Mini University at Wright State University
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Mini University at Wright State University

Review №1

Spectacular school! This is the first year at Mini University for my son and we are thrilled. He loves his teachers...wants to take EVERYTHING to school and show them. The greenhouse, cooking projects, field trips, outside play and opportunities for sport lessons done during the school day make Mini U perfect. My son has fun with his friends. Taking him to a place he enjoys makes it so much easier for me to go to work.

Review №2

Terrible process of getting your child into this system. Administrator tells you they have a spot for our child then goes and calls saying oh never mind. Childcare is not a joke and they should have a better system put into place. Im sure the actual quality of care here is high but the process of waiting list and actually getting in is terrible.

Review №3

Edited, we initially loved this daycare. If your child doesnt fit the mold, expect them to be left out of activities and field trips. Our son is thriving in a different environment. Administration and turnover is frequent and unexpected. On two separate occasions in different age groups, teachers have just walked out.

Review №4

Never before has there been a group of men and women so devoted to the care and education of young children. This is a true school family experience, where you and your family feel safe and loved from the second you walk through the door, until your child leaves the after school program! From the leadership family to every additional member of the Mini U school family, you will find grace and compassion in all that they do. I wish my child was young enough to attend!

Review №5

My daughter went to mini u (2014-2016) and loved it. Only complaint is the teacher turn over. But they maintained the same assistant teacher all year so that helped keep consistency for the children.

Review №6

First, let me just say that my family has been using Mini U for about 2 years now and I agree with some of the things that are being said but let me clear the air about some things.1) there has been a lot of turnover; however, I think it’s been for the best. Ms. Street (the director) will take care of your children’s needs and any concern you have. She is not afraid to get to the bottom of it. Also, you have to be understanding. Watching 6-7 children and having your eye on all of them 100% of the time may not happen.2) my boys LOVE their teachers. Ms. Cathy (Green Room) has so much love in her heart for each child that walks through her door. I could not be more grateful if the bravery, independence, love, detail orientation, awareness...I could go on and on. Ms. Teresa (infant 2) connects with the infants by reading to them and talking to them she is so patient and my little one just LOVES her. Ms. Christy, Marie, Lauren, and Molly are always asking how both my boys are doing (they know them both by name). They are so kind, loving, and supportive to both my boys.3) “Conscious discipline” is the program they have incorporated in their curriculum. My son and other boys in his class wreaked havoc some days but the love and patience the teachers here have just absolutely amazes me. They ensure all the children find a way to use their words, to calm down in a way that makes everyone comfortable, and give each child the tools to make better decisions. My favorite thing they do is “I Love You” rituals4) The front office staff may seem a little dysfunctional but if you stay in regular contact with them about your paperwork (be proactive and not reactive) then you’ll be fine. You have to realize that they have all the parents, grandparents, kids, teachers, and other staff coming in and out ALL day long!5) they occasionally have the kids brush their teeth. I have my boys brush in the morning and at night with fluoride free toothpaste so them brushing/not brushing at school isn’t a concern for me.6) I didn’t read this in a comment but I heard someone disgruntled about having to potty train their child. This school does a great job with scheduling potty breaks and doing “potty work” but you (as the child’s PARENT) have to put in the work as well. Talk to the teacher about what they’ve been doing that works and give it a try at home. If something works at home then let them know so they can do it at school.7) they teach the parents conscious discipline after hours. They have someone there to watch the children while the parents learn better ways to discipline their children. With anything, it takes time to adapt to the program but it works really well for my family.8) family style dining is wonderful. The kids learn how to eat together and pass the food around. You’ll never have to worry if your child is getting proper nutrition because they do such a good job. The food tastes good!9) I love that they have TADPOLES (the app they use to track the child’s day). It also has a good portion of the lesson plan, a vroom (another app) activity, what they’ve eaten, potty work, any notes, and you can put things in there too!10) students: ask about CCAMPIS grant, military: get NACRRA. there’s a $50 sibling discount also.I’m pretty sure I drive the staff CRAZY but I know that we have a great relationship with open lines of communication. I have shared some concerns a couple of times about separate situations but Ms. Street stepped in and I haven’t had any situations come up since then. I feel like she sets very good standards for her staff. I hope she is the director for quite some time.Thank you all so much!

Review №7

Mini U has not only given me the opportunity to attend school but, has helped so much with my sons learning and communication skills. He has developed social skills and from when he was an infant learned to communicate with sign language which made a huge difference in our home life. The staff is very friendly and amazing with children, it’s nice to have a daily view of what my childs day consisted of through the Tadpoles app that is used at mini U. I am grateful for how involved teachers are with children and the care they put into their care. I have peace of mind knowing my son is in good hands at Mini U Wright state

Review №8

Weve been going to Mini University for three and a half years. I have a three year old and an eleven month old. Weve found the teachers to be very caring and interested in our childrens education. Weve been very happy. MiniU has some unique aspects like the green house. I know for some teacher turnover has been an issue, but we personally have not been too affected by it. The new director, Deb, has worked to minimize the impacts of any turnover and communicate changes quickly. Turnover seems to be pretty standard in this field. My only suggestion for improvement is that the playground could use some updating. If MiniU decided to offer kindergarten again, we would certainly be interested as well.

Review №9

My son loves it there. I love how we get pictures and reports everyday of what he did and how he is learning.

Review №10

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TAKING YOUR CHILDREN TO THIS CENTER. My child attended Mini University for over two years. In the last year that they attended there were three turnovers of directors and the lead teacher in their classroom was changed at least twice in the last six months of attendance. In addition to the high turnover rate, there are other things that I found far more troubling. My child was left in a dirty diaper, KNOWINGLY BY HER TEACHER, for over four hours on more than one occasion. The reason given for leaving them in their dirty diaper was UNDER STAFFING, which continued to be a problem throughout my childs time at the Center. Under staffing is no excuse to leave a child in a dirty diaper and shows poor leadership ability within the center, I feel as if many families with young children will agree. When respectfully bringing this to the director I was only met with empty assurance that it wouldnt happen again. This was an untrue statement, it continued to happen all throughout my daughters continuing attendance.Mini University was also disappointing from the stance of offered perks that were advertised during touring the center, but then were never actually implemented while my child was enrolled. An example of such practices is their tooth brushing program where they advertise that they will brush the childrens teeth while at the center, THEY DO NOT. ** In touring the center, please ask to see the toothbrushes they use if you and your child are promised this program.** This may help combat the problem of Mini Universitys bate-and-switch advertising.The worst part that I found about Mini University was the staffs overall unwillingness to assist children who are even slightly atypical with their development. Instead of assisting the children and families they used deceptive tactics to try to force our family from the center. It is a shame that something that could be such a valuable resource to WPAFB families and students of Wright State University with children is truly, in my opinion, only in business to make money and take care of easy children. In my opinion I do not feel that Mini University, under current management, is a place where I would recommend family or friends to take their children.Overall the experience at Mini University turned out to be quite a negative experience and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this center to families seeking childcare.If this review assists at least one family from making a poor decision about who cares for their child, then this review has been worthwhile. Please consider taking your precious children elsewhere.

Review №11

My daughter had pre-K and kindergarten here and we loved it!

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