99 Cents Only Stores
2180 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, United States
99 Cents Only Stores

Review №1

The best 99 Cents Only Store in the area, However they should loose Only from the name. How about *99 Cents Store? Spacious store with plenty of parking in 2 big lots. They have more products and most over and under 99 cents are marked. Some great deals to be found!

Review №2

Great experience. The Staff were so kind,The prices are really good and you can find almost everything you looking at.Thank you guys.

Review №3

My girlfriend lost her wallet today at the costa mesa store on harbor blvd I been calling over 20 times and no one answers the phone frustrated called another 99 cent store thinking maybe they have a different number I can call and no one answers the phone credit cards debit cards all in wallet now I have to drive from Anaheim to costa mesa to see if a honest employee found her wallet

Review №4

Nice place, quality items.

Review №5

Its very convenient place for everyone! Low rates and good enough stuff for everyone to see! 😊👍

Review №6

I went for lemons and tea-I went in and came out.The store is clean and wide enough to navigate and keep safe distance in.Large spacious parking lot-hand held and push carts available. Handicap parking near the front entrance.Easy access to traffic pattern, interstates and many other amenities.

Review №7

Not everything is 99 cents but at least most items have a sticker saying what price it is. There is always a long line and I know the cashiers are trying their best. The staff is super friendly and I usually find what I need and at a good price too.

Review №8

Wheelchair access is great. Mostly organize.

Review №9


Review №10

Good like always, everything you need is there

Review №11

This is my happy place ! You can find all kinds of neat stuff! Even succulents.

Review №12

Its a great shopping time good stuff they have in that store .

Review №13

I don’t get a lot of chances to get out of the house but today I walked to your store in the early afternoon. When I arrived the manager was at the door and I said hi and he turned around and went to a check stand. I also noticed about half a dozen clerks were walking around the store and most had their cell in hand, typing. I needed to know where I could find sugar and the girl had no idea. I will never go back to that store

Review №14

Store location in Costa Mesa definitely needs more security. I just witnessed a homeless woman rubbing her bare feet all over the produce. Hopefully everything will be thrown out as I did not see staff doing very unsanitary especially with a pandemic going on.

Review №15

In & out, they didnt have what I was looking for plus the line was crazy long.

Review №16

Had want I wanted plus.

Review №17

Found lots of good deals

Review №18

Love the value & the hunt for great products for an affordable price especially when on a budget.

Review №19

Store is clean, well-stocked, and well lit. Bathroom was available, but needed to be cleaned and stocked. Usually have to ask these type of stores to open another register. Staff is young and inexperienced in retail and grocery.

Review №20

Havent been to 99 in a while. Found many good deals. Must continue to try for weekly visits.

Review №21

This is a bargain hunters paradise!

Review №22

Horrible dirty shelves during a time when things need to be clean. Product is being used and put back on the shelves. Meaning, cleaners are being used, filled with water and placed back on the shelves. Especially, bleach. Every bottle has been tampered with and used. This is actually a crime .....

Review №23

Love this store. Clean and well stocked. Cashier was super friendly.

Review №24

The prices cannot be beat, if you dont mind the crowds and long check out lines.

Review №25

I love that they have Tide, Downey and Bounce so I could do laundry but what I really wanted was super glue☹️

Review №26

I find everything thing in this store, clean, product organized, nice service, recommend it

Review №27

I love the dollar store they have almost everything that I go there for one thing I do not like theres people outdoors asking for money! That leads to stop!

Review №28

Got candy and chips. Good place for snacks, A little bit dirty but its still good

Review №29

Should be there .99 and up store. Always pretty dirty. I prefer the dollar tree

Review №30

Great Deals, well stocked, friendly staff. I shop here 2,3,4 times a week for the past 6-7 years.However, its pretty unclean, sometimes there are gnats and flies around produce thats gone bad, you really have to check expiration dates because sometimes things have already expired or expire that very day. sometimes in a bag or container of produce, some of the items have begun to rot or mold. Homeless, drug addicts and ex convicts freshly out of jail/prison, like to hang out and camp out in the parking lot, I dont know why. They used to have a security guard, but they have stopped.Lately, I have had to stop shopping there sometimes because they have been allowing 2-3X more people inside than there should be, and you cant social distance inside. everyone is elbow to elbow. its a violation of governor newsomes covid 19 operation guidelines. Since they wont police themselves, I have to refrain from shopping there when its super busy.Costa Mesa, CA. Harbor Blvd. X Wilson store.

Review №31

Rude staff as people was entering the store you had an employee locking up the carts 2hrs before closing rude managerWill never go backWould give it zero stars if I could

Review №32

Lots of cheap stuff that i always end up not saving money because i buy to many things, if i had self control to only buy what i went there to buy it would be money saving. but there i over spend, every time. but i still make a trip there at least once a week.

