Marshall Security Training Academy & Range
1457 W El Segundo Blvd, Compton, CA 90222, United States
Marshall Security Training Academy & Range

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I have been a member of Marshall for over a year now. The membership is worth the small cost. From my experience, Marshall gives expert training and and advise that has been valuable to me. For instance, on my first firearms license renewal, Marshalls staff walked me through the paperwork and process. I received my renewal card in less than three weeks. The gang at Marshall are knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. As a professional security officer, I enthusiastically recommend Marshall Security Training & Range to any California security officer, armed and unarmed, to join and avail themselves of all the value Marshalls offers.

Review №2

I was gonna join the force army, when a friend of mines recommended trying getting my guard card and fire arm permit at this friendly and well prepared facility. After this academy I found no need to join the arm force. I would recommend this to you, if your looking for a very professional tactical, but friendly environment. This is the place for you!

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This place is pretty cool, and has great customer service. Since the first time I walked in to get my FSC I was greeted by Lolah who had great customer service and was very informative. Also my instructor Daniel was very helpful and helped me understand the importance of Gun safety. I would definitely recommend this place, you will be greeted with friendly customer service and get all your questions answered.

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I went to get my Firearms Permit at Marshall Security Training Academy & Range. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable. The class was good. The range was good as well. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get their firearms certificates.

Review №5

Highly recommend anyone to come here. The instructor was very nice and informative. I’ve came here and and got all my certifications with no hassle whatsoever. The lady at the counter was very helpful as well.

Review №6

This is the best place to get your training for any kind of security permits they go and explain everything step by step there so great with the work they do

Review №7

People should check Marshall security or SPECIAL UNIT SECURITY DETAIL SERVICES via Yelp reviews. Before applying for employment . I’m not saying don’t apply but inform your self first so you won’t have any problems .Please Look at the reviews most of them are bad . The majority come from employees who were hire from the company supervisor Tim . The company will respond to any former employee who decides to leave a review via Yelp or google about the company management and their rules that does not benefit them in a good way with a “ sorry mr so so, we have no record of you working for us stop leaving fake reviews .Of course they will say that to anyone who decides to rate them with a poor review, so they could look good in their defense . In reality they do have records of anyone that has work for them in the past and the present . They make you fill out a booklet about their company policy, emergency contacts etc ... and a 1099 form when you start working for them . The 1099 form is just pretty much Mikey mouse . In case if the state of California were to ask the company a record or their payroll info they just show them the 1099 forms . Be careful with some of the employees they will back stab you . Do not trust nobody . You will have to also go to Compton every 2 weeks to pick up your pay and leave your time sheet . If your late with leaving your time sheet in the mail box your getting pay late . When you pick up pay you will have to go at weird times.... pretty much after 3pm anyways look them up on Yelp and please look at their reviews closely .

Review №8

Lola has been my point of contact at Marshall Security Training Academy since I started with them. She’s one of the most competent Range Safety Officers I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. Great school, great instructors.

Review №9

I had a great experience getting my Baton and Pepper Spray Certification here. Daniel Pearson is an awesome instructor and very helpful. I recommend Marshall’s for anyone looking to get there Security Certificates.

Review №10

This is a great place to get all your security credentials. At a reasonable price, compared to other places. From the time I walked in until the time I walked out Lola had great customer service!

Review №11

First timer on getting the guard card. Theyre very informative and professional. Will recommend anyone to come by here.

Review №12

Great staff best prices and safest place in Los Angeles!!!

Review №13

Ive been working for this company for over 8 years and Im a sergeant. what Rafael flores stated is 100% false..this is a true legitimate company. great staff and the chief is well respected in the community. Ive been in the security field for over 25 years and this has been the best company Ive worked for. and thats 💯true...😊

Review №14

Really great environment very welcoming. they offer really good classes and very professional I recommend this to anybody if they would like to get anything done in regards of security training. Superb staff very knowledgeable and professional

Review №15

Marshall academy is probably one of the best security training academies in Cali. The staff offers great customer service and the curriculum is very informative. For those who need 1st time certification or recertification marshal has a class for it. From the first aid and cpr to advanced fire arms training I would highly recommend.

Review №16

Everytime I walk in it’s a friendly vibe and yet still professional atmosphere 👍🏼

Review №17

Staff is highly trained and experienced in this line of work. They may look a little intimidating at first but they are more than happy to work with you. The course catalog ranges from personal defense tactics to first aid and casualty care. Staff can and will work with you if you have a limited schedule as well. The location is very clean and well organized and renders tribute to first responders and service members.

