Weston Arms & Shooting Range
7080 FL-84, Davie, FL 33317, United States
Weston Arms & Shooting Range

Review №1

I read a lot of negative reviews on here but decided to try the place out anyway.Im a first time buyer for perspective. The staff was very friendly and knew everything about the different models I was considering. It was a pleasant and smooth buying experience. The prices were competitive with every other place Ive looked for the same guns. They had a nice selection in stock.Now, why all the vague negative reviews? Well, Ill tell you why.The owner is an outspoken character with a big personality that isnt afraid to voice his political opinions and beliefs (or just any opinion for that matter). It seems like he just really enjoys talking about political topics and maybe challenging people in general.If hearing about politics you might not agree with bothers you or youre very sensitive or easily offended you might have a bad experience. Me? I like him. I feel like he must have a bunch of interesting stories to tell.

Review №2

I’ve bought firearms from them at fair prices. Friendly staff, although at times understaffed.The range is great and cheap.

Review №3

Great staff. Super helpful and friendly. Definitely will buy from here again

Review №4

This gun store is a very nice establishment to check out. It has a vast selection of firearms, accessories and safes for your 2nd amendment needs. The staff are friendly and are willing to help you with your firearm needs. The range itself isnt bad and the price to use it is not high unlike other places. If youre in the area, definitely check this gun store out

Review №5

This shop is awesome to deal with! I went in on Sunday to discuss making a purchase. The employees were both engaging and friendly, especially Steven. They took the time to assess my needs, answer my questions, and made my purchase go as smoothly as possible. They had a nice selection of accessories as well, and took the extra time to install one of them on my purchase for me while I was browsing. I will definitely be spending more of my money with this fine establishment, and I encourage anyone else reading these reviews to do the will not be disappointed!

Review №6

I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND this place . It is Not welcoming, lacks customer service skills with major attitude, and Overprice with high transfer fees for your weapon. There’s a lot of other great locations who will be glad to welcome your business, time and MONEY.

Review №7

I transferred my gun to the shop for pickup really laid back polite help me out with anything I needed good transaction nice selection of hardware the only thing that sucks was they didnt call me back after my background check cleared I had to call them and at that time it was 5 minutes to closeing

Review №8

Does not follow Florida state statues for releasing firearms. Staff is rude and will not process firearms the same day they arrive either. Ship somewhere else or be prepared to wait even longer for your guns. Won’t even let you start the paperwork till they process the firearm in there system! Owner is arrogant and rude couldn’t even atleast explain his policies before having an attitude. No surprise you have 3.5 start here and 2.5 on Yelp.

Review №9

The other day I purchased a gun at this retailer. After holding the gun and filling out the required paperwork and paying for it, the retailer gave us the carrying case. Since we had already seen the gun we just went home and never thought of opening the case. When we got home and opened the case we saw that none of the documentation that manufacturer would include in its products were there, that being the manual or any other product documents.Today I went back to the store, told the retailer and requested to get the documentation. As per the retailer, he was surprised that the documentation was not in the case. He stated that sometimes they receive it from the company without it. At this point I knew I was being lied to. He said he would contact the company and get it for us. I asked how long would it take? He replied oh a couple of days.I wasnt going to stand there and argue with him. There is not much I could do at this point. The integrity of this establishment is poor too say the least.

Review №10

Its been challenging to purchase a gun lately. Most salespeople have no patience. I had been to several stores and left very disappointed. However at Alfies I met both John and Adam two of the most patient and knowledgeable people Ive ever met. Thank you so much for your kindness and help!

Review №11

I asked a lot of questions as a potential gun buyer, the salesman (not sure of his name. Tall, slim with dark hair), but he was great! Answered all my questions, made suggestions about different products and explained the process of buying. I can really appreciate that!

Review №12

I just moved out of state and had to ship my firearms to a dealer up north. The people at UPS didn’t understand their own policies so I was forced to ship dealer to dealer. Another range wanted a massive amount of money, but the guys at Weston really took care of me. They shipped all my guns for a fraction of the price and did it fast. I really appreciate how well they handled it. I also wish I gave them more business in the past. They deserve it.