Review №33

The place was very clean and the personel very helpful

Review №34

You save a lot of Money...excelent

Review №35

Wanted to visit some local thrift stores while out on vacation in California, this was the best of 3. I found just the unique items I was looking for at an incredible price. They had large selections for everyone with tons of different styles. It is cash only so be sure to grab some before you visit to avoid any charges at the ATM.

Review №36

Nice store has all the supplies i need i stock

Review №37

Good selection. Store was organized.

Review №38

Good place

Review №39

I can often get fresh produce here for less than half the price. It often needs to be used right away, and its good stuff.

Review №40

This is the best of the chain. Big store, great selection of items.Excellent quality produce - watermelon, backberries, cauliflower, oranges, lemons for guess how many cents. I buy living butter lettuce and have seen the same brand in other stores for $3.

Review №41

No complaints. Found some really good stuff there. I suggest giving them a visit. Tons of name brand snacks. I got a unicorn inflateable waterproof pool speaker it was so cute and worked really well for 5bux. Some stuff aint worth it other is its a risk u take when everything is made in china 🤷‍♀️

Review №42

Great candy =)

Review №43

Best place to find house hold items. Great low deals.

Review №44

Perfect place to go crazy and shop

Review №45

Didnt find what I was looking for

Review №46

Prices are good but it was very hot in there .and wearing a mask 😷 you could not breath.

Review №47

This was on harbor, & 23nd st. Store has improved and has many items other than foodGood selection and a better managed sgore

Review №48

Thank you Sandy for demonstrating exceptional customer services and 😊 Happy Greeting Thee Counselor

Review №49

This .99 cents only is by far the BEST of All. 99 cents or dollar tree etc.The selections and necessary goods this store offers is the top of the Dollar stores together CHAIN.... But check the pricing on items your selecting ....This store get a lot of great items but the prices are now $1.99 to $2.99 up to now $7.99. Kinda getting funky & way off the .99 Cents claim all way up to fame...

Review №50

Today they were stocked,organized and looking good,cashier was friendly and best of all NO line to wait in

Review №51

Good place to save money

Review №52

Who doesnt like a good dollar store!? Although they also now have items that are more than 99 cents. For example, lighter fluid is $1.99 and Motor Oil is $2.99 and they have other items that are $3.99 and I think even $5.99 now. Still you can find some pretty good finds at the 99 Cent Store!

Review №53

The thing I love about 99 Cents Only Stores (Other than the prices) are the new items they seem to get all the time. S all it poor Advertising or poor sales but I have found some quality items that you cant get anywhere else. Love it.

Review №54

At the Harbor/Victoria store: Person stocking shelf cared about finding expiration date on some smoked baby clams. She looked all over it until she found it.Very pleasant and efficient register person by the door was working so hard on this hot/humid day (hot for this area) that her forehead was damp.Be good to those workers! They care.

Review №55

Nice people and good service

Review №56

Love buying cards, wrapping paper, and gift bags here. I try to avoid buying food or beauty products since it makes me a little worried that theyre so cheap. However, you can find some great deals here on dishes and small gifts, etc.

Review №57

Great deals on most of my weekly staples! Oatmeal, milk, eggs (free range!), bread (whole wheat!) seasonal produce, cleaning supplies, toiletries, they have it all. Greeting cards too- they just expanded their selection.

Review №58

Just like a typical grocery store only a lot cheaper

Review №59

This is such an interesting business. Its a dollar store with so much more stuff than the average dollar store (and has stuff for like 2.99 that is also a really good deal for what it is.)

Review №60

Love it

Review №61

This store was pretty nice compared to some of the other 99 Cents Only Stores. It didnt seem like there was many employees working. I had no problems finding the items I needed.

Review №62

Pretty much like any other 99 cent store. Always crowded and sometimes messy. Many colorful transients and people from the many drug rehabs in area are always around. Make sure to close your car doors. Parking may be hard to find in the front lot but there is usually parking on the side. Like I said, lock your doors when shopping and all should be ok.

Review №63

This 99 cent store is huge and has a variety of items one doesnt see in other 99 cent stores. The staff is very nice and personable. Would highly recommend everyone to visit and see for yourself.

Review №64

Seasonal items are final sale. Nowhere is this mentioned prior to purchase. Horrible business practice. Will always look to go to the competition

Review №65

$20 holiday shopping sprees go a long way.

Review №66

Its NOT 99 Cents.Most things youd expect to be 99 cents are not. The pricing is unclear. Pricing is in confusing language like valued at $X and other sentences instead of a simple price. Most things are not a good deal. Go to the one on FAIRVIEW and WILSON. All things are $1 there.

Review №67

Not enough cashiers! And not everything is 99 cents. Like it used to be!

