Benjamin Franklin International Exploratory Academy
6920 Meadow Rd, Dallas, TX 75230, United States
Benjamin Franklin International Exploratory Academy

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Its my 5th day of 6th grade and the school been amazing I left out one star because if a class if full they put you in an other class

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This school does not support students. I dont really care about how many extra curricular there are. the teachers are just rude. very rude. and students also disrespect the school. overall its not a respectable place and I dont recommend.

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My sister cried because of this school... 10/10 !

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.epic y’all this review is amazing

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Really good school, I went there for 2 years and I loved it, there’s a lot of extracurricular activities & the teachers are great

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Never thought I would miss middle school but

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The school might not be the best. its actually old and revolting. I despise the looks of the school. But throughout my three year experience in this school, I made friends, had fun, and did some many things that I feel insecured about. This school has taught me a lot of things that might be helpful in the future. You can say whatever you want about the school. But to me, this school had given me the best middle school year experiences. I am not recommending your children to go to this school. All Im saying is that you should take your children to a school where they can have the best three year experiences of their life. I ❤ BFMS!

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Dont listen to these other reviews they were written by student who have a grudge. Benjamin franklin is an old school and has some problems but all schools do. the school its self is not so bad its just the students in the school.I went to this school and the only reason the teachers are mean is because the students make them act this way. Plus they have a lot of activities and clubs.

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The teachers are rude they like to belittle the kids just terrible

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This school treats my kid like he doesnt even belong there. I went to the school to see my kid learn and they told him to sit his a** down or they would send him to ISS(in school suspension). DONT LET YOUR KID GO TO THIS SCHOOL EVEN IF THEY ASK TO GO 1000000 TIMES

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This is the best school I have ever been to, but some of the teachers are very insecure and pathetic.The teachers would literally curse at a student in front of other students and just laugh about it. Here are the teachers name who are acting like this. ( Mrs.Cipolony Mrs.Kitchen, Officer Roberts, and that is all I can think of. These teachers humiliate other students for attention. Please fix this. It is really unacceptable.

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The Administration for your special needs child ARD Committee is incompetent. Principal Sotelo incorrectly inserted Title IX when addressing a parents concern. Asst. Principal Merritt sits in ARD and twirls her hair the entire time, rolling her eyes totally disinterested in parents concerns. Very unprofessional. This school has many complaints on its Special Education program for alleged abuse. Shameful!

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This school is the worst, I couldnt have had one of the worst experience in my life I actually feel traumatized, the principle was perfect and even the receptionist but the teachers were hell, some of them, and I would actually like to give credit to mrs.forisha, mr.forisha and mr.grace they were actually teachers who wanted the best for their students and would do extra just for us .Now for the rest of the teachers I have had (not naming names) were the worst I had one teacher who would constantly make fun of me when I went to the bathroom or because I didnt know an answer she would publicly humiliate me then there was a math teacher who didnt teach us anything and literally had to be moved because we were learning nothing, another thing is that the teachers are scared of some kids (not naming who) because their parent has some kind of authority they would even ask the child to tell their parent good stuff about them, everytime we change classes there would be teachers outside watching us, how could they not see I was being picked on right there girls would humiliate me calling me names then following me to class I felt threaten everyday, you know why I didnt say anything? Because I was scared, if the kid who picked on me got in trouble school would be a 100% hell, also that school hasnt even noticed kids selling drugs, how do you not notice, another kid past the monitors (where they check your backpack) and made it to class with beer, they treat us like prisoners everywhere we go, I just wanted to say too that if your kid has never been to a school in the city, never bring them here, even if they beg, just dont, this is the worst school.

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Best school in dallas best experience ever!!!

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Im coming here maybe in 1 more year😄

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It was kinda good i liked it

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The way they run the school is horrible the teachers dont know how to teach you get in school suspension for talking in class the teachers curse at there students if your a parent do not take your child here this is coming from my experience

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Its fun and exciting

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Great school

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This school is a joke😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

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