Review №13

Had a mixed experience last time I went to Weston arms, went back today because one bad experience doesnt finish the chapter on a business. They made up for today, staff was extremely professional, polite and attentive. Store stocked presumably with whatever youll need. Give it a chance if youre in the area, you wont be disappointed.

Review №14

I gave a call about a weapon in stock, and people who work their and very rude.

Review №15

The customer service is pretty good here. As my first time purchasing and picking up a handgun here I felt good about it. I was told to wait three days from my find delivery confirmation to the store before coming in; but I was never told why. You’ll be asked to fill out some paperwork on a laptop as well. There’s plenty of staff to help; so even though lines may form, you are still helped within a timely manner. Alfie’s gun range is next door a few doors down from here. There’s a $40 transfer fee if you buy online and pick up here. Also I paid $24 for a 50 pk of fmj. They only allow 10 people into the store at a time when it’s busy. It’s a big space with lots of accessories and inventory! Parking can become limited. It’s definitely not a huge lot. I’m unsure if there’s additional parking elsewhere. This establishment is located right off of State Road 84.

Review №16

Terrible customer service owner is unprofessional and doesn’t know how to talk to his customers.

Review №17

Very helpful and know what is needed.

Review №18

I went in to trade in a few older firearms on a new one and was givin a fair deal and left within minutes with my new purchase.i was tookin care of properly within seconds of walking into the door. After purchasing I asked to buy a smaller mag since my firearm came with 3 extended mags and no flush fit mags and the gentleman there gave me it and swapped it out with one of the extended mags that came with my gun for free . He could have charged me extra but instead did me the favor of swapping it with one of mine and saved me some money (40$).I appreciate them taking care of me today and making it easy to do business with them . They also gave me 50$ more than what I was expecting to get on the trade ins. Some people are complaining about their price but I would have paid more online after shipping fees and transfers . There sigs are fairly priced and within the industry standards . I will shop there again.

Review №19

I have been a customer of Weston Arms and Alfie for more than ten years now. I bought a gun two weeks ago that I was told was MSRP, shame on me for not checking especially after now reading all of the one star reviews for them. I got home and saw in the gun companies website that Weston Arms and Alfie charged me $200 over MSRP and lied to me. On top of that, I sent three messages on their website and 8 emails to Alfie’s personal email address and was not able to get a single response, good or bad. I think that after ten years as a customer or even if I was a first time customer I deserved a response. I guess you do have to pay attention to all of those poor reviews, they can’t all be bad customers. I am very sad to have to write this and mad that I was lied to and over charged!!!!

Review №20

Went to look at guns since I dont have one except an old one left over from before WW-2. Since Im not a gun expert, they basically ignored me and I left.update - went to another place which is known to be friendlier. This one was smaller & around April (early) 2020 ordered a Walter PPK in 9mm. They promised the gun would arrive in 1 week but it took 2 months. Still it eventually arrived.

Review №21

I’ve been doing business with them for years. Alfie, Johnnie and Steve are always there to help me with any needs I have. Very friendly environment and the prices are competitive.

Review №22

Very nice folks, friendly knowledge staff great deals.

Review №23

This place is awesome management is great and hooked me up this morning when nexus wouldnt give weston arms your business for sure.

Review №24

I always enjoy going to this store. The salesmen are knowledgeable and friendly.Prices are comparable with other stores in the area and they can special order if the item you want is not in stock.

Review №25

As much as I love to support local business I am giving them two stars based on a transfer completed at weston arms. There are a couple things you should know prior to transferring anything to this gunshop.1. Its more expensive to transfer here than pretty much every other gunshop in the area. Its not even competitive at 40$ for a pistol 45 for a rifle.2. Theyre very slow and the five day waiting period does not start until theyve added the serial into their system.Another bonus was I filled out my background information and the serial was never added to my paper work so when I showed back up the following week I still could not pick up. Thats not my fault. So I overpaid, waited longer than I ever had for a transfer and had to make 3 trips to this store. When I asked the owner about all this he was pretty confrontational about it all. If youre just purchasing this place isnt bad but as much as I like supporting local businesses because of the attitude, price and slow process Ill take my money elseware.