Review №18

The since I got or thought I felt was honest fair and hard work with lovely staff and generous deals oh yeah the instructor who taught the lesson was brilliant. On top well dressed employees and clean facilities right here in comtpon ca thank you Marshall security for and opportunity my our father bless your business, presence future . Your truly mr .moore

Review №19

Great staffing I recommend for everyone.

Review №20

Really a great place to go! If you want to be part of Law Enforcement, this the place to go.

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Review №22

This company is real shady, at first when you apply they treat you good etc.... what the guards dont know is that they make you fill out a 1099. They say that they dont 1099 you at the end of year. according to this wana be cop that goes by Tim he said that they make their guards fill out the 1099 paper just if the state decided to come and check their payroll records bs they have something to show....... what guards dont know that this is their back up plan incase if the state actually does go after their security company they could say their doing everything legit and 1099 every guard who sign that paper to cover themselves . lastly so much drama and lies, none of the management staff has the courage to tell you what they dont like about you, they will tell other guards and make false lies about you . so watch out

Review №23

Went to take my exposed firearm permit class and it was a really friendly and fun environment with the classmates as well as the instructor. The staff is very nice, helpful and very informative.

Review №24

Had an awesome time getting my guard card here! Daniel Pearson is very knowledgeable and super helpful! He ran great classes and the staff will set it up so you can get everything you wanna have done as quickly as possible. Definitely come and get your certification done here.

Review №25

I recently did some training here and I am very impressed with this academy. I highly recommend checking it out. Its a clean and spacious facility with warm and knowledgeable employees/instructors. Lola was very nice and so was the other female at the front desk. My instructor for my course was Daniel and he was very knowledgeable and professional. Hes obviously very good at what he does. I learned a lot from him about many different areas of the security profession. They offer many different classes, covering all aspects of the security industry. Im looking forward to coming back for more training!

Review №26

Had a great time at the academy the staff is wonderful they are all helpful and knowledgeable thanks to there ability to teach I was able to learn a lot I would recommend them

Review №27

Great place in LA county to receive guard, cpr, firearms and other training, as well as recertification. Amazing, friendly and courteous staff. They come highly trained and highly recommended.

Review №28

All employees are helpful and respectful, Instructor name Danny his super cool Just let him know what you need to accomplish your job and he will help you learn and guide you all the way, Best instructor i have. Ms. Lola and Alejandra both of this employee even they are busy still they will acknowledge you and help you in signing application for their courses, They are all team player. Fees are reasonable. I Highly recommend this academy you will learn a lot. They are all experience trainer .

Review №29

Came to Marshall Security Training Academy & Range to take my Security Guard, Expose Firearm permit and CPR certification classes and I have to say the staff is amazing, well informed and gave me the knowledge and support needed to complete my course... and Im thankful...

Review №30

This place is a great place for you to obtain whatever credentials you need to becoming a security officer. The instructors are friendly, relatable and always on their best when it comes to your customer service needs. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for proper training and legit business and even a job can be offered if you obtain what they’re looking for.

Review №31

When i first walked in I was a bit shy to even sign up for the course . The staff here is friendly a bit scary looking with they gear but friendly & helpful people . They answered the questions I had. Highly would recommend this place to friends & family that are willing to get there guard card in the future or any of the trainings they provide . I will definetly be looking into more training with them . & there was even a girl working there with the same name as me haaa #Alejandra . Very sweet young lady i swear !

Review №32

This place is awesome! The staff is quick to help you out with any questions. Recommended a few of my friends.

Review №33

I came for my guard card i was greeted by Lola she was really nice and the instructors are very professional. Im coming back for all of my certification thanks again.

Review №34

I love this place! Miguel is an amazing instructor! This was my second time firing a gun and look at my target! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable! Lola was welcoming and Daniel knows the law to a T! I highly recommend this place for beginners and veterans!

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Review №36

Staff was short and apologized once for the long wait. I would give this place 5 stars, BUT I waited almost 4 hours to get my finger prints done and fees cost most at this location compared to others.

Review №37

Daniel was really chill and friendly, made my baton training easy and understandable I like that it wasn’t crowded, I will definitely come back for taser and firearms training definitively recommended also forgot to mention how they’re prices are lower then most locations in the county !

Review №38

Marshall security training academy and range is a great place to go if you are planning on taking any courses regarding fire arm training. They made it very easy for me to acquire my certificate! I would highly recommend this place!KM

Review №39

Highly recommend MARSHALL SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY & RANGE. Friendly respectful staff and great customer service. They have a very cool range. I will definitely be returning to MARSHALL SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY & RANGE.

