Elliott Grant Middle School
4350 Aaron Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78413, United States
Elliott Grant Middle School

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Excellent education from awesome educators. Superior athletic program. Student expectations are held to a high standard. Perfect environment for hard-working, self-driven students, with supportive parents. If you are a trouble-maker, or just plain lazy, then this is NOT the school for you.

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To all the parents that are contemplating about putting your kid in this school i recommend you not to because not only is the food either uncooked or burnt to a crisp but the principle is biased and likes to spend money on her office instead of using it on things that are important like getting rid of the mice that leave excrement all over the school.furthermore please note that this is just a review and not a hate note so please dont take this so literal and end up making a fuss about itthis is simply just my opinion nothing more nothing less.

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Theres a lot I can say about Grant Middle School... Parents who are looking to enroll your students here, I would highly discourage it. I am currently a student here. Grant is amazing for their academics. We all make astonishing grades. When you walk into our class, were always on task. But when we walk into the hallways and outside, were totally different people. Grant Middle School is a Bully Zone. I remember a few days ago, our principle was talking to us about bullying; I got bullied that same day in my science class for doing my work incorrectly. Im getting bullied right now in my sports, and my coach sees it happening and does nothing. Parents...if youre looking for an academic school, youve found one. If youre looking for a bully free zone school, Id try anywhere, but here.

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I LOVE GRANT !!! My kids were transfers to Grant from a different zone. Although they were worried, to this day, they still thank me for having them transferred. The teachers make Grant the wonderful place that it is. When a teacher cares, it shows. I also, cant say enough about the coaching staff, especially Coach Sweet. He teaches our kids that no goal is unreachable if theyre willing to work for it and that we ALL benefit when we work as a team. Shaping our boys and girls into fine young men and women can be a difficult task. Generally speaking, our children spend more time at school than with their parents during the year. Knowing there are teachers who care enough about the kids to teach them the same values I have tried to instill in them since their birth, is a comfort. Respect, honor, courage, proper manners, self respect, and hard work being its own reward are invaluable life skills ALL our children should have.The cafeteria food isnt great. There are some bullies. (Including a few adults) However, the same can be said about all of CCISD. Life is difficult and can be scary at times whether youre a child or a parent. It is nice to know that my kids have a leg up and a constent support system for whatever lies ahead.

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Only good thing about the school is the EXIT or the gr8 teachers!but overall a really fun great school!

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Football team needs to work better coaches need to step it up so does the band come on play better pressure the kids

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I live in GRANTS weight room. also coach will, deorio, and coach hillis is amazing ps.this is country

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The band is the only good thing, and Mrs. Rodrigurez and Ms. Perez

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It was a fun experience for example we do free dress code for special occasions. i have never seen any school that does this.

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Its better than any school ive been to

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I love this school, it has raised me into the mature person i am and showed what i want to be when i grow up... a band member.

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Its a great school love the art+ theatre arts program!!!♥♥♥

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This school is the worst is should be shutdown this school is falling apart it has rats and mice and it all started when Dr. Perish left for instance the new eighth grade administrator Agulara picked this eighth grade kid punched me for no reason and Agulara said ad i quote if you mess with this kid again you are going to be sent to i.s.s. or be arrested for assault and another time i sat down at my friends table and the teacher Mr. menard saw me at the table and said if he sees me at his table again he will send me to i.s.s. and in my head i was thinking i know my rights. so i feel that this school should be shutdown now!! Oh yeah and i will be talking talking to ccisd to shut down grant oh and this school doesnt even care about the rules anymore the kids can cuss in front of the teacher and or administrator and they dont even do anything about it and they and later on theyll act like theyre your best friend in the whole wide world just to get on your good side and this is to all parents dont let your kids near anyone here im a student here and wish i was never born ether that or i was never here that is how bad this school is!!!!! this is the worst school ever in the whole world!!!! and thats saying something leave this school no matter what!!!!!!!!!! this school sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tbh im going to be a new student at grant and Im kinda worried that its gonna sux!!!

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Sorry, but Grant football coaches have no idea what the hell theyre doing. Time to change out the head coach.

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THIS SCHOOl is the the worst the front office is snobby and very rude all they care about is money they hardly ever do anything as good people and teachers it’s terrible

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Terrible. It actually wasnt that bad, but no one ever showed up to class and too many people were arrested or drug dealers.

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It was fun but very very very boreing

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I hate grant the kids r annoying the teachers suck they spent 5,000 dollars on freaking rocks I REALLY HATE FREAKING GRANT ITS THE WORST

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Amazing band

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Love granttoniens

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This is amazing

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Suck school boyy

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We are the BARACUDAS

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Grant is okay😊

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What hapend to cool math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Better than kaffie

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