Review №26

We came into the store excited to buy a gun for the first time and we were being helped by the owner Alfie but from the start he gave us a bad attitude. Don’t go to this store if you’re a first time gun owner, Alfie and his employs will disrespect you for not being an expert. Listen to all the bad reviews!

Review №27

Great gun shop! Great prices on everything you can imagine inside. Owner is a great guy and gives a fantastic CWP classes. Steve is always great help as well. Juan Carlos Rey

Review №28

I purchased a beretta outlander last august (2019) and was told that there was info missing from my background check. Nothing had changed by May of this year, and when I asked about a refund I was told there was a 20% restocking fee, but it could be waived. When I came in for my refund, I was told this was not true and not possible. I was charged $200 to put a shotgun (which I never laid a finger on) back on a shelf. Go somewhere else, the prices and are not at all competitive, and the customer service is horrible.

Review №29

I saw so many bad reviews that i wasnt sure if i should go there but Im glad that i did, great prices, the young man was helpful and a there was short Puerto Rican gentleman with such a great sense of humor that took time to show me around and guess what? He was the owner of the store. Thank you so much for your help and i would definitely continue doing business here

Review №30

I have known Alfie and his son for many years at various gun shows before they even opened the range or gun shop. I have always had a good time there and was well treated by the staff. If you dont like the prices go somewhere else, if you have a problem with the staff tell Alfie and/or go somewhere else. In my experience, based on years of interaction, they are good people, but they dont GIVE their guns away!

Review №31

Nice range and shop however they charge $ 45 for a gun transfer which was surprising since most FFL dealers in the area charge 15-20.

Review №32

The guy steve, is the reason this store is going down the tubes. Ive seen the way he has treated other customers who were in the store at the same time as I, and it is very unprofessional. Alfie should get better help, because I already started to shop at another store. So sad.

Review №33

Went with my wife last week for her to try out the new M&P 22. Good place to shoot, they just need to replace some lane lights in the range. We will definitely come again.

Review №34

This is just one of those shops you want to go to whenever you need or want their wares, a nice mom and pop with good people behind the counter and a fairly broad selection of not only firearms but accessories including a good assortment of safes, bags, mags, ear and eye pro, etc.Alfies range is also very nice and literally less than a block away (two storefronts down) like most indoor ranges you cant expect a 100 yard lane, however the air is pretty good, and the targets move back and forward when you push the button.This is where I choose to go whenever I want to take someone to the range or get anything firearms related, even when I moved further away and was much farther away than other such stores.

Review №35

Do not buy from here, they will steal your money, tell you you need a backgound check, then call you say you didn’t pass and then you have to pay a 20% refund I payed 100 dollars to them and walked out empty handy, curse alfy and all his workers.

Review №36

I was in the area last week, on Wednesday before Thanksgiving... Just went in to look around, found exactly the nights sights I was looking for at a decent price, and they installed it... When I asked how much the range is, was told it was free all day for ladies :) so of course I took advantage of this... All 3 guys (2 at the store, 1 at the range), that I spoke to were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful... I would recommend this place and looking forward to returning when I am in the area again...

Review №37

Great staff that puts customer service first. Won’t buy firearms anywhere else. Thanks for always treating me like family weston arms!

