Bruton Driving School
2233 N Prairie Creek Rd, Dallas, TX 75227, United States
Review №1

I was nervous. If I have to give it a scale it would be 4/10. But the instructor was very communicated and he did his duties on making me feel comfortable which lower my nervousness; which is something I absolutely need. But I did as he instructed within my driving test and in the end I passed. So Im happy and ecstatic! Thanks

Review №2

I came here as a teenager trying to learn how to drive I was looking forward to it. I came here it’s an excellent service. I learn lots of new thing in this driving school. Finally I’m getting my license.

Review №3

Just got my driving license today, the instructors are the best and know how to give pointers to better improve your driving. I recommend Bruton Driving School to anyone who wants to be a license driver!

Review №4

The instructors give good communication. I learned how to drive pretty fast with them. Just got my driver license. I totally recommend Bruton Driving School.

Review №5

The communication is great he tells you what you need to work on easy to talk and learn from.I definitely recommend this place!

Review №6

They’re service is really good ! I got my permit and license really fast. They’re really good at communicating and helping you with any tips to improve your driving. I would recommend everyone to come here if they need to get permit/ license. It’s a very professional setting, they make you feel very comfortable. If your in need of a license this would definitely be the place to come.

Review №7

I took a few lessons here and they were great! The teachers are very nice and want to see you succeed. I also took my road test here and it was so easy and nice!

Review №8

They’re good instructors. They know what works and how to teach it to accommodate every student.

Review №9

I came here to the school knowing somewhat how to drive. I did everything through them to get my license and it was so easy, they gave me so many tips on how to be a fully safe driver. I totally recommend this school to anyone. Even if you don’t know anything they will teach you from right to wrong.

Review №10

I recommend anyone to go there. They will work with you and all.

Review №11

I came to Bruton Driving School to get my permit and license. The instructors were very nice and responded in a timely manner. I had previously contacted a more expensive school in plano that didn’t respond. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to get their license or permit, represents a pretty solid value.

Review №12

Awesome school the conductor is super good. He has the best skills for a learner .He is so patient with the students and he bossed up your confident.He makes sure you are not nervous.I had my final driving lessons with Bruton driving school and l learned a lot.I passed my driving test in the first sitting.BRUTON DRIVING SCHOOL is the best school in Dallas.

Review №13

Good instructor, Im confident that I can easily pass my driving test.

Review №14

My experience here was good. I had helpful instructors that gave me advice on how to drive safely. The instructors here helped me get my driver’s permit in about 3 months and now I’m going to get my driver’s license soon. The instructors here teach you how to be alert when driving. The instructors here do their best to help the people here at the driving school.

Review №15

I’m so excited to have my Drivers license before 40.

Review №16

Perfect place to have a road test. highly recommend!

Review №17

It is a good driving school. They are very passionate with you and don’t rush you. And they have good customer service. It only took 2 months to get my license.

Review №18

I strongly recommend anyone who wants the best driving school visit them

Review №19

The best people and staffs helped me very professionally. I got my drivers license here.

Review №20

Needed my road test test the next day. They got me in and I was able to take my road test the very next day. 20 minutes later I was done with my test and on my way to DPS. The instructor even gave me tips on being a better driver based on his evaluation. Great company. Highly recommended!

Review №21

Very good place to take the road test I really recommend it

Review №22

I came here today as my friends and brothers recommended this school for taking the road test, the test went very well and I managed to pass it. The instructor was doing great while giving you instructions for where should you turn, exit or stop.He give you instructions of your weakness in your driving and tells you how to improve those.You will surely pass the test if you believe in yourself and know how to drive.Highly recommended for first time driving license applicators.

Review №23

I passed the road test on my first try.The best people help like friends. The best experience I received. I love this place.

Review №24

The instructor is very good at doing his job.He made everything so much easier. He made learning how to drive fun but kept it to where i learned how to drive safely as well. I really recommend this school for teens and everyone else.

Review №25

This place has such an friendly and helpful instructor. The communication was very good, and helped me with what I need to Improve on. Would recommend this place 10/10 😁

Review №26

It’s a very nice place to go get you Road test very fast there customer service is good even have other people to take care of and will take the time out of there time even if u didn’t set a appointment 5 ⭐️

Review №27

I really like the service that Bruton Driving School offers. I was able to make an appointment the same day and I passed my driving test. They also help you out with advice that makes you a better driver.

