Capital Transportation Academy
1170 N Cassady Ave, Columbus, OH 43219, United States
Capital Transportation Academy

Review β„–1

For being a fairly new company / School to my knowledge, the experience and training from them I received I would have to say that it was worth every penny… Everyone of them care about what they’re doing there and take pride and making sure that every qualified driver receives his or her CDL… Thank you all very much for having me as part of the fine Capital Transportation Academy family!!!! My Name is Nathan Brown 🀚🏽 Don’t know how my brothers name got up there!!!

Review β„–2

The teachers are very experienced and take the time out to make sure you will succeed. The classroom setting is excellent and the yard is perfect for practicing your maneuvers. Thank you Capital for making my experience one to always remember and I will definitely recommend anyone to attend. If you put in the work, they will make sure you cross the finish line!

Review β„–3

I loved my time with the Capital transportation team. Everyone works great together. If you are considering going to school to drive a commercial vehicle this is the place. I considered going to Roadmaster and 160driving academy but I didn’t want a manual restriction and a friend of mine who went to the program suggested it to me and I’m so glade that I did. Thank you Guys Brandon, Mel, Henry, Cody, Jayson, Jeff and Mike appreciate everyone.

Review β„–4

If your looking for a school to help you pass your CDL test come to Capital Transportation and be aware of {Road Master} bad school! I recently graduated from Capital..Think Capital babyπŸ’•

Review β„–5

Capital Driving Academy prepared me for my CDL exam. They helped put me in touch with a grant program called Roads2Work which covered the cost of my schooling. The instructors were knowledgeable and the course content made me feel confident going into my test. They are invested in helping students find employment after graduation. The school also made available both automatic and manual trucks.

Review β„–6

I am so thankful that I chose Capital. The instructors are amazing, the lesson plan was very smooth, layered to perfection providing me the skills for my success in obtaining my license. I highly recommend CTA to anyone.

Review β„–7

The instructors at Capital are amazing! They are patient and very knowledgeable. I had an awesome experience there and passed my test on the first try! I would recommend everyone to Capital Transportation Academy!!

Review β„–8

I went through one interview with this company and they said they was going to hire me . set me up for a second interview with the president of the day before the appointment they canceled and said somebody else got the job I feel that’s bad business I was already setting up something for my kids to get off the bus and on the bus so I was putting that in motion I was putting everything in motion to get the job to be an instructor with these people and then they bailed on me not good just thought I’d throw that out there. Very disappointed

Review β„–9

Great school with good equipment, facility and awesome instructors! Thanks to you all for a great experience!!

Review β„–10

Wonderful staff! Really down to earth and very personable. Wasn’t a problem for me to learn and obtain my cdl from having absolutely 0 experience. My guy Mel… treated me like a long lost son lol. Amazing ppl great instruction well worth the time and money.

Review β„–11

Great school with great instructors! You get out what you put in. I studied hard for 5 weeks straight and passed my test on the 1st time. Some people will complain about some of the instructors but if you dont take it serious they wont take you serious. Be about your business and get in and get out. They even allow you to come in on Fridays and Saturdays, when they are technically closed, to get more practice and hours in. They also have legit and top recruiters come in like Schneider, DNO, and sygma. Love the atmosphere. They give you a week of schooling and then you hit the yard. The in-class schooling really helps once you make it to the yard and start doing pre-trip, maneuvers and Road. Thank you Mr. Brandon, Mr. Henry, Mr. Jeff, Mr. Cody, Mr. Mel, Mr. Mike and Big shout out to my Dawg Mr. Jason.

Review β„–12

If You need to get your CDL, Capital Transportation Academy is the best place for you. The team are all kind hearted. Making sure every student get what they came for and leave there happily with their CDL in hand. I was recommended and I experienced same. I will recommend over and over 100%

Review β„–13

Exceptional learning environment! This school has the top instructors in the state, highly recommend!

Review β„–14

Capital Transportation Academy is hands down the best Trucking school and its a family atmosphere very generous and kind people special thanks to Mr. Brandon Lewis, Mr. Henry, Mr. Jason Mr. Melindez for all there help and care. If you are looking to get your Cdl this is the place to do it.Thank you and God bless capitol Transportation Academy.πŸ™πŸΏ

Review β„–15

If you need/want to get your CDL, this is a great place. All the instructors are great, theyll put in as much work as you do to help you get there. Companies will try to poach you while youre training here, almost an everyday occurrence, so not only do you learn everything you need to succeed but you can also get hired before training is complete.