Review №38

I read all the negative reviews about this place and since there were so many I believed a lot of them, so going into this store I had a preconceived notion. I ordered a gun and had it delivered to Weston Arms. I am a first time gun owner and this was the closes place to me so that is why I chose it. Gun was delivered on 10/11 and I went in on 10/12 to fill out the paperwork. Now like I said earlier, I read tons of bad reviews so I sorta had an attitude going in because I assumed ( from you peoples reviews) that I was going to be treated like trash! There was an older gentleman outside smoking when I first walked in. There was only one other employee and he was helping another customer. The gentleman (who’s name I cannot remember) came inside a minute after I came in and asked me if I needed help. Advised I was here to pick up my firearm and he was friendly and said no problem he can help me with that. Since he was outside smoking he kindly said that he would go and wash his hands which I thought was very nice of him even though I didn’t really have a problem with it. I gave him my ID and he went to go get my firearm and he advised me that I could not take it home today because I did not have my CWL and I let him know that I knew already and was there to fill out the necessary paperwork. I was there with my 1 year old son and the gentleman was very friendly with my son as I was filling out the paperwork. I finished and he told me to come back on Friday 10/18 after 6 to pick up the firearm. Friday comes around and for whatever reason I thought they closed at 10 but realized at 5:50 that they closed at 7! I did not have my vehicle and my wife was at work so I had to call my best friend and ask for a ride. He lives about 20-25 mins from me so needless to say I was worried that I would not make it in time to get my firearm and I was very very excited to get it and would’ve been disappointed if I did not. We ended up making it in time (maybe about 15 mins before they closed) and was helped again by the white haired older gentleman. Was not scolded or mistreated because we got there late, got my firearm and went home! This is why you do not always listen to reviewers and form your own opinions. The place was great, I liked it and I will definitely have any future firearms delivered there!

Review №39

Best place in town . Excellent staff saturated with knowledge

Review №40

Incredibly nice staff!! As a woman its nice to have the staff treat my questions with dignity and respect! I dont always have the same experience at other shops.

Review №41

Dont let this guys Take your money, very bad actitud, super expensive really expensive

Review №42

If you’re under the age of 40 or appear to be under the age of 40 don’t waste your time going to this place. I was initially looking for a laserlyte kit the owner was unaware what that is which it’s fine but from then on he treated me like I was dumb and asked questions in a derogatory manner. Became immediately uninterested in our conversation and proceeded to help someone else cash out(over the age of 40 or absolutely appeared to be) like they were best friends. Also to piggy back on the other reviews most items are overpriced.

Review №43

Alfie and Robert always take very good care of me. I have made a few purchases there and have always been satisfied when I leave. I definitely would recommend to any of my friends and family. Thanks Weston Arms!

Review №44

Great gun shop and awesome location. Nice selection. The item I purchased was the same price everywhere I looked. Dont believe some reviews

Review №45

Staff is knowledgeable, most of the people here have good attitudes when dealing with customers. They do have a large selection of guns, but their prices are a little higher than other shops in the area. All in all its a good shop

Review №46

One of my three favorite gun stores in Broward. They have a good selection of firearms with a nice amount of revolvers including cowboy single action. Staff always very nice. They even had good deals on hard to find ammo during the peak of the ammo shortage.

Review №47

Ive taken a couple lessons from Alfie and they were very informative. I learned how to shoot my handgun through his teaching. I also just took his concealed carry class and it went very well and I learned a lot. My favorite range, shop, and people! Hands down, its the best one in the area. Check them out!

Review №48

Came to Weston arms During a Sig Sauer event to buy my first handgun. Alfie and his team were there and were happy to answer my questions and even let me shoot some sig goodies including a suppressed Mpx rattler. big thanks to those guys from Sig as well.I’ve read some reviews here about the guys not being too nice but, it’s a gun shop not an arts and crafts store (no ones gonna hold your hand) so just be honest if you’re a noob and don’t be afraid to ask some questions and do some basic research on gun store etiquette and you shows be fine.I’ll definitely be back.

