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I feel it unfortunate that I have to do this, but “unfortunate” is the term used multiple times by the Tutor Times District Manager, when I presented my case to her over this past week. So here we go.My husband, died on 4/20/20 from complications resulting from Covid 19. He was only 36. We have two small children, Noah (almost 3) and Bella (almost 5), who have both attended Tutor Time in Commack since they were 6 months old.Three weeks ago, one of the teachers in Noah’s classroom tested positive for Covid. Noah was present on a Monday and the teacher became sick Monday night and tested positive Tuesday morning. We were then notified that Noah could not return to school until the following Friday.This is from a blog written by attorney, Tom Copeland, who assists family childcare providers:Here is legal argument for NOT having to pay anything for daycare closing due to Covid.Unless you signed a contract that says “closed due to public health emergency” daycare cannot charge you. If they argue that the contract says “closed due to emergencies“ or “unforeseen circumstances,” etc., the language is NOT strong enough to include “public health emergency.”When I asked about my responsibility for payment, I was told that I would be responsible for 50% of the weekly tuition for both weeks (so a full weeks tuition) for a situation that was completely outside of my control and actually resulted in a huge imposition on my family to find alternative means of care for Noah. I never blamed Tutor Time for the teacher being sick, but it should also not be my financial responsibility that she did either.As I was not getting anywhere with the Director of the school, I ultimately reached out to the District Manager. Tiffany played the corporate policy hand over and over again. When I couldn’t get anywhere with her, I got my Brother, who also happens to be an attorney, involved. However, Tiffany refused to speak to my Brother, despite me giving consent, in writing, for her to do so as he is not “an account holder”. When I mentioned he was an attorney, she advised us to contact their corporate legal team and continued to refuse to speak with him.My Brother contacted Tutor Times Customer Service line and spoke with their team lead, with me on the call as well, who also refused to provide a number for the legal team or the Regional Manager and instead advised us to email them or write a letter. Another “corporate policy”. She ultimately provided the name of the Regional manager but still refused to provide her contact information.Shortly after, I received a call from Tiffany once again to “update” me on where we stand with the situation and she continued to stand her ground siting it is “corporate policy” to charge 50% in these situations and that my brother could contact their legal team via mail or email if he wished to pursue the matter further.While I understand day care is a business like any other, which Tiffany kindly pointed out during our first conversation, Tom Copeland wrote that Day Care is a “fixed cost business,” meaning, costs vary very little month to month. These costs include utilities, materials, teacher salaries and food.  As only ONE class was “closed” during that two weeks period, and those students who were not in that Monday were still able to attend, how much could their costs have gone down for 2 weeks of closure?I think it is important for this to be known by and shared with those who are considering sending your child to this facility and those in attendance now. As soon as my children are able to attend another Day Care, they will be pulled out of Tutor Time. I do not want to be paying money toward a company who exhibits such a lack of empathy and sensitivity toward my family or anyone as we have all dealt with and lost enough from Covid 19 already.

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I cannot put into words how grateful we are for the director, Toni Ann and all the teachers at this amazing facility. The level of experience, patience, and willingness to work with families to give each child in their care the best start possible is exceptional.For months, our toddler struggled at a daycare where the teachers were constantly changing and sometimes appeared unhappy. Every time I picked him up, he was with someone I hadn’t met. It was suggested by the facility that we get early intervention to address our child’s biting behavior and speech, which we did. Despite that, they expelled him from their program. I had to abruptly take off from work to search for other options and that’s when I came across this gem! From the moment I met Toni Ann, I knew everything would be okay.As it turns out, it wasn’t really my child that was the problem; it was the institution. Immediately upon starting at Tutor Time of Commack, our toddler did a complete turnaround. We pretty much know every teacher that interacts with him, all of whom are still there since he started over 9 months ago! Miss Cyndy, Miss Tess, Miss Tina, Miss Wyj, Miss Jasmine, Miss Amanda, Miss Caitlin, the assistant director ... the list goes on and we love all of them. Everyone seems happy to be there. Go figure! What a complete blessing to have them all. Thank you so much for being part of our family!!!

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Amazing daycare center with wonderful staff.

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Tutor Time in Commack has been and continues to be an amazing experience! The teachers, assistants and even office staff are so warm and caring. It is truly the best care I can give my child without actually being there myself.

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Our son was at Tutor Time Commack for less than one year (we moved out of state). I cant say enough great things about this site, teachers and staff. They loved and cared for our son just as we would at home. Their focus on development and learning cannot be understated. More importantly, our son loved going to Tutor Time every morning and even asked for his teachers even weeks after we moved to Ohio (hes only 2!). We are so thankful for all that they have done to help our child grow.

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My daughter started this daycare when she was 3 months old. The ONLY reason why we had to switch daycares was because my family and I moved towards the West side of LI and it was too far for us. We took her out of this daycare when she was about 2 and 3 months and we regret this decision terribly but we just couldn’t make the trip. I loved ALL of her teachers, their director Tony was sooo great and sooo caring about my daughter and all the children there. There wasn’t a minute I did not see a smile on her along with all the teachers at the Commack location. Yes money is always something with every family, but every single penny we paid for was more than worth it. All the teachers always talked about any tiny memory they had of my daughter, Or any new things my baby would do they’d talk about it with so much joy and love. I loved hearing all they’d have to say when it was either drop off/pick up time. They all took such good care of my baby girl since day one. My baby even had her FIRST burst of laughter the first time we went for a tour. This daycare was my first and only choice back then. And if we have more kids and hopefully move back East, Tutor Time of Commack will be our first stop! Miss it sooo much!!!!!!

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Our daughter went to TutorTime Commack for about two years. We cannot say enough wonderful things about this school. The teachers were so wonderful to her and our daughter learned so much in such a short period of time. She loved all of the teachers and every teacher knew my daughters name and cared for her when needed. It is a bit expensive however we do not regret making that decision. Worth every penny.

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