Indian Ridge Middle School
1355 S Nob Hill Rd, Davie, FL 33324, United States
Indian Ridge Middle School

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I have to be completely honest, I would be lying if I said that this was a great school. I know for a fact that some of the administrators do not treat the kids with respect. The teachers are pretty good though, the teachers that I have have all been good with their teachings. When was the last time the bathrooms have been cleaned though? The school has too many gum under the desk, it is very disgusting when I accidentally touch it.The quality for kids at this school is pretty good, but I would like to see better. I wish all the kids goodluck (if they go to this school.)NOTE: I have never gotten in any trouble in this school, this is just my experience so far.

Review №2

My two sons went to this school right after it was built. Now my grandson is going there. Academically, its still excellent .... especially for those students who are either gifted or have a disability ....but it is overcrowded, and lunch leaves much to be desired . Theyve incorporated yoga to help the tense students calm down, but dont make sure each student takes it.......and from what Im told, theres many who need it..... But after it all, my sons loved it....and so does my grandson!

Review №3

I go to this school right now it’s pretty good most of the teachers are nice but the students, every single one of them are full of themselves. Overall it’s a great school. Little tip DON’T TAKE TECHNOLOGY!!! it’s so boring and Mr. Beamer (no offense) expects us to know everything he “teaches” but he doesn’t teach us anything.

Review №4

To tell u the truth, the people that are giving low ratings on the school are students that did not behave in their classes. I personally (As an adult) love this school because it gives parents the recourses to interact with their childrens daily activities. For example, you can check their grades or volunteer. Also, the teachers push their students for the best, even though some of the students may not accept it.

Review №5

Ill rate a five star if you teachers dont stress the good children out. Just because the bad kids make them mad, that doesnt mean that they have to take it out on the good ones. I speak for the good kids not myself.

Review №6

How to start,Oh yeh, The volleyball coach doesnt even know how to play. The team was awful because she chose kids who dont know how to play. Mr. Whalen watches Porn under his desk. You forget your ID, immediate detention. Wearing a sweatshirt without the school logo, immediate detention. Lunch lady yells at everyone for stupid things. The hallways are to crowded. The bus people give referrals for the dumbest things. And The bathrooms always smell like have there. I am not hating on any of this because it happened to me, it hasnt.

Review №7

Its a good school, thats for sure. The teachers are good. However, its overcrowded and hard to move from class to class in a small hall. But its alright, and not the worst school in the world.

Review №8

Ms.Blews was crazy, no wonder everyone cheered with joy when they found out she was hit by a car, and some (most) kids are unsurprisingly stupid. Other than that the school is fine. Its a really good school knowing that this is Florida and most of Floridas schools are just completely failing academically...

Review №9

This is a good school because the school have good teachers and APs but the worse ESE specialist. She lies to parents and loses important information and says that someone must have taken even though the cameras show otherwise. The principal is clueless about what is happening in the school and believes on the untrustworthy ESE specialist Michelle Kitman. The only reason this school is still functioning is because of the hard and unstoppable work of the Assistant principal from 6, 7 and 8 grades. They work very hard to keep the students safe and the teachers in a good environment despite the lack of work from the principal and the ESE specialist who spend time fabricating documents, accusing peers, and many more unprofessional behavior.This is not a professional who should be dealing with this population (special students). Unfortunately, the principal have not realized how detrimental she is to his school.I dont recommend this school for ESE students.

Review №10

Some of the kids can be a little... special but this is a great school that deals with bullying very well with great teachers that give us what we need to prepare us for high school.

Review №11

This school is completely the opposite of a good school. This school must stop pressuring emotional pressure on innocent kids

Review №12

Mr. Williams, the 6th grade band teacher is horrible and made a kid cry today. He is so mean and I feel like he has some mental issues and needs to be fired. He yelled at this girl for no apparent reason and made her cry. I really feel bad for the parents of this little girl.

Review №13

The students are terrible but overall the teachers are nice and understanding. i just hate the uniforms they are to strict about them.

Review №14

Mr. Williams (AKA Anthony) needs to be fired after yelling at that poor little girl. I have already reserved him a spot at South Florida State Hospital if he recognizes the state that he is in.