Review №40

Best place to get your guard card and other firearm credentials, Awesome staff with amazing customer service, I highly recommend it for anybody looking work in the security business I would definitely be going in soon to take other courses THANK YOU!!!

Review №41

Welcoming from the start, helpful and friendly staff answered all my questions and I took some classes as well got my full course with them instructor was cool, knows his stuff and very informative on what you need to know. I recommend it here

Review №42

Great place to do training the staffs there are great they have great personality friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable i did my baton and oc there will be back to do the rest of my permits

Review №43

I took my guard card training with pepper spray and baton and First and CPR with Marshall Security Training Academy. They have helpful staffs and knowledgeable instructors. Learnt a lot about the legal stuffs of guard job.

Review №44

Service is great, I recommend this company to all people who have interest on guard card or firearm courses. The instructor Daniel is very detailed also the the staffing is wonderful.

Review №45

A close friend recommended me to get my guard card here. Price is reasonable, staff are friendly, and very professional. Going back for more training 💪

Review №46

Went here to get my FSC, very friendly staff and the process was straight forward. Make no mistake, the high rating on here is 100%backed once you come here. Highly recommend and nice to know wwe have this little gem in our city. A+++

Review №47

This is a great place to train and take courses the staff is very professional and courteous I got my security guard training from here and the instructor was passionate about making sure we knew what the job was about..

Review №48

Definitely will recommend✅ anyone WHO needs training for SECURITY/FIREARM 💪THATS THE PLACE FOR YOU...😁😁😁😁YESSS

Review №49

They have a great staff. They provide great customer service and the instructor is straight forward when explaining mandatory protocols and procedures.If you are seeking your security guard credentials this is the place to go to.

Review №50

Thank you To the staff at Marshall! Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I appreciate everyones knowledge from the courses all the way to the front desk! Cant wait for my Guardcard!!

Review №51

Great place to get guard training and other services.

Review №52

Trust me when I say you cant beat the service that Marshalls brings to the table. Affordable and respectful is a must when I spend my money. Daniel my instructor is informative and helpful. Staff is very courteous and prompt with processing you into the system. Bonus gift that is offered for completing the course. Really worth it. Thank you. Have a great life! 1!

Review №53

Great service very friendly staff Lola is great full of energy. Dan and Miguel are also great ! Would recommend to anyone.

Review №54

Great customer service and staff. Always helpful and friendly. I’m glad I found this place. 10/10 if your are looking for a good experience come to this location.

Review №55

I have been to the range here twice already. The staff were extremely helpful and helped me fix my shot. Timothy is a great instructor! Love this place. The staff are also very polite and helpful.

Review №56

My personal experience in Marshall security training Academy was fantastic the stuff it’s really polite they help you what ever your need and question you may have they help you they explain every single little detail the trainers are really clear about every single details of the courses if you’re looking for a Academy for your guard card or any permit hands down I recommend Marshall security training Academy my experience was Fantastic. Thank you Marshall security training Academy for everything.

Review №57

If I could give them 0 starts I would. I have never had a worse experience in my entire life than having to purchase my firearm through them. Waited 26 days where only 10 days were the mandated california cool down period. Purchased on Sept 21st they failed to submit DROS until Oct 7th I have the receipt and emails to prove all my paperwork was submitted on the 21st. So it took them 16 days to submit my DROS in those 16 days I called multiple times with no response until Oct 7th when they some how were able to give me an exact 10 day window. Previously by an employee I was told the 10 day wait was 10 business days not including sat or sun instead of the 10 24hr periods as stated by CA DOJ. They refused to acknowledge the mistake on thier part and blamed the system saying that sometimes it takes the system longer to accept paperwork. Like previously stated though on the 7th they were able to provide me a 10 24hr periods to the time that I called in at. Just over all worse than having to deal with MEP when joining the military. Would not recommend this business not even to my worst enemy. DO NOT SHOP HERE AVOID AT ALL COST if possible shop and shoot and train somewhere else more professional with people that are up to date and keep up with 2A news and actually wish to support the community.

Review №58

Great place. The staff were very helpfull, knowledgeable, and professional.

Review №59

This place is a gem. The staff is incredible and so is the owner. All of their prices are more than reasonable and even better than any place Ive been to.The range is well kept and you get quality shooting time with low stress and no B.S. I would highly recommend going to Marshalls for all your training needs, I cant say enough about it.

Review №60

Marshall Security Training Academy is a great place to go if you are planning on taking any courses or in need of any training . The people there have great customer service and greet you as soon as you walk in . No long wait . They made it seem so easy for me during my course . I would highly recommend this place

Review №61

Had a good time there the people make you feel comfortable and give you good information.