Review β„–16

I cant say enough good things about this school. If you need a Class A CDL, go to Capital. Good guys all around, they will give you the knowledge you need to pass and get that class A with no restrictions. Special shout out to Brandon in the classroom, Henry on the yard and the Mel man on the road, my guys.

Review β„–17

Hello. Im telling any Women who is considering getting their Class A CDL gowith CTA! I promise you will succeed!Capital is a very excellent school they really take their time out to help you learn the skills that you need to pass your CDL test.The instructors are very patient and knowledgeable, theyre just overall AWESOME! I couldnt have chosen a better school.Thanks so much guys!!☺

Review β„–18

Great school to attend. They are Very patient with trainees regardless of their skill level of learning. Very resourceful with recruiting company visits every other day looking for new drivers to recruit. overall I really enjoyed learning how to drive and maneuver a semi truck and trailer to my best abilities.

Review β„–19

Really great school from the class room to the yard and road these guys really know how to teach !I would definitely recommend this school to anyone seeking to become a class A cdl driver ...special thanks to all the instructors excellent job .

Review β„–20

Capital is one of the best Trucking schools with no doubt. The course (in-class, yard, and on the road) was very well structured and the instructors are all highly qualified. If you are looking to get your CDL A or B with zero knowledge in trucking, this is absolutely the best choice for you. I went to this school with zero experience in trucking and in 5 weeks I passed my CDL A on my first attempt with no restriction. Thank you Capital.

Review β„–21

I just received my CDL about 5 hours ago. The Capital staff are dedicated to making sure their students get their CDLs. I failed twice and they gave me individualized attention to help me with my weaknesses. They are professionals and are very knowledgeable in their field. Thanks Capital Transportation

Review β„–22

This place is top notch if you’re looking to get into trucking this school should be your go to instructors are great company they bring for job placement are great so you have an job leaving out of school. Ten stars if I could

Review β„–23

This school is awesome! They really work with you and make sure you graduate with your CDL. Instructors at capital is amazing!

Review β„–24

A very structured organized program with instructors that not only give you the tools to succeed, but TRULY want to see you succeed. If you succeed and accomplish a certification of completion, theyve personally succeeded. I really liked the professional instructions but the family and friends feel. I would HIGHLY recommend this institution for anyone looking to obtain the credentials to open up opportunities for a high paying career! Thanks again to the ENTIRE team of instructors and daily operations associates for giving us, the students, the tools and knowledge we needed to succeed!

Review β„–25

Thanks to everyone at capital Mr Crockett for giving me a chance Brandon for getting me ready for the yard Mel Jeff and Mike for teaching me how to drive a manual never thought I would be able to do that and Henry who held the yard together in good and bad times thanks for getting me off that yard if your thinking about going to school go to capital if you want to succeed this has to be the best school in columbus ohio

Review β„–26

Highly Recommend if you want to obtain your Class A,B, C or Passenger, A very structured organized program with instructors that not only give you the tools to succeed, but TRULY want to see you succeed. If you succeed and accomplish a certification of completion, theyve personally succeeded. I really liked the professional instructions but the family and friends feel. I would HIGHLY recommend this institution for anyone looking to obtain the credentials to open up opportunities for a high paying career! Thanks again to the ENTIRE team of instructors and daily operations associates for giving us, the students, the tools and knowledge we needed to succeed

Review β„–27

When I attend Capital Transportation Academy, all of the instructors welcomed us very well and treated us like family. They were very friendly and professional. They did their best to deliver all the knowledge needed to succeed in the CDL Class A program. All in just 4 WEEKS!! Capital Academy is a fantastic place, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get their CDL Class A drivers license.

Review β„–28

Great school great experience, the instructors really love being there teaching their students which makes the learning experience a lot better and makes others more comfortable, I recommend this school to anyone in the hunt for their Class A CDL

Review β„–29

Capital is Securely Mounted NOT Cracked or Broken !!!! Cut or Frayed and It will never leak it’s Secrets of Being the Best Training School in Columbus OhioHand Down ALL HAIL CAPITAL!!!!!

Review β„–30

My experience at CTA was phenomenal! They have great instructors, very hands on and extremely experienced. The overall staff at the company was great and everyone was helpful. I left there feeling confident and excited about my future as a professional driver. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to obtain their CDL, it was well worth the experience! Very satisfied and extremely happy that I can say I am now a proud alumni from this school.

