposed rebar, and no crosswalks, with a few sidewalks here and there. Your transportation department is nuts if that isnt a hazard. In fact, you would likely call CPS on me if I exposed my son to such an environment. To sum it up, pathetic.

Review №12

Second to none. Great staff super friendly!!

Review №13

Need to improve on bus drivers being on time in the morning. Seems like when the kids are on the bus some of them are having issues. I know it can be hard for the bus for the driver and you keep a eye on everything so thats why they need a assistant especially with the younger kids.

Review №14

Our bus driver is extremely rude and we can barely understand him he always yells at us and makes a big deal out of the tiniest things. One time he wouldnt let a kid who missed his bus get on and this kids parents were not going to get home until 6:30 that night. That kid was stuck there until 6:30. I wish they would do something about this but I have tried to call the transportation office and they would not do anything. This company is very unreliable the bus driver always gets there late we are always the last ones to be picked up after school. And I think this is absurd

Review №15

Zero stars!!! The bus broke down picking my children up and they didnt feel the need to contact me to let me know that they were going to be AN HOUR... AN HOUR late dropping them off. Ridiculous 😠

Review №16

I started riding the bus to and from school and the bus has been late every day and nothing has changed after three weeks. Currently I am sitting in a bus with disgusting ceilings that are dripping because it is raining. These busses need to be fixed or switched out.

Review №17

Friendly staff and they work with your schedule.Couldn’t ask for better people to work with!

Review №18

Last year we had an issue with a bully constantly bothering my child... came to where my child was pushed & hit but because he put his arms up to get this child off of him, AND it was recorded, my child recieved the same punishment as the bully.Today my son was pulled aside and asked for his bus pass/number, he gave him what he thought he needed and the bus driver said he didnt have a current bus pass and was going to get written up ... which equals the beg of the year i had filled everything out on comp but he didnt start riding bus til late sept.Just a very frustrated parent.

Review №19

Three middle schoolers per seat and some on the floor is unacceptable. Caring about kids or the community is obviously not the transportation departments priority.

Review №20

Lord give me strength.......I feel so horrible for these children that are subject to this foolish department. The program is ridiculous, you are given a book and told to study and then go to dps with no instructions or assistance. People there have been there a long time, they despise each other talk bad about each other all while RUSHING you to take the test to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that has the potential to turn over or kill someone! The lady over special needs.......IS INSANE! Nothing good to say about this place, Ive reported them and I will not stop until something is done about the unqualified fools that are over this program. Its really sad when you see something horrible happening and you report it and no one does anything about it! When you tell the truth you are retaliated against and the bad behavior continues. The director (JIM) has NO TRANSPORTATION EXPERIENCE! 😤😤😤

Review №21

Extremely rude! They lie about problems in the bus. Rude Rude Rude, almost spit in your face..

Review №22

Bus driver is incredibly rude, and loves yelling loudly at kids.

Review №23

I got a job there.

Review №24

Well i think is very wrong that the bus always comes late and kids make it to school with 1min to make it to the class... So, what is the point of free breakfast? .. With only a min to make it to class there is no time to eat!.

Review №25

The way the speak to A Spanish speaking person is just terrible.

Review №26

Dumb bus driver suspended me for not being in the right seat when I the morning and afternoon I sit anywhere and she doesnt tell me anything but today she talking about that I wasnt in the right seat and suspended me for 3 days

Review №27

Bus drivers were terrible, extremely rude and sometimes would take wrong turns.

Review №28

Doesnt pay if youre not working

Review №29

It is ok

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