Review №62

I highly recommend Marshall Security Training Academy to anyone looking to get into the security business or those who need other permits besides the guard card. I went in this week and applied for my exposed firearm permit. The Instructor who gave the classroom session was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.After passing my written test, I was scheduled for the firing range the next day. The range master was professional and taught me everything needed to know about handling a handgun properly and effectively. He assisted me with my shooting technique, to better perfect my shot. he was very helpful with the numerous tips he had for shooting. I will definitely come back for all my renewals and firing range needs.

Review №63

I paid a lot of money and its been over two weeks now. And they still cant do my live scan. So I cant submit my papers. You would think that a place like this. Would have their s*** together but they dont. I would recommend this place to anyone. Im so disappointed.

Review №64

I highly recommend coming to this place. For someone who didnt know much before, they definitly made me feel welcome and were very helpful with my Guard Card training. They have great customer service and have honest and caring instructiors. No doubt that I will be back for more training!

Review №65

I had my guard card about 8 years ago and had a horrible experience with the other company that helped me so I never even put it to work, With Marshall security training academy the whole process was smooth and even my instructor shared some personal stories and scenarios of his time working as a guard Wich really cleared alot of things up for me. Highly recommend and will be returning for all courses they have available.

Review №66

Professionalism. Thats the main idea of this establishment. The location can easily give you the course and just let you be on your way but this place instructs you by the book and to the letter with professionalism. I would easily recommend this location to my close friends and family.

Review №67

Dont come here for livescan fingerprints they took over 2 hours

Review №68

Fast, efficient and super friendly staff. From the awesome Front desk to the instructor Daniel you get taken care of. Good price for a complete package Guard card. Recommended for all your security needs.

Review №69

I truly love the environment and the staff is very thorough in how they give you instructions. The courses is very affordable and understands security guards budget...and the office manager is very experienced in her work capacity.

Review №70

First time at this location, And even though it seemed pretty busy, got in and out swiftly thanks to lolah she was a great help and answered all my questions .I will be returning to this range .

Review №71

Staff are very friendly and very helpful bought my first gun here like this place would recommend to anyone

Review №72

Great experience & no complaints. Thanks to Lola & Daniel for helping me achieve my certifications needed for work.

Review №73

Glad I made this choice to go with them. Daniel and Edmon are very skilled and well educated in the security field. The knowledge learned from them will take me far in my pursuit to elevate in the security field. I will recommend them every time!!

Review №74

Glad I made this choice to go with them. Daniel and Edmon are very skilled and well educated in the security field. The knowledge learned from them will take me far in my pursuit to elevate in the security field. I will recommend them every time!!

Review №75

This place was awesome, deicided to choose this place to get my guard card and Daniel was my instructor. He gave me a lot of information and was a good instructor. I’ll be coming back 👍🏼 all the staff were professional.

Review №76

The people here are friendly and very helpful. They really seem to care about the people that take their courses. I obtained my guard card with an instructor named Daniel and he was very detailed with everything that I needed to know in order to pass the test. He is a great guy and had a lot of interesting stories of his past experience on the job. I will definitely be coming back here to further my training as an armed security.

Review №77

I had to reschedule almost five times and actually the phone operator was really cool looks like they really are changing some things around here the owner is doing a fine job and running the place and along with the firearm instructors are really professional when I came in I felt right at home they have a bathroom and not to forget the prices on the guns phenomenal overall if I could give it a 10 star I would I believe the individuals that are giving bad reviews to these people are just common haters I saw no flaws in between and they definitely did handle the situation really professional Ill be recommending Marshall security to every other of my friends

Review №78

This is the greatest security training academy ever from instructors to the two beautiful ladies at the front desk they take they time with your paper work an they handle more than one person paperwork at a time they are some super womens they need a rasie

Review №79

Solid gig.. lady in the front with the s&w was solid . Talk was informative. Tall white dude solid . Friendly but safe gig. solid over all .

Review №80

My name is clifton and they are great friendly and very helpful ill be returning for more trainings

Review №81

Anyone looking for a friendly, professional and affordable shooting range should check this place out. I originally found this place after searching for a training facility to get certified as a security officer. Their rates are reasonable and the quality of service and professionalism I received was superb; as the saying goes – you pay for what you get. The front desk staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. And the instructors are knowledgeable and beyond patient with the students, including myself. I heard from locals that this place was recently purchased by a new owner and has gone under some heavy renovation, so I’m excited to see what the new management does with the place.