Review №15

I love the way the school works and how nice and the rules however traveling was hard in building, 1 but I managed

Review №16

School is nevr clean teachers can be good but 99.9 percent are bad like for example one reading teacher sits at her desk all day and never teachs and also makes us dance for a warm up and grade. Some teachers just think they can do and say whay ever they want. Most people their have no respect for the kids but want respect. And another example i got a refaral for talking back to a teacher after she decied to say how dumb lazy and how i have a bad grade in her class but she dose not teach so i have not learned one thing.

Review №17

This skool iz gr8! itt tot mee how 2 spel. I rekomend it verree mutch. XD JK This is a good school... I loved it, yet Mrs Blews sucked!! The campus is large, and is layed out nicely. Also, Mr. Beamers Technology class was EPIC! I hope this review helps!

Review №18

School is terrible. My so went there from 6th and 7th and the vice principal did everything in his power to have my son kicked out. We refused to pull him. But our breaking point whe. We did pull him was not after VP Lyons told us he did not want retards in his school, but after he framed my son for an actual crime in which he was tried in junivile court and charged and now has a criminal record and still on probation.His journal was confiscated by a teacher, turned over to the VP Lyons and then copies were made and turned over to the 2 parents of the children my son took issues with that were emotionally bullying my son.The VP Lyons also revealed my sons private medical information to the parents of those 2 students as well.No punishment came to Lyons even after he tried to file a false restraining order against me.This school is terrible as the administers are leading the pack of discriminatory ways.If you can get a reassignment, do it.

Review №19

Just because this school is filled with white kids who pass the state tests does not make this a good school. It is overcrowded and offers few choices. There is little opportunity for students to explore their education beyond the 3 R’s, science & social studies in terms of electives or after school clubs which are extremely limited. Many of the teachers handle the curriculum quite unimaginably, are lackadaisical, and do the minimum. Papers are graded arbitrarily. There is no communication and they depend only on Pinnacle rather than sending an email when needed. And my child is in all gifted classes where supposedly the teachers are better. AP Brown is patronizing, nasty, rude, and disrespectful. They treat all 1800 students like prisoners who are the same when they are not all the same. Principal Zagari can talk the talk but I don’t trust him. I know for a fact the school has lied to me. If you have a child with SPECIAL NEEDS find another place for him or her. There will be no coordination of your child’s IEP between teachers and ESE support specialist, very little support, no training, no follow through, and absolutely no communication. The teachers will not follow the IEP. And no one seems to care. They have treated my child horribly. He has been bullied by the adults and traumatized. I’m looking for a new school which is probably what their plan is all along anyway. Unfortunately, my confidence in any other Broward County middle school is nil. Don’t be fooled by an “A” rating. That doesn’t tell you anything. I don’t understand how anyone can give this school a good rating.

Review №20

Some one was suspended when someone hit them and they didn’t do anything the kid was Jeffery king who punched some kid

Review №21

I go to that schools and a good school im in 7

Review №22

Im hate this school. If there was a choice to pick 0 stars, I wouldve picked that

Review №23

Could be better. Teachers are rude.

Review №24

Great school, the principal and assistant are very involve.

Review №25

Because I like miss wiezman shes my science teacher

Review №26

My girl goes to this school so i think its ight.

Review №27

I am a student going into 7th grade and I want nothing more than to leave the school

Review №28

My step son ( Cuban /Honduran ) threw a plastic bottle out of the bus window and received Saturday detention as well was suspended off of the bus . A week or so later 2 light skinned boys got in a fist fight on the bus and nothing was done . We understood our son getting in trouble but, why did the other kids receive nothing for a much worse incident ? We contacted the school and nothing was done . We would not in any way recommend this school to anyone . Discrimination / racism is a hate crime and should be punished in the courts even if a school .

Review №29

If you dont have the correct amount of money you cans by lunch I know it is a normal thing but when you do get something it is a stale hamburger bun and some crappie jelly packets

Review №30

Crab people, Crab people, look like crab, taste like people

Review №31

Very good school.

Review №32

Yikes. This was a ghetto school.

Review №33

Hated this school and everyone in it

Review №34

This school is trash

Review №35

Mr.W is perv

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