Review β„–31

Hands down one of the best Trucking schools, the instructors know what they doing. All i can say is thank you guys for everything πŸ™Œ

Review β„–32

The best group of people to work with hand over hand . i truly appreciate these guys working with me every day

Review β„–33

All I can say is you got to TRY, because those guys at capital will believe in you as long as you believe in yourself, they’ll do everything in their power to help you succeed. Numerous hours, additional days, one on one time, and just opportunity, they bring the big dogs to you face to face for job placement so you don’t have to go searching. So many resources provide by CTA I’m very thankful for my instructors β€œBrendon, Henry, Mel, Joseph, White Mike, Dom” the entire CTA Staff gave a young guy from north Columbus the opportunity to prove himself and he come something more. Appreciate it!

Review β„–34

5 star CDL training school. great instructors

Review β„–35

Wonderful trainers, great atmosphere to learn in. Thanks Capitol for changing my life

Review β„–36

Quality thorough instructors. Punctual and always a call a way. Will not leave you hanging. I’m happy I chose Capital Transportation Academy for my CDL training experience.

Review β„–37

Had a great time at CTA I made alot of friends not only with the staff but with the other students.Everyone help and encourages each other they work with you until you get it. I looked at other schools and cta was recommended and now I am recommending them Thank you all Brandon Jason Henry Mel and Mike I will miss all of you.

Review β„–38

Capital Transportation Academy is a really good hands on driving School, who helped me obtain my CDLs in about 4 weeks.The instructors there really care about the success of there students to succeed !!!!!!

Review β„–39

Capital Transportation Academy. Is thee place for you to advance your future ln commercial driving. There superb teaching staff and facility is the only way to go if you ask me! Thank you Capital Transportation. I am forever great full for your patience and direction in helping me advance my career!

Review β„–40

Great place to get your CDL! Made comprehending the material very easy and made you feel comfortable while in the trucks. Have and will recommend to anyone serious about commercial driving.

Review β„–41

Capital transportation is a premier, hands-on, extensive, thorough school with so many benefits that I was beyond satisfied with the service and result I received from the professional staff members and seasoned and retired former drivers turned instructors who have a deep passion in helping you accomplish every part of the courses. They helped with meAnd I appreciate their in-person one-on-one approach throughout the orientation, parking lot maneuvers and logged in behind the wheel road time and always implemented the β€œno man left behind” approach when connecting with each person. With over 6 instructors and like 8 or 9 truck and trailers for each class, you’ll have plenty of individual time with their equipment and personnels. I’m forever grateful to the staff members, thank you ALL. Ask for Dom when calling, he was very detailed and thorough in helping me weigh out the options and futures and I’m glad I made a sound decision. I choose Capital Transportation Academy and you should too. Tell them Gus sent you

Review β„–42

Capital Transportation Academy was a Great experience.The instructors and staff at Capital where far beyond my expectations!!! Thank you for your time and expertise.

Review β„–43

Best trucking school in columbus ohio

Review β„–44

Capital transportation Academy I want to thank the school for giving me the opportunity in teaching me to be a professional truck driver Leadership of all instructors as a whole. I wouldnt be where I am now workining and enjoying what I do.. Thank you Capital Transportation Academy !! I recommend this school to anyone that wants to be a professional truck driver class A..You want find a better school that takes Students And turn them into professional truck drivers.. Telford Gordon class ofJune 25/2021If you want a Career In commercial truck driving call capital transportation Academy Columbus, Ohio... Special thanks to Mr. Brandon Mr. Mel Mr. Henry Mr Mike & MikeMr. Jason The best Instructors in the business...

Review β„–45

Great school made sure I got my cdls . Made sure I knew parts for my pre trip. A lot of things I learned at capital I still use today.

Review β„–46

It’s a nice place to get your CDL and all the instructors are cooperative and helpful I like this place

Review β„–47

Capital transportation academy is THEE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!! Where do I start....So originally I went to a meet and greet in November 2019 I made a decision at the first of the year I would go for it so I study for my temporary cdl permit which it took a minute but I did it!!! Capital stayed in contact with me thee entire time and gave assistance whenever I needed it. Covid unfortunately came and the start of school was postponed. I went to a week zoom class to brush up on soft skills which in turned paid for my schooling!! IT WAS FREE FREE FREE!!!Fast forward we did a week in class learning all the boring rules and regulations! The following 3 weeks after was all yard and road driving. Every instructor is Professional and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE if they can’t teach you to drive then honey you might want to try something else. I went from not knowing how to drive a 5 speed stick in my friends Neon lol to driving a 10 speed tractor trailer in 30 mins!!As Mr Mel says it’s all in the β€œPop pop” 🀣🀣 I appreciate all of my teachers (this is the shout out part) Mr. Jason your awesome you made me cry but it was tears of joy because you made me understand my offset maneuver when I was ready to give up. To Mr. Henry you were always patient no matter what and made my time there at ease (not like mr Mel lol) Mr Mike could tell the best stories about being out on the road and kick my a** with the alley dock as much as he could and drill sergeant Mr Brandon he will make sure you know your β€œpre-trip” come HELL OR HIGH water! So to all of you thank you my life is better!!

