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Lil Rascals Academy

Review №1

I am a teacher, so education is extremely important to me. I have one 3 year old daughter at Lil Rascals, and I am completely satisfied. The two teachers whom she has had while there have shown great care and diligence as to potty training and behavioral intervention, whenever necessary. Teacher-child ratio is good(about 10-1). Ms. Nicola, the teacher for the older twos, is always having them do arts and crafts and sharing pictures of their work and play via Brightwheel. Sonia, the school director, is amazing and has been with the company for many years. She is bilingual and knowledgeable of the field. Both the kids and parents love her! I am a first time parent who stayed home with my daughter for two years after birth. I can tell you, I was extremely concerned about leaving her with people other than family. Within a week, Lil Rascals faculty and staff felt like family. The preschool has VPK, after school care, summer camp, transportation, and other services to meet different parents needs. Thank you all all at Lil Rascals for a great year!

Review №2

One year ago I joined the Lil Rascals (Davie) family and it has been a great experience. The teachers and office staff treated my daughter as their own and truly and genuinely cared for her. The events and curriculum are exciting and designed where kids have fun whilst still getting a great education base....AND the communication is impeccable. I was torn having to leave (for convenience purposes); but could not walk away without giving this particular school a great big THANK YOU and well wishes for great success as they help to nurture our future. I wish my children are blessed to have all caring educators, like they did here, as they grow.

Review №3

Love this school and so do my kids! When I drop my son off in the morning he RUNS to his teachers, and my daughter always enjoys after care. My son’s teachers are always very informative, I know exactly what is going on in the classroom and what he did that day. Also, a huge plus for me is that they have a set time for the aftercare kids to do homework. The front desk staff is amazing. Ms. Jessica and Ms. Kathleen are always there to great you with a friendly smile. I honestly wouldn’t send my kids anywhere else.

Review №4

Living in the area, I always thought that Lil Rascals was a strange name for a place that people would want to send their kids.However, once I became a parent and my wife and I searched for a place to send our son, we reconsidered it. We were given a few recommendations from other parents about the supposed premier places in the area of you want your kids to get into an Ivy League school. However, after visiting all of the schools in the area, my teacher wife and I decided upon Lil Rascals Davie.The place is amazing and very well organized. The staff is incredible. I am continuously amazed at how caring and attentive they are for my son and all of his classmates. All of the parents that we have spoken to agree. Despite the size of the school and the number of kids, everyone in the adminstration knows my sons name and he smiles whenever he sees them. The teachers are fantastic and I trust them all unconditionally. They all are qualified in behavior management as well as teaching things that I would have never expected a child that young to be able to grasp. I am also surprised that they seem to have an infinite source of energy and never seem to be tired from the kids.

Review №5

What a great academy to send your child to! The staff and teachers are very attentive and keep you informed of everything going on. Communication is easy and staff are pleasant. My son loves it! His teacher is so caring! We look forward to another amazing year!

Review №6

Facility is very welcoming, clean and bright. Teachers and staffs are friendly, caring and professional. Both my children love Lil Rascals Davie. I recommend Lil Rascals, because they are so great teaching and taking care of my kids. Overall an amazing school.Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our family.

Review №7

I’ve honestly never been this satisfied with a daycare as I am with Lil Rascals (Davie). First off the facility is very clean and the set up is more like a little preschool rather than the typical daycare set up. I’m in love with the staff! They are all so welcoming and they take care of my daughter as if she is one of their own. I appreciate them more than they know.

Review №8

My daughter has been going for 6 months. Ms. Sandra in infant 2 is an excellent teacher, very informative and helpful. Being new parents she has been instrumental in coaching us through our childs development. Everyone there is very friendly. We receive updates throughout the day on her daily activities.

Review №9

I love this school. This staff is great. They treat us like family. The before and after care program is amazing. I love knowing that my kids are in wonderful hands every day.