Review №49

I have been going to Weston Arms and Alfies Gun Range for over a year now since my friend took me there for some practice. The personnel are extremely friendly and helpful with questions. The range is always clean, and it is a completely safe environment for target practice. I recently took my father-in-law there (who is a LEO from PA), and he was also very impressed.I also took the concealed weapons course there which was entertaining and (more importantly) educational. I took their advice on going to the office in Miami, and I had my CWP in my hands in two weeks (It is the Florida Dept of Agriculture - not the USDA as one person said). The instructor did tell us that ten days was the fastest he had seen someone get their CWP. That process is up to the state of Florida once you get to that point. They were truthful in what they said in my class.Gun prices are what they are. I have called and discussed prices over the phone with no problem. And I have shot their numerous times using my own ammo and without a problem.Great people and a great place. Check em out!

Review №50

Another purchase and Im happy with the expirience again. They price mach it and I save over $300. very good store and gun range. i know 10 gun shops in 40 mile radius and this one is the best . good people

Review №51

Was a great gun store many years ago when he was Weston, as they say he got to big for his britches. No customer service, forgot from where he came from.Just go to Shoot Straight

Review №52

Went to use the range walked in with my girlfriend, starred at me said “yea 30 minutes” went right back to his conversation with some old guy. Also was interested in buying another fire arm. And when I saw how EXPENSIVE a Glock 19 was I walked right out. Bought a gen 3 Glock 19 brand new for 475 a year ago. What a joke.

Review №53

Good selection and prices. Quick turnaround on gunsmithing. Honest helpful staff.

Review №54

Ive been shopping with these guys for quite a while now. Johnny, Robert and the other guys are all great, very helpful, and well informed about all the products they have. During the crazy times when other shops are jacking up their prices to insane levels and screwing people over, Weston Arms kept their prices close or below MSRP. Theyre eager to help connect you with local folks if youre interested in getting into competitive shooting or any other aspect of the shooting sports. In the age of big box stores I love having a connection with guys that I can trust and that wont steer me wrong just to make a sale.

Review №55

I was at western arms in davie today and the service was terrible. There were 2 employees, and one customer when me and my friend walked in and waited to be helped. One employee seemed to be busy as he was walking back and fourth sorting through things and just looked at us. We waited 5-10 minutes before anyone said anything to us(including hi). The older employee with long white hair in a pony tail finally got to us and is the furthest thing from a salesman as he only gave us the opportunity to see 2 guns and bashed them both. He mentioned layaway(based on my appearance as a young man) about 5 times when I was looking to buy a gun outright. After showing us the 2nd gun he went over and started talking to the other customer who was there before us. We then waited another 10 mins and decided to just leave as they didn’t seem like they wanted to sell any guns to us. Nonetheless, they did have a good selection and plenty of add ons, but they still won’t get my business. Went to buddy’s guns also in davie and got myself a Glock 19x and was treated with royalty there.

Review №56

I called the gun store to see if they had a product. After the man at the store said he carried the item, I asked only a couple of questions that only required a quick answer. He became defensive, and to me rude. I will never go or call there again.

Review №57

Very good family owned shop where you can always find the owner in the back.

Review №58

I just went in after going to the range next door. I was browsing around and asked to see some rifles, the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable. Great service!

Review №59

Kind and courteous staff. I have been coming to this shooting range for a long time with no notable issues. The range is a bit small and somewhat outdated but its perfect for some basic target practice.

Review №60


Review №61

Customer service sucks

Review №62

I honestly dont see how anybody could give this store a negative review. Im reading the bad reviews and am blown away. I have bought eight different firearms from them, a safe, and many many accessories and every single time Ive gone in there, whether its Alfie himself, Johnny, or any of the other guys, every one of them are absolutely great. Thats also the only range I go shoot at. Maybe some of you who are giving bad reviews are the ones at the range that are putting bullet holes in the ceiling or treating the range like the wild west. And then wonder why you get cursed at....

