Amite Christian Academy
7100 Amite Church Rd, Denham Springs, LA 70706, United States
Amite Christian Academy

Review β„–1

I recommend this school to everyone! The administration is amazing! I placed my kids here after homeschooling and have been 100% grateful to have found such awesome place. The Christian environment is real and every teacher has been absolutely the best. We LOVE this school πŸ’—πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ’—

Review β„–2

We have been very impressed with ACA. The staff and students are the best. Our children wake up everyday excited for school. Thank you ACA

Review β„–3

My 3rd grader has been attending ACA since kindergarten and there isnt any other place wed rather be. I love the at home atmosphere and small student to teacher ratio. The faculty and staff here are amazing. Its a blessing to have our son grow up with the same classmates in a Christian atmosphere .

Review β„–4

After retiring from the public school system, I decided I needed something to do and applied at ACA. I’ve only been here 2 years but it feels like home. Our students did a survey and most of them said their favorite thing about our school is the teachers, our secretary, principal, or our cook. Everywhere they go, they feel love. All of our teachers are amazing and go over and beyond to reach every child. It’s a wonderful place to work and/or send your child to school.

Review β„–5

My children attended ACA last year for the first year (2019-2020). I was so impressed with every aspect of our experience, that I actually became part of the staff this year. I now proudly teach Kindergarten here at ACA (2020-2021). This close-knit, loving school exceeds all my needs & expectations as a parent as well as a teacher. Without any hesitation, I recommend you schedule a tour of our Christian school. Just one step on campus will tell you everything that you need to know! I guarantee that becoming part of our ACA Family will be the best decision u every make! For nothing is more significant than early childhood education. Do right by your child, and make the call now.

Review β„–6

ACA has been the best decision my husband and I have made for our daughter. She began there for Pre-K4, during the year her teacher really helped her β€œcome out of her shell” and began to show her personality. She became this child that would make new friends on her own and really begin to sour academically. It was not a second thought when it was time to enroll her for Kindergarten, just when we thought we couldn’t love ACA anymore we were proved wrong. Her Kindergarten teacher has been a true answered prayer, the love & dedication she has for her children show from the hand written notes sent home to the daily communication with the parents and everything in between. Having the smaller class setting shows how important it truly is, they receive so much one on one attention during the day to ensure they are souring to their best abilities. I think it shows the type of Principle Mrs. Perkins is by her Staff’s attitudes of positivity, love for Jesus and dedication. She also loves the students at the school & will write hand written notes of encouragement throughout the year & on every report card. I drop my daughter off everyday knowing she is getting the best education & care. I would recommend ACA to anyone.

Review β„–7

This is an amazing school! The administration, teachers, and staff are the best. My own children attended here and now my grandchildren are enrolled here as well. ACA not only excels in academics but also instilling the love of Christ in all of their students. You will not find a better school anywhere. You can’t go wrong with enrolling your child in Amite Christian Academy.

Review β„–8

I actually homeschool, but I have had very much interaction with this school in planning, aiding, and many other ways. All schools and churches have some negative moments or seasonsβ€” that’s just life. Over all, I find the staff quick to assess and make necessary adjustments and they are so pleasant and care very much about the students. I highly recommend this school if you are looking for a nurturing place where your child can be academically and spiritually equipped, challenged, and taught Christlike values and character. I can’t say enough about the high quality of character in the staff and the family like atmosphere. Five stars plus bonus from me!

Review β„–9

I’ve known the principal and a few staff for many years. I’ve served in a volunteer capacity for numerous years as well. You will not find a better managed staff or more compassionate, caring staff anywhere! They truly care about the children and parents. Classes are relatively small so teachers are able to actually get to know the child, parents and family. Rooted in a deep Christian faith, the entire atmosphere of the campus feels peaceful and very conducive to learning. My daughter, Briley, has volunteered during the summer months as well and absolutely loves working there! Her daughter, Olive (my granddaughter) was on the waiting list before she was born! If you’re looking for a loving, nurturing and excellent academic experience for your child, Amite Christian Academy is your school!

Review β„–10

I went to Amite Christian when I was in elementary and I loved it! Amite was a great foundation for me, the kind people there taught me all about God in the most fun ways possible. Every Tuesday me and my classmates all went to chapel and sang songs that stick with me today. Being able to go to Amite Christian Academy was a blessing and I am very thankful I was able to go there!

Review β„–11

ACA is a wonderful christian daycare and school were your children will learn of the love of Jesus Christ. I have experienced this personally with my own children and now my grandchildren. The staff there are loving and caring people. The children are well prepared when finishing our outstanding nursery, preschool and K-5 programs. Additionally the staff here have a positive attitude with a level of excellence. The students who attend ACA will be academically and spiritually equipped moving forward.

Review β„–12

I have had three of my four boys go the ACA. My youngest was here from 6 weeks old to Kindergarten. It is a Great place to have your child or children attend. They treated my children like there own and I know they were loved. Still to this day my sons 4 year old teacher bakes cookies for him every Christmas and he is 16 years old. I taught Kindergarten here in the 2006 to 2007 and loved every minute of it. Since acquiring my high school certification I have returned to ACA to work in the front office after school. It is a really great place to be.

Review β„–13

I have been working at ACA for almost 3 years now. Ive made awesome friendships between staff and parents. Its definitely hard work, but it feels like home.

Review β„–14

Amazing place for a child to spend their early years. Gives students a huge jump ahead compared to public schools. Great Christian environment.

Review β„–15

Great Christian environment for education, I know many alumni who have grown into great young men and women. Your child will definitely be ahead once they get to high-school.

Review β„–16

In my year here i have learned a lot from the kids in my class and built connections with the staff, parents, and kids. I absolutely love each child here and they really brighten my day. The teachers and staff here are very sweet and they make this a great environment to be in. I LOVE ACA!!

Review β„–17

Both of my children went though elementary school at ACA and both transitioned into public middle school with straight As! My son was also nominated for student of the year in his first year of public school. I attribute that to ACA! Wonderful school!

Review β„–18

Company lacks professional decorum and allows employees to lie. One said employee jessica hood issued a slanderous review of our company but yet sent a beautifully crafted thank you email. I wonder why she would thank us in private and in the same minute slander on the internet.

Review β„–19

Both of our sons attended ACA. Our older from 2nd through 5th grade, and our younger preschool through sixth grade. Wonderful Christian focused education that prepared both spiritually and academically for higher education.

Review β„–20

ACA offers a super friendly staff along with a loving, nurturing Christian environment.

Review β„–21

I have 3 children (currently in PREK 3, PREK 4 & the infant room) at Amite Christian Academy. The facility is clean, organized, and well kept. The staff is caring, nurturing, and qualified to teach my children. My son who is in PREK 4 is currently starting to read short sentences. The ABEKA curriculum is WONDERFUL and I know it will prepare my children for Kindergarten.

Review β„–22

I have three kids at this school, and have never experienced anything other than caring and competent teachers. They teach from the abeka curriculum, and integrate Bible and Christian principles into their curriculum everyday.

Review β„–23

Our grandson is currently in his 3rd year at ACA and we absolutely love it. The A-beka curriculum and teachers are superb and they truly love the children

Review β„–24

Its a great school and a great church. I advise you too think about this place!πŸ˜€

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