Review №10

My son has been going to Lil Rascals since he was 6 months old. All of his teachers are amazing in the infant 2 class. Ms. Maritza and Ms. Tara care and take the time to really get to know each child. Including Ms. Sonia, Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Kathleen in the front office. My son loves them all. I would recommend this school 100%.

Review №11

We moved to Davie last year and my Insurance Agent recommended this specific location before we moved for my son. He is now 2 and has attended for almost a year and it has been the best childcare experience for him since we left his last center. The teachers are very nurturing and they communicate with me about my son regularly. They provide a safe and fun atmosphere with age appropriate activities and play equipment. The lunches are very nice and my son knows the lunch staff and happily speaks to them outside of his classroom.The Director, Dana is very nice and helped me with enrollment and financial questions I had prior to enrolling my son and since his attendance began.We really love Rascals and hope you will too!

Review №12

My 18 month old son has been at Lil Rascals in Davie since he was was 3 months old. I love the staff and teachers and my son is well taken care of there. I feel like safety and development is their number one priority and my son has thrived in the environment surrounded by attentive and caring teachers.

Review №13

My son loves going to daycare here! Staff and Teachers are so nice and they really take such great care of every kid there. Fun activities in the summer, always decorated with a seasonal theme, kids art and projects displayed throughout the hallways so you can see how all of the kids are progressing not just your own, three playgrounds, cameras everywhere for safety. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun, safe, and affordable daycare for their little ones!

Review №14

This place is very nice and very clean, Amber and Sonia in the front are great. I went there last week to pickup my kid from the after school room. As I walked down the hall, i saw a teacher yelling. I mean really yelling at a child. This isnt the first time Ive seen this. So i finally looked on the board in the lobby area. Her name is Ms. Stephanie. If you bring your child here, which Im not bad mouthing the place. Just this once teacher. Ask them not to put her into your childs class.

Review №15

I love this school for my son. They know what theyre talking about the teachers are friendly. The principal needs work but everyone cares about the students and are just over the most friendly people.coming from out of state you barley find that here in Florida. Its good that my baby enjoy being here for vpk. They help the students have fun and behave with everyone plus adapt social skills. My son has made a bunch of friends and is having a fun safe time around there.

Review №16

My son has been going to the Davie location for over a year now and he absolutely loves it! He was very comfortable from day one at this center. The facility is very clean and interactive for the children. Would recommend to anyone looking!

Review №17

I am glad to have the opportunity to write this review, my daughter Emily is been going to Little Rascals at Davie Location for two years and she enjoy the time 100%, I also must say that the environment is safe and the personnel do their best to make the kids time fun, enjoyable and give them the opportunity to learn every day. i will recommend this place for any parent that want to have peace of mind.

Review №18

Excellent place for kids, mine is being there sonce 3 months old and is being a good experience! Excellent and professional staff. Really Recommended

Review №19

My son has been going since March of this year and he loves it. Theres a GREAT STAFF. Theyre very caring and helpful. I wouldnt have chosen a better academy for my son. Im very pleased in all aspects. Thank you very much for your Great service.

Review №20

Our 14-month-old son has attended Lil Rascals Academy since he was 3 months old. He has a rather severe gastrointestinal issue that were still trying to treat, which made it an especially difficult decision for us to not only put him in daycare, but for us to choose the right one that would address his needs. The teachers in the infant room (Ms. Valarie and Ms. Maritza) have been exceptionally attentive and caring. We couldnt be happier with the care that he receives at the school. We highly recommend this school.

Review №21

I want to thank Lil Rascals academy for helping my family with a tough situation. The one constant positive in my nephews life. I think they need to get paid more for all they do. I think the corporate folks need to have covered areas outside from the blazing sun. Corporate needs to get hooked on phonics and more computers for class rooms dont be so cheap.I love the teachers kindness and patience, shout out to Miss Sonia-Ms. Francia-Ms. Wanda and the front office staff.Tyson M. Aunt Adreanna

Review №22

I love this school and my kids havent even started yet. All of the staff is polite and during the tour my daughter had a connection already. They are very reasonable and I would recommend anyone to them. Keep up the good work you guys.