Review №63

Called today on Christmas Eve to see if they had a SIG P226 MK25 RX in stock.... I COULD NOT BELIEVE how horrible i was treated over the phone !!! I do not live close to the store and asked if i could get a price to see if it was even worth my trip to the store or such a busy day for me.Only to be told i was NOT gonna be given a price unless i went to the store. The gentleman was rude in his tone of voice and to add insult to injury i was told that i probably knew more than him on what the price was gonna be anyways....I REFUSE TO GIVE MY HARD EARNED $$$ TO PEOPLE LIKE THIS.....BTW Ive purchased over 10 firearms tons of sights and accessories 1 suppressor and a lot of ammo over the past year alone ....So id say yea they lost a potentially good customer!!!! This place sucksWHY SHOP HERE WHEN NEXXUS IS DOWN THE STREET NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER STORE,CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RANGE

Review №64

$34.95 for a 15 round Glock 19 magazine. I asked if they would price match $21.95 and was told, “no.”Anyone who buys from this place must enjoy throwing money away. Looked at a Trijicon MRO and couldn’t believe they wanted $499. But like PT Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute,” that must be their business model. It’s shops like this why online retailers dominate the market in the gun industry.

Review №65

I came in to buy my first handgun and was told by the staff that a particular gun maker had a promotion. I bought that gun and filed for the promotional items i.g. Two clips, clip holster, and a gun bag. No small consideration in my decision to pick up that gun. Well as it turns out the promotion had not begun at the time of purchase. So I came back to the store to see if theyd do the right thing. I was basically told to take a hike and take it up with the gun maker.The reason I waited well past the due date was due to you providing me with the incorrect promotional redemption form to begin with.

Review №66

Alfie and his staff are knowledgeable and attentive. They have a wide range of firearms and range is well run.

Review №67

Super friendly, helpful and concerned. I will absolutely return. They are an example of really great customer service.

Review №68

Great place. Purchased my gun. Awesome store great staff. I definitely recommend this place.

Review №69

Awesome staff. Great service. Go Alfie.

Review №70

I have a new brother at Weston Arms. After two months of testing out for a new gun and on line research i finally was able to make my decision. It came down to the springfield XDM the H&K VP 9 and the Sig P 320 all 9 mm full size. my objective was to find a full size 9 mm that felt good in my hands and extremely good in shooting, something that came out of the box and is ready to go. One of the complicated task was the pricing and of course we all want the best deal possible. On line shopping looks good but you must be award of hidden charges and over charging on shipping. Today i walked out of Weston Arms with my top pick the H&K VP 9 with night sight and actually saved money, yes SAVED MONEY. Best part of it all is that it feels good buying form a life person specking with them and seeing them open a new box. The service from the staff is amazing and very helpful. Lets not for get that they also have a gun rang with excellent service. I will definitely make this store my first stop for any purchase even if its just for information. I recommend this to any one that is looking to purchase a weapon. Sig P320 was my 2nd pick. Be SafeDavid

Review №71

Great professional and experience staff.Alfie is a great guy.

Review №72

Took my M&P 40 for trigicon night sights and Alfie son installed them... When I received my gun, there was a piece of polymer sliced out of the rear of the gun( just underneath the rear sights... My gun is two tone so it is very distracting)... The gun is 2 weeks old and was flawless... They took no accountability said they would do nothing... Also both sights had hammer marks(paint missing) Said the press wouldnt do it..(meanwhile I listened to him hammer them)... And He scratched my barrel... No accountability whatsoever... Their prices are below average... Go somewhere else... They are dishonest and dont deserve your business!

Review №73

Great customer service, I went looking for a holster and they open like 10 different ones with out me asking. Good prices.

Review №74

This is the best gun shop Ive ever dealt with people are friendly. great service it just makes you feel like youre at home when youre there I recommend it very highly for everybody

Review №75

Great staff and always willing to go the extra mile to make me happy. Love them!

Review №76

Excellent service, great selection, friendly and very knowledgeable staff.

Review №77

Alfie runs a top notch shop, really good collection. I buy ALL MY WEAPONS from Alfie.Alfie you da man!