Review №68

Wide variety of items for generally a dollar or less. Some very interesting items appear from top end stores for 25% of what youd pay there. Mind your code dates, though.

Review №69

I can always find what Im looking for fast.Almost everything looks good except for two things.Some of the isles are always messy,like the occasional stuff isle or the stationary isle.The cashiers look angry and they never greet the customers.I use to go to harbor Blvd 99 cent store at least once a week and if I dont say hello or greet cashiers they never start first!!!!

Review №70

Went in specifically for apple sauce but did not find it in jar pr can! Looked twice. Fairly neat store early in the day.

Review №71

This place is like my second home. Inexpensive fresh produce, eggs, cheese (and now even 2 kinds of humus) and other daily sundries such as smart phone accessories and minor hardware and basic automotive items. Plenty of parking.

Review №72

I love the 99 Cent Store. Great deals on a huge selection of Christmas decorations & toys and great gifts for the whole family at amazing prices.

Review №73

7 lbs of ice for 99 cents. You never know what you will find. Some good deals. Some total junk. Items range from $0.99 to $9.99. Expect homeless camped out by entrance. Not the best location of this chain.

Review №74

I LOVE this store!! Always come here first before I hit a normal grocery store, doing so has saved me hard earned money. Its hit or miss but you never know what your going to find.

Review №75

So according to an employee that I encountered today, she states that they no longer bag your items in your recyclable bag unless you buy their bags. Which is lame, the whole point you take your own bag is to save the environment. I will definitely never attend this place again. I rather drive the extra 5miles . To management you must place the new policy up. And retrain your employees

Review №76

You pretty much know what youre getting before coming here. Its your basic 99 Cent Store. Staff is nice and the store is neat.

Review №77

The cashier I got this time was seemed not to really care about his job.

Review №78

Clean and nice

Review №79

The cashier girls are so nice and even though they speaking spanish they are always smiling and laughing

Review №80

Conveniently located on Harbor and Victoria in Costa Mesa, this location carries some things I cant get at other 99cent stores. I stock up on brand name canned goods and pasta. Cant beat the value!

Review №81

First time in a 99C store yesterday, total shocker there was fresh produce!! I ended up getting more than I had planned and the cashier was so helpful getting my cloth bag packed.

Review №82

Very Nice and Helpful but the wait time is VERY long. Regardless, they do a Really good job and the end result is worth it.

Review №83

I find it a great place to buy certain things like candy, small electronic accessories, holiday decorations, and some food items.

Review №84

Second time in a row that the security guard asked me to leave my bigger bag/purse at the door with him. Im assuming its because its their way to prevent shoplifting???? Ive shopped here for months. Ive established friendly relationships with the staff. Im not a theif!! I complied. This really saddens me as I may have to stop shopping here.

Review №85

This place is huge. Its the biggest one of the chain that Ive been to.Clean and well stocked

Review №86

California stores have a lot more product than the Las Vegas stores

Review №87

This is a Great store they have just about anything that you might need to get.

Review №88

Great bargains, (remember not all items are 99cents), appearance is good for discount store, store has security, bus stop is in front large parking lot, prices are comparable to Dollar Tree, and better than Big Lots.

Review №89

Love that their reading glasses are 99¢. Lowest price around by far

Review №90

I love shopping at the 99 Cents store in Costa Mesa. You can find almost every you need.

Review №91

Amazing deals! They do bring in new stuff daily so I check it a few time a week and you should to. These days everything is expensive except at the 99 cent store!

Review №92

I love this 99 cent store. Its one of the biggest ones around and has everything you can imagine.

Review №93

Bz as ever.front of store starting to look very littered lately.They need to do something about the small group of young homeless and substance users who frequently gather in the left entrance to the store in the evenings.The sales staff is very polite and friendly.the mgmt.must control access to the mens room.Its generally filthy and crazies hanging out.I real like your store but the mgmt and district mgr.really needs to address these issues.thanks.

Review №94

Usually pretty well kept and a nice selection. Good for fruits and veggies!

Review №95

This store was very well organized and stocked early in the morning. Ty

Review №96

Purchase all produce, dairy products & much more! Pricing cannot be beat! LOVE this store! Thank you 99 for easing the pain in a tough economy!

Review №97

Wide selection and big aisles. Good bargains on name brand items. Only negative is this store is so dirty! Alot of transient, homeless low life outside. Bring sanizing wipes for your carts and go duri g the day.

Review №98

I just dont like that it says 99 cents store olny and some things are more than thatBut most of their stuff wirk wich i like and thank you 99 cent store💙❤💜💙❤💜💙💜❤💙💜❤💙💜❤💙

Review №99

Found what I wanted and more.

Review №100

What can you say about the EVER changing store - You get lost in here - moving things around - the staff must go crazy knowing where to tell people to go. Shelves are always stocked. staff is very helpful

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