Review №23

My daughter started going here when she was 3 months old and my son was 3. Originally it was only until another school had availability but when the time came to change I couldnt. All of the teachers there are amazing, loving, caring. No matter what age group each teacher is more like a second mother, and Ms. Sonia is the director there and she is like the mother to all her babies and teachers. Shes a straight shooter and loves what she does. Trust me if you are looking for a great school to go to then give them a try you wont be disappointed! I even left the school and quickly realized (even with my kids begging to go back) I never shouldve moved. I love this school they are more like my extended family, and my kids never want to go home because they love it so much.

Review №24

My daughter has been going here since she was 11 months old and she is now almost 4 and about to start VPK this summer. The teachers are always sweet and I love the new director. My daughter loves going to school in the morning which is what I love the most. I hope that they continue on the great path they are on. They do an amazing job!

Review №25

My daughter had been going to school here and I love it!!!!! She started when she was 2 months and currently 15 months and Will go nowhere else. I have recently moved and I travel to take her to school because I refuse to put her someplace else. I looked into other places but nothing is like Lil Rascals!!!!

Review №26

The staff are really great. My son has been going here for 2 years now and Ive had nothing but great experiences. The director Mrs. Sonia, assistant director Mrs. Amber, and office manager Ms. Kathleen are all amazing. They listen and know everything that is going on with your child. I love the different aged classrooms. It totally makes sense how they split them up by age and development stages.

Review №27

My 4 year old son has been attending this school for 2 years now. He loves going to this school because of the interactive curriculum. He is a busy body and the school does a good job keeping him entertained. He currently exceeds all academic standards for his age due to the hard work of the teachers and administrative staff. I recommend this school without hesitation.

Review №28

My son has been going here since he was an infant. Updates throughout the day and reports given. Staff very nice.

Review №29

Excellent place. Great staff. The teachers are great and very nice. Good environment. 100% recommend. My son abso loves it. Cant complain about anything.

Review №30

This school is amazing! The staff is very attentive and caring. My daughter absolutely loved her last school year here and is very excited to be here for summer school. I would definitely recommend this location!

Review №31

My son has been at this school since he was 6 months old and my daughter has been here since she was 3 months. He will be turning 3 years old and she will be turning 1 very soon. Both of our children have had great care in an environment filled with love, compassion, education, and learning which has been provided by this school. It has been a wonderful experience knowing that they are in good hands.

Review №32

Great school but most importantly spectacular staff. They attentive, caring and very involved with the kids. The teachers are outstanding and super creative . My daughter enjoys each day more

Review №33

My daughter is now starting kindergarten, so excited... She has been attending LilRascals Academy since she was 6 months old, 5 years... The teachers here are absolutely amazing... Although we have recently moved, I will continue to drive my daughter to keep her in this school..

Review №34

My daughter has been going to Lil Rascals since she was 11 months old. Now 4 and is attending vpk here and aftercare. The entire staff is very friendly. My daughter knows all of the teachers by name. She has never complained about any of the staff. Theyre always improving. 5 stars

Review №35

Great school I really enjoyed the visit and I plan on enrolling my child really soon

Review №36

Me and my wife luv luv luv this school!! The staff and teachers are very helpful and always keeps us in the loop with the upcoming events,our child daily progress and so much more.🌟Jasmine Mitchell

Review №37

Great school! My kid is very happy with his teacher, and overall service is outstanding. Never had a complaint so far.

Review №38

My 2 & 3 yr old girls started this daycare after a very stressful search. Picking daycares for the 1st time is so stressful, and Im so glad I came to little rascals academy and came along Ms. Kathleen who gave me a great tour and reassured me of all my worries. The safety of the kids is very important to me and I feel like this school is going to be a great experience for my girls.

Review №39

Love this daycare my kids have been going there since they have been little. All staff is courteous and professional. My kids love it and they have learned so much. Def recommend for any parents thinking of enrolling thier kids.

Review №40

So happy I have found Lil Rascals for my son. Such a relief knowing he will be taken care of so well!