Review β„–48

It was great I learned alot from both mikes and Henry mell and Jason

Review β„–49

ThΓ© Capitol Transportation Accademy is a great school for CDL to go in Columbus. it is where I get licensed. there are a very professional management team from top to bottom whom want your success from, day one to the finish line. Each one of them is eager to their students to get their License as early as possible with a real teaching methods and no short cuts at all. But a real knowledge.I β€˜m very pleased the way CTA Instructors do the step by step instructions in the first couple of days.that first week teaching is the one that you take away through out to the graduation day. Stick on it and focus what you may have learned that week.Good luck.Abdullahi Horri.

Review β„–50

This program is a Godsend!!! They really care about the people and the program really changes lives if we fully commit! I thank God for Capital Transportation Academy!

Review β„–51

Awesome school... great instructors and staff. Highly recommend

Review β„–52

Capital Transportation Academy is a awesome place to get your Class A. First impressions are everything and after meeting with Mr. Bob I knew for sure Capital was the place for me.I had no experience before attending Capital Transportation but they make sure you have the tools you need to succeed.I was fortunate to spend time with each instructor in the yard or on the road. My advice to anyone interested in attending Capital is don’t get comfortable with just one instructor because with all their experience combined you can learn from each of them.I recently completed my training and I’m ready to pursue my new career as a professional truck driver.To all my instructors Jason, Mel, Jeff, Phil, Sarge and the Capital Transportation Academy staff thanks for all your help and believing in me.I would like to send a special thanks toMr. CrockettMr.EvansMr.LewisMr.CauseyThanks for welcoming me to Capital Transportation Academy Family!

Review β„–53

After attending capital transportation Academy and receiving my CDL. I got a job with Ups with no experience. I am driving doubles an 53feeters .

Review β„–54

I drove all the way out here for open interviews and you guys canceled it and didn’t let anybody know. That’s a waste of gas and time and very inconsiderate I would never work for this company because they don’t care about people flat out

Review β„–55

Great place to get your cdl all the instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable, all you need is patient.

Review β„–56

Excellent place to learn how to get your CDL. All the instructors are very friendly and very very knowledgeable.

Review β„–57

Would recommend to anyone trying to get their CDL. Follow the material, follow the instructions. If youre new, you will get frustrated. If you get frustrated, take a break. Try again.Very helpful staff, very friendly. Small class size is a major plus. If something comes up, they will work with you. Best experience I couldve asked for

Review β„–58

Capital is a great school to attend I completed 4 weeks training and passed my pre trip maneuverability and road test on the first try and got a decent job with hogan a day after graduation I recommend this school to anyone

Review β„–59

Im an instructor at CTA. We strive to offer the best training experience in central ohio.

Review β„–60

When i started here i had absolutly no idea how to drive a manual transmission, much less a semi truck. Now i have my cdl and a great career ahead of me. All the instructors are very knowledgable. They wont hesitate to tell you what you did wrong but they also teach you how to correct it. I can honestly say this is the best cdl school in columbus, especially as they keep class sizes to no more than 8 people. You get a ton of individual instruction time.

Review β„–61

Capital Transportation is where I got my CDL training from. The training was phenomenal and the instructors knew everything needed to obtain a CDL. At capital you’ll receive much more time behind the wheel driving and on the skills pad than state requirement. I had about 56 hours of skills (backing up) and driving while the start only required a total of 40. I have never driven a manual (shifting gears) car before, but I learned to double clutch and shift a 10 speed. Crystal and Roy a great instructors and Crystal was a former examiner (she knows exactly what the examiner is looking for). It’s vital that you listen to the instructors and try your very best. When it’s NOT your turn to drive observe the other students because you can learn from their mistakes. Learning to drive a truck might appear simple but in actuality it takes a lot of listening, practice and effort. After the second week of training I considered quitting because I had a hard time backing up the truck. I got my CDL on March 28th with zero points on the skills test (backing up). It’s important that you continue to TRY because you’ll eventually understand the concept.Capital Transportation Academy is like a family, and once you join they will treat you as such. Tosha is my favorite person at Capital; she looks out for the students and displays sincere concern for the students’ success and overall happiness.Capital has good equipment and facility.If you go to Capital ask the instructors about Spock (my nickname)

Review β„–62

Good instructors

Review β„–63

Happy people

Review β„–64

Great school

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