Review №28

This driving school is amazing, i went and did my permit and driving license, they did it speedy! i’m still a teen so of course i had to wait 6 months before i could get my license but everything else was very speedy! i would 100% come back again!!

Review №29

Teacher, Mr Reza was very patient and careful.

Review №30

They have very clear communication. Theyre straight forward and let you know what to do clearly. I was nervous for my test but they were very helpful and put me at ease.

Review №31

Great instructor, very patient. Was able to drop me off every time and I was able to observe other students so I can learn from them as well. Was able to learn parallel parking and took driving test here.

Review №32

This is a great service. I learned a lot while driving, and I am excited to take this new knowledge on the road with me. The instructor made me feel comfortable as well.

Review №33

The best place to get your driver license

Review №34

My experience with Bruton driving school has been tremendous. With great teachers behind the wheel to navigate you to success you can’t go wrong! The best driving school anybody can offer you. From not knowing how to drive at all to passing all within 4 weeks.

Review №35

Owner of the place was very kind and understanding of my situation. Smooth and fast process. Would definitely recommend. I passed my test first time, extremely happy.

Review №36

Super nice! she made me feel very calm. i was also able to get an appointment very quickly!

Review №37

Best experience! Teachers are so nice and you learn so much! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. They offer permits, road test, classes and much more…

Review №38

They were very nice and told me what i needed to work on and what i did well! very satisfied with the instructor.

Review №39

My mom did her road test here and passed it the first time! Really recommend Bruton driving school.

Review №40

Very satisfied with this school. Instructor very well mannered polite. I HOGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.

Review №41

The service was great.Great communication professional employees it was very convenient to come and give test thank you.

Review №42

The instructor was extremely helpful and explained my mistakes very clearly. Fortunately, I did pass the driving test, and I acquired some knowledge I never even knew about. Thanks Mr. Reza!!

Review №43

The driving teacher was very patient and understanding and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you Bruton Driving School!

Review №44

This is the best place to go to for drivers license They work with you they move fast get you in and out quick very reasonable and respectful.. Didn’t have a problem with them at all great experience at this location. Passed Test got my License.!

Review №45

The instructors were very nice, one instructor told me what I needed to improve on to become a good driver, and overall the driver’s test was quick and easy.

Review №46

Very flexible and understanding. Friendly and clear. 10/10 recommend

Review №47

Reza really helped me understand and pass my driving test, highly recommended.

Review №48

I came here to get my drivers license as a 17 year old. They are very helpful people and truly care about you getting your license.

Review №49

I passed the road test. The best experience here

Review №50

Instructor was patient and understanding. When I was nervous he said th e right things to calm me before my road test. I passed. Truly a God sends.

Review №51

A great place to learn how to drive! The Instructors were super nice and helpful. I had a great experience here. They teach you everything you need to know and will give you the test once they feel you are ready. Would reccomend

Review №52

The service was exceptional!!! The staff were courteous and friendly. Keep up the good workhouse!!!!

Review №53

Very good driving lessons that allowed me to get my driving permit and pass my road test. Amazing communication for scheduling driving lessons.

Review №54

Good teacher. Learned how to drive on the road very quickly

Review №55

Great instructor. Taught me the easiest way to parallel park!

Review №56

I had a really good experience there I got my permit and my the driving test as well everything went okay the stuff are so nice and helpful (very good place)

Review №57

The instructor was very communicative and with his good teaching I was able to pass very good.

Review №58

Great services, the guy makes me feel confident and hes very supportive, I got my clases on Sunday, I went to get my driver permit today Wednesday, and go back here for my road driving test, so Im ready for my driver license 😀😁 thank you for the support !!!!

Review №59

It helped me a lot. Helped me get my license fast by learning a lot.

Review №60

Excellent school, they teach you how to become a professional driving and they have a good customer service. Highly recommended

Review №61

My experience with Briton Driving School was amazing! I got learners permit from this school and I came back to do my road test and passed it on the first time! I highly recommend you to come here!