Review №41

Both my kids have been at this daycare since they were 7 weeks old .. they are now 1 and 4 . They love coming to school . Love the creative atmosphere it provides for its students . Teachers are kind and caring and will talk to you about how your kids did that day . The babies get lil reports on how they were on a day to day basis. Love this school . My kids love all their teachers!

Review №42

Lil Rascals Academy has been such a great place for my son. They are always so friendly, and helpful. He has learned a lot from them.

Review №43

They are amazing they reall go out of there way, ms Sonia helped me out a lot especially with my youngest whom had a rough stage she took the time for him and spoke with him and him being he has trouble with communicating well he did perfect with her and I really appreciate the whole staff, my kids love it and they are amazing at communicating with the parents and I recommend this daycare to any parents !

Review №44

My son has been attending Lil Rascals in Davie for a little over 2 years now and I would not chose another location to put him. The environment is very warm and nurturing and the curriculum is age appropriate. My son started there the week of his 3rd birthday after we moved him from another center due to them not potty training him and he relapsed after being placed with young 2 year olds. Academically he was above his age range but he would not be moved up until he was potty trained which frustrated me because, he began suffering academically reviewing things he had known for over a full year already. I came to Lil Rascals and shared my concerns and they guaranteed he would be potty trained and placed with his age group of peers within 1 month as long as we worked together. Within 2 weeks my son was fully potty trained and on course with his correct age group thanks to their awesome staff. It is truly an family atmosphere and a place you can leave your little ones trusting that they will be safe, educated, and nurtured. Anyone looking for an awesome preschool search no more you wont be disappointed from the time you walk in the front door from the office staff to their grounds-keeping staff, this place is by far one of the best.

Review №45

Okay. This school has the WORST administration staff. I would NEVER bring my child there not for one day. This place is a joke and is not safe. The white girl in the front is very rude and doesnt know how to talk to people. The school is also very disorganized. Teachers there look frustrated. Its looks like staff receives bad treatment from what I have seen. I dont know how this school receives 5 stars. If parents OBSERVE more they will see what Im talking about. Dont spend a penny in this school. There is ALWAYS a new staff of teachers. NOW when this occurs a lot, now you know something is definitely wrong with this school. I hope this school gets shutdown for good.

Review №46

Alot of these reviews must be fake . I had my kids enrolled there for about 6 months recently and it was the worst mistake I ever made . During the entire time, kids throughout classrooms had either scabies, ring worm, some bacterial infection from feces, and other kids always seemed sick. This place had alot of foster kids and nothing against that but when you have foster kids at this school the temporary parents don’t care as much to be involved in events for classrooms so there is never a community of parents to help the teachers or keep an eye on them. Most teachers ( especially vpk) didn’t seem as if they had more than a 9th grade education level. All they were interested in is making sure kids didn’t mess up the classroom bc they didnt want to clean up. Very stupid and ignorant teachers. Ghetto as hell.But that wasn’t even the worst of it . I have probably had kids in about 4 other daycares since we moved a couple times and I have never seen children having to eat all their meals outside like dogs ...They want to avoid cleaning up more than they have too so they have kids eat outside . Kids are distracted with playground and usually never eat . They wait until the last 15-30 minutes before its time to go inside to actually serve kids some kids lost weight. Their vpk class does not have children sleep, every other school in county still implements nap time . Owners want to save on having to spend money on food. Choices for lunch are so sad, looks like something an incarcerated person would eat.The curriculum is a joke, kids don’t learn anything, front staff people are unprofessional, Sonia gets offended and tries to bully people into not making a conplaint.This place may be ok for you if your child is A.) A foster kid or B. ) You are here illegally.Terrible place . Owners should be shut down .

Review №47

My daughter is really happy with this place. Thanks

Review №48

This is my favorite after many other daycares. People have been friendly and helpful. It is very clean and the rooms are nice. The playground is nice and clean- It has a plastic surfacing that drains puddles and no weeds or plants to attract bugs or give allergic reactions. Gold seal, covered by Family Central/BRHPC. There are videos so you can peek in on your kids during the day if you like. Theyre working on getting the free food assistance program.