Review №78

Excellent guidance and customer service...smooth transactions no problems...will be returning on a frequent basis... loving my S&W thanks again fellas

Review №79

Do not shop here!!! very rude and terrible customer service. Guns and other accessories are over priced. i went in to purchase a magazine and couldnt get no help from any employees,they just ignored me. when i asked for the owner to tell him of this problem he told me not his problem and walked away... will never go back again

Review №80

Very bad experience. Typical gotcha mentality. My wife and I were told by the Weston Arms stuff (same company) that women shot for free on Mon and Wed, but there is a catch (of course there is). This only applies to the paper target range. We have learned about this only when it came to paying for the session. When I pointed it out that nobody ever cared to mention this to us and their website does not specify it, the attitude from the personnel and the owner (!) was: Now you know. The didnt even try to apologize, and the associate (Mike, I think) was quite rude about it and hang up on me when I called to discuss the issue.Im never going back there (Weston Arms or the range) for anything and I regret I bought a couple of guns from them. They made extra $18 today, but theyve lost a customer forever.

Review №81

Came in and wanted to use a gift certificate for $25 that I had gotten as a gift in 2013. Gift certificate had no expiration date. Staff rudely said they cannot use this GC bc their current POS system was different now. We asked for the owners opinion and staff came back and reported the same from the owner: cannot use it because the current POS was different. We asked staff to speak with the owner and staff said the owners too busy doing paperwork to speak with us. We asked the staff to tell the owner to re-issue the gift certificate on the current POS system so that we could use it in the future, staff again, came to us and said the owners too busy to help us with this matter. This was after we had just spent $230 with them 5 minutes prior. As a business owner, this is the worst customer service I’ve experienced in a long time. Shocking to see the owners response after twice asking him for appeal. How dare you treat paying, repeat customers like this. No patron should be treated this way by any business especially after having done business previously. You’ve proven to no longer desire or deserve my business and I’ll certainly encourage my friends and family to avoid doing business here as well. The day after thanksgiving no less. Shameful.

Review №82

I only shopped at the store front so thats all this will cover. Ive heard a lot of negative about the range, thankfully they are in two separate units now and even under different names. The range is called Alfies or something like that now. I had been here years ago when it was all in one unit, it was way too cramped but now there is plenty of room at the store for you to walk and look.I was actually hesitant at first about shopping here because of that first time experience, back then I got a similar welcome that I recently got at Tropical Firearms, that is to say, it was nothing but negative. I was ignored and given dirty looks whenever I interrupted their conversations with questions about a particular firearm.Thankfully they seem to have learned from the past, and probably negative reception as when I walked in recently I was helped as soon as they were finished with customers who were ahead of me. The staff was knowledgeable and answered any questions I had quickly and accurately. Best part was I wasnt treated like I was some kind of idiot just because Ive never come hang out in their store before like seems to be the trend in this business.I was able to make (in my eyes) a substantial purchase quickly and easily. They have/had an excellent selection despite the recent surge in firearms purchases. Its a bit diluted at the moment but I was impressed with what they had left. I recall an excellent selection years ago when I first visited as well.

Review №83

Terrible customer loyalty….bought a shotgun there first…then came back to buy an extra magazine for my Glock which I specifically noted was 9mm to the sales clerk behind the counter….the genius gives me a .40 S&W. when I went back to exchange the magazine; I was told that there are no returns….they lost a customer for life over a $35 magazine (which I came to exchange…not even return!)…Happy to say that I’ve spent over $5K in weapons since then........not a penny went to Weston Arms

Review №84

Staff is friendly and helpful. They got me more than I expected on a few consignments.

Review №85

1 star for not quoting accessories price over the phone. Everyone likes to shop around before purchasing this is a bad policy!!!

Review №86

Ive been going to this store for a few years now. Previously, I had dealt with kids behind the counter with F***ing this and F***ing that converstaions between themselves and I left.Those type of employees are no longer there. The store looks great. Great selection, employees have been courteous and listen to your questions. Have purchased safes and a used firearm there and I will continue to go back and support them.