Review №62

Great driving school. Friendly and patiently teaches and helps us to learn.

Review №63

Very happy that I passed the Test.Thank you button driving school.

Review №64

This school is great for beginners! It helped me get my drivers license. All the teachers here are very kind and patient. I recommend this driving school for beginners.

Review №65

Came here to get my permit and drivers license and was super quick, they help you out a lot and make the process quicker. Super nice and understanding people.

Review №66

Instructor took the pressure off of me and made sure I knew what I was doing. Made my experience very joyful and easy. Definitely is the way to go. So glad I came here.😆😆

Review №67

This is a great school, very patient and explains everything for you to understand! Highly recommend!!!!

Review №68

Super sweet lady! Explained everything throughly. 👌

Review №69

Good experience, I’ve taken the classes and took my sister as well. Recommended!

Review №70

This is a very good driving school professional and good quality and value thank you for all your help. Im going to recommend we friends and bring my son next year.

Review №71

I needed my license and got an appointment the next day. The service was great and the driving instructor gave me feedback on my driving.

Review №72

Every thing was very professional and kind woman with helpful guidance

Review №73

I had no behind the wheel experience. I was able to pass my road test after 4 lessons and obtain my drivers license!!! Service was great, professional and the price you cant beat. I totally recommend.

Review №74

I have got the driver license today. I am so happy.Thanks bruton driving school

Review №75

Had a great experience taking the road test at this driving school. Highly recommended.

Review №76

My experience here was great! My instructor was really nice!

Review №77

They were of great help to me when I had trouble getting stuff together. All in all it was an amazing place that was really great for all that you need help with.

Review №78

This driving school experience was definitely great. The owner offered to drop me off and picked me up from my house and we used a car that they let me borrow, which was great considering I do not have a car myself. I was able to get through the whole course in a week (Im really not joking. A week.) And at the end of it I was able to go and get my drivers license. I do admit I am a fast learner, but they definitely helped me calm down behind the wheel and I feel like such a better driver because of this school. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone in the area.

Review №79

The driving test was great! Im soo happy!!!

Review №80

We both sister come to Bruton Driving School for test and we pass the test.We both sister got our own license.It make our day awsome.

Review №81

Very good service helpful through the whole process they were very kind and i would recommend them to any driver wanting to get there license

Review №82

Bruton driving school are the best.He will take his time to teach you every well.He doesn’t mind him teaching you everyday on still you are good to go before he pass you. I recommend the driving school

Review №83

I got my license, my instructor was really nice.

Review №84

I got my permit from the school they’re friendly and really easy to get drivers license 100% recommended

Review №85

I have got my full driving license today .so happy

Review №86

Mr. Reza was thoroughly professional, seemed to genuinely care about road and personal safety and gave valuable feedback.

Review №87

Great place and great people I highly recommend this place for everyone

Review №88

I came here got my permit and learn how to drive perfectly I’m so excited I finally got my license

Review №89

Great service-orientef school with professional, communicative staff. Ended up passing after a quick but comprehensive test. Would recommend!

Review №90

I got my drivers permit and road test here in one day each! Absolutely recommend if you’re trying to get you’re license in order. They’re very lenient. Come check them out

Review №91

Good instructor, learned a lot from here and took my test and passed. Would recommend 100%!

Review №92

Bruton driving school is the best. I recommend for you all, I had a very nice experience over there. The teacher was cool and there is no tension or whatever, and it was very quick ... I will give 10 stars if there were more stars ⭐️.

Review №93

I am really happy that i pass my driving road test !

Review №94

Best driving school ever.Love this place because I passed the road test .The staff was professional.

Review №95

I’m very happy to come here

Review №96

Simple, quick service and provided great feedback after completing my driving test.

Review №97

Exceptional, they went through everything in great detail and were very professional.

Review №98

Very good service and taught me very quickly!

Review №99

I Called ahead on the phone to book a test for my License. They helped walk me through what was needed and Setup a appointment same day they got it taken care of very Quickly in and out no more then a hour. Very professional. Thanks Again!

Review №100

I came here and got my driving test and passed. Fast and professional. I recommend this place.

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