Review №49

Love the school and the staff. My son learned so much here and has such a great time.

Review №50

My oldest has been here since he was 2 until he started Kindergarten. My second started last year and I am still happy with their service. Sonia, the Director is very approachable and helpful. The staff is great. Mrs. Luz and Mrs. Ynova were awesome!!! My son loves them so much. His new teachers Mrs. Rebecca, Mrs. Luz and everyone that assist with the 2 years old are also amazing. Front desk is always polite and ready to assist you. Mrs. Ana is always happy and my son loooooves her so much. My oldest is there now for the summer and he has a different field trip every day. Just recently the school was approved to be able to provide free food for the kids breakfast, snack, lunch and snack which to me was AMAZING!! Love the staff and the school and I thank you all for the amazing work you do.

Review №51

My son has been going here since he was eight months and I have had a good experience. Staff cares about your child well being. W. Burwell

Review №52

This place should be shut down.I was apalled when I saw teachers yelling snatching and evening grabbing the kids in a forceful manner.There was a girl who kept taking her shoes off and the teacher was screaming at her and the little girl was crying and the teacher grabbed her picked her up by the shoulders and sat her down while yelling.The pregnant teachers made a little boy cry by yelling and snatching a box of cookies from him.You can tell they hate their job. If you have a child attending this place I encourage you to visit and look at the teachers whitout they knowing they are being watched and you will take your son away from this place.

Review №53

DONT ENROLL YOUR CHILD. worst place for children. all they care about is their money. how fast they collect money is crazy. . They are thirsty for money, thats it. I honestly hope this school gets shut down. who ever owns this school needs to consider hiring some well mannered professional people in the office. what I see is just trash. Id be happy if this school ever gets a lawsuit. I would complain how disgusting the school is. but the office personals are more disgusting than the floors or toilets there. Ive seen better schools than this. I wouldnt pay a cent to put my child in their. Employees who work there are truly nice, but they need better office management skills.

Review №54

I LOVE Lil Rascals. The facility and faculty are extremely professional yet fair. Both my sons have been at LilRascals off and on for over a 9 year span at 2 locations. The building always displays excellent kids classwork and themed decorations with disney music playing in the halls. They seem to all be extremely clean, overly kind, and an excellent learning environment.Management is awesome and takes all concerns seriously and kindly. The cleaning ladies are even super nice when I pass them. We will be trying the summer camp soon!My son LOVES Ms. Nicola. (His parents do too! Thanks for all you have done for our boy!) We like new and previous teachers alike- shour out to Ms. Tara and Ms. Crystal.I recommend LilRascals to everyone!

Review №55

Absolutely amazing daycare and after school care! Both my kids attend here. Alonzo my youngest is in there VPK program and Valentino my oldest is afterschool care. They have adjusted so well since we moved to davie. This daycare been a huge help. Always on top of the kids. Its very hard to come by good daycares. I had my share of horrible experiences in Miami with those. But here the davie location is amazing. From the Director, administration, and to the teachers. They will always treat you with respect and help with anything they can. Parents if you dont have somewhere to take your kids this summer. They are having ALOT of daily activities for the kids 👌🏻💕

Review №56

I like that my little step brother who is 4 and turning 5 likes it.

Review №57

Good school i wish the kids can wear uniform

Review №58

Excellent service great staff

Review №59

Please dont let your child attend this facility. I went to register my 2 year old and as I waited for the director in the lobby, I sat there watching the cameras videos . It was so devastating what I witnessed. One of the teachers snatched a blanket from a 1 or 2 year old . After she snatched the blanket she dragged him away . Right away I reported her and the director said she will take care of it . I didnt let my child attend that place . I hope she got fired .

Review №60

My son Love this daycare and the staff is amazing

Review №61

A couple of the administrators are rude and spiteful.

Review №62

Kind friendly staff

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