Review №87

I see a lot of people with mixed reviews, but my experience has always been good. I guess it depends on who you talk to but of the three different guys Ive talked to theyve all been helpful.I was shopping around a lot for a gun at a decent price and the main locations on my radar were weston arms (which I received my concealed weapons license at a few years back), the new Nexus range down the road, and Lous Police Supply in Hialeah.Yea Nexus is a cool looking spot, but the customer service is really bad. They almost seemed annoyed that I was searching to buy a gun. Their price is high on everything. I would walk around with my Amazon app for same exact products at significantly lower cost. For some reason I guess when guys are around guns they have to show that theyre the alpha male, Nexus exacerbates that to a higher degree.Lous Police Supply is probably the most least expensive place Ive ever seen. But at the expense of a ridiculously horrible absolutely horrible customer service (even after purchasing a gun at Lous).Weston Arms has a more personal touch. I was talking to this guy for maybe an hour or two and he was totally cool on answering all my questions and going back and forth of different guns to have a feel for. I was with my wife the second time to see what she liked and same story. We shot at the range about 6 different weapons and chose the final one right when they were closing. They stayed open for me just to finish the transaction, after they had locked the doors. They werent the absolute cheapest, but about even with all the other contenders. For a little more money and closer to home, I would gladly give them my business.I told the guy about my experience up until that point and he told me if I like them that much, then tell the world about it in a review. So heres my review.I havent used any gunsmiths their yet but plan on in the future. If its in anyway similar to my experience so far it would be good.

Review №88

They are friendly whit me, great service, 100% better that shoot-straight, exelent

Review №89

Outstanding selection, big store. Also, the staff was extremely knowledgable and friendly.

Review №90

I was just there asking if I could order a gun online and have it shipped to the store. The guy behind the counter with the white hat ignored me because I was obviously not buying one of their over priced guns. Lol a m85 pap for 800 bucks there can be found on j&g sales for 599. Anyway, the guy ignored me and when I asked the third time he said just give then our store name and it will cost 40 bucks. Then he told me rifles were 45 dollars. I asked if a m92 ak pistol with a sig brace is 40 or 45 and he didnt respond. I then asked why thetr was a 5 dollar extra charge for rifles and he said because there is and then I asked if it was the shipping and he said no the gun is longer and heavier and harder for us to handle. He basically told me there is a 5 dollar extra charge because it is heavier and it would be an inconvenience for him to carry it from storage to the counter for 5 dollars less. Im not stating the to be cheap, Im stating this to show that this business treats its customers with no respect.Update: This place still blows.Update: I called and asked about a sig mpx with the sig brace and an employee gave me the price of $2100 and that I would get a free soft case with the gun. According to the sig website, the sig mpx with the sig brace is 1699 and comes with a hard custom case that is actually really nice.

Review №91

Over over priced !!! I purchased my weapon somewhere else for about $250.00 cheaper.I recommend pricing your weapons at places.

Review №92

Never seems to be enough people working, but otherwise it was a good experience. Got a good gun package as well.

Review №93

Its a great place thanks for the great service and friendly atmosphere.

Review №94

Very friendly knowledgable staff. I was treated very well.

Review №95

Easy going staff, helpful and concencius. You can bring your bullets!

Review №96

Completely freaking rude. Asked a few simple questions and got cursed at by the guy in the gun range. CURSED AT! A PAYING CUSTOMER! BUYER BEWARE. RUDE. PRICES ARE HIGH. VERY DISINTERESTED STAFF. GO ELSEWHERE.

Review №97

Ive been in numerous times but wont be back. Two previous visits I was told they would look into something for me and call me back. I left my name and number and never heard back. Too bad, just lost a sale.

Review №98

If your not one of the Good Old Boys your invisible in this store.

Review №99

Some of you people are mistaking caution for rudeness, these guys are in a room full of very expensive guns and they dont know us personally, they cant be happy and la di da with everyone thats what gets people hurt, so dont be so quick to judge.....I have been in the store several times and have not had anyone be rude or disrespectful, So lighten up !!!!

Review №100

Owners Son had attitude with me when I asked to speak to another sales person who I was told to ask for.I was about to drop 2 grand in the gun store but walked away instead.Dont go here!

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