Review №82

Best training academy I ever came across.Excellent staff with an amazing variety of training courses. Looking to up your security game,firearm knowledge or skills?.Well look no further.You will be provided with outstanding knowledgeable instructors. An amazing firing range. Is basically your one stop,got it all spot! Definitely recommend this academy to anyone looking to furthering their careers.

Review №83

Went here to get my guard card. Everyone is very professional and respectful. The instructor taught me what i needed to know and they prices are not expensive for what you get out of it.

Review №84

If your looking for a guard card this is the placeStaff were able to help answer my questions and concerns.they were polite and professional. And the guard card price is affordable hope yall find this helpful

Review №85

Would highly recommend to anyone that is determined to make a change in their life. Love the customer service that ALL staff provide. Everyone does an excellent job and goes the extra mile to make your experience feel like a one on one session all the time. I love it, from the customer serivice to the pricing of items, Marshall’s Security Training & Academy is legit.

Review №86

They provide great customer service. I recommend anyone who is trying to get a license to come to them. The prices they provide for courses are not found anywhere else.also they have a shooting range. The classes are very informative and helpful. Im glad I came across this place two years ago thats way I came back this year for my renewal of my license.

Review №87

Great training, helped with my gaurd card. Definitely will be coming back for additional class sessions

Review №88

Tim is the man, great guy and very knowledgeable.. answered all the questions I had and more. Love the fact that they are law enforcement friendly. 👍👍👍

Review №89

I will definitely recommend Marshall Security training academy.Great people and they are very helpful. Thanks guys.

Review №90

Besides the great customer service from the staff I highly recommend anyone who is trying to get a license to come to this place. The prices they provide are not found anywhere else. The classes are very informative and helpful. Im glad I came across this place. Just wish I could have found it sooner.

Review №91

Great experience, come check them out the staff gives lots of support and tons of courses you can take.

Review №92

Great place to go get your guard card and fire arms license, Wonderful staff very polite and respectful, will answer all your questions very patient with their customers. From the moment you walk in the staff is very welcoming, Want to thank both Daniels for training me. Overall great experience I would highly recommend this place once again they are very professional.

Review №93

My instructor was a gentleman named Daniel who was very professional and extremely knowledgeable, staff members as well where very professional and friendly, I had a great experience with this company, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is willing to put in the work! Thank you again, I appreciate your professionalism. . .

Review №94

Just left Marshall training academy and Miguel was so great and made me feelCompletely comfortable with shooting a gun for the 1st time in years. Def go to this place and see Miguel.

Review №95

Great experience from all staff members. I got everything done in the same day! I will be coming back for more license and the range. Perfect experience

Review №96

This place is absolutely the best security training facility that I’ve been to, very professional very assertive and what you pay for they actually teach you. I would definitely recommend this place to someone looking to further their career and Security armed or unarmed.. 👍🏽

Review №97

I went to Marshalls to get my Guard Card earlier this week after finding it on google and I was impressed by the information I received. The Instructor was in the Military and then became a Security so he definitely knew how to handle his job and the material he was teaching was broken down in a way it was easily understandable. He taught everything from the book but then gave us examples of events you may get in the real world that just arent in the book. He also teaches actual law enforcement personnel, which made me more impressed on the location I came to get my Guard Card because Ive heard terrible stories of other places and how unprofessional they are and having a sketchy looking location.After the class was over, I waited to get my fingers printed for the Live Scan and the owner greeted us and informed us what else they have to offer. He then took his time to give us a tour of the place, which he didnt need to do but was completely generous of him. He informed us he was in law enforcement for many years.Overall, I am happy with the choice I made and I will definitely come back for more classes. For anyone that is looking for somewhere to get their guard Card or anything related to security/ guard jobs or even to find a shooting range then this is definitely the place to go to. They have the Knowledge and Experience that most places just dont have and they have a lot more to offer.

Review №98

Marshall Security Training Academy is the best way to go if your trying to get all your Licenses and Permits for the LOW LOW.There instructors are very professional and dedicated in teaching you all youll need to know and more. There Hands on training help you prepare for the job at hand.Thanks to the Crew of Marshall Security Academy I can do my job and be the best on what I was hired for. 👏👏👮🇺🇸

Review №99

Super Friendly Staff, very knowledgeable & available to assist in anyway you need... I have been to many ranges but Ive had the best experience at Marshalls... they make you feel like family!

Review №100

Ive been going here a little over a year now, and they definitely know their stuff. Veryprofessional, and most of all, you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this place for those who want to learn how to do CPR, and how to acquire their exposed firearms permit to work as an armed security officer.

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